The zombie apocalypse has begun…and YEN PLUS has been infected! This month, the pages of YEN PLUS are crawling with flesh-hungry undead in the first chapter of Highschool of the Dead! And not just any flesh-hungry undead! These zombies are in FULL COLOR!!! Yen Press is pleased to announce that we will be releasing the full color editions of Daisuke Sato and Shouji Sato’s Highschool of the Dead, just released in Japan on February 25! And you can enjoy the first chapter of Highschool of the Dead‘s five-chapter YEN PLUS run right this very moment! Hurry! Before it’s too late……

If blood and gore isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We have all-new chapters of your YEN PLUS favorites, including new chapters of Gossip Girl! The drama is really heating up now that little J’s exposed B’s secret, but B’s about to return the favor…
There are also new pages from the third volume of K-ON! (look for Volume 2 this month!), Maximum Ride, Witch & Wizard, Yotsuba&!… So check out this month’s YEN PLUS now!

As always, we appreciate your comments and feedback below!

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Autumn Smith

So the manga will be in color? My buddy said she really liked it! If the manga is in color i’m definetly gonna buy.


wooot, love me some HOTD full color. But, I have to ask, will this also be in the bigger format paper like it was done in Japan? Not that I wont buy it if it isn’t, but still nice to know just to add to the hype meter..


Excuse me, one question about Higurashi series.
What about Massacre Arc, Matsuribayashi-hen, Hirukowashi-hen, Kokoroiyashi-hen, Kataribanashi-hen, Batsukoishi-hen and Saikoroshi-hen (in Japan it will start in June).

I know that Higurashi is very long, but please, licence all the side stories, etc…


Wow..I did not expect YP to add HSOD. I thought that series was M-rated but then again, I forget this is the internet.

Happy Spring!!


This is awesome news I had been wondering if you guys were going to release the full color versions. Now I can’t wait to grab a copy once it hits stores. However like InTraining said will it still be released in the B5 page size like in Japan? And when should we expect the release? 😛 sorry for the questions but, all in all this is great news.


Sorry, but I think that Highschool of the Dead’s only popular because there’s a half-naked girl on the cover.

She’s not even the main character, so that’s all the artist is relying on.

Way to go.



There are TONS of series out there featuring nude women and they aren’t popular at all. So your statement saying this series is only popular because of the nudity is false, if that would be the case we’d see alot more perverted titles out there being at the top of the charts.

Yes, one of the reasons HOTD is popular is because of the nudity but it’s only the smallest of reasons – The actual STORY shouldn’t be over looked just because it contains a little nudity.


I love HSOD and it is not because a half nude girl is on the cover. While there is plenty of fan service I really enjoy the Manga and Anime. The girl on the cover may not be the main charater but she is one of the main charaters.

I agree if I can get the Manga in color I am going to buy it. I already bought what I can get a hold of in B&W but color, oh yea. I have also bought the anime and can’t wait until season 2 hits the streets.

All of this means nothing compared to what had just happened in Japan. Lets all pray for the people in Japan!


Oh come on, do you really think HOTD got popular cause of it’s ENGAGING and DEEP story?
Teenage boys don’t go looking for these. They look for gore, hot chicks, tits and zombies. HOTD’s FULL of these. Hell, they fight zombies by wearing nothing more than a towel and an apron.
I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. We all need fanservice in our lives.


Well, I’ve read the story, and it doesn’t appeal to me.

It might do it for others, but not me.


Hey where’s heck is Soul Eater or side B for that matter? If you’re not going to publish them in the magazine, then at least distribute 4 volumes instead of 3 so we can at least get the same amount for side B like side A is.


??? @Kyle Soul Eater and the rest of the Square-Enix series haven’t been in the magazine since the digital switch in August. We still have a “Side B,” it just contains different Japanese series…


And now there are three! (Japanese titles in Yen+ that is). Pity I have no interest in any of them. Crossing my fingers for a ton of new (Japanese) titles to be licensed and announced ^_^


Please license the Fractale manga. 🙂

And Umineko of course. But if you release Umineko, please do a high-quality release so you can use colored fonts. It’s a vital part of the story from the 2nd arc onwards.

Bryan Bradford

I was wondering if yen press had some plans to advertise at Fanime this year in California, or if you are looking for representatives. I’m getting an artist table this year, and I could hand out cards or flyers for you guys.


Good point, Umineko need to have colored letters, it’s part of the story.


Liar Game
Doubt (Tonogai Yoshiki)
Defense Devil
License any of these! ???????????


@Shaku: If all people thought that way, there would be just series that come first in manga… Thats a really silly way to think…

Obviously I agree that the VN is a way better (as well as Higurashi), yet I want to read the manga and have it in my collection.

Also, the manga adaptation is good, as far as i could see.

I wanted Shiki by YenPress too, but since it’s a Shueisha manga, I think it just can come by VIZ, no? Unfortunately…


I prefer the Umineko (and Higurashi) manga to the VNs. R07 can`t draw, period, and it takes a certain level of discipline to be able to sit down and watch horribly drawn stick figures talk about devil`s proof, schrodinger`s cat, and logic errors.


I’d commit a massacre to get an Umineko volume in my hands, in English of course.
It’s my favorite series ever.


I also would like to suggest anything by CLAMP that is out-of-print. Maybe pick up some of their titles. I NEED “CLAMP School Detectives,” “Duklyon,” and “Nij? Mens? ni Onegai!!” (Man of Many Faces)CLAMP is famous for their coinciding storylines and crossovers. These three series have simultaneous storylines. They are all short, too. (About 2-3 volumes each.) And although they’re older and aren’t serious compared to CLAMP’s other works, they’re just random fun! They’re out out-of-print in the U.S. -___-” Anything that features CLAMP’s beautiful art with original covers and such, would be AMAZING!


Okay, one of the titles came out with question marks, but it’s “Nijuu Mensou ni Onegai!!”


Oh my god dude when is this coming out? it will be in stores, right? Because if so then I’m going to stop buying the black and white versions to not waste so much money to buy these!

Komuro Takashi

Ehhh, I’m Not To Sure About It In Color. I’d Say Just Leave The Color To The Anime, If You Know What I Mean. Other Then That, I Will Check It Out Before I Talk Some More B.S. :3


is this full color edition in english or in japanese? if it is in jap will it be released in english?


If the art of Umineko and Higurashi really bother you that much, they have patches where you can replace the sprites with those from the PS2/3 versions. The best experience with the When They Cry series is the original VN’s, the anime adaptations are horrible (I mean I guess you can call Higurashi enjoyable even though it butchers the story, but Umineko doesn’t even have that going for it).

If you really let the art prevent you from reading such wonderful stories, then I’m sorry but you are seriously shallow. Yes the art is bad (although really only Higurashi is as bad as people love to say) but the art isn’t the focus. The mangas are better adaptations then the anime, but even then they still find ways to completely screw things up. Like Umineko which completely cuts out Bern from some of the Episodes


@sac English!

@NRachel We’re collecting the first four volumes of the color HSOD manga into one deluxe oversized hardcover edition coming November 2011. That’s 700+ pages!


@NRachel HSOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN FULL COLOR CAN’T WAIT


I hope after vol 7 in color comes out that they will cont. the manga and anime

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