Announcing Yen Plus

The San Diego Comic Con is here, and with it comes the big news: the new digital version of Yen Plus is here!!

We’re kicking off the August issue in a major way, making it available to everyone as a free trial. (Update! The free trial period has expired.)If you like what you see, you can begin subscribing for just $2.99 per month with the September issue.  September’s also going to be important because that’s when we start rolling out the Japanese side of our content.  We can’t spill the beans just yet on exactly what that will include — but we can say that a certain little green-haired girl will be gracing our pages for the first time!

If you’d like to get a quick look at all the fantastic content we’ve got lined up for you in our August inaugural issue, you can click here for the full title list.  Or you can just cut to the chase and click here to sign up for your free preview!

If you’ve got feedback, let us know in the comments below, and let the dawn of the Yen Plus digital era begin!

UPDATE! Kurt Hassler responds to some early thoughts in the comments here. Keep them coming!



“I’m a fan of print myself.”

Then would you please answer why Yen’s current releases look yellow?

I mean Yen hasn’t dulled in its quality of color pages but the fact that all the pages could be viewed as lemons is bothersome especially when this started at the new year that was 2010:p

Is Yen celebrating the year it downgraded on paper quality?


I am a true reader but i want to know about the rules to the talent search

can someone tell me

Breaking News: Shonen Jump is Going Digitial

[…] Whether this initiative will have a direct impact on piracy remains to be seen. Younger consumers will undoubtedly mourn the transition to an online-only edition, as it requires a credit card to purchase, while collectors are likely to protest the lack of a tangible object. Both groups complained loudly when Yen Press made a similar decision to discontinue the print edition of its Yen+ anthology in favor of an online version. […]

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