BOO! October YEN PLUS is here!

Dum-da-dummm~! Yotsuba here! Guess what, guess what? Guess who’s on the front of Yen Plus this month? It’s Yotsuba!!! Ohhhhh! Daddy says he’s very proud. Does that mean he’ll buy Yotsuba a big bowl of ice cream when we go out for yakiniku with Jumbo and Yanda? Does it? Oh! The boss man said I should tell you that this month’s magazine has all of your bestest series inside! Like K-ON! and Maximum Ride and Daniel X and Gossip Girl…hmmm…Oh yeah, and Yotsuba too! Pluuuuus, there’s a special short story called “Masks” from Svvv…Svetlana Chmakova! From Nightschool, right?
And people were asking lots and lots of questions last time, about that, um, t-a-l-e-n-t s-e-a-r-c-h? The Yen people put some answers in there, so hopefully you can understand better now. But if you have a question, you can put it here. They always answer Yotsuba’s questions, except for when Yotsuba asks about super-secret new books. That mean boss man won’t even tell Yotsuba! But this weekend is New York Comic Con, so Yotsuba thinks the boss man will have lots of free stuff to give away at their, uh…pan-ull, and maybe he’ll share some of his super-secrets with all of us!
Everyone’s really excited to be on the web, so please come visit us at! Yotsuba will race you there!!

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I just read an updated version of the submission guidelines for the talent contest on the new issue of yen plus, and it seems like you changed some of it. Now, it says the option for sending it in is through mail. Is it still okay to email my comic?


thanks for answering our questions about the talent search! 🙂


Early Yen Plus? Can it be?

*+ obligatory LICENSE UMINEKO: WHEN THEY CRY comment*


Awwe, can’t see the new issue on my blackberry. :p I’m excited tho!! <3

A question, tho. Are you still looking for pro short stories? If so, is there a deadline for it, too, like the talent search?

Keep up the great work!!!! 🙂


Please answer~

Will the first Spice and Wolf novel ever get a cover reprint?


@Gabby We omitted the email option because of the queries we were getting on file size, dpi, format, etc., which vary depending on how individuals prep their art. We decided it would make things much easier if we make our selections based on a printed copy of your work and then address the specifics of file preparation and format on a case-by-case basis. We certainly won’t turn away email submissions, but we would prefer you mail in your entry if possible.

@rooster Yes! We are indeed still looking for professionals to pitch their short stories! The details of professional pitches have not changed and can be found between Jack Frost and the Next Issue section.


Dang it, Yen Press, why do you tempt me with a Svet one-shot? XP

Will it eventually be bundled with a Nighschool volume? Pretty please?


Haha, cutest introduction ever!
And hmm, does that mean you might be announcing some new licenses at the con? Exciting..


You changed the guidelines? Haaaa, you guys are the best. No really, I mean it, you always know how to make my little struggle that much more interesting. Be still my beating heart!


Just heard about your plans to publish a graphic novel version of Gail Carringer’s Soulless novel. I remember when sample chapters were published in Yen Plus. Eventually, I bought the novel and fell absolutely in love with it. When I was reading it, I kept thinking that Soulless would make a great graphic novel. So very happy that my wish will come true. I’d say you’ve got at least one sale here already. 😀


Ummm, I’m just wondering about the new licenses that were going to be announced at NYAF. When the contracts DO come in, will you announce them right away? Or will you wait until the next Anime Convention? D:


I agree with Jessica 😀 I too am eager to find out what you licensed :] even though chances are ive never heard of most of it ¬¬


Yes! It’s About time Yotsuba got her time of fame! I am so happy! I have been a huge fan of hers since she was with ADV. And finally a front cover! Yay! I am so happy! I’ll also buy it to see Kon!


Still only 2 Japanese manga… will there be any more actually coming?
I think the least any of the print ones had was 3 series running, and that was when there was a manga one-shot too…



A large number of yen press’ titles are from square-enix. Who state on their website:

“A SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS account will be needed to access the Digital Manga Store that is scheduled to launch this Fall, 2010.”

Which suggests that there will be more info soon as it is almost winter.


Do you know what series Yen really has to license? Red Raven. It’s a brand new series in Shonen Gangan (of Fullmetal Alchemist and Soul Eater fame), and the art is amazing.

And Monokuro Kitan. It’s sort of like Pandora Hearts, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Cardcaptor Sakura. It has evil tarot cards called Malice that hide monsters, and it has a lot of fighting, mysteries, and bishonen.




Watching them tell you, ” no we can’t say anything” over and over was getting a little old here, guys.,!


Please license Doubt (Rabbit Doubt) by Yoshiki Tonogai and Liar Game by Shinobu Kaitani. 😀 I would love you guys forever <3


I’m just wondering why people have to ask about licenses each time Yen puts up a new headline.

If everyone wants to “put in a vote”, I’d suggest you do that in:

It’s better than knowing that you’ll be flat out denied with a, “We can’t answer license related questions.”

The very least, it will also count as something to Yen! 🙂
If not now, but in the future…


quick question on the talent search ^__^;; is there a particular rating that you would prefer on the entry? such as would you allow swearing and lots and lots of blood and that type stuff or are you wanting a clean and pure entry? sorry if it’s an odd question..just curious what the limits are. Thanks!



They have often noted that they DO read and consider requests, they just aren’t able to respond to them under the contract is finalised, but they are listening.


Does the submission for the talent search HAVE to be EXACTLY the number of pages you stated, no matter what?



I hope they do come up with some “OFFICIAL” information for the contest. meaning,that if I finished today (which I haven’t XD) or this month I don’t have have to worry that they changed the requirements,that would kinda suck…….



I know that, I was talking to the people who keep asking what’s been liscensed, even though yen has told us a thousand times that they can’t reveal that yet. I was getting sick of people asking for the new books when yen can’t tell us and I’m glad they put it in the intro, because maybe now people will finally get the message.

I know yen pays attention to liscensing request, any smart business would. They’ve said that a thousand times, too.


Yen says that they read every request, so even if they can’t tell us anything, it’s nice to know that we have the ability to let them know what we want.


hey maya and paulina can you tell me the details for the talent search please?


You say Yen Press can’t tell what they’ve licenced, but WHY?
And even if they didn’t know which titles they will licence maybe they would say which titles they want to licence?

Meago xD

Hey, Yen Press. I’ve got a proposition: if you don’t know what titles will you licence, then maybe you should make a voting?

You can write titles which may be licenced and people will say which of them they want?

What do you think?



They just can’t, I don’t know why, but they’ve probabably said that a thousand times, too. And why are you asking me, I don’t work for them. All I know is that they DO listen to your requests, they just can’t say anything yet, and they keep telling people that, but no one seems to listen. You guys just have to wait, it’s not like they’re ignoring you.


@ allen: The details for the talent search is 15 pages and it’s due May 14 ^__^+

Smart people will subscribe to magazine and find out for themselves



sorry, that wouldn’t be fair for everyone else who paid for it, but if you purchased this month’s issue you would be fine. sorry (besides it’s very specific details)



Don’t worry, I know how you feel, sometimes you just have circumstances where you can’t subscribe, doesn’t matter if you’re smart or not ;/


When I started my submission, I followed the page parameters, but they were small enough so that i could fit 2 pages on one paper….is it supposed to be like that? 🙁



They BETTER not change their minds again! I ALREADY had to start over!!! I DO hope they come up with some official details soon, because that’s gonna get OLD FAST.


thank you somuch guys. i wish you could tell me
more. love yen plus and im working on a doujinshi
and two submissions for the spot. my family won’t let
me subscibe because paypal doesn’t keep track of money
very well and she wants me to wait till i gradulate collage
yeah right. anyway they can’t keep me down justyet


Ah, don’t be mean to the license requestors. We’re fans too, so it always makes us happy when someone requests one of our personal favorites.
When we license titles from Japan, there is a lot of negotiation when it comes to getting the material. So while we’d love to tell you what we have in store, we have to wait until we actually have a contract in hand before we make an announcement. As far as a poll goes…all of you posting requests here are kind of making a poll…don’t you think?

@Rolly We just got our date confirmed for the Higurashi Demon Exposing (Onisarashi) omnibus. It will be releasing in May of next year.

@Mushroom2Cow As the overall magazine is rated Older Teen, you can include some swearing and blood. We do feature Jack Frost, after all. 🙂 I would just watch out for including anything intensely gory or sexual.

@Paulina No entry form necessary for the talent search, but if you wish to include a cover letter of sorts, that’s fine. We just need to know how to get in touch with you in the event your entry is selected.

@Maya That’s part of the challenge!

@Karen You can size your art however large you need it to be. But proportionally it should match the guidelines outlined in the magazine.

Re: Concerns about the Talent Search Changing
Only a couple of things should have changed when we updated the search details this issue: We removed the email entry option, and we fixed our math error on the sizing of the live area by a tiny fraction. As far as including a title page, that’s our bad. We assumed you’d want a place for your name! Aside from clarifying details people are confused about, the requirements are not going to change.


So are you ever gonna post the details online OUTSIDE of the magazine, or should I just send in my submission and hope for the best? XDDDDDDDD



“We advise you to subcribe to the magazine.”

That’s what they’re gonna say to you. Even though you clearly have circumstances which prevent you from doing so. I’d say just submit something and hope for the best. If your story is good enough, they certainly won’t ignore you. That’s how these people work. This whole talent search thing is basically a ploy to gain momentun in the new online mag’s support pools. That’s what they did with the print version. Tease you with your dreams so you could buy up every issue. Happened to me too, man. And who knows, maybe they’ll find some potential in the midst of their little plot. What amazes me is, since their so quick to use us all, why do we wanna work for them so bad? Let’s just hope they’re not as bad as tokyopop. But I’m not gonna hold my breath. I just wanna get my art out there. I guess, in a way, I’m using them too.

Anyway, don’t count on those details. They’re probably gonna post them after the deadline, or super close to it just to spite everyone who couldn’t get a subscription.


If I have one hope for digital manga it is that we don’t end up with a disjointed assortment of titles unevenly distributed across 10-20 different services, having to maintain 10-20 different accounts in order to read manga would be an anathema to the concept of a successful digital market.


Yen Press said they could keep the cost of the magazine down by not archiving past issues (if I recall right). I understand how that works for the manga and manhwa, because those will be published into books anyways, but what about one-shots and other content? Will YenPlus avoid having other articles?

It seems as though a few problems could be solved if Yen Plus was put into an e-magazine, e-reader format. I would strongly prefer it if that’s how it was distributed. I know independent e-book authors who offer their book through e-book sites. Even if it would be a little more to pay, I would definitely do it. It would take care of two problems, the fact that the reader if funky and I can’t view it easily on my portable devices (smartphone and ereader) and it would take care of the payment issue.

Personally, I don’t plan to continue using Paypal indefinitely… I’ve been burned by them before and I don’t like their reputation for being bias…


I never thought about that, but you make a good point. It would be quite irratating…..but if all the companies go digital on all their own sites, I don’t see a way around it…now I’m worried!



Crunchyroll partnered with Rixty to let you pay cash at any coinstar machine to buy digital content, in all likelihood they will probably let you use that to pay for digital manga they are adding from their Bitway partnership.

It remains to be seen whether other digital manga companies will create a method to pay by cash.

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