September YEN PLUS is GO!!!

Many of our dear readers have headed back to school this week, and it looks like Jack Frost‘s Hansen and Lucy are gearing up for a new year at Amityville High as well! (Though I suspect their “classes” are much different than your school’s…I hope…) But even though the weather is cooling down, and those carefree summer days have come to an end, you don’t have to give up the joy of reading your favorite series in YEN PLUS!
We hope you all enjoyed the free preview of the digital YEN PLUS last month. Our paid subscription service kicks in this month, so if you liked what you saw, we hope you’ll continue reading with us! Your subscription helps support your favorite artists and helps us bring you even more wonderful series. And if you thought last month was awesome, there’s even more good stuff packed in this month’s issue!
Nightschool fans will definitely want to check out the magazine this month as Svetlana Chmakova wraps up the Weirn Books arc. See Roi and Daemon (and Madame Chen!) in action! Very exciting! Very climactic! Very you will be amazed when you read it!
Nightschool‘s going to take a break after this month while Svet gears up for a new project, but you know we never like to take something away without giving something back…
Will some Yotsuba&! do? Maybe a little K-ON! as well? ^_^ You can check out both of these awesome series in this month’s YEN PLUS!!! We will be picking up Yotsuba’s adventures with the first two chapters of Volume 9, but even if you aren’t familiar with this rambunctious little girl, it won’t take long for her to work her way into your heart! We’re also introducing the girls of K-ON! with a whopping 40 pages of four-panel fun. It might be a while before the girls of the pop music club are producing any actual music, but we’ll enjoy their progress every step of the way!
In addition, we’ve got all your regular new and old faves: Jack Frost, Gossip Girl, Daniel X, Time and Again, and Aron’s Absurd Armada! (Maximum Ride will be back next month!)
And…the moment you’ve all been waiting for…
This month, we are pleased to announce the details of our new talent search! For those of you who have been eagerly waiting with pens poised, hop to it! Details are on page 9!
Even if you’re not ready to submit a work, we love seeing your fan art and letters! Just make sure you include the release form, found in the YEN PLUS sidebar!

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the initial launch of YEN PLUS! Our IT team is working tirelessly to improve the reading experience for all of you, and we hope you are pleased with their progress! As always, we welcome your comments below!



Welp, nothing I feel the need to read month to month, instead of waiting for the collected volumes. I’ll be checking from time to time to see if this changes–best of luck on future issues!


Umm… could you add some more Japanese comics in the future volumes of Yen Plus Online? Some more serious titles? One of the things I loved about Yen Plus was the diversity of the comics available but both K-On! and Yotsuba&! are very light-hearted titles. Not that that is a bad thing, but I enjoy a mix of light-hearted and darker series. I have a few recommendations: All of the Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Mashiro no Oto, Suiiki, Hoshi ga Hara, a license rescue of the Kingdom Hearts series, Heroman, Superior, and Dolls (by Naked Ape).


Ok, I was on the fence about subscribing after the preview. There are some titles I really like but I missed the Japanese titles. You totally hooked me with Yotsuba& and K-ON though! Thank you Yen Press!!!

Do you have any other new titles for us coming up??


How come there are light-coloured lines running through Jack Frost?
If you go to the page showing the text “Violence 26” you can clearly see one, as well in as the later pages of last month’s chapter where there is a black background.
They won’t be in the collected volumes, will they?


Hey there, YenPlus! I’m really excited for the talent search, but, I currently can’t get a subscription to the magazine to read about it. ;_;

I was wondering if there was any possible way for you to send me the details through an email? It’s something that I was extremely interested in when I first read about it, so I would so greatly appreciate if you could email me the details.

Thank you so much! I really hope that this post isn’t a bother.


Also something I didn’t notice at first, the page numbers are really messed up…
The Jack Frost to Nightschool changeover page numbers go 54A-55A-unlabeled-unlabeled-unlabeled-99A-100A(40 pages missing?), a page in Time And Again is labeled 326 (no direction), a page in Yotsuba&! is labeled 34A, all the numbered pages in Daniel X are missing directions, all the numbered pages in Nightschool are missing directions and after the big black sequence they lose their hundreds digit too! Also the contents page is inconsistent on labeling chapters with the direction A. Was something removed from around pages 60A-100A?
Also I noticed those light-coloured lines I mentioned turn up on quite a few different series… as well as Jack Frost, I see them in Nightschool(pgs. 136A-139A), Daniel X(pg. 285A), Time And Again(pg. 317A) and Yotsuba&! (pg. 52B).
I hope this digital path works out well for you, too many manga magazines have ended up closing, including Newtype USA and Shoujo Beat…


New Yen Plus, very happy.
But what about new titles? I want to know which of them are licence!


I haven’t paid yet for the subscription (I plan too very soon). Is there still a way I can read the talent search submission guidelines?


pondering whether the subscription is worth it….yenplus has been moving away from the type of manga i like, and there were problems with the free issue (that I hope got fixed). Maybe next month


So far I think this is going well. I do have a small suggestion for the reading page…

Would it be possible to make an (optional) medium gray to dark gray background for around the pages? Also, I have a hard time reading bright fonts, especially when it’s a paragraph, on the computer… It’s not so bad on smaller devices, but on my computer screen it’s a little hard for read…

I was wondering if One Fine Day would be back? I kind of figure it won’t be, but I enjoyed that series.


I’m happy to see that Nightschool isn’t ending for good! xD You worried me with that email.

I won’t be buying your magazine (I just don’t like reading manga online), but I will continue to buy the series I like when they’re printed.


If we email our talent search submission, is there a specific file size we must abide by? I can’t tell you how many art submissions to other contests I’ve had returned because my file was too big….


Anyone have any idea when Yotsuba volume 9 is coming out?
I have searched all over online and I can’t find a date.


MayDay, Yotsuba volume 9 comes out this December I believe. 🙂

The schedule is kinda slow now because Japan only releases a volume a year.


Jess, you mean the questions posted here? Um, if I had to guess, it’s because they were all posted after the end of the work day on Friday and the folks are off for the weekend like most people.

Anyways, as far as the magazine goes, I was hoping to see a few more new manga series enter the line-up for this month, but I figure I’ll subscribe anyways. Thanks for the continued hard work!


Myth: One Fine Day ended in the last printed issue, and if you missed it, iaccording to the September online issue the last collected volume comes out this month. So I guess… it won’t be coming back.


I must say, I am disappointed..
I have been following Yen+ since the first issue waay back in August 2008, and was eagerly waiting for the promised “talent search” since it was first “announced” in the October 2008 issue. And now, once we have to buy an internet subscriptions, is when you finally start it? I am extremely well, sad. I am unable to buy a subscription online because that would require my parents credit card (since Im only 17, I dont have my own paypal or bank account yet) and they do not want to pay for something they consider so frivolous (THEY, not me, I love my manga so :’D ) Before, I went to the bookstore and bought the magazine with my own money, on my own time.

Now, I am rather unhappy that I cannot participate in the contest that I have been waiting pretty much 2 years for, simply because I dont have digital money versus real-life money. Sad sad day for me. :/

(Actually, Im pretty upset but Im doing my best to be polite ;_; )


I too hope there will be news posted outside of the digital version of the magazine regarding the Talent Search. I’m currently not able to purchase an online subscription month by month, I was able to save up before and buy a yearly sub to the printed version.
Thank you for any information you can provide.


Thanks Jessica!
It’s super appreciated.
And with that, I shall fade away back into the internet. ^_^


Ok, one thing I want to know: what about your new licenced titles?

Maybe you can be nice and answer this question?


I really love reading yen + but I have only been able to buy it on a month to month basis, not get a subscription… is there anyway that I could at least get some of the guidelines on the talent search? I have been waiting quite sometime for that and would appreciate it if that were possible.


…those of you who are bemoaning that you can’t get your parents to give you access to the magazine, and thus the talent search info: you do realize that Yen probably doesn’t WANT to hear from you? At least not professionally. They’re not going to give a high schooler a job offer.


is there a certain way you would like the entry for the new talent search contest to be sent?

please reply 🙂


@Aurora: Well, I shall be a college student in a year, bwahaha. ;D
If it is the case that they want to “weed out” younger applicants, I think it would be better to put an age limit on the contest (so as not to get all our hopes up), instead of just “hiding” the info. I personally dont think that is the case, since Im sure that there are plenty of readers who are under 18 who have their parents buy their subscriptions. I sadly am not one of them ;w; (I also dont think its really a job offer, at least not a long term one… Unless I am mistaken o_o)


Hi all,

Before I roll up my sleeves and dive head first into the work on my desk, I just wanted to take a few minutes to respond to some of the questions that you’ve posted. My apologies that I haven’t been able to do it sooner. Crazy week in the Yen offices!

Seems like most of the questions are related to the New Talent Search. For everyone asking if we can post the guidelines or send them out, this month we are running them exclusively in the pages of the magazine. Since the search is directly related to the magazine and anything that we might opt to pursue would appear in the pages there, it only seems fair to give the current subscribers a bit of a leg up.

@Eh asked if there would be payment options other than PayPal — We don’t currently have any plans for additional payment options, I’m afraid.

@Geordi wanted to know if we could add more Japanese content. That’s something we very much want to do and are discussing with our licensors. As soon as we can formalize agreements for additional material, trust me, we’re as eager to start serializing it as you are to start reading it!

@A — You definitely won’t see those lines in the print edition of Jack Frost.

Also @A — You’re right. While we had hoped to include the next chapter of Max Ride this month, we just weren’t able to make our deadline, hence the numbering problems. Look for the next installment of Max Ride next month!

@Myth — We’re always discussing ways to improve the reading experience of the magazine. We’ll definitely take your suggestions into consideration though I can’t make any promises at this point. So far as One Fine Day goes, I’m afraid that’s it! We actually ran the entire series in the print version of Yen Plus, but the books are always there if you want to add the series to your collection. It is cute, huh?

@MayDay — Look for volume nine of Yotsuba&! in December, but if you can’t wait, we hope you enjoy the material running in the magazine!

@Jess — Answering questions even as I type.

@Amy — What would you like to know about our new licensed titles?

Okay, I think I covered the bulk of them. Sorry if I missed any specific questions, but I’ll be checking back. Please do continue to share your feedback with us. We really appreciate it!


Jess, they’re probably picking and choosing which questions to and not to answer. That’s the way a business works. Notice last time they mostly answered suggestions to better themselves as a business(but to be fair, those were mostly what was posted). Honestly, they haven’t answered my questions, either. I wouldn’t spend energy getting frustrated(they’re probably super-busy with all the changes they’re making, anyway). But if you really want an answer, I’d suggest e-mailing them directly. 🙂

And Seiracchi, I know EXACTLY how you feel, I’ve been waiting for this talent search, buying as many of the print magazines as I can, flipping directly to the middle, just to see if the details were in there, only to find that “look for our new talent search in the coming months(more like years)!” But now that it’s finally here, I’m not going down without a fight. I know it may be second-hand, but let’s just say a little birdie posted those details elswhere…..


Really enjoyed the 2 new manga additions to the magazine. I had a slight problem with K-On though. I didn’t realize until several pages in that the reading order went down the column and then over to the next column. A little notice of the change in reading order style would have been nice. Of course, it’s too late for this issue & I’ll know better for the next issue. But you still might consider saying something for future readers. Another thought on K-On, some translator notes regarding the cultural references would be nice. The fact that cultural notes were provided has always been a high positive in my opinion of Yen Plus.

I realize my comments this time around have sounded negative, but in truth I enjoyed this issue. I hope there will be more manga titles added in the future. The non-Japanese side continues on the fine course it’s always been on.



don’t worry, hopefully they’ll post more information about sending your manga submission



Thanks. I should stop being so impatient, shouldn’t I? lol well, I might as well draft a plot while I’m waiting.


Meh, I’ve been reading since the mag first started, but I don’t think I’ll subscribe since the Japanese titles are gone, I loved Soul Eater, Pandora Hearts, Black Butler, and Nabari. Out of the English/Korean comics, I only really liked Maximum Ride and Nightschool.
Sorry YenPlus, but you’ve really let me down. 🙁


I’m still debating weather to get a subscription. If I get one, the only manga’s I will read are Yotsuba&! and Soul Eater. There is a MAYBE for K-On! But, knowing me, I wouldn’t mind paying just to read Yotsuba&! every month…

Well, until I decide, I’ll just stick to Shonen Jump Magazine.


Questions of what we have and have not licensed will not be addressed here. We’re listening to your requests, but everything we have formally announced, with the exception of Higurashi Demon Exposing, Aron’s Absurd Armada, and Bride’s Story can be found under the BOOKS tab. When the timing is right…you shall know.


Perhaps I’m showing my age, but I resent having to air my complaints about your new on-line magazine in a public forum. My issues are minor, though their resolution would improve the book, but now I have to add to them the fact that posting my comments to the screed is like being forced to sign a petition. Please put in a comment/complaint form that isn’t published.

1) Can’t read the new magazine on my iPad. The pageturns are too slow and often won’t turn at all– and this with a 3G and a very strong signal.

2) The subscription says that the issue just past the current will be available online (for those of us who want to reread the last issue with the current). If the August issue is still up somewhere, I’m not able to find it.

Thank you


I’ve been planning to subscribe to the online version since y’all first announced it, but I’ll be honest, I’m a bit underwhelmed with the Japanese series so far. K-ON and Yotsuba& are nice additions, but not my kind of series. Based on the above comments by Yen+, I’m guessing (on pure speculation) that the original licenses for Soul Eater et. al didn’t include digital or online distribution rights, so I’m reserving my judgment until I find out if Soul Eater specifically will be making an appearance once the licenses are worked out. Consider this a plea for Soul Eater, along with some shoujo or even–dare I say it–mahou shoujo 🙂 I do feel better about subscribing now that I know Nightschool is not totally ending (that scared me! Svetlana Chmakova was the entire reason I bought issue 1 in the first place), but I’m going to wait to see what other Japanese series are coming before making the commitment. I’m still a fan, of course, just a fan on a budget.


Dear YP,

I’m sure you guys like getting license requests. So I have another one for you. “Choku!” by Nico Tanigawa, published by Square Enix.

Choku is honestly one of the funniest titles I’ve read in a long time. It follows the story of an odd girl who often gets nosebleeds when she sees cute things. And honestly, it’s freaking hilarious. I would totally buy it if you guys considered it, and I know many other people would, too. 🙂


Will you still be publishing the remaining volumes that are out of WITH THE LIGHT: Raising an Autistic Child, even though the author passed away? I know it was on volume 14 when she unfortunately passed.

I notice its on a twice a year release, and is released in March and September. Its not listed in your March 2011 releases T_T

(Watch me make an fool out of myself, it will show up after I post this >.> *cough*)

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