Sweeten up your Valentine’s Day with YEN PLUS!

There are plenty of fish in the sea. Hopefully you’ve snagged your one true love and are looking forward to a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And by your one true love, I mean YEN PLUS magazine! Captain Aron and his crew of pirates(?) lead off a fleet of brand-new chapters from your favorite YEN series. Plus, we have a special short story from Gossip Girl artist HyeKyung Baek! (GG will be back next month!)

As always, we love to hear what you think! Please share your feedback here and enjoy this month’s issue of YEN PLUS magazine!!!


Brandy W.

Haven’t checked the site since the last time I posted a comment. (Which was several days ago…)

I saw the latest update and was and still very thrill!!! Part of me already given up checking but part of me was still hopeful!~

I am sooooo glad it was just delayed~~~~~~~~~

Awe~ e-mail and phone…..so much GOOD NEWSSSSS!!


Bryan Bradford

I have another question (sorry! D:)But, if yen press contacts us, what should we have prepared? I have an online portfolio, resume, and some story “names”. Is there anything we need, like a social security card to fax?


hey bryan b. i am sure if yenpress contacts you, they will work with you on that. as of now i don’t think any of us should worry about that. as for the porfolio and etc. i am sure they would love to see it if you get chosen but if you don’t have one i am sure they wouldn’t take off brownie points because of it. after all our comic submission is our ticket. =)


Oh no, and I didn’t write nor e-mail, nor phone. Only my adress on envelope.
But I doubt that I will be selected anyway. (Q_Q)

Brandy W.

I AM OFFICIALLY glued to the monitor screen of my computer. Checking the site and my e-mail like I have OCD.

I am super anxious!!!!!!~

I can’t stop thinking about it, even when I am about to sleep!!!~

Jason L.

I would like to request a license, a manga called Gakuen Babysitters, the authors name is Hari Tokeino, and it is published in a monthly magazine in Japan called LaLa. Its a really good read, nothing to graphic, all ages can enjoy it, and it will attract alot of fans =) its one of those memorable manga series


Sorry to bother you again, YP~ but here are some more licensing requests! :3

-Yumekui Merry (or Dream Eater Merry)
-Bakemonogatari Light Novels
-Ookami-san no Shichinin no Nakamatachi Light Novels and Manga
-Rolan: The Forgotten King Light Novels (another Jun Mochizuki work!)
-Gate 7 (A CLAMP title)

Well, here are my suggestions~ I also say Barajou no Kiss (Kiss of Rose Princess) again! And maybe any of Aya Shouoto’s titles (like Stray Love Hearts).

Thanks for listening~ :3

Bryan Bradford

@ Yana
have faith in your work. Regardless of whether or not you get picked, take some pride in the fact that you finished a 32 page comic 🙂

Rufino Marx

Nice to see that they’re at least reading all of the stories that got submitted to them, not just looking thru the first couple of pages and throwing it out if it doesn’t look good, in retrospect I really wish I had heard about this talent search sooner and sent you guys something of more quality than the mess I pasted togeter in 2 weeks *shame* oh well, I want to see the next generation of artists, everyone good luck…

Bryan Bradford

@ Rufino Marx
I’m pretty sure that everyone wishes that they had more time to work on the project, and had done a better job. But I’m pretty sure that through all of your hardships you made something really great!

Has anyone uploaded their stories to a site?
I’ve only read “At My Job” and “Crimson Rose (I forgot what it was called).
If anyone would like to meet up on deviant art, my user is “blueyoshimenace”, I would like to hear everyones experience with the contest, and maybe get to read your stories! 🙂
we can share tips, and someone can give me tips on screentones


@ Bryan Bradford
Thanks, I still haven’t lost hope. ^^ I had great time drawing my one shot, though it’s only 30 pages long. Good luck to all of us! 😀

And also I want to ask: Can I post my work on the net?( like DA)

Brandy W.

I hope they contact the winners soon because I really need to get a job……

A life changing job or a boring deadbeat job. HAHA!!

Brandy W.


Yeah I wish also wish I had ore time on it.

@ Yana

Yeah I think you can. I saw Bryan’s comic and it was posted on Dev Art.

@ Bryan

BTW Bryan your comic submission looks really awesome!!
Yeah that sounds like a great idea. I would really like to see others works too!!


licensing requests.

Kami Nomi zo shiru sekai(the world god only knows)(manga)
toaru majutsu no index(light novels)
hidan no aria(light novel and manga)

Brandy W.

Just wondering if anyone got any news from YenPress yet?
Anyone got contacted yet?

Rufino Marx

@ Bryan Bradford

I’m not worried if I don’t get selected(which I won’t), I’m already working on another pitch, taking my time drawing it out to make it publish-able etc. Drawing comics is very time consuming, but I decided to make a career of it, because it’s what I love to do, art and music have always been my passion, and I can’t wait till I have my first volume of my series in my hands, soon I hope…


@ D-Gold

Toaru Majutsu no Index – I agree. But I want novel and manga..

Brandy W.

@ Rufino & Bryan & who ever submitted.

Since you guys wanted to make a career out of drawing comics, currently right now are you guys in college or unemployed or employed or in highschool?

I am asking this out of curiosity because none of us are professional paid comic artists yet.


I hope Yen isn’t waiting to complete Higurashi before they license Umineko. D:

Higurashi still has three more answer arcs to go after Eye Opening, and they’re 17 volumes when combined. That’s almost three years of waiting. D:

Umineko isn’t a sequel to Higurashi so you don’t have to worry about it spoiling the ending. They ran side-by-side in Japan…


nope haven’t heard anything from yenpress yet. Lucky rufino, I’ve got school and work so i can’t be working on another submission, comic, project whatever. i wish i could.


I agree with Lisa. I hope that YenPress announces Umineko soon. The two first arcs are already complete, with 9 volumes. Until here gets at vol 9, being quarterly, the next arcs should be complete at time.


I know everyone is wishing for Umineko to be licensed, so here’s my opinion:
It would be great if YP licensed Umineko, but it’s no big deal if they don’t. I mean, they already have tons of other books to deal with, so if they did Umineko too, a lot of other books we like will be put off and such. (As in, released later than usual).
Of course, YP would do an excellent job on Umineko, but I wouldn’t be mad at them if another company decided to take on Umineko instead. That way, YP wouldn’t have too much on their plate and you could have Higurashi and Umineko at the same time!
Ah…did that make sense? XD Just my thoughts~


High school and unemployed. I’ve got all the time in the world… just so long as my teachers can’t see me drawing under the desk.
And yourself?

Brandy W.

I am becoming so restless!!
Checking the site and my e-mail like a crazy animal…

I must admit the last 2 months has been the slowest month of my life…I thought it would all end by the end of Feb. BUt I guess not….ever since I found out Yenpress has not contacted the winners yet…YES I am RESTLESS AGAIN!!

What stinks it’s we don’t know when they will contact the winners by…..for the people who submitted we have to like stalk the site and e-mail like crazy. Hoping everyday.

*refreshes page*

Okay I should really keep myself busy for the rest of the month…and not think about this Talent Search…

Brandy W.

@ NatRoze

I got work. Which doesn’t leave me much time to draw. But if somehow I make it, it would be one of those life changing moments for me.

Brandy W.


I am glad YenPress haven’t contact the winners yet. At least I know I still got a chance. But the other part of me just want to know…..did I make it or not!!

I just need to know so I can move on with my life…

Ugh…I am such a fail.



in collage, searching for work while taking commissions and working the con scene.

while yen is making their decisions, I’m working on other projects or client works.

Bryan Bradford

I’m 19, and I’m a supervisor at Jamba Juice. I had to take a week off of work to finish the comic, so if this goes through, I can quit and dedicate the whole month to finishing a chapter, instead of rushing and skipping over details


Patience is a virtue we must all learn…

I also have licensing requests.
Durarara (light novels)
Ore no Im?to ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (light novels)
?kami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi (light novels as well)



@Allison: In fact I don’t understand well your point, but i think it’s because of my lack in english language…
But I don’t think Umineko would make another series to delay… First there are at least 5 mangas to be over soon. And it’s not like YP will release nothing more…

About other company getting Umineko… Is it possible since Umineko is a Square Enix title?

*sorry my confuse speech*

Rufino Marx

Well, I was out of the country for about a year, so I guess I’m recently unemployed, as I left my job when I came back home in December, draw every waking moment everyone if you wanna make it screw games and other distractions for the mean time, make a schedule for working on comics and illustrations, keep trying new things and don’t give up. That’s the key to make it in the comic biz…at least that what I hope lol *fail*


Licensing request

Puella Magi Madoka Magica(Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica)


@ Brandy W.
I’m still at high school, I’ve got plenty of time for drawing though I have exams this year..xD


@My Nick: Sorry, maybe I was not being clear! >^<
You might be right, if YP does licenese Umineko. But it's not like Umineko will be the only new title they release (if the time comes), they will have maybe five more newer pieces to work on, too.

I don't know how the manga licensing process goes XD but let's just hope someone will pick up Umineko soon? :3



If Yen Press is going to issue ALL Higurashi Arcs (like Hirukowashi-hen, Kokoroiyashi-hen, Kataribanashi-hen and Saikoroshi-hen, and and…) it will take about 5 years.
So I hope too Yen Press won’t wait for end of Higurashi.. I want Umineko now!


I’m just wondering, but is YenPress going to be attending New York City’s Anime Festival (NYAF)? 8D


Maybe if I get published early enough, I won’t need to finish high school >w> that’d be really neat.
(although whether or not my parents will agree with the neatness of it is another matter entirely >_>)



I believe My_Nick is correct; another company getting Umineko is very unlikely due to it both being a Square Enix title and that Yen Press is already publishing the original series. Companies in general are going to be extremely wary about licensing a spin-off series to a different company, especially when there is already a solid fanbase for the YP editions (and that doesn’t even count the legal contracts!).

Well, as everyone else is throwing out licensing requests, I suppose I might as well suggest the “Warning, Raccoon!!” manhwa. It seems utterly adorable. Though Ginga Legend Riki (Nihon Bungeisha title) would be amazing, too. Though connected to a larger story, it, being a prequel, doesn’t require any real knowledge of the series. And it’s only a volume long. And it’s about dogs.

Brandy W.

I see everyone has got their own little thing going on. That sounds great.

I hope we get to know who the winners are soon. =]
From what I see and heard so far, it seems like a lot of people entered this talent search. Wow, I am super excited again now, so many talented artists submitting to YenPress.

Brandy W.

Another curious question, how long does it take for each of you to complete a page? How complete? I mean like ready to publish complete.

It takes me at least 6~9 hours from drafts to finish pages.


I know a lot of people are requesting the Durarara!! novels, but I overwhelmingly prefer Baccano! by the same author. That’s quality material right there and it amazes me that it hasn’t been picked up yet.


@Arc: I understand now! It makes sense. :3 Thank you for clearing it up~!


@Brandy W

Hard to say. Depends on how complex the action on the page is.

Roughly speaking, a page took me a working day (8 hours) although I’m sure I need to learn to go faster.

However, I’ve compartmentalized my process (do all pencils on all pages first, do all inks, then do tones) so that estimate might be off.

It blows my mind when I hear professionals are handing four or five pages a day, sometimes. Although that might just be inks.

Rufino Marx

@ Brandy W

A page every two days roughly for decent artwork, I do the concepts before hand for the entire chapter. although, I did about 6 pages every two days during I was rushing to finish the entry to the talent search, you can guess how aweful the artwork was. TTATT

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