Yen Press iPad app NOW AVAILABLE!!!

We demonstrated it at New York Comic-Con, and now Yen Press is pleased to announce that the Yen Press iPad app is finally available for download from iTunes!
The Yen Press app will allow you to purchase full volumes of some of Yen’s bestselling series that you can read anywhere! Books on the app will feature crisp artwork, offer spread or single-page navigation, and allow you to save your place automatically. In addition, the app will include special bonus features, like mini comics from your favorite Yen Press artists and some of the short stories you’ve seen in YEN PLUS magazine!


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Niki Smith

How about a list of series available? The itunes app link doesn’t list them, and I’d love to know which series are on it!


hmmm… I’m not really willing to pay full price for digital. That’s a little absurd. The only incentive is space saving really. I would like them on my kindle or nook when I upgrade to one. But this price point makes no sense to me.

Sarah Kelly

Just wandering, is the app going to be available in the UK or is it just in North America?


I’d be interested in this if you guys got Soul Eater on it (starting to get worried about getting shelf space) but the volumes have to be cheaper on the reader too, otherwise I might as well just wait to find them at a used bookstore.


looks great 😀 Im thinking of getting World of Quest 😛 but the rest im not to keen on 🙁 i REALLY hope Yen+ comes on this on day 😛


App looks great! One suggestion: It would be nice if the short comics that we download from the “Fun Stuff” section could show up in our Library.

Alistair Dabbs

Oh dear, here we go again: another English-language iPad manga app specifically designed to be unavailable outside North America. First Viz, now Yen Press. Who’s next?

Quentin Dewolf

what about a pc app to do the same as i have a win7 tablet?


Love it that you have an iPad app. Would be great to hear of when it will be available outside of the US (eg Australia) and if you’re also going to make the magazine available through the app. Viva technology! Make my bookshelf smaller!


Because Yen Press titles are licensed by different publishers in different parts of the world, even in other English-speaking parts of the world, we cannot offer our app outside the US at this time. We’re really very sorry! But we are very glad for your support of our titles nonetheless!
For those of you asking about the Yen Plus magazine, while at some point we do hope to incorporate it into the app, you can already access the magazine through the Internet browser on your iPad. If you navigate to the site and login as usual, you should be able to read Yen Plus on the go!


Would be amazing if this was available in the UK,
Would save lots of time and effort trying to hunt down decent manga stores.
Oh Well…..



Call me when there’s an Android app or when you actually publish light novels through the Kindle store.

Ae cha

Why didn’t u make one for a I phone or I touch I pad to big to carry around D:(


@Ae cha In progress~! It’s definitely something we’re working on, so just sit tight! We hope to have an app soon!


Does this app work on the ipod touch???? i hope it does……..


@Acteon Unfortunately, because many of the series currently available on the iPad are licensed and published by different companies in the UK, we cannot offer the app outside of the US at this time.


Will the app come to the nook or in the barns and noble online store?


When will “With the Light” become available in digital form?


Where’s the android tablet/phone love? …and please continue translating the spice and wolf light novels.


@Bunta We love Android! We do! These things take time, so we hope you’ll bear with us~!
As for Spice and Wolf, we will be continuing with the novels, we just don’t have firm release dates yet. As soon as we do, they will be posted!


Hoping to see this on android. I’m desperate to read the Kieli novels on my kindle!


@Bunta We love Android! We do! These things take time, so we hope you’ll bear with us~!
As for Spice and Wolf, we will be continuing with the novels, we just don’t have firm release dates yet. As soon as we do, they will be posted!

Awesome news for S&W and android! You keep translating and I’ll keep buying (& promoting) them. I just purchased my first tablet (w/ Ice Cream Sandwich) and I’m antsy for a yen press app.


Nothing but problems so far. Needs a lot of work. I live on a college campus and have not been able to download a single thing after I bought my first book off of it. The network connection is always lost or it just won’t download. I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it just got worse. Any help would be appreciated since I can’t seem to contact yen press.


@whit Our contact info is under the Contact tab, but if it’s a connection issue… Is the Yen app the only program you’re having trouble with?


It was working perfectly for me until just a couple of days ago. Now when i load it up there is nothing displayed other than the books I already downloaded. Reloaded the app and its telling me that there is no response from the server. So I can only assume there is something wrong on the comany’s side. This is the only app im having issues with too.


made the mistake of changing my password, and now the app won’t allow me to login. How the heck long does it take to synchronize a password change anyway?

Greg I had the same issue you did and eventually the store came back to life. I assume it was problems on their end.


@Scott When you changed your password, I believe you should have gotten an email with a confirmation link you need to click to complete the process. If you try that and still can’t log on, contact us directly through, and we’ll see if we can’t figure out the problem.


Any chance of an Australian release?

We have to buy most of our manga from importers at a huge cost, as there are very few are locally licensed publishers.

I’m not aware of Yen Press titles licenced by anyone in Australia, and don’t licences cover print only, and not digital?


I understand it’s a little late to be posting here, but I figured that if questions were answered in May, maybe they’d answered in December, too. Once I have the app and create an account, will the comics I purchase be “saved” in case the app gets deleted? That’s the reason I feel safe using the Viz app. I had trouble with the DMP one and ended up having to delete it, which meant all my comics were gone (with no chance of retrieval). Is this app like that?


@Olivia When you make purchases on the Yen app, you do so under a username/password, so even if the app is deleted, as long as you have that username/password you will be able to access the content you have purchased. If you need to re-download purchased content, you just go through the steps as if “purchasing” it again, but you will not be prompted to pay for the material.


@ Abby Thank you! I wasn’t really expecting a reply when I posted here. If that’s the case, then kudos to you guys for understanding the paranoia that comes with not having a physical copy of the books. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have at least five digital titles I’d like to look into.


You know who would benefit of purchasing digital copies of works not available in their physical sorroundings? PEOPLE OUTSIDE NORTH AMERICA!! Hahaha, well not that I care much, but It would have been nice, besides I thought It was only logical


@Gerardo Just like print licenses, we are only able to distribute our translated titles in certain territories, usually North America and the UK. Other publishers may own the rights in your area, and it wouldn’t be fair for us to bypass them when we don’t have the rights in their territory.
However! In the fall we announced that we are partnering with Square Enix to be their worldwide publisher for English-language digital editions, meaning many of your favorite Enix titles will soon be available digitally wherever you live, titles like Black Butler, Soul Eater, Durarara!!, and more!

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