Jack is Back!

The new YEN PLUS is up, and summer is ON! This month’s issue is packed with all the action, drama, and fun of your favorite YEN series! Now, Jack Frost wasn’t about to let those Highschool of the Dead girls hog all the bloody guts and glory on the B side, so Jack is back with his own brand of butt-kicking on side A! We’ve missed that little terror!
Take a moment to admire this month’s cover, featuring cover art from Volume 2 of DANIEL X the manga (in stores next month!) before you dive into all-new chapters of Daniel X, Witch & Wizard, K-ON!, Yotsuba&!, and the rest of the YEN PLUS lineup!

As always, thank you for reading! We hope you enjoy this month’s issue!
For those of you still wondering about the talent search of last fall, please click here to read editor JuYoun Lee’s response.



@Abby, thank you very much! I look forward to purchasing every one of the Spice and Wolf books from you guys, because really, I am addicted to it, and this is now the 3rd book series I am actually interested in (I do not normally read). Once again, thank you. 😀

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