New Talent Search Update

For those of you agonizing over Yen Press’s New Talent Search, the wait is over.
Our editorial staff sent email notices to those artists who caught our attention this morning, but we thank all of you for sharing your work with us!
If you were not contacted, we hope that creating a short story was a fun experience! Remember that this search has no “winners”—this was an opportunity for us to evaluate and promote young talent. We will not be providing individual feedback for your submissions, but here are a few general things to think about as you continue to develop your skills:
-Practice, practice, practice human anatomy. You can never practice it enough.
-Remember that your storytelling ability is as important as your artistic ability.
-Pay attention to how panel layout, “camera angle,” and text all work together to tell the story in the manga you like to read. What makes a certain scene so compelling? Is it that close-up? Is it the white background? Is it the use of tone? Learn from their work.
If you put the work and effort into it and remain critical of yourself, seeking ways to improve, you just might catch our eye next time around.
Next time?
Yes, next time!
We at Yen Press are eager to help budding artists reach their full potential, and therefore we have decided to make the Yen Press Talent Search an annual event! While we are not announcing the specifics of next year’s guidelines at this time, keep an eye out for the details in YEN PLUS magazine.

Thanks again to everyone who participated!

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Count me as one who rushed because we found out about the talent search too late.
I had a blast doing this and may try for the next round.
We will still work to make our idea a reality and start putting this together from the begining and shop it around because we still want to see our creation in print.
I wasn’t disappointed not to be selected because in this kind of business, you have to accept rejection.
Congratulation to those who made it and thank you YP for giving us a chance to show our stuff.


I–wow! I’m pretty glad that everyone’s resolved their issues! I was actually scared when I posted me comment! XD I figured a lot of people would jump me or something…

But it’s really great that everyone is coming together and helping each other~ I hope that everyone who has tried for YP’s talent search will keep on practicing! <3


Congrats to all those, who made it in! ^__^

As RJ said, you will not be an overnight success. No one is perfect regardless of their ability. With the power of art, you also need a good story and character development. Art is only one part of the whole.

I’ve submitted a very poor amateurish piece of work for Tokyo Pop’s very first manga contest years ago. I don’t really care what TP did with it at that time. Currently that company, as you can see, didn’t do so well with accumulating too much manga licenses and promoting probably the wrong kind of OEL. OEL has potential but it has a lot of negativity attached to it. Hopefully, Yen Press can change the mentality in some way. I’m not too crazy on the term, OEL, itself. If countries like South Korea and Taiwan can have their own manhwa/manhua industry, why can’t the rest of the world?
(Or I guess, the West needs to open up a manga school?)

I’m thinking of submitting something for Yen Press next year, but at the same time, I’m no pro. But, this seems like something fun to join in as there aren’t too manga contests these days. It would be nice, out of curiosity, to see a compilation book (or online viewing) of all the work that submitters have done. Even if they’re not set to the right printing dimensions…


Question for all.

In a previous thread, Bryan suggested that we should start a Deviant Art group for talent search submitters. I might do this myself (although I haven’t really used DA very extensively so I really don’t know what I’d be getting myself into) but some questions arise…

1. Is there still interest in this?
2. Maybe a forum would be a better thing to look into?
3. Or is there an existing forum that most of you already frequent and that we can invade?

I’m actually kinda leaning towards a forum solution and expand the scope of it beyond Yen Press* Talent Search topics and just make it a general art & comics forum. I suspect, however, that this would require considerable more effort.

*With apologies to our YP overlords who are gracious enough to let me post this.



Since this is going to be an annual thing now I might give it a shot. I hope we get to see who one too.


@adr and all~
Overlord. I like that…
I definitely think it might be a good idea to move this conversation to Deviant Art or some similar site and loop more people into the conversation.
Not that I don’t enjoy reading your comments, but at some point this post will be pushed off the front page of our site, and I’m guessing most people don’t visit our site frequently enough to stay up to date on these conversations. Posting on Deviant Art would also allow other users to more readily view your work…

Bryan Bradford

Then it’s decided that someone beside computer challenged me is gonna make a group on Dev Art, or make a forum. Heh heh.


Unfourtunatly, not everyone uses DA. And I personally don’t because people assume it’s the default site for artists. Which annoys me.

Autumn Smith

Oh! (this has nothing to do with the talent search, but) cna Yen Press consider publishing Wandering Son, (also known as Transient Son and Hourou Musuko) b/c The anime for this series has already finished and the only way I can read it is online, and I’d really like to own the manga…


A DeviantArt group sounds like fun ^-^ I actually check that more than facebook (my classmates cannot fathom me).


What exactly will happen if an artist’s entry catches your attention again?


@adr i’d follow something like that~. it would be fun to interact with a board of people who want to be professionals…like smackjeeves, except better?

forumotion, invisionfree, proboards, and lefora are all good forum sites that host them for free. if you do end up starting one, keep the topic count small until it’s necessary to make a new one. make sure to invite us, too :9 .

then again, wouldn’t it be cool if yenpress got their own forums? :9


Congrats to people who were chosen, and congrats to those who earned an experience.

I didn’t enter this year because I have other things to do (i.e. Work…and writing my novel <.<…) but if it's going to be an annual thing, I may at some point…Hm.

Rufino Marx

We should raid the Gomanga fourms, They have a creator’s corner that’s been dead for years. Only another person and me post there, so I say RAID IT NAO~


O.m.g i can’t wait till the next one i houpe i hear from them. and good luck to the people wh made it this year.


Gomanga, huh? I’m sure the site moderators will be pleased!


Congrats to everyone who got an email! And good luck to everyone who plans to come back and enter again next year!! >33


Go go GoManga! I’m just about to register.

Interesting though that it’s affiliated with another publisher (SevenSeas.)

@Abby, I’m assuming it wouldn’t be for you to approve the budget, but maybe YenPress really should look into getting their own forums. Keep the fanbase engaged with the brand, n’ all that. Might even be able to pre-scout developing talent, or even help foster that talent while creating brand advocates for YenPress.


Bryan Bradford

Pssh yeah. I stopped using Youtube, because everyone thinks that the default for online videos. So conformist it’s annoying. I’m so against the grain it’s almost comical.


@Autumn Smith: isn’t Wandering Son being published by Fantagraphics?


whoa! dude there are a lot of comments since i last posted … … …
hey@everyone lets all try our best next year and maybe with practice and luck we the unfortunate this time will become the aspiring, fortunate, and artistic leaders of the manga/anime drawing world… …

that is all… PEACE!!!


@adr Not so much to do with the budget as it has to do with not having a dedicated web person. But rest assured that it’s on our radar and is something we hope to have for you soon!


When will you write something about licencing new titles…?

Autumn Smith

@hikaru WAIT! so does that mean I can by it in stores someday, (or even right now?) I see the first volume on amazon, but it says available in july…


Oh my gosh! Thank you for making it an annual year contest, I’ve been struggling to get something done for you amazing Yen Press, but for me it was coming up with a story concept. I will try again the 2nd time, with better experience.

Congrats to the artists who got in! By the way, if I were to submit a portfolio before the contest, would it still be checked over? I’m afraid of my work being thrown in the corner, untouched for months unless assigned to a mailing topic.

Katherine Dacey

@Autumn Smith: Fantagraphics has the license for the Wandering Son manga. The first volume will be released in July of this year.

picari musume

Hey YP!

This is just a license request/look into this request.
I love Shinryaku! Ika-musume and think you guys should seriously check it out !! It’s one of my favorite series!


@picari musume
i LOVED the anime of that xD it was funny P: I would love to see that licensed 😀 aswell as The World God Only Knows and elfen lied [im surprized no one has picked that up yet :/]


I’m curious. Are you guys going to post any of the short stories anywhere(on this site/another site or in the magazine)
I’d love to read them. >U>


was a little late
but i still got to pratice
to draw at a professional level

Self-publishing my own manga |

[…] this on getting picked by the editors at Yen Press, one of the few reputable manga publishers left soliciting original manga submissions. I was contacted as one of the finalists but they never followed through with providing feedback […]

Artist XXY

Ahh…. over again. NEXT YEAR! (and next and next next…) OPTIMISTIC ATTITUDE RULES!
I’m wondering if I could get in… I write more… um… “realistic fiction” (no action or fantasy) and I’m not exactly lyrical or metaphorical with my works… hmm…
It’s ok to send in photocopies on regular computer paper right? (As long as the proportions of the live area is correct)?

clara reyes

congratulations to eveyone who won! WHOOOO! i did’nt eneter (could’nt eneter on time)i’m happy that fellow manga artists got there dreams turned to reality! i hope that i get as lucky as you damn lucky bastards who won! i cheered like crazy when i found out! (though it might be that i was high on…HAPPINESS! lol) anyway congrats and good luck to nest year’s contestants! and WATCH OUT FOR ME OR YOU MIGHT JUST GET CRUSHED BY A DYNAMO DUO OF 12 YEAR OLD SCHOOL GIRLS!!!!!!! BUHAHAHAHA!!!! seriously good luck >v<

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