Announcing Yen Plus

The San Diego Comic Con is here, and with it comes the big news: the new digital version of Yen Plus is here!!

We’re kicking off the August issue in a major way, making it available to everyone as a free trial. (Update! The free trial period has expired.)If you like what you see, you can begin subscribing for just $2.99 per month with the September issue.  September’s also going to be important because that’s when we start rolling out the Japanese side of our content.  We can’t spill the beans just yet on exactly what that will include — but we can say that a certain little green-haired girl will be gracing our pages for the first time!

If you’d like to get a quick look at all the fantastic content we’ve got lined up for you in our August inaugural issue, you can click here for the full title list.  Or you can just cut to the chase and click here to sign up for your free preview!

If you’ve got feedback, let us know in the comments below, and let the dawn of the Yen Plus digital era begin!

UPDATE! Kurt Hassler responds to some early thoughts in the comments here. Keep them coming!



I don’t have anything truly constructive to say, but I just wanted to thank you guys for putting this together. I have a hard time paying for digital copies of manga volumes because I rarely find the few dollars saved to be worth not having a book in hand. However, this is the perfect compromise–reading a variety of series I might not otherwise pick up for three dollars a month, yet still being able to buy hard copies of the series that I like.

I hope to see more OEL one-shots, too. It’s a shame, albeit an understandable one, that more short story collections don’t make it over to the States, so I appreciated “Haunted House Call.” Especially since it was by Madeleine Rosca! I do hope that this is a sign of an impending OEL series from her.


I loved the printed version of yen, but as for the online
version I’m not so sure…

First off the reader had a hard time loading, and when it did after I turned the page it would display the page before, and I had to wait forever (around 10 minutes per page or longer, even after refreshing the page) for it to correct its self, although somtimes that never happened.

I like some of the ideas above; it would be cool if I could buy the online subscription, and have access to a download link or somthing so I would be able to load the pages onto my computer. It would solve the problem I’m having with the online reading, and I could read it on the go (like on my laptop in the car without internet)(I spend a lot of time in the car so that option would be great) and so I could have access to my favorite yen issues for longer than 2 previous issues.


Dear Yen Press, the Japanese Series I mentioned before is ?????????? (Corseltel no Ryuujutsushi) and sequels. Please liscense.


Welp! I’m super glad to see Yen Plus is back! I recently went to subscribe to the hard copy but then I found you had already discontinued it. But I’m MUCH happier that it’s digital. Personally, I can’t stand clutter, and since I read a TON, I don’t like to buy my books on paper. I usually just rent or buy digital. Otherwise I’d quickly run out of space in my apartment. Also, anyone who is considering a move in the next few years, just think about how heavy a box of books is! It’s super heavy.

Anyway, I really like the price point, only I’m a little worried about fragmenting the manga services (I’m already assuming I’ll have to go to SE for Black Butler, but if you can finagle a deal with them on that, then please do!). I don’t really want to subscribe to a ton more services.

Nevertheless, I will *definitely* be buying at least your first pay issue.

Side Notes: I used the in page browser (firefox) and pressed ctrl and + at the same time to zoom. Worked like a charm. Good quality and I can make it as big as I like.

I like how you preserve a magazine feel, rather than just sticking the chapters front to back.

I don’t really like to start a series in the middle, though I recognize your reasons for doing so. Any chance of making the back volumes available *digitally* in the near future? You can save a tree(or several thousand), lower your prices at the same time, and hopefully encourage more purchases.

Since most of these seem to be listed in wiki, I guess I can suck it up for now.

In conclusion,

I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavors, and hope Yen Plus online is an epic success!


I have been a subscriber since the very first issue and even now go back and reread some things. I love yen plus and getting a RL copy was the best. I could take it places with me but with this I can’t and I can’t curl up in bed with it and read before going off to sleep. I say that going all digital sucks royal ass but I’m happy your just not totally doing away with it. I wish there was an option to either go Digital or stay hard copy with this but I guess I will just have to deal with it.

This made me cry!


Hello everyone!

With the current state of the industry, I’m grateful that YenPlus has found away to survive! T.T
I swear I’m not being dramatic, when I say that after two years, I literally could not live with you.
Once a month, I MUST have my Nightschool, Time & Again, Jack Frost, Black Butler, and Soul Eater. To think of not seeing them is serious panic time…
I know my BB and Soul will be back soon, and I can’t wait to see them again.
Take care everyone, and thank you for all the happiness!

Jen >_<"


Someone else asked a similar question, but I’d also like to ask: Will some series be sped up? Now that it’s online, and you don’t have to worry about page count, could it be possible for some series to get more chapters per issue (thus speeding up the release rate of the graphic novels). I know for now you’re just working out the kinks, but once you do, please consider it 🙂

For the record, I’m mainly asking about this for Nabari No Ou (I’m sure everyone has a specific series they want faster, for me it’s Nabari). I heard it’s about to end in Japan, and at the current rate, we won’t see that end for another 3 years 🙁


Nevermind….just got my answer for Nabari in the comments section for November releases. A good answer, too!


Being able to read content online is wonderful, but,like almost everything, it has its flaws.Because I am still only a teenager, I cannot subscribe.I had to get my parents to sign me up for the free trial.I will probally no longer be reading my favoite magazine because they refuse to pay online, even if i offer to give them the money monthly and that the price is only 2.99 an issue.Plus, I do not always have a computer on me.The printed version was easier for me to acquire.But, unlike some,I think the online quilty is good and I hope to one day read the magazine again.


Yen Press I think you should make some sort of forum for things/issues related to Yen Plus. It’d be less of a hassle to scroll down and get lost in the sea of problems.

Plus, since many people have already made accounts to access Yen Plus, why not put them to good use, other than just reading the magazine but getting involved and actually discussing the content like a community rather than as an individual?(who rather than just rants, garners at something worthwhile?)


Think of the targeted users. Many people are using laptops. This means their screen isn’t that big. Also, most resolutions are widescreen now.

As of now the default setting for the manga reader is fit width, which would be okay if it was actually the width of the browser but it is not. It is the width of the container of the web page, which is smaller than the width of the browser if it is maximized to full screen.

This forces readers to take an extra step to select the pop up reader to enlarge the images to a readable size.

There’s two steps I can think of to make this easier for the readers.

1) Trash the container, and make the default a similar layout as the pop-up. This means should take the full width of the browser, and not have the navigation of the manga on the side. Put it on top if you really want it, but there is already a drop down listing the chapters.

2) Make a user settings, so users can create a default view setting they like. Whether if it is full size, fit width, or what not.


@ Hassler

Quick question on the availability of digital issues Yen Plus, will it also be available for the UK/EU?


So, tried the first issue, worked pretty OK although I’m not all that happy with screen reading compared to paper… As requested by others, some better zoom and keyboard nav, please.

However, even when logged in I can’t access my profile; each time I switch page on the site it requests me to log in again. Both IE 8 and latest version of Firefox, same thing. I even added it as trusted site for cookies, no change.


Could you tell me exactly which arc of “Higurashi” Yen Press is going to issue?
What about Minagoroshi-hen, Matsuribayashi-hen, Kokoroi-Yashi-hen, Hirukowashi-hen, Utsutsukowashi-hen Mahjong Chapter (Jan) and Kataribanashi-hen?
I really want to know it, because I’m going to buy orginal Japanese version, but if Yen Press would issue thoese series I will buy them in English.
So are you going to issue them?


Oh, and I want to know is Yen Press going to issue “Umineko:when they cry” series? It’s side story to “Higurashi:When they cry”. Two of them are written by Ryukishi07. I think a lot of people will be happy if you issue it ^-^


sorry but i didnt really like how it turned out. i love the idea of getting it online, but the print is really smll and it is alot harder to read. but i do love and appreciate the effort you put into it


@Lottie-sama, Yen Press has the license to Minagoroshi and Matsuribayashi (they asked scanlation sites to remove those two series), but at the moment they don’t have any of the side stories.

Also, I AGREE SO MUCH about Umineko. I love Higurashi, but I love Umineko more. It’s more of a mystery, and it’s one of the hardest mysteries to unravel… ever. I figured out who the murderer was in Higurashi during the third arc, but I only have a vague guess as to who the killer is in Umineko.


Wasn’t the new issue of Yen Plus supposed to be online on the second Tuesday of the month?


ePub would be good. I own an eReader which has no network connectivity, so a web-based option won’t really work.


Will Yen Plus ever be printed again? I have never subscribed to a manga magazine before, and I was hoping to finally do so with Yen Plus, but now it’s only being published online. While I do read most of my manga online, I think I’d prefer to have the magazines printed out. Also, my parents don’t like buying things offline, so I don’t think I’d be able to get it anyhow. :c


@ Lottie-Sama & Em

Agreed. Yen Press, please consider licensing Umineko soon. It’s just awesome. Plus, considering the rate Higurashi is going (Which is really good so far, a new volume every 2 months must be difficult work already), it may not be until at least 2012/2013 if you plan on releasing the manga in chronological order (Though SE does release several volumes of Umineko at once, next week volume 4 of EP2: Turn of the Golden Witch, and Vol 2 of EP3: Banquet and EP4: Alliance will be out in Japan). It would be awesome if you could release Higurashi and Umineko side by side as is being done in Japan right now.


I want Umineko too! Please, lecence it if it’s able!

And I also want Kodomo no Jikan, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan, Ookami Kakushi and Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni (Ookami Kakushi and Higanbana are Ryukishi07’s works too, like Higurashi and Umineko).

The most I want Umineko: When They Cry. But I will be happy too if you issue some of other series.

And about Higurashi: are you going to issue side stories other than “Beyond Midnight Arc” and “Onisarashi-hen”? I want to see “Heart Healing arc” and “Kataribanashi-hen” licenced.

And can you issue Pandora Hearts faster? Just a little?
And how many volumes will finally have Pandora Hearts?

I’m sorry, I have asked a lot of questions ^^’
But please, anserw!


Yen Press, please licence Umineko! Everybody wants it!

And I want you to licence “Onii-chan control” too. But the most I (and everyone) want Umineko!


Yay, so many people want Umineko!

And Yen, you don’t have to worry about Umineko spoiling Higurashi or anything, because it’s a completely different series with brand new characters.

It’ll be a pain to have to wait until you’re done publishing all 30+ volumes of Higurashi before you start Umineko! It’ll take two years for you to finish the Massacre and Festival Music arcs alone, and that’s not even including Eye Opening, Atonement, Demon Exposing, or Heart Healing.

@ed, the manga is a LOT better than the Anime. The Anime crammed four arcs into 26 episodes, while the manga is taking its time. So far each question arc is 4 volumes alone, which is much longer than the Higurashi question arcs.

Jack Hall

I was startled to hear people defend Paypal earlier…yes, it’s very convenient and quick and everything, right up until something goes wrong, at which point they just tell you where you can go and what you can do to occupy your time until you get there, while they stroll confidently into the sunset with your money.

Digital sucks. I’ve said it before, and now, having seen the finished product, I say it again loud and proud. If it were any more expensive, I’d have nothing to do with it at all. I don’t care if you have an online version for people who want it, but why’d you have to ax the paper rendition? An ebook format is no kind of substitute. Not even a lousy PDF…


Will the information about the contest be posted on the main website, or will only people that subscribe get the info? I don’t currently have a subscription to the web version of your magazine and was curious as to whether and when you may have that contest that was advertised in the print version of Yen+ from the beginning.


Hi guys,

Just checking in, and I’ll try to address some of the questions that have been coming up as best I can.

The most persistent question seems to be whether or not there is a chance we might be looking at increasing the frequency of our releases. The short answer to this is yes. There are series that we have done this with already (most notably HIGURASHI), and there are a few others that we will be speeding up a bit next year. That isn’t to say that we are going to release every series we publish every other month, however. We take great pride in the quality of our books, and giving them the attention they need to maintain that quality takes time. But yes, some series will be released more frequently. You’ll start seeing this with BLACK BUTLER beginning in January.

There are also a lot of licensing requests. All I can say on this front is that we hear all of your requests, but our policy is not to comment on any series that we do not have formally under contract simply because if it is something we are discussing it could negatively affect our negotiations. So by all means, please keep the requests coming. We do listen even though we can’t respond directly.

@Danton, to your question as to whether YEN PLUS will be available in the UK/EU the answer is absolutely! We hope you’ll check out the September issue next month!

@Questioner, thanks for your suggestion of adding a Forum to the magazine. This is actually something we are already looking at, so keep your fingers crossed!

Lastly, I just wanted to say that for the most part everyone seemed to think that the changes we made to the image resolution in the reader was successful, and we’re thrilled. That being the case, this is how we will be presenting files going forward. Thanks for raising the issue!

That’s it for now. I have a stack of books on my desk demanding my attention, but please keep your questions and comments coming!


I totally love how you Yen Press fold ignore the Spice and wolf questions.


@Maria — Since Umineko is a licensing question, we really can’t comment one way or the other.

@Jellorific — If we reprint the first volume of Spice & Wolf, it would be with the same cover approach that we are currently following.


That’s what the Spice and Wolf fans want.
I just want to know if you will, and if you do, when.
I don’t have the first book yet and I want it.
But with the original cover.


Thanks for speeding up the releases of Black Butler and Pandora Hearts *_*


I’m so glad to hear that you guys listen to every license request! Here’s some Square Enix titles off the top of my head that I would love to see you publish. ^^

Umineko Legend/Turn/Banquet/Alliance
Book Girl manga
Darker than Black Shikkoku no Hana
Bloody Cross
Seto no Hanayome
Kimi to Boku


@ Hassler

I can understand why you won’t say anything concerning liscensing. I am glad that you at least took the time to answer that question.

I am glad that you guys put all the things I mentioned above into your manga, manhwa, and OEL. Do you have any manhua?

I love the fact that you have Shonen and Shojo, Seinen and Josei. Especially since the market for Josei isn’t very high. I own vols 1-6 of With the Light.

Do you think you could have a seperate forum or something for series suggestions by fans? I suppose recommendations to make the GN novels better could fall under here or in another closely related tab.

I also realize that like “The Man, the Boy, and the Donkey” one of Aseop Fables whose moral is “Please all, and you will please none.”


I’m happy that you are answering, I hope Umineko will be licensed, but I have very important question: what about the paper? I don’t like yellow paper, the pictures looks much worser on it. Are you gonna give back white paper?


Ok, so thoese are my requestions:

1.Umineko: When They cry
2.Kodomo no Jikan (Children Time)
3.Rolan the forgotten king
5.Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan (Bludgeoning Angel)
6.Onii-chan control (Brother Control)
7.Angel Beats!
8.Higanbana no Saku Yoru Ni

I hope you will licence someone of them…

I want white paper too. Even if books will be cheaper. Yellow paper is real horrible… But I’m happy you’ve got colored pages.


Oh, and I forgot about it: what about side stories of Higurashi:When They Cry? Like Heart Healing chapter, Utsutsukowashi-hen, Kataribanashi-hen, etc.?


I was hoping the online versions would be downloadable, so we could be able to look back whenever we wanted just like the printed versions. Will this ever be available?


Dear Yen +,
Im don’t really like this whole digital Yen. It’s not the same. And, it doesn’t work very well. I’ve been trying to turn the page and it wont turn! If i click the turn page button and it oftenly doesn’t work! I’ve barley read anything and I’m not happy with the new Yen. Sorry I’m being so mean but its true.


This is all quite lovely, full of potential, and I’m hoping it looks exceptional on my Kindle, but it’s pretty useless to me, personally, without Nabari. I’m disappointed.

I do wish I had the option to keep my back issues. I re-read the paper copies. If I’m paying 3 bucks for these anthology volumes, you’d best believe I’m not going to be pleased without back issues/archives. I hope I’ve just misunderstood. If not, this sort of nonsense is one of the worst elements of the Cloud I’ve encountered since I started keeping a virtual bookcase. When I buy what little manga has to offer on Kindle (Maximum Ride, for instance) it’s mine. I can connect the Kindle and back it up on disk. I’ll pay $3 for a big bag of chips and happily have nothing to show for it afterward. But this is *a book*.

Have I misunderstood how this works, all? I came to the page and saw a list of archives in the sidebar, but sign-up had a disclaimer that stated they don’t keep archives.


Lovie Jean

Will you not be showing the Japanese manga, because that is one of the things I really liked about your magazine. I liked how it had both Japanese and Korean/western manga.


Hey, answer new questions! We want to know about white paper, side stories of Higurashi, our requestions and other.


When is the September issue coming out? There’s not much time left in August, you know.

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