New Talent Search!

All right…
Think we’ve given our faithful readers enough of a head start…
It’s time to unleash upon the public…


***UPDATE: Our editor’s response to your comments has been added to the link above.

The talent search is now closed.
When the editorial staff has reviewed all of the many submissions, selected artists only will be contacted. We will make a post on the site once our selections have been made so you know to stop waiting for a response.
We will not confirm package receipts. Even if your package is delayed, as long as it was mailed by the deadline, you will not be penalized.
Thank you to everyone who entered! We are looking forward to reading the fruits of your labors!

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Like what Yosei said:
When you say the deadline is January 3rd, does that mean you have to have the art in your hands on January 3rd, or does the art in the mail have to be postmarked by then? What I mean is, can I send my art on January 2nd, have it postmarked that day, and it arrives at your studio on the 4th, does it still count as being in before the deadline?

Because I’m not sure how long it’ll take for mail to be sent over to New York (where I live is pretty far) is there a grace period for overseas entries?


And about Higurashi series… It won’t end in only 18 volumes, yes? I hope Massacre Arc and others will get licence too.


Okay here is a direct quote
“Postmarked by the third is fine!
Your first page should be a right-hand page (not a spread) as it is when you open a book. **CORRECTED (Sorry, guys, Abby is directionally challenged.)
Please submit your work in left-to-right orientation.
As far as age restriction goes, the magazine as a whole is rated Older Teen. As long as it’s not super-grotesquely violent or over-the-top sexual, anything goes, really…”


Hey Abby, I am unable to enter in the talent search so I have two questions

1) You can send in art any time right? Do the same rules from the Talent Search apply to that?

2) Are you going to have another talent search in the future?

I look forward to seeing your answer 🙂 Thank you in advance!

Brandy W.

I was wondering if we can send in an entry that was already sent to another competition?

sara s

X3 what Yosei said. Actually, I planned on drawing two pages a day when it’s my finally my vacation and then shipping on January 3rd…so as long as it’s postmarked by then? (please say so–!)

Also, I’m very excited to hear about your May one as well. If this one doesn’t get a good reply, then I’ll definitely try again ^^ . I really hope you guys are planning to be an american-made manga publisher for a while~ It’s exciting to see so many artists finally getting an opportunity. The number of comments on this post should attest to that c: .


Can you please give some examples for the page of the manga according to your standard proportion? Please……..



Quoted from ed on my same question:
Okay here is a direct quote
“Postmarked by the third is fine!
Your first page should be a right-hand page (not a spread) as it is when you open a book. **CORRECTED (Sorry, guys, Abby is directionally challenged.)
Please submit your work in left-to-right orientation.
As far as age restriction goes, the magazine as a whole is rated Older Teen. As long as it’s not super-grotesquely violent or over-the-top sexual, anything goes, really…”

Thanks, ed!
The deadline is nearing, I’m going to pick up the pace to the max! WRAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHH!!!


@Shizuku Maybe not the thread for this, but the volumes you see posted are just the volumes we have scheduled. We do intend to complete the series, and once we have the dates for new books they will be updated on the Higurashi page! Could you post your comments related to releases under the New Releases tab please? ^_^


@lexy No, the deadline hasn’t changed, my earlier post was in response to a query about the Spice and Wolf release date. Sorry if there was confusion. As we’ve stated since the beginning, must be postmarked by January 3rd!


I think it would be cool if you guys made a graphic novel out of all the entries you receive for this! Or at least out of the good ones, I’d buy it lol!


Hello. I read through the comments (what a task!) and I didn’t see my question, so I’ll ask 🙂

Concerning the title page, you don’t want it to simply be a blank sheet of paper with the title and our contact information on it, right? Would something like a page with the top 1/3 blank for the title and info and the bottom 2/3’s for art be acceptable?

Should I print my contact info on the back of each of my pages?

And finally, I drew a 30 page comic before that I will submit, but the page proportions are different from what you’ve requested. I spent the day adjusting it so that it’s as close to the proportions as possible. Should I simply add a note saying so?

Thank you very much 🙂


In addition to my question about the title page, could it done like a comic book cover (i.e. a full page illustration with a logo over the art and my name somewhere)? I think it could be fun to draw a logo, but I’m not sure if you wanted a plain type logo simply stating the title.

Thank you again!


And to add to the growing list of questions, what is your policy on sound effects? Some of us may want to use Japanese or Korean sound effects for visual aesthetic. Does it have to be English?


@Syku …You can add English sound effects as an aesthetic element to your page, but unless there’s some reason for there to be Japanese or Korean text in your story…no.


Abby i have a question. Yen plus says they are looking for
professional artist. People who have good art and a good story to back it up.

Is yen plus just looking for people with the promise in art work and stories or are they just looking for people who would possibly be the next big thing.

For example people whose are is at a professional level you would take them. Would also be looking for other artist who have promise.


@Allen Yen Press is looking for artists who have the potential to be successful as professionals. Our goal is to find new artists and give them the opportunity to develop into the best artists/storytellers they can be, but it’s true that we expect those artists we take one to have developed to a certain level. When we say “professional level,” we mean artists who have the talent to produce consistent, quality work and succeed in this competitive industry. Regardless, this talent search is your opportunity to show your best to a team of editors, and If we like someone’s style but see that he or she is not yet ready for publication, we will certainly keep them in our files, expecting that the next time we see their work, they will have continued to perfect their craft.
Hope that helps?


@Abby: Your reply to Allen sparked my interest. When you say that you would still keep a person in your files if they interested you enough, would you notify them about this? Since they might move on to another publisher if you showed no response. (Sorry, this is kind of off-topic.)


I’m curious to know if light novel entries are allowed? As the format from the LNs from Japan with artwork and writings.


Must the story be screentoned, or is it acceptable to be finished to the level of being inked?


It’s not a contest, but did you expect them to aaccept submissions ALL THE TIME? You know how much work that is? And if we’re all amatuers, then it’s only natrual to start getting a feel for deadlines asap.


Yeah not mention with life,work,christmas, the deadline is no joke. Hopfully they will take some amatuers that look like they can make their skills more powerful. I only have six more pages to ink plus a little bit more. I got to draw my entry out and finish it asap! I suggust you guys do to.


I have a question though. Will our work be acceptibe to send in our work somewhere close to newyears. And what ever day, will you accept it if is late


after this one will you have another talent search or is this our only chance?

Rufino Marx

Oi, can we have one day grace period for the deadline? and by grace period I mean can my submission be postmarked on the 4th? I don’t want to nag but I only heard about this 2 weeks ago



Is a pile of rotting people considered within the restrictions?

(sorry for the blunt wording)


I’m just wondering, will there be any new talent searches in the future? Thank you!


knowing today I will not be finishing in time, will you be doing something like this in the near future?


Yes I too would like to know if this sort of thing will be put forward in the future again.

I am pretty confident about the comic I am working and I feel that if I had tried to finish it and sent it you before Jan 3rd, it would be rushed and not as good as it can be with a bit more time.
With that said, even if you aren’t doing another talent search for a while, I could simply pitch this comic to you at a later date?


Maaan~ I screwed up! I won’t get this thing done on time, now.

Should I try for the regular Submission Guide thingy instead? (my story is 34 pages long, that’s 4 over the Submission Guide specifications [30], but…)

Darn it, I really wanted to be a part of this.


Hi! was wondering if It’s okay if we have the entry postmarked January 4th? Thank you! : D

Bryan Bradford

Please look out for “Cogs Unlimited”! I spent 30 dollars to get it there by the fifth atleast. It’s post marked for the 3rd 😀

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