New Talent Search!

All right…
Think we’ve given our faithful readers enough of a head start…
It’s time to unleash upon the public…


***UPDATE: Our editor’s response to your comments has been added to the link above.

The talent search is now closed.
When the editorial staff has reviewed all of the many submissions, selected artists only will be contacted. We will make a post on the site once our selections have been made so you know to stop waiting for a response.
We will not confirm package receipts. Even if your package is delayed, as long as it was mailed by the deadline, you will not be penalized.
Thank you to everyone who entered! We are looking forward to reading the fruits of your labors!



Hi, um, just in case you missed my question~
Does online-publishing count as being “published”? Not as in a free webcomic site, but if you’re published on an online webmanga site that requires a paid subscription to read?
I’d really still love to join this contest so I hope this doesn’t apply…!


License request!

I would love to see the…ToraDora!, Toaru Majutsu No Index, Ore no Im?to ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, and Bakemonogatari novels. Also, steal the Shakugan no Shana novels license from Viz, they haven’t been doing anything with it for years!

sara s

do we have a limit to how many color pages we can make? in example, could make a color cover, and then three or so pages of the comic in color?


Sorry for all of my questions >n<;;

1) Is it 32 pages all or is it 32 pages double-sided? So, will it be 32 pages, plus the other side totaling to be 64 pages in all?

2) Are we able to sketch it all out with pencil, then scan it and then put it on the computer to fix the lines and stuff? If we are allowed to do that, then can we add like toning and stuff on the computer?


Hey! This is going to seem like a rather silly question I bet but I figured it was worth asking just in case.

Would having a small comic printed in a program guide at a convention as a prize for a comic contest count as published?
I’m afraid that it does but I’m really not sure how to check.

Sorry for the silly question and thank you in advance!

sara s

*could /we/ make a color cover.

and on that matter, is it okay to put the cover on maybe the third page, with story lead-up?


Abby – when you say ‘postmarked by the deadline’, do you mean in the country of origin or in New York? Also, should the thirty-page story be self-contained, or a prelude to a bigger piece of work? Many thanks, Stephen


@Stephen No matter where you’re mailing it from, I would guess the mail system would mark it with the date they picked it up. We’re expecting these to trickle in for a week after the deadline, so if you’re abroad and for whatever reason it’s marked a day or two late, we won’t hold it against you. Just shoot to get it out by the deadline!
As for your second question, this is a one-shot short story. Since there’s no guarantee that your series idea would be picked up, this should be self-contained, even if it is set in the world of your longer work.


@Angie You may, but it might be in your best interest to send us one, very polished work that you feel is your best piece.


@Machina Nope, doesn’t count. Unless you’ve worked under contract as a professional comic artist for another publisher, you may enter!


@sara s If you’re thinking of the title page, you may put it wherever you like (toward the beginning, obviously). We prefer black and white in general since that’s how most manga is published, but if you’d like to include a color page, that is completely up to you.


does it have to be read left to right? I understand the concept but, I think it would be easier if it was read right to left like other manga. And what if someone already started, would they have to fix all the panels they had to be left to right?

Please reply ASAP


Sorry for asking so many questions… I just need to know if it can be right to left, I already finished half of my story and inked it, and am stressing over if I need to redo them or not. I really need to know!

Thanks and sorry for bothering you


I’m sorry if this question has been asked before, but do we have to draw in the anime style or is a cartoony style allowed? Either way works for me.


Sorry for so many question;;;; I want to be comepletly sure that I know all of this;;;

Um, will it be ok if we print it out double sided??

And, just in case you missed what I wrote but, are we able to sketch it all out with pencil, then scan it and then put it on the computer to fix the lines and stuff? If we are allowed to do that, then can we add like toning and stuff on the computer?


@You can print it out double-sided if you wish, but for those of you doing everything by hand I wouldn’t recommend double-sided.
And as I said, you may create your art however you wish. Computer toning is perfectly fine.


@Katherine Draw it in your style. While our content skews manga-style, we’ve published more “indy” works and are open to seeing your unique approach. There is no “right way.” Give us what you think is your best work.


@animeCRAZY Our editor feels very strongly about it being left-to-right, as there’s really no need for it to be right-to-left unless you’re Japanese. If you’ve already completed pages, I would recommend one of two things: Flop the art on a computer or send a really really nice explanation of why your work is reversed and wow us with your art so that we don’t care that it’s Japanese-style. At this point, I would not recommend stressing yourself out redrawing the pages.


Abby, would you prefer the thirty-two pages to be loose, stapled, or bound together like a manga? Thanks again, Stephen



thanks for taking the time to answer my question! I’ll work hard!


Argh! I so wish I could be a part of this. Too bad nobody needs another lousy writer. I mean, there are already tons of geeks out there with their own lousy ideas.


Wants new japanese titles…
Waiting is cruel…

Can’t wait to see Umineko in your books!


I would honestly LOVE to do this. But many reasons prevent me from doing so.

But I think I know someone who might!


When you say all important art must be within the live area of 4 3/4 in. x 8 1/8 in., does that also mean art not within panels? Or would panel-less art go out into the margins?

And though this is just out of curiosity, why are the dimensions of the pages/live area so small?


does it HAVE to be drawn left to right? im more used to drawing right to left….


Will Yen Press hold another New Talent Search in the future? I want to enter but with exams, ISUs and the holidays I’m unable to.


@ed I’m up for a tag team thing! although it’s getting a little close to the deadline, I think I can do it. You got a name/storyboard set up? if so I’d like to see it and I’ll show you my art to see if you think it’ll work with your stories. I don’t exactly know how to contact you though…


@ ed Actually, I must apologize, in my haste I forgot I’d had things stacked up and am barely able to complete the entry I’ve begun… I feel bad about saying it, but maybe the next time they have a talent search let’s do this. I am deeply sorry… ^_^|||


@Cherriuki If you’ve already begun and it would be difficult for you to change the orientation, then please include a note explaining that that is the case. However, because we are producing English-language material, you really should get in the habit of drawing left-to-right, as it makes more sense for your audience.


@Lo No no, you can certainly draw to the edges of the page. The live area just means that it should contain everything that is absolutely critical to your story (important art, bubbles should be largely contained in this area, etc.).


Hi there Abby!
Could you answer me this… I dont really know if it has been answered, though.
I’m not really familiar with the inch system (more with cm and mm)
Could you tell me how is the page (live area, bleed line and stuff) in cm/mm, please?

Thank you in advance 😉


ok i am an ameatur too and i dont understand the porportions to the page to we only draw in the live area or what?
and second i know its 32 oages but dose that count fron and page or all together 32?


dont worry I found somone else :3 Thanks for replying though 😀


@Abby I actually used one like those xD But wasnt really sure if it would end up the same :/ But id you recommend I guess I can use it 😀 Thanks 😉


@lexy Your art should fill the full page, all the way to the bleed (unless you’re intentionally leaving white space around a panel). A Google search might yield some helpful websites.
And you only get 32 pages. Not front and back, just 32 pages of art.


Abbey, in the announcement you asserted that one must “…keep panels (…) within (the) live area”. But in response to Lexy you’ve requested that “art should fill the full page, all the way to the bleed”. Would you please clarify this — should I draw my panels within the ‘live area’, or extend them all the way to the bleed (whilst keeping the important areas within the live areas)?

Many thanks, Stephen


o ok so you can draw up to the bleed but the want your speech bubbles and dialect to be in the live area?


@Stephen If you look at most manga, in some instances the artist chooses to leave white space around the edges, and sometimes they choose to make the art go right to the edge of the page. Most of them use the “live area” guide as the edge of their panel when they choose to use white space.


When you say the deadline is January 3rd, does that mean you have to have the art in your hands on January 3rd, or does the art in the mail have to be postmarked by then? What I mean is, can I send my art on January 2nd, have it postmarked that day, and it arrives at your studio on the 4th, does it still count as being in before the deadline?


Thanks for clarifying Abbey. Being a keen manga fan I was aware of both approaches, but had to be sure!

Should the submission be sent in a binder (so that double-page spreads and page order are maintained)?


well i feel like this is an opportunity but at the same time a burden. the measurements are unclear and it will take some getting use to. if the measurements didn’t matter than why are there measurements shown? i want to get this right. also what drives me insane is the deadline. im really pinched for time. i really wish that you, as publishers, would gives us, artists, more time. well at any case i still have to work like hell to get this done. at least you guys WON’T hold the late submissions ACCOUNTABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As publishers it obviously you don’t know what you doing because……
1. You on your “Comment” said that it doesn’t take much effort to make a manga page >:( To be a manga artist it DOES TAKE EFFORT!!To do a page WHY?because everyone want to work hard to get noticed!!!

The date is so short! what about ppl just now FINDING THIS OUT?! even Morning’s due date is longer? this can easily descourage artists around the world (EVEN IN THE COMMENTS) its a shame that ppl have to fumble through all of THESE comments to figure out about the deadlines and measurements. a manga can look really sloppy if its rushed.

3 People have been asking questions like crazy

It obvious that everythings out of order!That means that the website info was either false or not specific at all!!!!!


Hi Abby! though im not enterning if I do some questions 😀
1) are you doing this next year? I think you should! Its really gonna help Original English Manga take off :3
2) When the winner is picked if you dont decied to have them run a series [but do puplish it in your magazine] if another company do this can said winner enter there compotition as well?
aslo @Yosei
I think I recall abby saying it has to be postmarked by th 3rd they wll let it run for about a week. But dont quote me on this your best off looking it up [she said it somwhere here]


Two months to do 32 pages is not a short amount of time. That’s almost two days per page. Most professional artists can do a page or more a day.

The measurement problem was already cleared up and they had already said that the would be lenient on measurements.

Seriously people, all this whining and complaining is why more companies don’t do things like this. There are less than 30 days left now so your time would probably be better used making manga than arguing with a company that is giving you a chance to have it professionally published.

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