Yen Press iPad app NOW AVAILABLE!!!

We demonstrated it at New York Comic-Con, and now Yen Press is pleased to announce that the Yen Press iPad app is finally available for download from iTunes!
The Yen Press app will allow you to purchase full volumes of some of Yen’s bestselling series that you can read anywhere! Books on the app will feature crisp artwork, offer spread or single-page navigation, and allow you to save your place automatically. In addition, the app will include special bonus features, like mini comics from your favorite Yen Press artists and some of the short stories you’ve seen in YEN PLUS magazine!


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I love the fact that things are now digital, but I do wish that manga companies would consider that not everyone uses apple products.

pissed off fangirl

when will this be available in Australia?
when i got my copy of the Maximum Ride manga vol. 8 last year, a back page promised that ‘i wouldn’t have to wait for the next volume to be released, because i could read chapters on the iPad app!’ and i was so excited that the first thin i did when i got home from the comic store was look it up. Only to find out hat it in unavailable in Australia! what gives! i was so pissed off. why say i can do something when i obviously cant?
this is false advertising! i could sue you if i had the money for a lawyer!


Because Yen Press titles are licensed by different publishers in different parts of the world, we cannot offer our app outside the US at this time. We’re sorry for the confusion that back-of-book ad created.

However! Last year we announced a partnership with Square Enix to be their worldwide publisher for English-language digital editions, meaning many of your favorite Enix titles are digitally available in e-book wherever you live and can be purchased from your preferred e-book retailer.

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