Jack is Back!

The new YEN PLUS is up, and summer is ON! This month’s issue is packed with all the action, drama, and fun of your favorite YEN series! Now, Jack Frost wasn’t about to let those Highschool of the Dead girls hog all the bloody guts and glory on the B side, so Jack is back with his own brand of butt-kicking on side A! We’ve missed that little terror!
Take a moment to admire this month’s cover, featuring cover art from Volume 2 of DANIEL X the manga (in stores next month!) before you dive into all-new chapters of Daniel X, Witch & Wizard, K-ON!, Yotsuba&!, and the rest of the YEN PLUS lineup!

As always, thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue!
For those of you still wondering about the talent search of last fall, please click here to read editor JuYoun Lee’s response.




Not bad, hope the inside art is as good as always too. I have to say that I was really nervous when buying the first volume. I ordered over the internet so I couldn’t check on the inside. But it’s actually well made. Yeah, since I had not bought any manwha before I didn’t know what to expect. It’s not a “girl’s” comic either so of course it would look nothing like that…so I didn’t know but I was surprised. I’m satisfied and can’t wait to get book 2!

C. Ellis

Yaay, I’m really really looking forward to seeing Rem’s work next month.

Also, thank you SO MUCH Yen Press for giving Otoyomegatari such wonderful treatment. What a beautiful book~!!! O__O;;;

Please keep it up. 🙂




I’m not gonna enter the talent search this time. I’ve decided to hlne my skills as I wait for YP to get their act together.


Hone my skills. I meant to type in “hone” my skills. And no jokes about how I need to get MY act together, either. I’m not the one making promises I can’t keep.


Will the next Talent Search have the majority of the same requirments? And is the date even set for the next Talent Search?

Thanks (=^w^=)V


The people complaining about how YP handled the talent search probably submitted manga with stick figures. >_>

Seriously, it’s a talent search. You submitted your work, and YP got to view it. If you showed promise, they would contact you. That’s what a talent search is.


I am also kinda of sad to keep reading the same kind of negative comments towards YP talent search. I agree with what Gabby said: it’s a /talent/ search, not America’s Next Top Manga Artist. :<

And when (or where?) did YP say they were going to promise to review /every single submission/? Does anyone know how many submissions YP actually got? Probably tons.

If someone seriously decides NOT to enter again just because YP /never/ bothered to contact them for no reason (or keep their "promise", or whatever), that's pretty sad. :<

I personally haven't entered the talent search, but if time allows it, I will try! The best kinds of artist improve with each submission! If you fail once, try again, and again, and again!

Thanks YP, for giving many people a chance like this every year!


Right words to say Gabby. HeeeXX Yeah im gonna be im YP in the Next talent search!!!


I love the treatment that Yen Press gave to A BRIDE’S STORY, by Kaoru Mori!^-^ But I’m wondering why heroine is called “Amir” and not “Amira”? Because “Amir” means “prince:”D While “Amira” means “princess”


For so many reasons, shame on you.
That’s the only answer I have for that.


@Lia One of the main reasons we went with “Amir” is because that’s how it sounds in the Japanese. The romanization of her name is “Amiru” not “Amira,” with the “ru” that is generally used for foreign words ending in “r.” Since that’s how the name sounds in the original, we wanted to keep Mori’s intention in mind (given her extensive research, we felt we could trust her!). Also, we did find sources that said the name “Amir” was used for both genders in some areas at the time this story takes place, so with those two elements in mind, we decided to go with “Amir.”


Will the next talent search have the same guidlines as the previous one, and be around the same deadline?


Ok, @Allison and Gabby…I’m lost here.

@Gabby – “If you showed promise, they would contact you.”
They DID contact us. Saying we had been chosen, the wait was over, and we would be contacted again by an editor soon with more detailed feedback. Three months passed, we got nothing. Which is why we complained. If it was you and you were contacted with a very positive but vague email and left hanging for three months with no further information, wouldn’t you want to ask what’s happening??

“when (or where?) did YP say they were going to promise to review /every single submission/?”

Who asked them to? We were initially given the impression we had been selected for “something”. Nobody forced them to send out those emails. You sound like you don’t even understand what’s been going on, to be honest.


And one more thing…The fact that that blatant and ignorant flamebait comment about stick figures was moderated and approved speaks volumes.

PS – You can’t call a girl Amir.


I love how you guys just assume I’m mad because I didn’t get contacted. No, I knew even before I finished my submission that they weren’t gonna pick me. The only reason I finished and sent it in anyway was because I didn’t want to give up in the middle. I wanted to finish and send it in. And I did. Don’t assume I’m just some spoiled weeabo who thought they were gonna be the next Tite Kubo if they got picked. And don’t assume I can’t draw because I took the mature route and decided to hone my skills before I tried again.

Lastly, don’t sit there and act like I haven’t given them the benefit of the doubt time and time again. Go back and read my previous comments before you jump in and judge me.

While you’re at it, read the comments of some of the people who DID get picked. Then you might find out why some people are unhappy

To be honest, I still do like to give them the benefit of the doubt. But unlike you guys, I also like to be fair and take a walk in othe people’s shoes, maybe consider what it is that made them feel that way.


P.S. The reason I have decided to sit it out this time is NOT because YP didn’t contact me. You make it seem like I had some sort of tantrum or something. I have my own personal reasons and I’d like for you guys to respect them, although that may be a longshot. And while it’s true that you get better with every comic you make, it doesn’t make the ones not sent to a publisher any less valid. It doesn’t mean that I’m not practicing on my own, because I’m pretty sure that’s what I meant when I said, “hone my skills.”


Im finished mine but i never got to sent it in. Im glad i didn’t cause the contest was last. After looking at my submission im way much better now. I’ve been drawing for about twelve years now an i think ive reach the path in where my drawings a consisdered at a pro level.

Im glad that this contest is annuel and i don’t mind if i don’t get. TO those who didn’t get in don’t complain about this. Once the next contest is over look at the site daily to see if they posted anything.

But before that, yes “hone in your skills” then this country the word professional means PROFESSIONAL. Work on everything that you think needs work or start a webcomic. Continue doing that and you will rise beyound Professional. And all this is not YenPlus’s fault it’s their first time guys. And it’s out first time to.

I want to work with Yenplus so that way I can make them a Weekly Magazine but were all gonna have to work to do that KAY!!

Bryan Bradford

My friends and I decided that the Talent Search was a waste of time. For anyone who didn’t enter, you are that much smarter than us who did enter.

The Mad Manga Massacre

Thank you so much for continuing to release Milkyway Hitchhiking in Yen Plus! it’s quickly become one of my favorite series in the magazine. One question… has a release date been set for the first compiled volume yet? And will the graphic novel editions be full-color too?

Autumn Smith

I want the next talent search to be during the summer so school doesn’t get in the way. Man, I had this weird dream that yen press got ahold of all my comics from 5th grade and published them in a hardcover, and thye weren’t even finished, it was weird…


@Bryan Bradford

A touch melodramatic, perhaps? 🙂

Anyways, I might still submit the next time the search goes around. We’ll see if any logistical/procedural kinks are resolved.


What’s funny is that I mentioned the whole , “it’s our first time, and it’s their first time too” thing WEEKS ago. Either nobody reads anymore, or I’m just being mocked.

Bryan Bradford

Other companies are excepting applications too. I’m pretty sure they’d have the staff to at least comment on your submission is you turn it in. Not this 6 month later ONE paragraph feedback crud.


@Allen, First of all, no one is complaining about not getting contacted. Abby has told us time and time again why certain people didn’t make the cut. By now, everybody who didn’t get an email has already resolved to make their work better. You guys keep making the misconception that we’re all acting like immature toddlers who are kicking and screaming because we didn’t make it. In fact, since the talent search ended, hardly anyone has mentioned not getting picked at all. Why? Probably because they’re preparing for the next time. Basically you’re preaching to the choir. And it’s making you look really bad since (1) you don’t even know the thread of the conversation and (2) the fact that you’re entering an AMATUER talent search means you’re in no place to be giving advice on how to be proffessional.. The ones who are complaining are the people who did get picked. The fact that I sided with them has nothing to do with my own experience. Stop confusing the two. I don’t know how much more clear about this I can be, and frankly, it’s getting old.

Second, please check your grammar and spelling before you enter the search. You might wanna wait until they put out the new guidelines before you send in your finished work anyway.

@YP, thanks for the oppurtunity and I’ll be sure to get picked next time. Because despite the setbacks, I know you’ll be able to dothis again. Also, thanks for not being like Tokyopop.


@Sorrano What are you talking about? I’m not complaining about this. I’m happy that i didn’t get in. and I’m not giving advice. I’m just pumped and I’m pretty sure everyone else is to. If we lose it’s always a fun thing for me to go back and learn from what we did and it’s fun for me. If you win you don’t learn anything you just get a prize. When I’m pumped i don’t tend to check much of my grammar. Yeah i need a lot of work on that too hahahaha! Oh and i guess I’m preaching to the Choir since i was saying start a web-comic and everything. Sorry, that’s my way of (again) being pumped and i should keep my thoughts of my own motivation to myself sense some people. In anycase i wasn’t trying to side against you. I’m with you and I hope they do this again(of course they are doing this again). When it was started i was super motivated and i still am!

YenPlus: I enjoyed this a lot and i want to be able to do it again and hopefully be pick out for your next talent search! Till then i will draw draw draw till i see some results. See you till then!


You don’t have to apologize for being pumped and it’s okay if you wanna share that with people. I was just making sure you knew what everyone was talking about. You could even say that I too was pumped in a way. I do have to admit, I kinda bit your head off.


It probably would if it wasn’t a $20 book.
I was tempted to get it, but I just couldn’t drop $20 for one book.


@Sorrano Hahahaha that you did! Hahaha! In any case lets do our best to get Yenplus on the next talent search. oh and

@My_Nick…so Bride’s story came in 4th in Japan. Thats a Manhwa am i right….that is all the pump i need for the day. Hopefully One of the Yenplus titles dominates first all the way and shoots Yenplus at the top.

TO everyone aspiring Mangaka!! Lets DO OUR BEST TO BEAT THE REST!!!!


Hello, dear Yen Press!
I’ve got few licence requests:
1.Doubt – very interesting horror. You’re issuing Higurashi, right? And it sells very well. So I’m sure Doubt will be popular too. And the artist is one from the Higurashi artists (that from Time Killing Arc if I’m not mistaken)

2.Umineko when they cry – another horror by author of Higurashi. Great mystery, fantastic plot, everything the best.

3.School Days – manga based on great visual novel. Really good story. Come on, everyone will love it! And it’s short – only two volumes.

4.Higurashi arc – Massacre arc, Matsuribayashi-hen, Kataribanashi-hen, Kokoroiyashi-hen, Saikoroshi-hen, Hirukowashi-hen. I know, Higurashi is really long, but if all thoese arc will be missing mystery won’t be solved and people who didn’t watched anime won’t understand anything.

Um, that’s all. I’m sorry, maybe it’s too long.
And I’m sorry for my English – I’m still learning.


@jellorific: Really a shame, this manga is worth checking. But, in truth, i buy Wandering Son ($20 too), and the quality is far better. (And i’m not very fan of removable cover) But still, it’s worth of buying. IMO.

@Allen: I didn’t undertand what you said… But Bride’s Story isn’t a manhwa, it’s a manga.


@My_Nick Yeah i know, i was trying to say it was a manga hahaha!


@My_Nick I would usually type stuff that doesn’t seem right when im full of Energy.


Stalking you guyyysssss love it when you updaaaaate gives me something to read throoouugh XD


I want to say thank you to whoever drew the shrimp art comic strip…very funny
I like how it took place at TCAF because, I was curious what it was like meeting Natsume Ono.


@Gabby Why, thank ya! Actually, I wasn’t able to go to TCAF myself this year, but Natsume Ono also did an interview and signing at a Japanese bookstore in New York City, so I was able to see her! Meeting the artist behind the series is always a lot of fun. (And sometimes unexpected!)


License Request
take Yozakura Quartet from Del Rey for meh please.
it’s been a very long while since vol. 5 and Kodansha doesn’t seem to want it

also any and all light novels would be awesome. Index, Tora Dora, Ore no Imouto, Hidan no Aria, Durarara!!(seeing as it’s airing on adult swim), Gosick, Bakemonogatari. You know you wanna. =]


Hey, if YP’s looking to license more Fumi Yoshinaga titles like “Not love but delicious foods”, I highly recommend Kinou Nani Tabeta? (What did you eat yesterday?).


what’s going on the printing? I’ve been waiting for volumes of very very sweet and chocolat *which btw u need to finish since theres like only 1 vol left in the series*

I’ve been having trouble ordering Goong too the vols I need are all on backorder and its stayed like that for over a month now.

Rufino Marx

Drawing is never a waste of time, even if there was a misunderstanding with the contest you entered. the more you draw the better you get, stop reading this comment and get drawing… T_T NAO!


Please, Please,YP please take the rights for Happy Cafe and Star Project Chiro and release the rest of these two series. thanks please reply


Please Yen Press please take the english rights for Happy Cafe and Star Project Chiro. Thanks


Hey, this is probably off topic, but is there ANY news on Spice and Wolf’s page being updated?


@Christopher Sorry, sorry~ We hope to have updates for the rest of the series soon~!


Off topic, but I have no idea where to ask this, so I apologize. I finally went to order Sunshine Sketch Volume 4, but they’re backordered/not for sale anyway from Borders to Amazon. Anyone at Yen Press know why? It seems Volume 5 is in normal supply…

Just wanted to ask because I wanted to grab this book soon to add to my collection and don’t want to get Volume 5 before 4.^^;

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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