Ashes to Ashes and Dust to YEN PLUS!

Springtime is here! Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and new series are popping up in the pages of YEN PLUS! Please join us in welcoming The Innocent to Side B of this month’s mag, with story by entertainment giant Avi Arad and Junichi Fujisaku and art by YaSung Ko!
After he is wrongly executed for crimes he did not commit, a former detective is given a second chance at life by the Committee. Infused with the power to manipulate the ashes which are all that remain of his mortal form, Johnny (now Ash) is sent to prevent the wrongful deaths of others unjustly accused in life. His “mentor” in this venture, Angel, is less than thrilled to be working with a human, especially one as impure as Ash…and Ash doesn’t seem too keen on following the Committee’s directives either… If you like action and mystery, be sure to check out The Innocent this month in YEN PLUS!
So much new stuff going on here at Yen Press! But don’t worry, there are still great new chapters of all your old favorites in this month’s issue! Witch & Wizard, Yotsuba&!, K-ON!, and let’s not forget those colorful zombies in Highschool of the Dead!
For those of you who entered the New Talent Search, please check out editor JuYoun’s letter for her comments about the Search!
As always, please leave your feedback here! Let us know what you think of the new additions to YEN PLUS!



Obligatory Umineko request.

And I read your catalogue. Congratulations on the James Patterson series selling so many copies! I had no idea the manga adaptions sold so well.


The Innocent? Sounds interesting.
Darnit, now I want to subscribe to the magazine /goes into contemplating about it.


The Innocent? It looks quite engaging. I look forward to seeing it and anything else Yen Press has to offer. And I’m also looking forward to what our beloved Yen Press editor has to say about the Talent Search! 😀 (Even though I didn’t enter.)

P.S. Anything by CLAMP that you license will be most appreciated.


“The Innocent” is really intersting, so far. Thank you for keeping me entertained until the announcement of the “Soulless” manga. I always look forward to what novel YP is going to adapt to manga next.

I also appreciate the editors words of encouragement at the front of the magazine.

I hope this means more new titles will be announced, soon (before San Diego Comic Con)


It was probably some generic, “this-was-fun-let’s-do-it-again” type letter, anyway.


The Innocent: Early contender for best manga of 2011.
High School of the Dead: Lame.


And i want any and all light novels!
Mainly I’d like to see Ore no Imouto!

Rie Kruii

Ore no Imouto light novels would be an instant hit. Puella Magi? Meh. I want to see the Madoka anime licensed soon, but I doubt very much the manga will sell at all. Anime success is not always equally proportional to its manga version. See: K-On!


Me too, I so much want light novels! For example Omamori Himari light novel ^^ Yen Press licenced manga so I think licencing novel isn’t problem…


When will you say what you’ve licenced? I’m sorry I’m asking this question 2nd time, but… Eh, I really want to know!


I highly suggest that now that Tokyopop is going under and losing all their licenses, PICK UP AS MANY TITLES AS YOU CAN NOW!!! I really want to see an ending to V.B. Rose, and the continuation of Maria Holic and Aion.


I agree! TokyoPop lost all their licenses to almost every Manga by CLAMP years ago. Although Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, CLOVER, X, xxxHOLiC, and Tsubasa RC, and Magic Knight Rayearth have been rescued, there are still so many titles left! Please consider them.


I think Yen should license rescue these from Tokyopop:

Hetalia: Axis Powers (it prints money)
Alice in the Country of Hearts (tasteless, but sells well)
D.N.Angel (NYT Bestseller/Popular Anime with dub)
Aria (it was already license rescued from ADV D=)
Future Diary (Im biased here, but TP almost finished it! D’:)
Deadman Wonderland (just got an anime)

The rest of the series I want rescued were taken away by Kodansha years ago, and I doubt Yen is able to license anything from Kodansha. :/


The Innocent seems really interesting. I’ll buy it when it gets a physical release…Unless I finally decide to just subscribe to Yen Plus. Then I can sample it…And I do really love the magazine. It contains some other great series and columns.

I also hope you guys are able to snag some nice series due to the fall of TP. I’ll go out on a limb and mention a few titles that may not be on the radar; Chibisan Date (Hetalia author’s other work), Flat, Totsugami, Martin & John, and The Embalmer. I’d do anything to be able to buy The Embalmer again. TP stopped releasing it years ago, though they did mention they were looking for other venues to release it on (digital, for instance). It’s an intriguing, emotional series with unique art. I’ve only seen a few people mention it nowadays, but…I might as well throw it out there.


Yeah, you are so right. And I want Durarara so badly, too… You must issue both manga and light novel, I want everything with Kida and Izaya in it.
Thank you.


I doubt that Yen Press would need to license Heart no Kuni no Alice, I believe the ANN article stated that Tokyopop would try releasing as much as possible [unless if I read that wrong XD].

Unfortunately this means that their titles will be ridden more with typos and grammatical errors than usual *sigh*.


I wish for Flat by Aogiri Natsu and Ame Nochi Hare by BIKKE, PLEASE!
And I’ll wait for the 1st volume of The Innocent to come out, it does look interesting\o/


Please licence Spiral: Alive and (from Tokyopop) Faeries’ Landing!!!


I think Yen should focus on their current and maybe new titles from square enix/gan gan ect.

I’m counting on Viz media to maybe rescue some shojo titles like maid sama and happy cafe.


Yeah I agree with Zuko!! PLEASE license AiON by Yuna Kagesaki!!!!


Yes, and Rolan the forgotten King novel…It is from Jun Mochizuki-san. Also, please do something about the yellow paper. I know that saving trees is important, but having a pictures in great quality is important as well…


When are the cover images for June releases gonna appear?

Also, yeah, I asked for Durarara!! novel series licence before. I’m asking again.
Also, manga series Barajou no Kiss.


I’d like too see all covers that are actually ready in any month. hah Dx


@seny Are you talking about the covers on our new releases page? I usually hold off on updating the whole month’s worth of covers till we have everything approved, just cause it looks weird to me to have a list with a few covers smattered along the bottom and…is bound to confuse people less intelligent than you! But usually when we have an approved cover for something, it goes up on the page for that particular series, so you can scope out the pages for your favorites and see what might be new!



Really? Highschool of the Dead, lame? I think not. But I do agree on what you said about Innocent.

Also, I want more Maximum Ride! Why was it not in this issue! ;-;


The Durarara!! and Baccano! novels. . . would be lovely. . . It’s hard to find translations, and I would rather own them anyway.

Hm. Kandachime is a good series, you might be able to push that. But it’s under appreciated. . .


Um well since Tokyopop went under I have a few series to suggest. You can pick or choose or even skip over them.

Chibisan Date
Full Metal Panic! -Light Novel- (Unless they are still going to do light Novels)
Kino’s Journey -Light Novel-
Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume
Kaich? wa Maid-sama
Scrapped Princess -Light Novel-
Deadman Wonderland

And last, but not least, three unlicensed series (these two from Japan):
The World God Only Knows(Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai) by Tamiki Wakaki.
Amatsuki by Shinobu Takayama,

(the other from Taiwan, a manhua)
1/2 Prince by Yu Wo -If possible graphic novel and light novel or if you guys have to make a choice, then the light novel.-


@Liam The Innocent is just a single-volume manga, I’m afraid. But we’re so glad you enjoyed it!

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