Shhhh! One Fine Day‘s Nanai, Guru, and Rang are trying to take a nap! Break and Emily from Pandora Hearts are keeping the noise down on side B, but even Break’s having trouble containing all the ruckus going on inside! This month features “The Clinic of the Damned,” a brand-new short story from Steven Cummings, a lovely Kobato. poster from fan-favorite manga team CLAMP, and exciting chapters from all your favorite series! Hopefully you’ve already secured your copy of May’s YEN PLUS, but if you haven’t hopped over to the store yet, now’s the time! While you’re there, be sure to look for two new Yen series releasing this month (Kobato. V.1 and 2 and My Girlfriend’s a Geek V.1), as well as three new volumes of YEN PLUS series (Black Butler V. 2, Pandora Hearts V.2, and One Fine Day V. 2)!!
As always, thank you for reading! Just two more months until we make the online jump!

If you have any specific questions about your subscription to YEN PLUS, please direct them to subscription services at 1-800-876-7598.



I love the Kobato poster! I have it hanging right above my CLAMP shelf! (yes, that’s right. i have over 50 CLAMP volumes, so i have a separate shelf for them =P)

No replacement for Hero Tales!? That’s disappointing. I was hoping for +C Sword and Cornett. It’s an excellent series, and I find it to be very similar to Black Butler and Pandora Hearts. Lots of aristocratic conspiracies going on in that series.


AT LAST! Pandora hearts is on the cover again 😀 also looking forward for this kobato poster!


OOH I want this!! So exciting!!! Thank you, Yen Press! But mine hasn’t come in the mail yet, though )))))))))):


I completely agree with jenny on +C Sword and Cornett. Excellent series. ~

I was glad to get this issue, but when I went to my Barnes&Noble in April, I was hopeing for the April issue and got this instead. Oh well, its still nice. 8D

…Gaah, only two more left until the online thing. Gotta make sure I get them.

Keep up the good work, Yen.

Kaoru Shieru

awww thanks alot for the xerxes cover *////*! an for the kobato poster <//3 but i still *w* want a ciel Or sebastian poster *puppy eyes* someday? ?


@ jellorific: its the cover of the first volume. It looks rather nice. ~


Might want to pick it up for the Kobato poster and see what else is going on these days.


Thanks for the poster; I’m not much a CLAMP fan, though I do read Legal Drug (well…until it was put on a seemingly never-ending hiatus). I like collecting limited merchandise.

I haven’t read C+ Sword and Cornett, though I’ve heard of it. Another Ichijinsha Zero Sum series, correct? I do take a liking to several of that mag’s manga, so I’d be sure to try it out^^ Though, I’d much prefer Karneval, another Ichijinsha series, over it. Conspiracies, fun characters and devices, really strange plot twists, and nice art. I think it shares a lot of its fanbase with Black Butler and Pandora Hearts, actually, though this can be said for several Ichinjinsha series and ones of that ilk.


Do you know how depressed I was when I bought this one, knowing there was only a few left, and then an online thing I won’t have?
Ah well, I loved it anyway :D~


Jenny, I think the one-shot works just fine as a replacement for Hero Tales (at least I *hope* it does; I haven’t received my issue yet either). If the next (last) issue has a one-shot or preview or something like that as well, I’ll be satisfied.

Can any of you who have read it yet share your thoughts on The Clinic?



I thought the Clinic was okay. The art was pretty good but I found the story underwhelming. It had a few funny parts though so all in all not bad.


I wonder why when I bought volume 5 of melancholy that the usual book paper was changed? i think that white paper was better because it really showed off the artwork.does anyone know why yen press would do that? and I hope higurashi books won’t be like that because i love their artwork!


I can’t believe that I’ve just thought of this now, but when Yen Plus goes online, would that it include the already mature series in Yen Press’s catalogue as well? Such as Sundome, Love Quest, etc? Or is that a completely different story?


Yen it would be awesome if u could get shikibane hime, plus u would have more customers seeing as the anime is being dubbed by funimation this year and its in the the young gangan like bamboo blade… so maybe u could get it ^ . ^


It’s always tough to tell if my subscription issue is just not coming this month, or is just being astronomically late as usual. Well, I gave in and bought an issue at the bookstore today (which probably means I’ll just get it in the mail tomorrow again, but we’ll see). I skipped ahead and read Clinic first… Nothing substantial, but *very* entertaining nonetheless! I must admit I’d never heard of this Steven Cummings guy before, but I might have to check out more of his stuff.


Clinic was decent. I will miss Hero Tales, though. Time and Again is my favorite but this month’s story made me sad.


I just got a refund check for $12 for the remainder of my subscription 🙁 Yen Plus is no more it seems.

Zelda Cool

So it looks like they are stopping to Magazine prints. Man! I so love getting these Huges magazine every month. 😀
But now we’ll only get to see them on-line only. T_T

I think it’s a good move due to now I hear from some people who post here and there that they don’t get their copy until a full month atfer it’s been out or some people can’t get it at all. O_O

But whatever the case may be I’m still here with Yen Plus. I like it, I love it, and I want some more of it! ^_^


I’ll be honest–I’m kind of ticked off that this is the last issue I’ll be getting, ever, because Yen Plus couldn’t change my address after I moved. I called right after moving (April 28), and I was told that BOTH of the remaining issues were “already addressed,” and could not be updated. I waited through all of May on the hope that the post office would forward the June issue despite their magazine policy, but to no avail. I don’t really want to buy two issues I have already paid for at cover price (twice the subscription price), so I guess I’ll just hope that the online version has something of a back catalog. I’ve been a huge supporter of Yen Plus from the very first issue, but I’m starting to get a little disillusioned.

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