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I know that there’s an overwhelming amount of licensing requests.

But I really would like Yen Press to consider trying to obtain the manga series “Girl Friends” by Milk Morinaga. (complete with honorifics if possible!)
It’s already been licensed outside of Japan in Taiwan, France, and Russia (if that counts for anything).

It only spans 5 volumes and I absolutely know that a great number of people here in the US & other English-speakers/readers would LOVE to see this in a physical legible format.

I implore you guys to really consider this – or at least let me know if this series has even the slightest chance at being licensed (by ANYBODY) in English-speaking countries.

Thank you! – and here’s to hoping these comments actually do get a decent perusal. 🙂

Brandy W.

Yeah it does take a lot of time to produce one page.

I am glad it’s not just me, I thought I was just slow. LOL!!

Yeah some professional bust out many pages a day but don’t they also have assistance?


I believe I’ve written comments on the Yen Plus reader before, but I’m mentioning it again, because at this point it makes sense for me to unsubscribe and just buy the individual books. I like AAA, but the comics are too small to easily read in the reader and I have a lot of difficulty adjusting it. The reader interface has come to irritate me more and more. The animation is burdensome and I have a great deal of difficulty zooming and navigating the pages (but perhaps it’s just me). If Yen Press won’t take a hint from the free online readers, then take it from Adobe reader at least. It’s nice to be able to grab-navigate a page and be able to zoom instead of pick these different “sizes.”

Anyway, I do appreciate what Yen Plus has brought us as far as material. I see that there is now a iPad app. That seems like a cool idea. I hope someday YP will look into Android.


@ Brandy W

Pros also lack a day job that isn’t drawing pages. 🙂

Gawd, I wish *I* had assistants.


@Brandy W

It takes me roughly about 2-3 hours to complete one page. As you keep going it gets easier and easier.


Girlfriends would be perfect. I’m wanting to read this manga a long time ago. I would buy without thinking.

(btw, they got a drama cd, hope an anime soon)


@Tyler: Yes! I prefer Baccano to Durarara as well, but I would love to see both licensed. In fact, anything by Ryogo Narita would be awesome, I was upset when I learned about Seven Seas discontinuing their light novel line (no Vamp! T_T), and I’ve read good things about the Hariyama-san series (I think it was on Andrew Cunningham’s blog?). Crossing my fingers for more light novel licenses!

Bryan Bradford

It takes about 4 hours to sktch a not rushed page, and 8 to ink it :P, I used dip pens for the first time for this contest.


seems like everyone works in a pretty fast pace. it takes me 1~2 days to complete a page.

hey MAYY, i would really wanna see your stuff! 2~3 hours that’s amazing, you must be pro. did u post your pages up online? i really really wanna see it.

Bryan Bradford

dude. If you get assistants, make sure you’re comfortable with their artstyle first. My friend kyle help me for one page (he’s another artist) and I screamed at him for not using a ruler on the background! urg. Assistants are great my comic group “Bang Pow” has four members, me being artist, Nia doing story (not any more *tear tear*), Rory doing clean up, text, and errand running, and Kayliegh on some speedlines (she’s new at them).

Can I ask everyone for some advice on screentones? I’ve got my own flow working with ink and pencils. But I’ve never used screen tones. Does everyone use manga studios? Or do they pixelate in photoshop?


hahahaha! what’s with everyone and their stay in school speech? i finished highschool, but if i could i would drop out. highschool was a waste of my time and life. i swore i could of done something more useful than wasting my life there. you guys are hilarious!!

Rufino Marx

@ Cristina

Lol dude I dropped out and moved to another country, in retrospect I should have stayed in school and studied to be a Sound Engineer or something related to music. Instead of “omfg manga is sooo kawaii I’ma be the best mangaka in the world(this with never seriously drawing before besides stick figures), japan this, japan that, sugoi~.” I don’t regret it but I wish I had thought out things better, or at least started drawing when I was younger, not in 2006 when I started, TTATT and ‘sides isn’t comics and manga slowing dying? terrible career choice lol BUT~! it is fun to pretend to be a “mangaka” I’ve been pretending since ’07 been working hard since then and I guess I could say I draw decently (a 4 on a 1 to 10 scale). I really want to make money off my projects but it’s hard in this economy with publishers no longer accepting submissions and bookstores in trouble, but, I’m just going to have to stick to it just a bit more, but not much more…9_9

“Mangaka is a terrible career choice, stay in school and get a real career”

Rufino Marx


Lol you must not lag it at all n_n I would like to say I draw fast but I lag it like you’ve never seen, in theory taking my time and staying focused I could do 4 pages every 2 days of good art, but I lag it

Brandy W.

Being a Manga Ka is not something you choose to be. When it happens it happens.

Because being a mangaka is like wanting to be Justin Bieber…only one in a billion…million…KACHILLION!!! XD

Of course we have to work for it when chances presents themselves.

I also felt like I could of done life without highschool that’s for sure. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Brandy W.

Found out about YenPress’s talent search 3 months and 11 days ago and sent in my submission a month later.

Since then it has been 2 months and 11 days.
Waiting everyday for an answer…

I really hope they contact someone by the end of the month or earlier…WHICH IS EVEN BETTER.

If not…at least let me know I didn’t make it.

Back to the making a career being mangaka….also I do feel like manga is not as popular as it used to be. That anime/manga craze kind of die down.


Well I only had three weeks left so I didn’t have time to get distracted! xD lol I’m no pro at all! At first it took me a while, but as I went on it got a little easier. But then the time you take on a page depends on the amount of detail you put in it, ya know? And I don’t think I put much detail on mine! xDD;

If you wanna take a look, here. http://may-kibou.deviantart.com/gallery/?offset=24#/d36flv5

STAY IN SCHOOL AND FINISH SCHOOL. Being a mangaka is like a gamble. You never know if your manga will make it or not. Sad truth. o ^o;

I’m a junior in high school btw. = w=;;


eww highschool regardless, i learn nothing besides people picking on each other and creating drama…and babies!!

it’s sad but it’s the truth. i would of done well without highschool. yeah i know, we should study a major and get a good job and on the side hoping to live the dreams of being a manga ka.

but if you guys are serious of being a manga ka then you will probably have to sacrifice A WHOLE LOT more and than that day time job that is paying off your bills or the college you are attending that would actually get you a real job. i’m just saying. =]

Bryan Bradford

@ Everyone
I just got my first G-pens from overseas, and I highly recommend it! it has such great line quality and you really get control over what you are inking. If you use dip pens, then G-pens are the mangaka way to go :D. Also, we should form a group on deviantart called “Talent Search Survivors” if we don’t make it, because all of you guys seem way cool and I’d still like to hear from you guys after the contest is over <3

Rufino Marx

@ mayy

I dig your art, it’s pretty detailed good job keep at and you could be a successful mangaka, lol dude I STARTED drawing junior year, you got me beat I couldn’t draw like that junior year ;_;

@ Brandy W

My high school was pretty tight I never heard about bullying or stuff like that, but then again I was too busy doing stupid things to notice 9_9; I dunno I’m gonna submit in about a 3 weeks or so, I messed up I kept drawing on regular 8×11 paper this whole time and the art looked messy, but now I’m drawing on standard manga paper and the art look soooo much cleaner near pro level, anyway I’m submitting to Yen and a publisher outside of the US hope someone whats my terrible stories/art lol cuz I’m not going to be selected for the talent search… u_u

@ Bryan Bradford

Bro, where did you order the pens Akadot is in Cali so you don’t have to order overseas, and yeah I agree we should make a group, but for the moment I’ve taken a leave from dA so I’ll join later…

Brandy W.

I got those G-pens when I went to Japan 2 years ago. They are nice but they run out and dries really fast!!

Mines turn dry and hard after a few weeks? Or a few months? I forgot but it dried up REAL fast!!

Brandy W.

Alright I’d finally officially ground myself from this site till the end of March!!!

It’s like I have some kind of syndrome where I can’t stop refreshing or checking YenPress and my e-mail!! It kills me everyone when I see no update on the Talent Search…
I will come back on April 1st then.
I gotta focus on other things in my life besides checking YenPress’s site. See you all in 2.5 weeks!!


@ Rufino Marx: I’m staying in school, don’t worry. I actually like school. Finals week always makes me wanna drop out.

@Brandy: The time it takes me to finish a page depends on how detailed it is/how many panels are on it. It usually takes me about 3 hours to draw a page, 1 to ink it, and 2 or 3 to fix it on the computer and add in screentone and text and such.

@Bryan Bradford: A Deviantart group sounds like a wonderful idea; I’d love to keep in touch with everyone too ^-^


Ditto what Yana said! D: Here’s hopping we(and *cough* ‘Moonlit Live Love’ *cough*) has a chance still! d???b …..And that Yenpress might use snail mail to contact some ppl.(?)

Rufino Marx

If I were an editor reviewing these submissions having a hard time choosing the winners, I’d ask whoever I thought had potential to write me another short story, to futher show me their ability. But that just me. 9_9;

Brandy W.

Alright I can’t help but to un-grounded myself…

I AGREE WITH Rufino Marx, pick a winner or just ask the potential winners to come up with something else like an illustration for a book cover or check their online gallery?

I am not so sure about having us do another one shot comic…because we already turn in one as our submission, it will be just weird…

Brandy W.

I wish somebody can just give me an exact date to just give up waiting for an answer?

By the end of March?
By the end of April?
By the end of May?

In half a year?

By the end of this year?

I need a hint…

Brandy W.

Okay i just realized something…I am taking all that back…

“I AGREE WITH Rufino Marx, pick a winner or just ask the potential winners to come up with something else like an illustration for a book cover or check their online gallery?

I am not so sure about having us do another one shot comic…because we already turn in one as our submission, it will be just weird…”

Yenpress is going to contact all the artists that they like. There is no one winner…wow I am SOO SLOW…

Bryan Bradford

You know, it would have been cool to have had the contest in rounds. So that you could see who could dish out the art as fast you want for a normal publication, and plan chapters too

Brandy W.


It would of been cool. But isn’t it a little late for them to ask us to do that? I mean they never mention it in the first place?

Brandy W.

Hmmmm…it seems like a lot of submitter is checking the YenPress site for an update on the talent search not just me…seems like a lot of you guys check everyday?

Brandy W.

I wonder if YenPress found a comic that is good enough for publishing?

Cuz they are only offering contracts if they like it. They also have a choice to not pick anyone…


Rufino Marx

Now I dunno what their plan was, to find one or a handful of diamonds in the rough, but I’m sure only a handful of submissions have gotten their attention so far, less than 10 I’d say. at this point they’re either still reading submissions or debating about who they should choose, that’s why I say they should make them draw up another one-shot, preferably with a genre of Yen’s choosing, just to see your flexibility. I say this because I couldn’t send Yen something that shows my full potential, and I’m just itching to prove myself. Q A Q


@Marx ~> If they did do that, I would think a theme or something would be in order or something.*Wishful thinking* I don’t think they do things this way at all. If you have one chance to prove yourself it should be the first.~ Don’t ch’a think? D:

Brandy W.

Hmmmm I kind of agree with Muffin~

I wouldn’t suggest them asking us doing another comic on round two…if they have a round two I rather them asking us for a book cover illustration or look at our online site or something??


@Marx The problem I’d have with having an additional round is that it changes the parameters of the original New Talent Search solicitation. It’s like being in a chess tournament and playing to the finals, only to have the rules changed so that checkmate doesn’t mean victory.

Well, maybe that analogy wasn’t the greatest, but if they were to do rounds of submissions, I’d think you’d get a lot of upset people unless the ‘multiple-submission round’ structure was explicit from the beginning.

On another note, maybe Yen Press should set up an online forum so we could keep these conversations threaded? 😀

Brandy W.


Yeah it’s been sooo long…even I am a bit confused about how they are going to choose the winners…

Other than that I REALLY REALLY hope they choose somebody soon, this is driving me restless!!

Brandy W.


I was about to say that also & I do agree. I won’t have a problem with them changing the game halfway but I am sure it will upset a lot of people.

Let’s just drop the idea that they will ask the finalist to show or do additional works. Let’s just wait for the results and maybe on the next Talent Search?

Brandy W.

Just letting everyone know I am still waiting for YenPress’s result for the Talent Search…

Did anyone get contacted yet?!

Brandy W.

That would be crazy…
We would have been waiting all this time for no reason…


If they picked someone, even if it’s not me I wouldn’t feel so bad…

Brandy W.

But that can’t be it?! You will choose someone for sure right? That’s why they are taking a while to announce it because they FOUND something good?!

I haven’t gave up yet I am still hopeful…please pick someone soon!! By the end of March?


huh, haven’t checked the site for a week. still no response or new update on the talent search.

Bryan Bradford

Abby, is there any way we can get another estimated time for the talent search results? If not, I’ll stop pestering you 🙁


huh, i guess it really doesn’t bother me when they contact the winners, because even if i do get pick i still got school. i am currently in school this semester and already planned to take summer and fall semester continuously, so i can get them done and over as soon as possible…XD school really isn’t my thing.

aaaa…anyhow if they didn’t pick anyone, wow then our submission really isn’t at standard for publishing!! XDD

Rufino Marx

I think publishers in America have high standards towards OEL also due to the fact maybe regular manga readers won’t read something not drawn in japanese level perfection, dunno. I also really never read an OEL I really loved, but that’s just me.

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