YEN PLUS rocks!

The new magazine is playing live, right now at! This month’s issue of YEN PLUS features the last third of the K-ON! band’s first performance…er, I mean, the last third of their first volume! If you like what you saw make sure you check out the collected book in stores this month! With one book under their belt, the girls are honing their comical and musical skills for even more antics next month! K-ON! may be this month’s headliner, but we’ve also got all new chapters of your other favorite YEN PLUS series! Yotsuba&!, Maximum Ride (Iggy~~~!), Daniel X, and more! This month also marks the end of one of the staff favorites here at YEN PLUS. The final chapter of Time and Again appears in this month’s issue. Baek-On and Ho-Yeon have reached the end of their journey, but we hope you enjoyed their travels as you followed along with them in the pages of YEN PLUS.
Also, don’t forget the ~NEW TALENT SEARCH~ going on now!
Thank you very much to everyone who’s been enjoying the magazine online! This Thanksgiving we will have all of you in our hearts~ and turkey in our stomachs! Enjoy reading!



Sorry to tell you guys, but you’re still getting an e-mail submission from me. It just makes my life a tad easier, that’s all. Hope that’s okay! 😛


Awwe no short stories, no Svetlana. (cry) sad to see time and again going. Hope something awesome replaces it.


Hi, just wanna say i love this mag.! =)

But, i’am wondering how come i never got an email update about the new release?


I was wondering if there is ever going to be a way to get the issues of the online magazine that have expired from the magazine? I didn’t get to finish the September 2010 issue and I want to read it!! I would be willing to pay for it if possible!!


Ah! I’m just crushed by the end of Time and Again. I love the threads of that story and love the characters so much. Will JiUn Yun revisit them again? On top of that, we’ve come to the end of NightSchool — another blow. I’m reeling!


I also want to know about pig bride… and would like to look up older versions of the online magazine as well. Would you consider pdf downloads of the magazine instead of just an online reader?



Will the first spice and wolf novel ever get a reprint with the better cover?


@Jellorific At this point, we do not have a planned reprint. However, you should be able to find a slip jacket if you cruise online.


The thing is, I don’t want a slip jacket. They’re too easy to rip and in the long run, after re-reading and the like, I’ll just need to get more and more and it wouldn’t be worth it.
Plus if I do manage to find one online, there’s the chance that it would be ruined during delivery. Not a risk I’d like to take.


@Jellorific Ah, well, unfortunately, we don’t have a reprint scheduled at this time. Sorry!


Help!! I can’t read Yen Plus! Every time I try to turn the pages it just blinks at me and won’t move. I can’t get past page two of any chapter. This has been happening to me for weeks. What am I doing wrong?


Out of curiosity, when is the December issue being released? I feel like it should have been out already…. Keep up the great work!!

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