Sweeten up your Valentine’s Day with YEN PLUS!

There are plenty of fish in the sea. Hopefully you’ve snagged your one true love and are looking forward to a wonderful Valentine’s Day! And by your one true love, I mean YEN PLUS magazine! Captain Aron and his crew of pirates(?) lead off a fleet of brand-new chapters from your favorite YEN series. Plus, we have a special short story from Gossip Girl artist HyeKyung Baek! (GG will be back next month!)

As always, we love to hear what you think! Please share your feedback here and enjoy this month’s issue of YEN PLUS magazine!!!

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Thank you, I always look forward to Yen Plus, every month. I think i’m falling in love with “Milkyway Hitchhiking”!! I can’t wait for the book to come out in print.

Btw, I really appreciate the quality of YP’s books!!


It seems like we are heading towards a situation where the government backed by billions in lobbying is going to start blocking ip adresses/websites which pirate things. I think that will do a lot to stop casual piracy like a lot of streaming/etc sites. Even if it won’t stop irc channels/less convenient methods.

I hope yen press/viz/tokyopop and the other manga publishers can work out some kind of universal manga site. This current “hey here are there 38 different places to get manga but only some titles and they only work on some devices, sometimes and the terms of use vary wildly” is really problematic.

I’m pinning my hopes on whatever it is the japanese manga publishers are planning with crunchyroll, if they can get one universal i-tunes-esque site up at the same time as the government starts pulling down piracy websites I think there is a good chance of strong digital growth.

Super Sachiko

good idea katch, i agree, thats what we need. there should be a big site for all manga, and you could buy gift cards for use on the site at a store like they do with itunes and other stuff.


I want to write my licence requesting:
-Umineko no naku koro ni by Ryukishi07
-Higurashi Massacre Arc and the other arc…
-Kore wa Zombie desu ka? (novel and manga)
-Gakuen Nightmare by Yutori Hojo
-Kodomo no Jikan by Watashiya Kaworu
-Book Girl manga


I want to write my licence requesting:
-Umineko no naku koro ni by Ryukishi07
-Higurashi Massacre Arc and the other arc… (all arcs in truth)
-Book Girl manga

If yenpress announce Umineko, i will die happy, really.

Brandy W.

Just wondering if there is an update on the talent search any time soon??


I want to write my licence requesting:
-Yumekui Merry by Yoshitaka Ushiki
-A Channel by bb Kuroda


@Bryan and Brandy Selected creators have not been contacted yet. We expect to do so by the end of this month.



I read an article on Ann.com a couple months ago, that crunchyroll.com that they might start legitimately hosting some manga titles. I don’t know how soon they’re going to do this, though.


Will the public ever see some of the selected New Talent Search works published, or was the search really just…a search?

I’d pay to see the selected creators’ work.

Brandy W.


Thank you I really appreciate it!! I just had been so impatiently waiting…it drove me crazy the first 2 week after I sent in the submission and a week ago I couldn’t take my mind off of it!! It’s such a crazy feeling…but pretty exciting at the same time!!~

I shall be stalking my e-mail like a mad dog from now!! XD

Brandy W.


YenPress’s Staff will contact the artist by e-mail right? Woot! Just one more week till the end of Feb!!~


License request:

Ore no Im?to ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (Light Novel)



Okay, since others are giving their license requests, here’s mine:
It’s called Barajou no Kiss (or Kiss of Rose Princess). It’s very shoujo-y, and I think a lot of fans will love it! :3

Thanks for listening~

Brandy W.

I am totally excited~

can’t help myself but to say…FIVE MORE DAYS!!!

*runs around like an idiot!!*


Regarding the submissions for the talent search, if there is no e-mail address provided is it possible for the selected author to be contacted through mail?


Since everyone is throwing in licensing requests, heck, why not. Of course I’d love to see one of the Bungaku Shoujo manga series coming this way, but that all depends on how well the novels are selling, after all.

One of my favorites on the list for being picked up by you guys is definitely Otome Youkai Zakuro. It’s a seinen series cleverly disguised as a shoujo manga, and has the most wonderful character interactions and chemistry. And also, it’s by the author of well-known yaoi artist Lily Hoshino, who’s work already seems to be part of your catalogue. It’s also her first non-yaoi title, but a very pleasant one, at that! And seeing how you are slowly treading into the more historically-set stories by introducing us to A Bride’s Story, this could be a nice fit as well. So please, do consider it.

Some other great titles, but perhaps less easier to market, would be Arakawa Under the Bridge, as well as Saint Young Men by the same author. Especially the last one might be a bit hard to sell in the US. Other titles I have in mind are currently more likely or perhaps a have higher change to be picked up by other companies, since they seemed to be tied to certain contracts. Kuragehime, Amanchu! and Switch Girl come to mind.

Brandy W.


Yeah I’d been wondering about that too, contacting the winner by snail mail or by e-mail?

E-mail seems a bit faster…way faster, or you guys prefer contacting by snail mail? Or by phone?

(on a side note: 4 more days till the end of feb.)

Brandy W.

Awe my hope is withering, after today only 3 more days. I don’t know if YenPress contacted anyone but I haven’t got anything from them yet.

Wonder if they contacted anyone yet?

Brandy W.

Please don’t tell me YenPress is going to snail mail the winners??…


Probably, because they didn’t ask any information, and I myself didn’t write anything more than adress and name. xD
*Still hopes to see the results on Yen’s website*


I think the question already got posted, but are the talent search entries you guys choose going to be published? Otherwise, what’s going to become of them?

Rufino Marx

I’m quite sure they’ll contact by Email, anyways, everyone don’t worry if we don’t get selected, Yen press still accepts submissions so thats a plus. Keep at it~



I wish the printed version of Yen+ would come back!I like the idea of having it online but i just wish that someday the printed version could come back somehow!:'(

Brandy W.

I do know that YenPress are accepting submissions with portfolios with resumes.

The thing for me is that I always wanted to enter a manga contest when I was in high school but I couldn’t produce one back then. Now that I can and the chance is yelling at me full force, being able to submit to a publishing company was a big accomplishment for me. When I was working on it didn’t matter if I won or not because I had one of the best time of my life just working on the comic. One of the best moments.

After submitting it, I realized that if I won it can possibly change my life. I am sure it applies to everyone who submitted.

The deal for me was that this was a one time thing. If I don’t win I just move on with life like this never happened. If I didn’t get picked then so be it. I think it will be years before I have the free time/chance to enter another manga contest.

As all the manga artists and those who entered this talent search knows…drawing manga is TIME CONSUMING…

That’s the reason why I am checking, looking for an update from YenPress constantly because the anticipation and waiting is killing me inside.

For the last 2 months I actually had something to look forward to, after Feb 28, Monday, that will all go away. Winning or losing this battle. =]



I’d like to see the Durarara!! novels licensed…
And I’ll second Barajou no Kiss. It’s “gorgeous” shojo manga.

Bryan Bradford

@ Brandy
What I loved about this contest was that it really pushed you to your hardest, and all of your perseverance paid off in the end with a finished product. Regardless of whether or not you win, all of us unpublished artist have the experience now to produce better manga.


I’ll second-second the Durarara!! series.

And also Brandy’s statement about this being potentially life-changing. I haven’t heard yet, but if it’s snail mail we’re being sent, then it could take a few days to get to me. I’m facing a major decision here that I’m going to end up making whether my entry is accepted or not (Yen+, listen carefully, loves.): regardless of whether my entry is accepted, I keep re-reading the project proposal guidelines. The only difference that will be made by whether or not my entry is chosen is at what point in time I’ll send a project proposal. If my entry is chosen, it’ll only be sooner.
But it’s still a decision that will change the direction my world is turning.
Today’s the last day of the month. Best of luck to us all.

Brandy W.

@ Bryan

It was definitely an experience where we can learn and grow as a comic artist.

@ NatRoze

Yeah, it’s definitely one of those moments in life where there are paths where we have to make a decision to take a step onto that path or not. If we get chosen or not.

It’s definitely going to be life changing. Getting to do what you love as a career…what more can be awesome(er) than that!!

Yeah right now I am definitely hoping they are snail mailing the acceptance note/letter/etc. to the winners…or I am just hoping that they are behind on some paper works and are not able to contact the winners and are pushing it to a later date like….March?

Bryan Bradford

Thank you ,Abby. For letting us know the status on the Yen Press talent search. But just so everyone stops asking, is there anyway you can find out the means of communication to the winners? I’m sure just knowing that will calm down the entrants.


So when will we know the winners of talent search?
And when will we know new Japanese titles?

Oh, I’m asking for too much, yes?


Can I second (or third?) the Durarara!! novels? XD I lovelovelove that anime, and I’d really like to see an English adaption of the novels!


just saw the latest yenpress update on the talent search! seems like that is good news for everyone who submitted!! we still got a chance of getting picked.

yeah i do hope they get everything done and ready to go by the end of march or earlier!!

i am super happy about this!


also, i am glad they are giving us an update on the talent search because i also had been constantly checking the site on this. don’t worry guys we still got that hope but we just gotta wait a lil longer. still i wanna know soon, sooner the better right? ne?

thanks again yenpress for giving us all a chance to try to take one step closer to our dreams. =)


Um, where can we write our licence requests?
Ok, so maybe I can write it here.
So I want you to licence Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (novel and manga). It’s a bloody comedy and it’s the best title I’ve ever read.
It’s my only wish. Hope you will listen.


i was reading the comments and realized i also have the same question. how is yenpress going to contact the winners? i live at home where my mom usually checks the mail and a lot of times she just throws away them including mines. so if yenpress is mailing the winners i need to know so i can make sure my mom doesn’t throw anything away. =)

if yenpress is contacting by e-mail EVEN BETTER. =D


It is unlikely that we would contact anyone via traditional post. Email or phone would be our first choices, depending on what was provided.

Rufino Marx

I wonder how many people will be selected? 0.o are we going to be pittied againist eachother until there is the “one” *crazy stare*

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