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Change is on the horizon for YEN PLUS! For the past two years, everyone at Yen has been working diligently to bring you the most diverse manga anthology in the market, and I could not be prouder of the publication that our staff has produced or more gratified by all of the fan support that we’ve received since the magazine launched in August of 2008. Thanks to you all!! We have introduced so many great new series to the market through Yen Plus – the manga adaptation of James Patterson’s MAXIMUM RIDE, Yen’s first #1 New York Times bestseller BLACK BUTLER, Svetlana Chmakova’s critically acclaimed NIGHTSCHOOL, one of my personal favorites PIG BRIDE (that last chapter is AWESOME!)…there are just too many to list them all! As with all things, though, change is inevitable. As the magazine industry changes and old models are eclipsed by new, so, too, must YEN PLUS change, and it is with that in mind that I can announce officially that the July 2010 issue of YEN PLUS will be its last in print.

Now before you despair too much, take a deep breath and focus on those last two words: “in print.” Yes, the print magazine will be no more, but YEN PLUS will live on as an online manga anthology! As such, it will have the ability to reach more readers than ever before while giving those same readers an option to peruse manga (and maybe some light novels?) legitimately online. Will there be other changes? Most definitely. You can expect to see content changes which we will announce when the time is right. Our commitment, however, is to keep bringing you the best and most diverse anthology experience every month.

So this is just your official head’s up that a new era for YEN PLUS is in the works. Details about our online launch, new content, etc. are all forthcoming. For those of you with subscriptions to the print version of the magazine, you will be receiving a full refund for any outstanding issues of your subscription beyond the July issue. We sincerely hope that you will opt to reinvest some of those funds back into the magazine’s new incarnation!

We want to thank everyone for their support of YEN PLUS these past two years and hope that you will continue to enjoy the magazine’s new digital iteration!


Kathleen A.

Wow. I have been with you guys since issue one. I remember as if it were yesterday seeing that cover of Angel and Max in the store and thinking, “Well, now! What’s this?” and then flipping it over and seeing Soul Eater for the first time.

There have been ups and downs between us, Yen Plus, but you’ve usually addressed readers’ concerns and things have worked out… which is why it might have been nice if you had asked for our input before making such a sweeping decision. This isn’t the first time a cluster you-know-what could have been avoided had you simply asked first instead of going with (generally unwelcome) “industry reason.” I for one would have opposed the idea of an electronic only version. Making both versions available might have been a better way to go. Now I suppose your decision is already made and you can’t or won’t consider reversing it.

I’m just pissed. And sad. I also suspect that – unless this new incarnation of Yen Plus astoundingly answers all my concerns in an unexpected way – you have, after all this time, finally lost me for good.

First up, I just prefer a paper copy in my hands. Sitting in front of a computer screen just isn’t gonna do it for me. (It’s like being at work! Yay.) I also share my issues with a friend – which is kinda hard to do with a computer or phone screen. Secondly, those who have mentioned that if people are forced to read their manga online anyway, why should they pay for it when they can read scanlations for free make a strong point. (In an ideal world, we would all feel ethically compelled to support the artists and legit sources. However, I’m sure it’s no newsflash that this NOT an ideal world.)

Furthermore, while I’m sure this move to an electronic version is fabulous news for people with fancy phones and/or speedy, unlimited internet access in their homes, has it occurred to you that not everyone has this stuff? I’m not going so far as to call you elitist b*st*rds, but you ARE leaving a lot of less financially-gifted potential consumers out in the cold. (The economy? Minutely better, but still sucks. Manga, while super fun is – let’s face it – not necessary to survival.)

Damn. You let me down, guys. Now when I think of all the money that I’ve funneled out of my not-so-well-lined pockets and into yours over the last two years, I now have regret.


I’m sure it was a hard decision- good luck, Yen Press!! XD


yay, wasted more money subscribing to a magazine that decides to shut down right away…


Kathleen, you say that Yen Press should have asked for fan input before doing this. I’m absolutely certain that the fan reaction would have been in favor of keeping Yen Plus in print. Does that mean that Yen Press should continue to do so, even if it no longer makes financial sense (and possibly never did)?

I am absolutely positively bummed about this. But Yen Press is not a charity; they have to make business decisions, including unpopular ones sometimes. Either way, there’s no need to “regret” your past purchases; they haven’t gone down in value. If you have all the issues, try this – read the whole stack through again, starting from issue 1. I currently am in the midst of this, even though I started about two months ago… it’s a good way to get an appreciation of just how much content Yen Plus has given us over the years.

I hope that some other company can come along and give us a spiritual successor to Yen Plus, but I’m not holding my breath.


You know what, if it means that the Yen+ manga will get more volumes out a year (say 4-6, instead of 2 or 3) then I say it’s worth it and I’m all for it.

I just want more Nabari no Ou 🙂


I didn’t even have a clue about this happening until I read it in a forum. I was totally surprised. and as many others are, I’m really displeased with this decision. I was excited when I found another manga magazine besides Shonen Jump (which I also get)still being published here, so just last month I had gotten a subscription to the magazine and I was able to get all of the back issues as well. so I was looking forward to continuing my collection. I really prefer to have a hard copy of what I am reading as opposed to reading it online. it’s easier in so many ways, not counting easier on the eyes. plus being able to see a whole page without scrolling is a real plus to me. personally, I would not pay to read a magazine online.

it’s really sad to me that yet another manga magazine is going to stop printing.


Magazines are dead, period. All of the niche ones (such as manga magazines) will be the first to go, and in the next few decades the more popular ones will die off as well.

That’s the way things are. Look at television; that’s also starting to die off. And DVDs are already being replaced by online rentals and downloading. Blockbuster is on the verge of extinction because of Netflix.


I know a lot of people will be angry about it, but I’m more of the sort of person that likes having the manga volumes in my hand, rather than an anthology of different series (many which I might not even like to begin with ). I only buy manga anthologies when they come with extras (much like my issues of G’s Festival Comic, and other Japanese publications ).

That being said, I really hope that if there’s an actual subscription fee for the online version of Yen Plus, that you will put more money towards getting the regular volumes of manga out quicker, and possibly more series brought over than you have at the current moment.

Granted, in my personal opinion, I think you will lose a lot of your readership as far as Yen Plus actually goes. I know very well the problems of trying to have customers even just give out their e-mail address for a free card (I work at a Borders ). There are still many, many people that do not have internet access, even in today’s ‘digital age’. And these people don’t just cover the elderly – there are plenty of kids in their teens, and adults in their twenties and thirties that don’t have the internet as well. You’re also going to have to expect that a lot of regular teens will have to either drop subscriptions or they won’t be getting the anthology at all anymore because they don’t have access to their parents’ credit card and may not be able to use it for an ‘online solution’. There are plenty of those sorts around the area where I live that come to my work to buy Yen Plus every month with cash.

All in all, I’m unsure as to my stance with you guys getting rid of the actual publication and moving towards digital copies of things. It almost seems like a slippery slope, so to speak, in my eyes.

Kathleen A.


Dude. First, thanks for assuming I’m an idiot. Allow me to assure you that I clearly understand the market system. Second, no one likes a kiss@$$.

To clarify, my regret is not that I purchased the issues per se; it’s that I kept giving my cash to a company who continually disregarded my (our) feelings on matters until AFTER the missteps were made. But like a bad relationship, I loved Yen Plus enough to continue to give them chances. Now I see that we should have broken up several “mistakes” ago.


I can’t deny that I’m not in shock. I was just going on yesterday aboutnot being able to wait for the next volume of YEN+… I really wish you guys asked for our (all of us fans) opinion before you made such a huge decision. Like a lot of others have said, I don’t like (more like loath the idea) the idea of reading manga online. I’m a hands-on type of gal; I like having the paper version in my hand. Unlike everything else I do that is techy, I just can’t keep my attention on a bright screen in front of my face.
To me, it’s impossible to even get imersed into it that way; when I read out of a paper version, I don’t even notice things going on around me. I realize that scanlation websites are tough competition, but the alternative of both versions seems like a better choice.
You’ve disappointed me YEN+, I didn’t think you were going to make such a huge decision without the fans input. I hope you read the comments on here…
I’ll miss going to the bookstore every month for you magazine ( and an excuse to go to the bookstore) ;(


Can’t wait for my last two subscriptions to come in.
Thank you, Yen Plus was amazing while it lasted. ;333


Well, fabulous. I didn’t buy the magazine in the first place, but with the money you should have left over, as most have stated, you could buy more series, release volumes faster, and probably license more light novels hopefully keeping the original cover, at least on a hardback form while still raking in plenty of cash.


I’m curious. I quit yenplus because I rather want to buy the Volumes than read a manga over several yen plus. The new on-line way can provide more options.

But do remember that you don’t only cater to a US consumer but to a world of (half) English speaking people. like Crunchy roll It’s not interesting to subscribe if I can only read a small selection.

I do belief


How does this effect those that have subscriptions? o_o Will they get their money back? Or if depending on when they started their subrscription and they got a lot of money left… can they just buy a manga volume? >_>

Or if the online thing is not for free then our money get transfer to that?


I really do like having the print versions…but a business is a business, and that’s the way it is sometimes. Maybe the economy also has somthing to do with their non-existant drawing contest for amatuers…


I’m almost happy I didn’t renew my subscription after New Year’s.

I’m sad you’re ending the only worthy manga zasshi in the U.S.

I’m nagged by the feeling you’re gonna give something nice to the subscribers who stuck to the end and I should’ve renewed my subscription after New Year’s.

And Kurt, two years? Aren’t you jumping the gun a little? (ohwaityoumeantinthefuture)

(Also, what about the aspiring artists who are sending in their submissions, desperately wanting to be published? [ohyeahtheinternetnow])


@h8GWB That could easily be solved if you/Yen Press has a scanner:)

Akashic Librarian

PLEASE, if a flash-based viewer is going to be used, don’t just use an unchanged version of the Square Enix / Gangan Online viewer, and avoid anything crap like with Viz’s Comic IKKI.
100% proper HQ full screen page viewing with auto-hide navigation bar and simpler mouse-click on page page-turning would likely be very much appreciated by all.
( being an example of the above features)
Maybe it’s asking a lot, but something that incorporates the best features of both the Gangan Online and Club Sunday viewers would be ultimate, and probably succeed in winning over many of those currently reluctant to switch to the online version.


Oh man…. does this mean I have to pay online to read ne manga? I’m used to go to bookstores and pay in cash… I’m not used with buying things online especially if it need credit card.

Akashic Librarian

Actually, my bad. The Gangan viewer does have on-page mouse-click page-turning, but the 100% proper full screen page viewing with auto-hide navigation bar is still a suggestion/request in full effect.

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I applaud you on taking your battle against piracy to the competition route. It’s better than litigation, I’ll tell you that.

I never subscribed to yen plus, but I just wonder this:

iPhone/iPad/Android/Nook/Kindle, etc, will you be moving towards publishing to these formats with this new, stateless digital edition? Will you make strives to make your content as portable as possible? Or are people only going to be allowed to read yen plus on their PCs/Laptops and be locked out otherwise?


Yen Press, please do remember that quality still counts when putting up the latest chapters of each series!!!


In addition to the (presumably subscription?) online service… how about some form of outsourced print-on-demand service for the weirdos who still like dead trees?

Jack Hall

Un-be-freakin’-lievable. First Newtype USA, way back when…then Protoculture Addicts goes to some kinda semi-annual schedule…now this. Are you all you guys in the industry just determined to kick me in the groin again and again and again until I curl up and die? I have all your back issues. I bought all your issues in bookstores because I didn’t trust my local post office to deliver them undamaged. I’ll probably subscribe to your online thing because there’s really not a lot of (legal) choices. But just for the record, yes, you guys do indeed suck big time.


I’m sad about the change. I enjoyed sharing the magazine with my friends and sister. I’ll be waiting to see how the on-line version works, otherwise I guess I’ll just switch to buying the books.

Akashic Librarian

Why suggest that when it’ll all be available on dead trees via the published volumes? The double dip printing you’re makes absolutely no sense.


Well you guys never fail to disappoint. But, for once I agree with your decision. Only because it’s a waste paper. Another disappointment is the fact that there is no new S&W cover for volume two. You have undoubtedly chosen one by now, and have not made it public. Why? Could it be worse than the first one? Surely not. It worries me. The first volume of the S&W manga was done poorly as well, with odd(read, way off) font sizes. And another ruined cover. Keep up the mediocre work.


I’m rather unhappy to read this–in fact, I came to the site today to get the phone number to the subscription line, so I could change my mailing address, because I look forward to the magazine every month. I MUCH prefer reading a real book to reading something online. Reading extensively on the computer gives me headaches, and it’s much easier to stick the magazine in my briefcase or purse than it is to carry around my laptop (as the magazine is smaller and lighter). I’ve been a reader since the very first issue, and I’ve talked the magazine up to everyone who will listen. I’m very disappointed in this announcement.


I see this as a potential good and a potential bad thing. I love having a physical copy of Yen+ on me during those long school days. It’s an escape and it makes reading more than one manga/manwha easier and enjoyable to follow… carrying around a bulky laptop can be cumbersome. But I will still stick by Yen+ all the way.

Regardless of the magazine edition going online or not; I’d just wait for the serialization of the manga/manwha in volumes.

I’m not sad about the change nor am I excited. Since the internet makes everything easier and convenient as it is. Though, I will miss having the latest issue in my messenger bag…


I’m sorry, but that is the DUMBEST idea I have ever heard. I mean really, updating online? Updating Nightschool and Maximum Ride is the only thing that makes since to me. Everything else, well, it’s nothing new. I’ve been reading Black Butler for ages online, thanks to fan scans and what not. If I wanted to read manga online, I would just go to a site that does that kind of thing. All you’re doing is wasting time and losing money pretty much. It’s really, really dumb, but whatever.


anyone know were i can buy it? or brouse inside it?


can we still get cool freebies if it’s online?
Like a Sebastian poster?


Speaking of moving forward and going digital (well, depending on who you ask), I’d love to see Yen Plus’ novels on Amazon’s Kindle. I already own printed copies of both Haruhi books and Spice & Wolf, but I would re-buy them again for the convenience of portability. 🙂


I’m sorry to see the magazine go. It is a favorite collection for me, giving me a look into series I never would have checked out on my own. I never pay for on-line content, preferring to pay for things I can physically hold in my hand, put on my shelf, and carry around, so this will be “good-bye.” I’ll miss you, though I will probably continue to pick up the manga I liked best from the pages of Yen Plus.


This idea is ok,but not everyone can access the internet 24/7,I rather buy the magazine and keep my collection going,to read it online will be dispointing for me in general


I’m indifferent to this decision you’ve made because I love your translations but I want to know if this will be free or at least dirt cheap because I won’t support it if it’s the same price to read online as in print


Please bring the Higurashi/When They Cry and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya manga to Phoenix Arizona everyone thinks im on crack when i ask for them and i cant buy them online 🙁


I can’t see how this will be better than the printed version. I always look forward to it, and now will I have to pay over the internet? That’s always a huge hassle and if it’s free will you have to rely solely on advertisemnt and the series you have so far?

Ana W.

I just got my refund from yen press. I was surprised. I’m ok with this I guess but truthfully I’d rather have the magazine in my hands. Everything is getting digital now and I’m sort of tired of it. I enjoy reading books and magazines in my hands. That’s why I’m sort of against e-books.

One question. Is going to be a June and July issue out in print? If so then I’d like to get it but I guess I have to go to my city’s Japantown to get them =/ *sigh* I haven’t paid for the magazines in full price in so long.

Also one more question. Is this going to be free? If it isn’t then it’s not going to be that great (for Yen Press not the readers). I think this isn’t such a great idea because there are many manga hosting sites online and Yen Press is going to have to do a better job at monitoring websites because there are many large and small free manga hosting sites that are still hosting certain mangas and manhwas that are released by Yen Press


What about people that like to read back? We would have to go back about dozen issues just to read one magazine, so there better be a fast go-to button or you might lose a lot of readers


I’m really saddened by this too. You guys were the last, quality American manga mag. To see you guys go is a huge blow to the American manga industry. I understand costs are high and your subs probably aren’t sustaining you with the economy being what it is right now, but I hope you won’t kill of the idea of bringing the print mag back once things pick up again a little. I’ll admit I couldn’t afford to subscribe this time around, but I definitely will if you ever bring it back.

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