Happy Holidays! A new YEN PLUS!

On the fourteenth day of December my Yen Press gave to meeeee~
Eight catty rich kids!
Seven homing bullets!
Six bird-winged mutants!
Fiiiiiiive singing schoolgirls!
Four green pigtails,
Three deranged aliens,
Two clueless pirates,
And a BRAND NEW SERIES from James Patterson and Svetlana Chmakova~~!!!

(Rolls right off the tongue, eh?)

That’s right! For those of you who’ve been missing Svetlana’s lovely artwork in the pages of YEN PLUS, we invite you to hop on board and read her latest project, Witch & Wizard, adapted from James Patterson’s bestselling novels. When you live in a society where the rules are strictly enforced and showing even a hint of imagination is punishable by law, the last thing you want is to wake up to find the authorities on your doorstep. Whit and Wisty Allgood can tell you, it’s not pretty. Especially not when the police of the New Order accuse them of being a witch and a wizard!

We hope you enjoy Svetlana’s new series! Please leave your thoughts here!
On behalf of everyone at Yen Press, I wish you a very happy holiday, full of tasty treats and savory manga series!

Note that this is indeed the last month of our New Talent Search! Please send your entry postmarked no later than January 3rd, 2011! Please post any questions about the search to the post below, just so we don’t confuse anyone!


sara s

perhaps not the post for this, but i wonder if any of that ‘may’ info is available yet >> ; .

Andy G



Please, licence Gakuen Nightmare… It’s manga by Youtori Hojo, artist for Higurashi Cotton Driffing and Eye Opening Arc… And it’s very good!…


Svet did a beautiful job on Witch & Wizard. I’m very impressed.

I can’t wait for that new series debuting in next month issue!! I don’t want to say the title and spoil it for people.


@sara If you are referring to the talent search post, as stated there, I was responding to a question about when the next Spice & Wolf comes out. The deadline for the search remains postmark by January 3.



Right because the entire magazine is completly wothless because there’s mostly non-japanese work in there, despite the fact that the non-japanese creators worked really hard on the beautiful artwork and great stories they produce for us. If it’s not from Japan, then a comic is basically no good, right? Just sayin’


I completely adore Svetlana’s work~

And not to be annoying (heck, I like James Pattersons books as much as the next person), but what about other writers that you could work with, Yen Press?
You’ve covered a few of the very popular titles (Maximum Ride, Twilight, Gossip Girl, etc.), but what about other authors?
There are so many amazing books out there that I’m sure will do great as graphic novels! :3


Personally, I’m only subscribing to support Yotsuba&! and K-ON! It’s not that I only like manga, but all the other series I was interested in are over or gone from the digital version. I hate all the James Patterson stuff and I despise Gossip Girl with a passion, so I hope there’s SOMETHING else in the works, because I can’t see keeping this subscription up for only two titles. πŸ™


I heard that by next year that your releasing a new series called highschool of the dead, I saw a sneak preview of it & I’m very impressed with what I see. when is the manga’s release? will it be in two versions? Cut & uncut I’ve seen some of the uncut version & again I’m even more impress with this series, also if you have any news about the animated series, let me know.


@nathaniellee3 The Highschool of the Dead anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks, but I’m not sure that they’ve announced a release date or their intentions to censor anything (I suspect not). Yen Press’s Highschool of the Dead manga volume 1 will be available in January 2011 (click to the books tab for more release dates), and we’re not taking anything out, promise~


While I do like Witch & Wizard, it does feel a bit like a James Patterson overdose… I would really like to see something more from the Japanese side (Black Butler please?? πŸ™‚


I’m glad to see Svet back in the magazine. The first chapter of Witch and Wizard was interesting, more promising than the Daniel X series in my opinion. I’m interested to see where the story goes. I agree that it seems like a lot of James Patterson though. Oh well, at any rate I’m super excited for next month to see the debut of the new series you announced this issue! I’m in love with that artists previous work so I’m very psyched about this new project!


I’m not sure if this has been addressed before, but is Aron’s Absurd Armada going to be ever be physically published? It’s a rather cute series (and one I should re-subscribe to Yen Plus for, along with Yotsuba).


Hello! This might be a wrong post to ask this in, but I hope it won’t be too much of a bother. I was wondering about Otoyomegatari by Kaoru Mori β€” it says everywhere online that you picked it up, but I can’t seem to find anything about it on your site. Are you really going to publish and when can we expect it? Thanks in advance, if you answer, and happy holidays!

Silent Gods, Sign My Book « AW

[…] Gift by James Patterson; first 21 chapters are free, there’s a movie coming, along with a comic series! And you can see why this is relevant after you click on the link that takes you to the comic page, […]


@Alex We did indeed license Otoyomegatari (A Bride’s Story), and the first volume is scheduled to publish in May of 2011. We’re publishing it in a larger trim size hardcover edition, so it’s going to look very very nice~!
Only the first volume has a firm release date, but as soon as we have dates for future volumes, they will be posted here: http://www.yenpress.com/a-brides-story/
We’re so glad you’re looking forward to it!


@Arc We will indeed be releasing a collected, printed edition of Aron’s Absurd Armada! I’m excited that you’re excited about Aron and his crew! ^___^


Abby, thank you for the reply! I’m very grateful for the chance to own that manga in English and really happy to hear about the release date and deluxe hardcover edition. Kaoru Mori’s gorgeous art deserves nothing less. Can’t wait! ?


Thank you for finally getting Witch and Wizard up to date in the manga! Love the artist so much, so glad she’s taking on this series. <3
I wonder if she will cover the recent graphic novel into her own style or not. It's not as important, but it IS mentioned in the latest book a bit. :3
JP overdose or not, I buy it just for that, his works are amazing, I don't care what you say. <3
Yes I miss Kuroshitsuji, but no biggie here. <3


I just can’t believe! More Kaoru Mori!!!!! omg, I’m can’t wait to see the edition, but i know that YenPress do a gorgeous work.

Oh, if YenPress re-released Emma, it would be a dream.. ;-;


I second the JP overdose thing…and what happened to the clique comics? I haven’t heard much about them, and I can’t find themeither. Did they sell badly?


Wow, thats a lot of Patterson. Im not crazy about his works (and i really only liked the first 3 maximum ride books) but others do, so whatever.
Just for the record: Its great that Svetlana’s back in the magazine, but wouldnt this second work push back nightschool even further? Id personally have an original series by her than an adaptation of a novel I could go pick up and read. :
Well, no matter what I think, you guys are doing a great job.

Young Gardner

Hello! This might be a wrong post to ask this in, but I hope it won’t be too much of a bother. I was wondering about Otoyomegatari by Kaoru Mori β€” it says everywhere online that you picked it up, but I can’t seem to find anything about it on your site. Are you really going to publish and when can we expect it? Thanks in advance, if you answer, and happy holidays!


Sorry, but I’ll ask again. Is there ever gonna be a way to get the back issues of the digital magazine. I never finished the Sep 2010 issue before you took it down. I would just like to read it, and would be willing to pay for it. I guess if I have to I’ll buy the volumes, but it seems like a lot to buy volumes for only 1 chapter I missed. Please put your digital editions on sale some where. Even if it’s just for a short amount of time. Thanks Yen+!!


I’m glad to know the Armada will be in a print form! I started reading it like one or two editions ago, so I missed the first part of it…

It seems like the same requests and concerns come up every release. Has/Does Yen+ considered/have a forum?


I’m so ridiculously excited for Otoyomegatari. Even more so since I hear this edition’s going to be gorgeous.
Pre-ordered it on amazon yesterday and now I’m like πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Is YP ever going to look into liscensing manga influenced comics from other parts of the world like europe. I know France has is very ahead, and has published some very high quality comics.
A good example would be “Elinor Jones” by Aurore. I think this comic would be very successful because there, is a fascination with the victorian era after the success of “Black Butler”.


@gabby In fact, Yen Press has published a few comics from our friends in Europe. Check out Judith Park’s Y Square, Y Square Plus, and Dystopia. We also released a more strip-style comic book from France called Toxic Planet, and the Seven Squat Bears children’s books also hail from France. We’re always keeping an eye out for series from around the world, and we’re glad to hear that you’re eager to read them!


As a huge fan of Svetlania and the farthest thing from a fan of James Patterson’s work, this is disappointing to say the least, but the first chapter has hope.


Hi Yen press! Loving reading Yen Plus online — your reader is easy to read, the right size, good resolution, all that.
I heard that you’re planning on releasing an iPad app in 2011. It would be great to be able to access the magazine either through that app or in a stand-alone app. Is it a worldwide app also? (urm… plans for Australia?)
Also, any plans for the Android market?
Thanks! Keep up the good work!


Probably in the far distant future since they don’t really care for their customers or their customers’ opinions.
Tis’ a shame I say.


We hope to make some announcements soon, but as Kurt said at NYCC, sometimes we have to be patient when working out deals for new Japanese books.
I’m sorry this makes some of you feel that we aren’t listening to our fans, but I think Spice & Wolf and our treatment of Bride’s Story show that we care for our books and our readers. Sometimes these things just require patience. And we are listening to your series recommendations, even though we cannot make comment…!


Hi Yen Press, I really like alot of your titles such as Haruhi Suzuimya, Omamori Himari and Higurashi, keep them coming up! I really do hope you guys do something about Freezing manhwa, I’m sure there’s alot of people that would like it to be licensed!

Brandy W.


Hey jerk…
it’s hard to satisfy everyone.
There will always be haters and people not happy.
I am sure Yen Press is working as hard as possible to make most people happy.


Hi, as always I love you guys for publishing FOUR of my all time favorite manga, but I need to ask you this.

Nabari no Ou, as of December, has 14 volumes and is completed. You only list 8 volumes.

I am concerned as to whether or not you have plans to release 9-14 in English. Because….I was really looking forward to seeing 10 in English D=.

So I want to know if you still plan on doing Nabari, or did you only agree to 8 volumes???



They are going to release all of them. There was a similar question to this I read not to long ago. But these are the books they have scheduled so far. I’m sure Yen Press would not release a few books, then just forget about the rest. Once they find a date for these books, I’m sure they will put them up.No worries! :DDD


I think the best part of the impatience and pushiness everyone is showing here regarding the title releases is that it shows that people actually plan to buy them and not just read them illegally online. Or maybe I’m just an optimist.



If you check Nabari’s release schedule:


I believe Yen Press is releasing Nabari every 4 months from the last published volume. So my I’m guessing that Yen is still discussing the release dates for the next volumes of Nabari.
Their a little behind because they also have to discuss when
their current other ongoing series get released too( sharing the love:)

So, yes, Yen Press is still doing Nabari no Ou, it’s just that it takes some time.( Hopefully they follow the 4 months plan they already have)


I feel like requesting series translations is never a good idea, but I’m gonna do it anyway >_>
Since Yen Plus translated the Spice and Wolf light novels and someone (was it you?) did the Haruhi Suzumiya ones also,,,,
I was wondering if the Durarara!! light novels would ever get picked up for translation. Because I’d legitimately worship you if you did.


@Brandy W.

Its not about their efforts.
Its about comments that they don’t post because they don’t want to answer or something. I find it a tad bit ridiculous.

Brandy W.

I am sure they read it and hear you out.
But no offense some of the questions is a tad bit ridiculous to even bother to answer.


James Patterson and Svetlana Chmakova together? That seems like my ideal dream combo!

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