September YEN PLUS is GO!!!

Many of our dear readers have headed back to school this week, and it looks like Jack Frost‘s Hansen and Lucy are gearing up for a new year at Amityville High as well! (Though I suspect their “classes” are much different than your school’s…I hope…) But even though the weather is cooling down, and those carefree summer days have come to an end, you don’t have to give up the joy of reading your favorite series in YEN PLUS!
We hope you all enjoyed the free preview of the digital YEN PLUS last month. Our paid subscription service kicks in this month, so if you liked what you saw, we hope you’ll continue reading with us! Your subscription helps support your favorite artists and helps us bring you even more wonderful series. And if you thought last month was awesome, there’s even more good stuff packed in this month’s issue!
Nightschool fans will definitely want to check out the magazine this month as Svetlana Chmakova wraps up the Weirn Books arc. See Roi and Daemon (and Madame Chen!) in action! Very exciting! Very climactic! Very you will be amazed when you read it!
Nightschool‘s going to take a break after this month while Svet gears up for a new project, but you know we never like to take something away without giving something back…
Will some Yotsuba&! do? Maybe a little K-ON! as well? ^_^ You can check out both of these awesome series in this month’s YEN PLUS!!! We will be picking up Yotsuba’s adventures with the first two chapters of Volume 9, but even if you aren’t familiar with this rambunctious little girl, it won’t take long for her to work her way into your heart! We’re also introducing the girls of K-ON! with a whopping 40 pages of four-panel fun. It might be a while before the girls of the pop music club are producing any actual music, but we’ll enjoy their progress every step of the way!
In addition, we’ve got all your regular new and old faves: Jack Frost, Gossip Girl, Daniel X, Time and Again, and Aron’s Absurd Armada! (Maximum Ride will be back next month!)
And…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
This month, we are pleased to announce the details of our new talent search! For those of you who have been eagerly waiting with pens poised, hop to it! Details are on page 9!
Even if you’re not ready to submit a work, we love seeing your fan art and letters! Just make sure you include the release form, found in the YEN PLUS sidebar!

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the initial launch of YEN PLUS! Our IT team is working tirelessly to improve the reading experience for all of you, and we hope you are pleased with their progress! As always, we welcome your comments below!



There are 14 volumes out (with a 15th being the end of the series and is essentially covering the remainder of the chapters she worked on before her death) so I assume volume 7 is (probably) the last volume.


i was a recent buyer of the printable version of the magazine.
and would like to know if there will be any other options for paying other than paypal?
it’s really inconvenient for the customer to make another account just to buy a magazine that’s online ….


I’m happy I can finally read Yen Plus! XD My only request is that you can choose how much to zoom in and not have to choose from something like full screen or half screen and what not. My computer screen is just naturally small, so I have to keep in in Half screen and it’s hard to read the smaller font… Just my opinion, IDK if it bothers anyone else


To D=

It’s because you have to call them out on something before they get in gear.


I pray every day that YenPress gets Umineko no Naku Koro ni.. ;-; [/randomtopic]


I missed chapter 24 of Jack Frost can somone tell me who Lucy is and why is Helima[spellings] half naked?
Thanks πŸ˜€ if anyone replys :/


@ My_Nick
I’m praying every day too. But Yen Press doesn’t listen πŸ™



And I pray everyday that Yen will revert back to their normal white paper stock instead of that thin yellow their using right now;p (Most notably the second volume of Black Butler, Yana’s art is better observed without any impurites! D=)

Aside from that, Umineko sounds like another Higarashi franchise, so I’m guessing why Yen hasn’t licensed it yet is because their still trying to finish off Higarashi ( and that’s like I dunno 20+ volumes and still ongoing?!) before moving onto the next big leech.

And when they do get the next leech I’m hoping( heck wishing) that that’s when Yen has their usual high quality clear white paper instead of that thin yellow that stains Umineko, Black Butler, Pandora Hearts, etc!;p

I guess my inquiry should’ve been,

“Yen Press, since the start of 2010, why is it that I’m staring at downgraded quality?”



Don’t worry, if yen doesn’t liscense it, it’s probably because another company already did, which means someone will get it out on this side of the pond. BELIEVE ME, so many people have been requesting it, that yen would be stupid not to listen(and dude, nobody’s that that dumb).

I wouldn’t be surprised if other publishers were paying attention to these threads, too.


Just a question, how many entries can we send in to the talent search? I know it seems only an amatuer can produce two one shots in just a short period of time, and I also know that you don’t really like to answer my questions, but please consider the time!


@ leisha

I know how you feel but I think in their October issue they might answer our questions about the talent search (I hope….:)



Yeah, I’ve started to think they’re gonna post a different thread specifically for answering questions there.


Yen Press, please licence Umineko: When they cry, Rolan the Forgotten King and Kodomo no Jikan…

When will u tell which new titles you’ve licence when you do this?



They’re definitely listening, however they cannot comment on whether or not they’ve licensed a series.


Hi all,

Just taking a moment to try and catch up on some of the questions that have been posed since I last checked in:

@Leisha — In terms of sizes, the page specs are outlined in the New Talent Search details. So far as the file size when you submit, just make sure it’s something that you can safely e-mail. Files don’t need to be hi-res.

Also @Leisha — You can certainly submit more than one submission before the deadline. However, I would recommend spending as much time as possible polishing your work. One very polished, professional submission is going to have the greatest impact on our editorial staff.

@Carla — The previous month’s issue is still live. If you scroll down on the magazine home page after you log in, you should see the August issue there.

@Jessy — I’m afraid that PayPal is the only payment method available for the magazine. We’re sorry for any inconvenience that might cause.

@ed — I think that’s just Helmina’s personal taste when it comes to fashion…

@Curious — Unfortunately, the paper stock we were using previously was discontinued, and we could not find a suitable alternative of similar brightness. That being the case, we’ve chosen the highest quality paper in wide usage in the market.

And again, we really do appreciate everyone’s licensing suggestions, but we can’t comment on any licenses that may or may not be under discussion. As soon as we can make announcements on new series, we will certainly let everyone know.

Thanks as always for your questions and comments!


Is there anyway people can know the details of the Talent Search contest without having to buy a subscription? I want to enter, but there’s no way I can subscribe.

Also, do you have a method of just buying ONE individual issue rather than a subscription? It’d would help those who only feels like buying certain issues. πŸ™‚



If you click the contact section at the top right of this page there are guidelines for submissions.


I know Yen Press can’t tell us about what they’re licensing, but if we’re making request I’d love to see Amatsuki in the US. Just throwing that out there. πŸ˜€


You mean the guideline for the Talent Search is the same as their submission guidelines? I’m surprised. I assumed it would be different from their submission guidelines…

I completely agree! Amatsuki is a very interesting manga. I also suggest Blue Exorcist (Ao No Futsumashi) by Kazue Kato.


I think fans are forgetting to show some love for the manhwa.D=

Yen Press, I’m surprised that you haven’t picked up a certain manhwa by the name of,” The Breaker”, by JEON Geuk-jin and PARK Jin-Hwan.

It’s one of the most HIGHLY anticipated manhwas to this date, and I’m probably not alone when I say this is a MUST.

(On a side note, this manhwa DESERVES an anime, it’s just too bad Japan hasn’t licensed it/ wasn’t serialized there) T_T )



Thank you very much! As for the submission, you can count on me!



At the end of the day, Yen Press is looking for high quality works that it thinks will sell well.

The difference between “general submissions” and “talent search submissions” is pretty arbitrary, they are certainly not going to reject a high quality work they know will sell well just because it was submitted as a “general submission”.

I’m hesitant to say their general submission process is even different to the talent search, in my opinion the talent search is just a way to draw to attention the fact that yen press is actively looking for new works to publish.



Oh, I didn’t think of it that way. XD Thank you very much for your help. πŸ™‚



Hey, could you let us know if a cover page is required for the talent search submittions?
And, if so, will it be included as one of the amount of pages that’s needed?


Hey I love this and I am subscribed, but I’m really not satisfied.

What happened to all the great Japanese titles you used to run back when this magazine was in paper form?! Why do you think just K-ON! and Yotsuba&! are adequate for manga lovers. I’m just being honest. You’ll find there is a much bigger following for Japanese titles than Korean ones, and yet you guys chose to run more Korean stuff.

Please bring back Soul Eater and Pandora Hearts. If not those than something with a storyline would be nice. Not that I dislike the two Japanese titles you have, but you’ve got to give the fans out there something better. We’re paying for it after all, and I’m not sure I’ll continue to do so unless you run some more Japanese titles that made the last version of your magazine so great.


Ahahaha I’m very excited about the new online magazine.. and QUESTION based on a comment someone made earlier…
-If a high schooler submits something to the talent search, despite the fact that they’re still in school, would you take them seriously (for a long-term opportunity, I mean)???
I’m gonna submit something anyway, I was just curious to know.



I don’t know if they will take someone that is still in school and give them long-term contract (unless,they want parent permission O_o)

but remember they aren’t looking at age when it comes to your submission. πŸ™‚



@Nevi – They aren’t just choosing NOT to put Japanese titles in the magazine- there are a lot of issues they have to work out with the original creators/publishers, rights issues and stuff like that. They have to negotiate this stuff before they can put it in their magazine form, and that could take time


And…You guys love license requests, as we know, so…

Shoukoku no Altair

Seriously, if there were some way you guys could get a hold of this title (Kodansha publishes, I don’t know that it’d be possible, since apparently they’re releasing manga themselves here in the US.) I’d buy it. It’s gorgeous, it’s fun, it’s got everything. So different from your run-of-the-mill shounen out there. If you all at YenPress got it, I know you guys’d do a fabulous job translating it and making it work (Since it’s set in Turkey and has Turkish words scattered throughout)

This title just looks like something that you guys would pick up.



I just wanted to point out to you that the talent search guidelines ARE different from the submission guidelines, because they have really specific page parameters set up(probably because they’re geared toward amateurs).

But Lyre is right, it is probably just a way to get attention, and if your submission is absolutely AMAZING, then I’m sure they’ll find a way to overlook it if you don’t actually follow them.

So good luck!


I agree with Picari, yen press cant just steal works it has no right to publish and then hope to develop a working legal relationship with the company it was stealing from, that only works for companies like crunchyroll.


Time for a new volume of Soul Eater and Higurashi this month! :]]]]



Is there anyway you could possibly give me the details for the Talent Search? XD I want to know regardless that they’re just using it to get attention. πŸ™‚


i dont mean to be rude, but, Shouldn’t the October issue be out by now?



I found them second-hand, but all the evidence here and where I found them are consistent, so they must be legit. I’d post them here, but not only would that be completely rude towards yenpress, but they might just turn around and block me!

But if you search long enough for them in google, you should be able to find them. They’re not very deep; if you use the right query, you’ll find them on the first page. In a forum thread.

Oh, those elusive details…I have a feeling that they might make them public eventually, so I suggest just getting started on your work. I will tell you this, they’re looking for a VERY short one-shot, so don’t do anything too elaborate.

…..somehow, it feels like I’ve been rude anyway….



I vaguely remember something about it always being released the 2nd Tuesday of the month..but I could be wrong.



Hmm, it might be, last months issue was alittle off by that time aswell.
But, on the FQA it says:
“The magazines are updated the first Tuesday of every month”
maybe Yen press just changed there mind/didnt update the FQA
Thank you for your reply πŸ™‚



You’re right. u_u; I’ll try to search for them. Thank you for the help though. πŸ™‚

Mariel Marymee

Is there some way we can view the old issues online? I noticed that I cant view the September issue now that the November one is out. Thank you!

Marisol Perry

Is there some way we can view the old issues online? I noticed that I cant view the September issue now that the November one is out. Thank you!

Coleen Sosa

I agree with Picari, yen press cant just steal works it has no right to publish and then hope to develop a working legal relationship with the company it was stealing from, that only works for companies like crunchyroll.

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