New Talent Search!

All right…
Think we’ve given our faithful readers enough of a head start…
It’s time to unleash upon the public…


***UPDATE: Our editor’s response to your comments has been added to the link above.

The talent search is now closed.
When the editorial staff has reviewed all of the many submissions, selected artists only will be contacted. We will make a post on the site once our selections have been made so you know to stop waiting for a response.
We will not confirm package receipts. Even if your package is delayed, as long as it was mailed by the deadline, you will not be penalized.
Thank you to everyone who entered! We are looking forward to reading the fruits of your labors!



Does our submission have to have an age limit in the content? I’m only asking to know how bloody a scene can be.


Wait, nvm I got my answer about the other one;

But, what type of manga style can it be?

Like in, should it be 4-panel-koma? Or should it be a traditional regular manga style like with the popping out text and boxes?


Ah, I feel terrible, you’re right. I’m the novice and you guys know what you’re doing. I’d like to apologize for that comment. It was childish, rude and a bit hypocritical on my part. I am sorry.

May I ask one more thing? If it’s good enough, and I’m not saying mine are great, but if the art is good and you like it, but the story isn’t, would there be anything for just artists? As in I might draw for someone else who’s story is good, but lacks that artistic touch? or is it this a search for those who’ve already paired off or can whip out art and a story.

Again, I’m very sorry for that… I hope you like my entry when the time comes.


Hi!, Can someone from Venezuela enter the contest?, other thing, the Manga that i draw i have to send it to you printed to the adress you listed, or i can send it to you digital?. I have two stories, and one of them i´m using in my personal site. Do you need a original one (not published) or i can send the one i´m working for?, i´m just asking to be sure. Sorry for troubling you.


Temari, your second question was addressed as well.

Abby said,
“Show us who you are as a creator, whether that means a stylized four-panel gag comic or a serious, realistic drama piece. We want to see your talent, so use your best judgment in deciding how you can best present your work to us.”


Hi, I looked through other people’s comments, so I’m pretty sure this hasn’t been answered yet (and not on the guidelines yet either).

It says that we can’t do anything digital (i.e., send the submission via email), but I was wondering if the art has to be done traditionally all the way. If I draw my submission in pencil, can I scan it into my PC to lineart it/colour it in photoshop and then print it out to send in the mail? Or do I have to outline it all by hand?

Also, can we use colour? Or is it specifically black and white? (I know you said we don’t have to use colour, but does that mean it’s optional?)

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my inquiries!


I think, “DO YOUR BEST” answers nearly all the previous questions asked, including my own.

Don’t worry so much, guys! I know, I worry too, but times running out, and you shouldn’t be stressing over this so much. Stress, instead, on getting it done. It doesn’t matter who you are, or how you do what you do, just follow their guidelines as best you can, and try to make something awesome with what you have, and what you know!

Have fun, and DO YOUR BEST!!



That’s been answered too. You can do the artwork basically any way you need to, it just can’t be too graphic.

Autumn smith

When you say PROFESSIONAL-level work, does it have to look like an actual published manga book? Because I do all my work in pencil (b/c it’s my favorite tool)

The time traveller

what do you mean by “not too graphic”? are violence and gory scenes allowed? what about sex?


Will you accept a submission if it’s shipped before January 3rd but you didn’t get it till after then, will you still accept it?


Why does it say 4 – 3/4 inches width for the live area margin, but on the picture it says 4-5/8 inches? o_O; Which one do we use?


@ Kentsugi
I have a few stories in mind but suck at drawning do you wanna work togeather?
sorry if this is not aloud yen presss D:


Hello! Just wondering, what kind of submitting methods are allowed? I know that email is not allowed, but is there another way to submit digital files? Or is it a print-then-mail-the-copies kind of thing?

People may or may not have asked this, sorry!

The time traveller

Please clarify the proportions issue, is the live area 4-5/8 by 8-1/8 or 5-3/4 by 9-1/8? there’s a huge difference.


Hey I have a few questions…

1. Can the paper be double sided?
2. Can we use pen names *totally wants one*
3. When we mail it… should it be mailed BEFORE january 5 or ON january 5?????

I need these answers so I know what to do!!


I was wondering could i do it as a story within a story so that i could briefly explain it?

and how grahpic can it be?


Sorry, but i am very new to this. I am simply using this contest to actually try to give it a shot.
1. My first question is actually about the ‘short story?’ Art has been mentioned a few times, so is it meant to be like a light novel, and if so, is there a certain word count restriction. Or is it like a manga? Or is it something completely different. I am rather young, and don’t know how this works.
I hope you respond. Depending on the answer(if you respond), i might have more questions. Thanks for reading.


Is it available only for readers from US? I am from an European country and I was thinking of applying XD


Like how graphic is not allowed? Do you mean Omamori Himari level graphic or something like Vertical’s Lychee Light Club graphic?


When we send in our short manga, should we leave any contact info? Like our email address?


i was just wondering if this is a yearly event or a one off thing because i would love to jion but i fell like my art isnt refined enough yet . please let me know if there is any possibilities for any junior art or manga submissions



Hey, what about new Japanese titles? You wrote they will be soon, but I’m waiting and waiting, and you don’t give any new informations…



I understand you don’t want people “worked up” about the details, but the MEASUREMENTS aren’t merely details, they’re the starting point. People doing high quality work want to get point A right, so as to save time and effort redoing pages later. And it’s a MAJOR headache when such amateurish measurements are provided.


Provide a .psd photoshop template (or illustrator) of correct measurement INCLUDING the professional standards of not JUST the live area, but also the trim/bleeds, etc.

Providing only a live area that conflicts with your prior printings and even conflicts with the example image makes your contest look ve~ry amateurish and really puts off a lot of artists because, even the simplest print-on-demand sites offer correct measurements like these. Several of them offer downloadable templates, too.

It doesn’t take that much effort to get this sort of thing RIGHT, especially when your job is to print and publish manga. DON’T make people comb through hundreds of comments to find this information. Fix the original post with clarification. It’s the professional thing to do. Get rid of the conflicting information. Measurements aren’t “pidly” details, and every single other site I’ve been to makes this sort of thing VERY clear.


Please answer Danny’s question:


RE: Like a lot of people have said, I’m still concerned about the proportions issue. A 1.125 inch margin on a page this size is pretty huge, and definitely doesn’t look right. I checked my old copies of Yen Plus, and the “Live Area” on the manga in there look to be about half that, more like what’s seen in the example image. I suppose it’s possible that half of that margin is cut off, but that would mean the images had to be blown up to be printed, and I know from my own work as an amateur that blowing up raster art seldom looks good.

But even though the example image has what looks like the right proportions, it’s labelled wrong, so I’m not sure what to believe here. I checked in Photoshop, and the margin between the edge of the page and the live area on the example page is about 5/8 inch, making the live area actually about 5-3/4 inches x 9-1/8 inches. There’s also what appears to be a 1/8 inch bleed at the far edge of the example image.


The measurements you guys provided make one heck of an ugly presentation, so perhaps there is some mistake. Nonetheless, it’s a very glaring mistake that needs to be fixed. Please provide:

Full Bleed Size, Trim Size, AND the Live Area.

Example of how to make this very clear?


Okay, I’ve been reading some replies and you guys say, “So long as proportions are maintained, it’s fine!” I’m going to reiterate the disappointment of other posters in how this is set-up and how unclear your page sizes are. It doesn’t even seem half as organized as the old Tokyopop gigs.

Come on, guys. I’m highly disappointed in Yen Press. It’s not that hard to provide print & trim information in a clear manner. At least clarify where the final trim is going to be.

And like was said above, Please get the measurements for Full Bleed Size, Trim Size, AND Live Area up. This is not only very strange for your contest, but it’s also print 101. How in the world do you expect talented artists to even *want* to enter contract with you if can’t put up a few measly guidelines to help them avoid headaches of re-prepping later.


I’m sure this can be remedied. If the editors on hand can’t get this sort of information, get someone who can verify and type it up. Most companies have the specs on hand in a guidebook. *facepalm* It’s not that hard, but only YOU know what your print specs are — you’re the publisher!!!


“Dimensions : As mentioned above, as long as the proportions are maintained, the size of the paper you use does not really matter. The proportions don’t have to be exact, as long as it’s close.”

Ok, then. Here’s the bit where you replied. But you didn’t answer the should-be easy question.

Full Bleed Size and TRIM, plz. That’s the most basic of the basic. And it’s necessary to “maintain proportion.”


Is it ok if use pen names? Also, can we just zerox our origonal artwork and send it without those fancy editing computer programs?


For the submission date, does the manga have to arrive on January 3, 2011? Or can we mail it that day? I would like to know how fast I have to work. Thank you.


Dear Yen Press,

There are a lot of people interested in your contest on DeviantArt, even this late in the ball game. I would very much love to provide clear information for the Manga-Apps members there.

My sister messaged you all yesterday, and now I am messaging with a simple question, if you don’t mind. I see you have outlined the Live area clearly as 4 3/4 in. x 8 1/8 in. You specified a document size of 7 in. x 10 3/8 in.

However, it isn’t clear to me whether the document size specified is the bleed or the final trim. I suspect the document size is the bleed size, and what is missing from the measurements is the trim size, going by the visual scheme this gives. But I am not certain.

If you would please clarify the specific numbers for Bleed, Trim, and Live Area, I can update my template for interested parties and members.

The example image on the contest page doesn’t seem to give an accurate visual of the actual measurements proved, as seen here: This is confusing some of our members, so any additional information you can provide would be most helpful.

Thank you,
[email protected]


Hi, I have a question.
Does online-publishing count as being “published”? Not as in a free webcomic site, but if you’re published on an online webmanga site that requires a paid subscription to read?
I’d really still love to join this contest so I hope this doesn’t apply…!


@Twill I’m not sure where the confusion over the dimensions is coming from. You full page of finished art must be 7″ x 10 3/8″, as described and shown above. This includes a 1/8″ bleed. If your work appears in Yen Plus, that 1/8″ will be “trimmed,” just as it would be if the pages were printed. so the “trim size” of the pages is 6.75″ by 10 1/8″ (you just subtract the bleed from the full dimension).


@Temari Yes, please let us know how to get in touch with you when you send in your submission.


@Lyre Omamori is actually rated mature because the depiction of her *ahem* anatomy runs just over the edge of older teen, and later on the rollicking gets a little intense. But I would say that if you keep it around that level, you’ll probably be fine. Something like Highschool of the Dead is way into mature territory. If the more graphic stuff is what you’d eventually like to work on, you are certainly welcome to mention that along with your submission, but for this talent search…you may have to edge it back a bit. 🙂


@LittleLadyPunk If you have a published book, you are not eligible for this search. However, we do accept pitches from professional/published artists for short stories or series. You can see our guidelines by clicking over to the “Contact” tab.


@Azusa and all of our friends abroad: YES! As long as you have not been published professionally, you may enter our talent search!


@Amy You can structure your story however you want.
For appropriateness, it looks like we’re using Jack Frost as our violence threshold, and the tame end of Omamori Himari for the sexual threshold.


@animeCRAZY Probably not a good idea to do double-sided. Looks a bit sloppy.

And for everyone who’s been asking,
***PEN NAMES. Yes. It really doesn’t matter as long as we have your real name when we want to get in contact with you.
***MAILING IT IN. Postmarked by the date is absolutely fine.


@Kai Because our editors can’t do math? The text is right. I’ll fix the image and have it up for you ASAP!


@Autumn It’s all in how you use the tools. Pencil doesn’t print very well and can look unfinished, which is why most pros use ink. If you want to give it a shot with the tools you’re most comfortable with, and you can wow us, more power to you!


When new japanese titles will come…?
Am I so annoying that you don’t want to anserw my question?
I think you must know something that important…

And how many volumes Maximum Ride Manga will finally have? 10 or even more?


@Shizuku When we’re ready to announce them, we’ll announce them. More than that, I cannot say…
As for Max, we intend to complete the full novel series at two volumes of manga per novel…
I suppose we won’t know how many volumes for sure until Mr. Patterson stops writing them!



No Problem, don’t worry about it.

As for maximum ride, I hope Pat stops writing them so miss Narae Lee can expend her talents on a MUCH better story.

Wait, no, it’s not the story, it’s just Fang. And Angel. Hate her too.

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