BOO! October YEN PLUS is here!

Dum-da-dummm~! Yotsuba here! Guess what, guess what? Guess who’s on the front of Yen Plus this month? It’s Yotsuba!!! Ohhhhh! Daddy says he’s very proud. Does that mean he’ll buy Yotsuba a big bowl of ice cream when we go out for yakiniku with Jumbo and Yanda? Does it? Oh! The boss man said I should tell you that this month’s magazine has all of your bestest series inside! Like K-ON! and Maximum Ride and Daniel X and Gossip Girl…hmmm…Oh yeah, and Yotsuba too! Pluuuuus, there’s a special short story called “Masks” from Svvv…Svetlana Chmakova! From Nightschool, right?
And people were asking lots and lots of questions last time, about that, um, t-a-l-e-n-t s-e-a-r-c-h? The Yen people put some answers in there, so hopefully you can understand better now. But if you have a question, you can put it here. They always answer Yotsuba’s questions, except for when Yotsuba asks about super-secret new books. That mean boss man won’t even tell Yotsuba! But this weekend is New York Comic Con, so Yotsuba thinks the boss man will have lots of free stuff to give away at their, uh…pan-ull, and maybe he’ll share some of his super-secrets with all of us!
Everyone’s really excited to be on the web, so please come visit us at! Yotsuba will race you there!!

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Yeah you’re probably right…hope mushroom2cow wasn’t LYING before about the 15 pages thing cuz i really wanna enter *hint hint*


paypal is kind of pain it be nice if they just move to a new
bank like credit union…. why


Was so nice to see a one shot from svet. 🙂 looking forward to her new project too. Thank you for giving artists a chance, yen press!! I wish we can see much much more oel manga in the future from you. 😀

Meago xD

Yen Press, please licence Kodomo no Jikan and Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.


Excuse me, are you going to issue side stories to Higurashi, like for example Kataribanashi-hen or Onisarashi-hen?


You’d probably see a lot moar oel if yen would stop bein so stingyw/ the details 😀


I’m hoping for ga-rei manga to be licensed that would be a really great release from yen press, I know a lof of people who would love to see this in english an on there manga shelves, love your manga releases btw!


This is just a little speculation, but I think Svet’s new project will also take plce in the Nightschool universe, except it’ll center around a different mainn group…like this time, it’s gonna be “The Hunter’s Books,” or something. Am I right?


Yen Press, will you ever do The God Only Knows???
There are already 13 volumes in Japanese and an anime so I wonder why it isn’t licensed yet? After all, it is amazing!! 😀


Haha I could prolly name a ton of artists I’d like to see. :P. I hope lots of people are submiting to the contest. I want to too.
Good luck evreyone!


just to be extra clear, does the 32 page count need to include the title art, or is the title art page 33?

is there a range, or does it absolutely have to be 32 pages?


@Rosa We’ve already announced Onisarashi-hen (Demon Exposing Arc). We’ll be publishing the single-volume omnibus in May of next year.

@leisha Nope, Svet’s really taking a break from Alex and the gang. But once she’s done with Witch and Wizard, she’ll be back with a fresh storyline for the Nightschool crew!


I know that Yen probably isn’t doing any rescues anytime soon, but PLEASE consider Broken Blade!>:

With the movie series still continuing, it’s sure to be a bestseller! It already has an established fanbase and people really want to see that fourth volume! 😀

It deserves it,for the reason being, it can guarantee success.


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