The Saga Continues…

…October 11, 2011…

For those of you who have been dying to see Bella and Edward reunited across the covers of Twilight: The Graphic Novel, wait no longer. Yen Press is pleased to announce the second installment of the graphic adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling Twilight novel will be in stores October 11th of this year! Young Kim’s stunning black and white illustrations with color pages interspersed throughout will take even veteran Twilight fans’ breath away. Look for it this fall!

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H*ll YEAH!!!! We have been waiting for this!!!! So then does this mean that you will be doing the entire series? thanks


I am curious… how long the book volume 3 will be releasing??


Clap, clap, clap.
Well done. But now, license Umineko.
And a new request: can you please take Aion from Tokyo Pop? It is really a pity taht the series won’t be finished, since Tokyo Pop died.



But I thought of something.

Yen press has contact with Square enix right? How about re license an re translating the Kingdom hearts manga series? You wouldn’t do wrong on this title. Kingdom hearts is still popular. The first series were flipped, awful. And they never got further than to Kingdom hearts 2 vol 2. Which means there are still plenty of volumes that never saw the English light. lol How about some wonderful omnibuses?

This should be something to consider with tokyopop going down the grave, if you already haven’t.

Thank you.

Angelica Brenner

Awesome! I’m not much of a Twilight fan myself, but Young Kim’s art is gorgeous.

(And hey, anything that’s sure to rake in oodles of cash for Yen’s other projects is always welcome!) x[)


I wish you guys had a facebook page so I could freely gush about A Bride’s Story rather than commenting on a Twilight post. But whatever, my copy arrived today, and I love it 😀


Agreed. Young Kim’s art is lovely. The color is very pretty. ;DDD


i second Aion, grab the Gosick novels while your at it.

and most most importantly, Ore no Imotou novels. Heck, do the manga too.


I’m from Poland. I want buy Highschool of the Dead online, but this are not on any shop i know. Can you help me to find volume 1 and 2?


I second the request for Gosick novels.

Also bringing up Durarara! and Baccano! again.
Maybe even some Toradora novels.


I have a question. When will we get to see the artist’s who, YP chose from the talent search, make thier debut in Yen Plus?


Well, this is an instant buy for me. I love comics and I love Twilight (so maybe it’s an ironic love, but still!), so how could I not own something that combines my two loves?

I didn’t even think about the Kingdom Hearts manga! I am a devoted fan of the series, and I already have all the books that Tokyopop published, but I would double dip if Yen Press reprinted them. And maybe let us see some of the light novels? There’s quite a large, active fanbase— I’m sure the
KH universe would do well for Yen Press.


@Gabby As JuYoun stated in last month’s editor’s letter, those contacted following the talent search are artists who show potential, artists we’d like to keep on file to see how they develop as storytellers and artists. However, we feel that none of the entries received are ready to be published. We set up the new talent search to give amateur artists an opportunity to put their work before an editor for consideration as new talent. And we were truly amazed at some of the work you guys created. But it would be wrong for us to tell someone they are ready to work professionally if they are not. That will only end with a frustrated artist with inflated expectations.


@Gabby Remember when we were at least promised feedback on our entries? Yeah, we never got that.

and @Abby….I’m sorry, but with all due respect, until now none of this has been explained fully or logically at all. Unknown talented artists have ALWAYS had the opportunity to put their work before a YP editor for consideration. You’ve had an open submissions section for ages. Please explain to me what the difference is in that and this talent search?

Why exactly haven’t the “selected” artists been contacted personally AT ALL since the intitial email? There have been apologies, but no actual explanation given for that.

Also, nobody’s telling an editor to lie and tell an artist that he/she at the top of their game before they’ve even made their first comic…I’m pretty sure nobody in that process was expecting that. Tell them what’s good and what’s bad if they have potential, and tell it to them straight. All and any inflated egos would be deflated in an instant, for sure. At the end of the day, whatever changed in the middle, the artists who were notified must have been chosen for something, cos it took YP 3 months to choose them…so it’s not like it was a descision made lightly.

Finally…This is another part I don’t understand.
Without any personal correspondence, how will you know how these people develop as artists and/or storytellers??
I don’t get it. For any number of reasons and with so much time passing in between…some people still not knowing what the heck is going on…there’s no guarantee they will ever contact you again.


Throwing in another vote for Durarara!.

I was also wondering if you could comment if you are looking at any Tokyopop rescues in general?


Hey, in November 2010 you’ve written something like that:
‘Now, that’s all for new announcements, but as many of you noted, Mr. Hassler hinted very strongly that there would be some new Japanese license announcements coming very soon. So keep your eye on! Thanks again for your continued support!’
But even now I can’t see any new Japanese manga :<


@aigis I’m not really sure how Yen Press operates, but I think there’s only a handful of people on the entire staff… so if it’s taking a while to get back to the artists they contacted, then… I think everyone should just be patient, and not get angry, you know? Maybe send them an Email once every few weeks asking if they’re going to get back to you anytime soon. They did promise to get back to you eventually, and they apologized multiple times for taking a while in getting back to you. But you know… they have other duties that probably take more priority, what with having hard publishing deadlines and whatnot. A lot more people would be upset if they couldn’t publish their comics on time, and I bet they’re strained with that work as it is.


I understand. I think it’s great to have a publisher like YP that, doesn’t want to repeat Tokyopop’s past mistakes.


Umineko Tsubasa is getting manga. It’s time to YenPress to get this series.


i second the A channel and durarara request, also you have to get blood lad, id love to read that!


Since everyone else is suggesting, I thought I’d hop on the the bandwagon~ c:
-Yozakura Quartet. It’s by the same creator as Durarara, so if you end up publishing DRRR sometime in the future this would be a good addition! (:
-Yumekui Merry
-Barajou no Kiss. or anything else by Aya Shouoto! Her art is beautiful and her works are very “shoujo-y”, so a lot of fans will really like it!

Thanks for listening YP~!


More votes for liscensing Durarara!! and Baccano!, though I doubt posting these messages actually amounts to anything…

To be honest, I’m just really glad that there’s a publisher actually translating some light novels that aren’t just because they’re linked to a series’ which have been particularly successful. So thank you Yen Press; keep doing what you’re doing. <3


Since Higurashi seems to be selling well, you should consider releasing more terror mangas. Doubt is the perfect choice.


Just wanted to throw in another Durarara!! license request. This series is really popular, I’m very surprised no company has attempted to license it yet.

Looking foward to the next Spice and Wolf novel later on in the month! 🙂

Paul Register

Brilliant!! I was beginning to think this second volume would never come out!

Do you know if Atom will be publishing it in the UK again or will it be US import only?



do you know if they are going to do the rest of the books cause it would be kinda sad if they only do twilight


@Abby I just want to ask something… the graphic novels of the other books… will they be published once a year?… I hope that’s not the situation, because the waiting will be very long… If you can’t answer me, don’t worry…


@Omar We haven’t made our official announcement on the first installment of New Moon, but we will be trying to increase the release rate so you won’t be waiting quite so long between volumes. More news to come!


@Abby… Alright… Thanks a lot for the answer… I will be waiting for the official announcement of New Moon, Vol. 1…


Releasing October 30th, along with the Collector’s Edition (2 volumes) of the Twilight graphic novels.


@Jayme – My pleasure. 🙂 If you’re ever curious, just check Amazon. They usually have updated release dates for all kinds of things.


Yay! The second volume is sooo near! btw (since everyone keeps suggesting releases of manga):Please, please, pleasae liscence Samurai Drive(asuka comics DX)!!! I am totally in l-o-v-e with this awesome manga and since you’ve already released romeo x juliet (from asuka comics)… I am dying to read Samurai Drive released by YP!! Thanks for the volumes of twilight! And for listening (or reading) my suggestion!


Might pick this up on Amazon~
Also since people are suggesting releases of manga~
I would love it if you did any of Aya Shouoto’s work~ I would love if you did Barajou no Kiss or S.L.H: Stray Love Hearts.
You guys did an amazing job on Alice in the Country of Hearts by the way~

Ashley Allgood

love the graphic novel of both Twilight and new moon, well half of new moon. wondering if they are going to do Eclipse and Breaking Dawn as well? if they do I will so get them! love the art!

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