New License Announcements and iPhone launch!

Thank you so much to those of you who turned out for our panel yesterday evening! We have some super-exciting things planned for next year, so let’s get right to it!
Regular visitors to our site are already aware of some of the projects we have coming up, but as a quick reminder:

  • The Innocent: Running monthly in Yen Plus online and available in bookstores November 2011
  • Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus: Available November 2011, the first four volumes of HSOD remastered in full color and collected in a deluxe hardcover edition
  • Soulless: The Manga: The graphic novel adaptation of Gail Carriger’s bestselling “Parasol Protectorate” series is available beginning this month in Yen Plus! Look for the collected volume in March of next year
  • Interview with the Vampire: Claudia’s Story: A graphic novel retelling of Anne Rice’s classic vampire tale, told from the perspective of Claudia. Be sure to check the post below for the announcement made earlier this week and a first look at Claudia

All right, all right~ We won’t keep you in suspense any longer~
Brand-new titles coming in 2012 from Yen Press!

  • Durarara!! (Manga): When Mikado Ryuugamine moves to the big city, he encounters a number of strange characters on the streets of Ikebukuro. You can read the Durarara!! manga in January 2012!
  • Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? (Manga): Ayumu Aikawa is a high school zombie who inadvertently absorbs the powers of Haruna, a chainsaw-wielding magical girl, when she falls from the sky. Coming spring of 2012!
  • Olimpos: A beautifully-illustrated tale featuring the gods of Greek mythology. Yen will be releasing this two-volume series as a single-volume omnibus edition in spring of 2012
  • Kitty & Dino: An original picture book/graphic novel coming in April 2012! When a boy brings home a dinosaur egg, the family cat is less than thrilled with the new housemate. But as the little dinosaur grows, so does the friendship between this unlikely pair. Look for artist Sara Richard’s distinctive, flowing linework in Kitty & Dino next April!

In addition to our new series announcements, we are also pleased to announce the launch of the Yen Press iPhone app, available now! Now you can read some of your favorite Yen Press titles, including Highschool of the Dead, Yotsuba&!, Maximum Ride, and Nightschool, on your iPhone or iPod Touch! And through August 21, most FIRST VOLUMES ARE $2.99! In addition, we’re offering a special sneak peek of Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer available exclusively on the Yen Press app. Gossip Girl, Psycho Killer is a re-imagining of the original Gossip Girl, in which the girls aren’t just backstabbers in the social sense: they’re actually serial killers! HyeKyung Baek, illustrator of the Gossip Girl: For Your Eyes Only manga adaptation has created a special short manga based on the new novel, so be sure to download the app and check it out! First volumes $2.99! Awesome manga on the go! Free content! Go download it now!

Thanks again to everyone who’s stopped by to say hello! If you’re still at the con, be sure to come by booth #1116 to grab some free goodies!

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Hell yeah, Durarara!! and my brother will be pleased about KoreZom. Granted I’d prefer the DRRR novels, but beggers can’t be choosers. Thanks for being awesome YP~ ;D


I was expecting a little more of the japanese releases. Durarararara is really great, i will certainly buy it. But Kore wa Zombie… Well, i’m not a big fan of this tittle. For Olimpos and Kitty Dino, i never heard about them… Though Olimpos can seems cool, i think i will pass.


But well, maybe we can have new releases announcements till the year’s end?


I am so sad.
You took two great light novels, and went ahead and licensed their manga.
Oh, yenpress.
So silly.


OMG!! DURARARA!! Okay, even if it’s not the Light Novels, I’m still so freakin’ HAPPY!! WILL BE GETTING!! Everything and anything Durarara!! shall be mine!! Thank you, Yen Press!! XDDDDD


Well Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? and Durarara are definite pick ups for me. Thanks for bringing these series over.


Uh, I don’t like any of new titles. I was hoping so much for Umineko.
Why Kore wa Zombie? It isn’t that much popular…


Well, good to see Durarara, thank you for this. But whyyyy noot Umineko? Despite so many requests:( Also, what about the next Higurashi arcs? I think they will be published just after the Atonement Arc, but will there be a longer skip between Atonement and first Kai arc?

Richard J.

I would be happier if the Durarara and Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka? licenses were for the light novels. I really want to see more light novels licensed.

Aside from the Highschool of the Dead color omnis, nothing else really interested me. I hope there are more license announcements in the near future.


Durarara and Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

No baccano.
no baccano.

Y-You guys should get licensing on Sasameke the sequel because it seems so boss and I own both novels on SSMK. <3333333

The Mad Manga Massacre

On ANN there was announcement of an ios version of Yen Plus. when will some details on that be provided?


At first I was like WTF over HoTD’s pricetag, but then I noticed the page count and the fact that it’s hardcover. Woah, that’s an impressive release! It’s not like HoTD deserves it, but it’s still really nice.


Glad to see Durarara!! coming over here in some form, slightly disappointed it’s not the novels though. Oh well, there’s still hope for the future. There seems to be a trend of Yen licensing both the manga and the light novels for a series, so perhaps we might see the novels on a later date?

I looked into Olimpos and was happily surprised it was a josei; I feel like not many joseis get licensed. Looking foward to getting it in the spring. 🙂


C8 I am so ridiculously overjoyed to hear that Yen Press will release an English translation of Olimpos. I loved those books (I own both volumes in Japanese), just like the rest of Aki’s wonderful work. I can see it’s being overshadowed by the other two for now, but I really hope it picks up fans once it his the shelves! It’s gorgeous with charming characters and quite an unexpected storyline…<3<3


Durarara!! Yay…
Although I would greatly prefer the light novels…
I’m still happy about it, though. I’m glad out requests really did reach Yen Press to some extent. :]]]
Thank you, Yen Press.


I’ve heard good things about Durarara, and it sounds intriguing. I’ll probably want to check it out.


Durarara!! :’D
Arg, but just the manga! D’:

I’m still terribly happy to be able to get an English edition of the manga, especially since it’s coming from one of my favorite companies. ?

But I’ll be absolutely giddy if you release the light novels as well. They’re just infinitely more desirable to me and I would buy them in a heartbeat.

In fact, I’d purchase anything by Ryohgo Narita, but this tops my list.


why oh why can’t any of you manga publishers get us kindle volumes?! What the hell is taking so damn long?!

Richard J.

Is there any chance Yen Press will license the Sunshine Sketch light novels? It looks like the English release of the manga has caught up with the Japanese release and the light novels would help to keep interest in the series going. Plus I’m sure they’d be a lot of fun to read.

I’d edit them for free. No, really, a free copy of a finished light novel would be payment enough for me to edit any for free! (Saving money is easier than ever!)


Oh my, I was hoping for an Umineko license…
Darn it, I want it so badly. ;______;

I didn’t hear many good things about the Durarara!! manga, so I most likely won’t buy it. I know a friend who loves the anime, so she’ll most likely buy it. I can just borrow hers, hehe. ?(???)? I’ll definitely buy the light novels, if they’ll ever get released.
And I might check out Korean Zombie Deskcar. Haven’t watched the anime yet.
Thanks Yen Press!


cool list guys. 🙂

would you ever consider liscensing the manga Sugar Sugar Rune? It’s kinda old but I really like it.


I was really excited to see Kore wa Zombie desu ka got licensed but I was hoping more for the light novels. Glad to see some other stuff got licensed. Maybe you guys can pick up the ore no imouto light novels. Now that would be really awesome if that happened.


Well, light novels are bad business. That’s why so few of them are licensed. They take very long to be published (translating and revisions take a LOT longer) and, eventually, their popularity fades in a few years, which leads to a lot of them being left unfinished. Leaving the hardcore fans very upset and feeling empty. Of YP licensed novels, I can only see them finishing the Haruhi ones, which are still somehow popular enough (and the japanese LN count is small enough). I love the Spice & Wolf novels. Personally, I enjoy them more than the Haruhi ones. But considering that the series has 16 total novels (with 1 epilogue novel on the way), and at the rate they are being released (2/year), there’s a very small chance it will be fully published in english. So yeah, light novels are tough sells. I can’t blame Yen Press for not licensing them. I will keep buying the S&W and Haruhi light novels.

About the licenses. Man, slim pickings this year, huh. How the Kore Zombie anime and manga got licensed is beyond me. It’s even getting a 2nd season! What is Japan thinking? The disc sales must’ve been pretty good over there. If we’re talking about novel-inspired manga, the Oreimo manga might have been a bigger splash. Or heck, the Madoka manga sold like crazy in Japan, as well. Anyway.

That HOTD omnibus is VERY enticing, if you’re a fan of the series. Not only is it colored, it’s actually cheaper than getting all four volumes separate. Sounds like a sweet deal. Won’t have to get vol. 4 now.
I’ll give the Kore Zombie manga a chance. After all, I did watch the whole first season on crunchyroll. It was decent, not very good. Amusing. From what I’ve read, Ayumu is supposedly more assertive in the manga. I’ll check out the first volume, then see if I like it. Other than that, I’m not interested in any other new title for the moment.


Not gonna pick up Durarara!! and Kore wa zombie desu ka? Holding out for the light novels, unless you tell me buying the manga will help the chances of you doing the novels…and i second ore no imouto light novels.

San Diego and beyond « MangaBlog

[…] Yen Press announced three new manga titles: Durara!!, Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, and Olimpos. The first two are based on light novels (and Funimation just licensed the Korezom anime). Yen’s director of publishing Kurt Hassler mentioned at the beginning of the panel that they were working on a couple of light novel licenses, and since Yen often licenses manga and light novels in pairs, it’s reasonable to expect that these novels will be coming along shortly. Olimpos is based on Greek mythology, and Yen will publish the manga, originally two volumes, as a one-volume omnibus. Yen also announced an iPhone/iPod Touch version of its app, and to get people rolling, they are offering all volume 1s for $2.99, a steep discount from the regular digital price of $8.99. Yen has added quite a few Japanese titles to its app recently, so if you haven’t been there in a while, it’s worth giving it another look. Again, here’s coverage from ANN and Anime Diet. […]

Alex James

I am so Happy about both Licensings. But why not License the Novels for both of the Series as well?


If the Durarara!! manga sells well enough, will you look at picking up the novels too?

Will be picking up Olimpos too~


What quality paper will you be using for the Highschool of the Dead Color Omnibus? Will it be glossy (as I understand the Japanese editions were) or matte?


You better buy the manga if you want the novels. I’ll be buying Durarara in 2 languages. Don’t mind at all.

Richard J.

@ seny: Can’t afford to buy both. I shouldn’t even be buying what I am buying! (Student loans are murder.)


Olimpos looks like a gorgeous addition to my manga collection. I’ll be sure to check it out.
I guess I’m not the only one who was disappointed to find that the DRRR!! novels weren’t licensed.
Yen Press, if you’re reading this, LICENSE THE DRRR!! NOVELS. WE’LL BUY THEM. (I know I will, and since there’s so much demand for them, I don’t see why others wouldn’t.)


I already own all the four volumes of Durarara!! manga and I wouldn’t mind to get YP edition either if it means to bring the light novels. I’m not an English speaker to begin with but DRRR!! just worth every single penny <3


@chloes_fork The interior pages are a little bit glossy, like what you’d see in a DC or Marvel graphic novel. We just got samples of the cover in yesterday, and it looks SO NICE! Spot gloss on matte! Hope you guys are as excited as we are to see the finished book!


I agree, that even though it isn’t the light novels (because I did want those SO bad!!) I’m still going to buy DRRR!!’s manga. I want to support DRRR!!’s release in the U.S. in any way I can. If I don’t, there will be no future in it’s light novels, and I don’t want to imgaine that!! x]]]
As for Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?, I have heard about it, and same thing goes for it’s light novels. May pick up a copy when it goes on sale!! Also Olimpos is BEAUTIFUL~!! I want it now!! x]]]


I think it’s kind of hilarious that everyone’s opinion boils down to “Yeah, Durarara!!–wait, it’s not the LN?!” I wonder if Yen was expecting this reaction when they announced the manga license?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely buying the manga (especially since there’s no way I’m getting the DVDs now– too expensive), but I would still like the light novels too. And I’m betting from how much they’re being requested, that announcement can’t be far behind… 😉


Yay, thank you, thank you, thank you for Olimpos! It’s such a gorgeous manga. I’m just wondering, will the omnibus include the color pages?


I’m very excited about “The Innocent”. The artwork and story line are both amazing and I can’t wait until November. Thank you.


I’m interested in Durarara and Olimpos. 😮 It would be nice if light novels get popular eh?


Oooh, that sounds really nice, Abby. Really looking forward to that omnibus!


yey Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka 😀 sooo gonna be getting that and HOTD colour thingy 8D


@Alex Yes, our OLIMPOS omnibus will preserve the original color pages (and we’ll probably be including the unused cover as an insert as well)!


i am back, YP

first, drrr light novels then I will be happy
second baccano but it’s a little maturer so I’m not counting on it


Tania, thank you for the reply! That sounds great, I’m really looking forward to it <3


Ah, I wish light novels would be more popular. I don’t like Spice & Wolf or Haruhi, but I love Book Girl–such great stories there. I really hope Yen Press will be able to bring all the Book Girl stories to North America.
I’ll be looking forward to any other light novels licensed though. Perhaps if the Durarara manga does well, they’ll look into the light novels for that series? Personally I’d like to see more light novels that don’t already have an anime for them, though.


Olimpos is extremely beautiful o___o
I might just have to check it out and see if I should buy it [:

Other than that, I wanted more manhwa to be licensed, but I suppose you’re working on that. Still, I’m very excited about the the progress in new licenses!!

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