The future of YEN PLUS

Change is on the horizon for YEN PLUS! For the past two years, everyone at Yen has been working diligently to bring you the most diverse manga anthology in the market, and I could not be prouder of the publication that our staff has produced or more gratified by all of the fan support that we’ve received since the magazine launched in August of 2008. Thanks to you all!! We have introduced so many great new series to the market through Yen Plus – the manga adaptation of James Patterson’s MAXIMUM RIDE, Yen’s first #1 New York Times bestseller BLACK BUTLER, Svetlana Chmakova’s critically acclaimed NIGHTSCHOOL, one of my personal favorites PIG BRIDE (that last chapter is AWESOME!)…there are just too many to list them all! As with all things, though, change is inevitable. As the magazine industry changes and old models are eclipsed by new, so, too, must YEN PLUS change, and it is with that in mind that I can announce officially that the July 2010 issue of YEN PLUS will be its last in print.

Now before you despair too much, take a deep breath and focus on those last two words: “in print.” Yes, the print magazine will be no more, but YEN PLUS will live on as an online manga anthology! As such, it will have the ability to reach more readers than ever before while giving those same readers an option to peruse manga (and maybe some light novels?) legitimately online. Will there be other changes? Most definitely. You can expect to see content changes which we will announce when the time is right. Our commitment, however, is to keep bringing you the best and most diverse anthology experience every month.

So this is just your official head’s up that a new era for YEN PLUS is in the works. Details about our online launch, new content, etc. are all forthcoming. For those of you with subscriptions to the print version of the magazine, you will be receiving a full refund for any outstanding issues of your subscription beyond the July issue. We sincerely hope that you will opt to reinvest some of those funds back into the magazine’s new incarnation!

We want to thank everyone for their support of YEN PLUS these past two years and hope that you will continue to enjoy the magazine’s new digital iteration!



I am one of those subscribers and have been following Yen Plus since the third one. I am disapointed in the news but hope that it will continue for a very long time online. It is the manga magazine with the best mangas. I also hope that you will make it available through an ipod/iphone/ipad app since it is where I reaf most of my electronic publication (rarely from the PC).




My friend and I have a few questions since we currently share my subscription.

1. Will I be able to share Yen Plus with my friend like I do now with the current print version?

2. What happens if I cancel my subscription? Do I lose access to the material that was released during the period of my subscription?

3. Do you still plan to drop titles from the anthology in favor of pushing sales to the volumes?

4. When I subscribe, do I get access to back issues I may have missed? If so, how many?

I love Yen+ so hopefully my questions can be answered satisfactorily.


I like this decision. I stopped buying the print anthology about a year ago when the comic shop I was purchasing it from went out of business. I guess my biggest question is whether or not there will be a substantial amount of back issues.


I agree; this is a good decision. It makes Yen Plus a lot more accessible now, and hopefully other publishers will start following suit with online magazines.

Also, does that mean that you’ll be able to serialize more titles? It would be awesome if you added some more variety to the magazine now that you don’t have to worry about printing costs.

Oh and, does that mean that this site will be getting revamped? With forums and user accounts? =D


I can’t say that I’m pleased with this decision. I realize that you are trying to combat scanlation sites, but what about those of us who don’t read them? I do not derive any enjoyment from reading on a computer – you lose the entire tactile experience. Would it be so economically difficult to maintain a print version along with an e-version? (Honest question there, not veiled insult.) Not only do I (and my sisters) enjoy reading the physical magazine, we also enjoy receiving it in the mail.

I am sorry to see what I consider the demise of the magazine. This may sound close-minded of me, and I do wish you luck. I’m just displeased with your decision.


if it’s online,is it free?and also I live in the philppines,will it be available in our region?or is it open worldwide access?I hope so.Also,will you release those new titles from online into a graphic novel also?


I’m thoroughly displeased with this decision. I read Yen Plus so that I don’t have to read my manga online. Now I have to wait for you to put out the graphic novels, which is fine, except it takes much longer to put out. I understand you want to combat scanslations, but I feel this is NOT the way to do it. I would rather you stopped the magazine completely and upped the amount of graphic novels you put out each month or year, than have the aggravation have of waiting a ridiculously long time to get the next installment of the stories. I’m sorry if I sound mean, or if I seem to be “ungreen” but I like to be able to hold the product I pay for.

Please take my comments into your consideration.


This really sucks. Reading online isn’t the same as reading it in hand. 🙁


Ew… another great magazine about to be ruined. Don’t you people realize that when a magazine goes paperless its just not as good anymore? LAME.


Maybe one of the changes will be that they’ll release more chapters of each series a month so that the volumes come out quicker?? That would be nice.


I’m curious as to how the online edition will work, and whether it will be free or not.

I really enjoyed the print version, and just got May’s copy today. I can’t remember when my sub runs out, so I’m hoping there will be back issues for any I miss during the transition.

Will Nightschool still be a monthly comic, but online? Or will it just be every 5 or so months as tankoban?


What do you guys mean by “content changes”, precisely?


I’m disappointed, I didn’t mind paying the subs. Keep it going please.


Im not too sure I like this idea… Honestly, I thought that there would be problems soon because of this economy but..

Well, if its free, then that will be nice, but I have a feeling that the online edition wont be.. And the only way I was able to get the magazine was buying it in stores because my parents dont want to purchase a subscription, so if its online and requires a fee, then I will be unable to keep reading Yen+ 🙁

And there are several online manga reading websites, many of them releasing the latest chapters as they come out in Japan.. and frankly they are farther in the translation than Yen+. But if I just wanted to read the manga, then I wouldnt buy the magazine! Its nice to have it in paper, and be able to physically hold it in your hands while you read..

WELL I digress. Im sad to see Yen+ leaving print, but I hope I can still support you guys anyway.


This seems to be happening a lot to me lately: I’ve gotten into something, say a book or magazine *cough*, only for it to go out of print. The very first Yen+ mag i picked up out of curiousity was last months, the March 2010. I suppose this will up my motivation to go buy them monthly now, since I like having things that are no longer in print. Still sucks that you guys are canceling the magazine, though I understand your reasons.
I wish you guys luck for the future!


“For those of you with subscriptions to the print version of the magazine, you will be receiving a full refund for any outstanding issues of your subscription beyond the July issue. We sincerely hope that you will opt to reinvest some of those funds back into the magazine’s new incarnation!”

So I take it that the online version will NOT be free, then?

That’s completely fine by me, but some clarification would be nice. Also, I echo Brazilian Guy’s question: You guys aren’t going to block access from other countries, are you? (Please please don’t!)

Eric Robinson

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MOVING IN THIS DIRECTION!!. It’s nice that you guys are moving to distribute this online. It would be nice if OTHER companies would look at you guys and follow suit.


I have to admit that I’m disappointed by the decision. I LOVE MY MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION! Receiving the magazine in the mail is a highlight of the month for me. It’s an emotional pick-me-up in a sea of mail dominated by monthly bills. I understand the many reasons for you to decide to move online. But I choose to be stubbornly selfish on this issue. I want my hard paper copy that I can read in any room and from any sitting position, dang it! Despite my extreme dislike of this decision, you can be sure I’ll follow the online version. The stories are too compelling to give up at this point.

William Chrapcynski

While I understand the need to change with the times, I will greatly miss having a print version of the magazine. I know that such a publication can be expensive to produce but I do truly enjoy reading off paper rather than a screen when it comes to comics/manga.


Ack, I JUST ordered a subscription last month! >_<; And still waiting for my first issue to arrive (since it takes 4-6 weeks after subscribing). Guess the July issue will be my first and last one ^^; Oh well…
I'll keep my eye out for news on the online version!


So you’re finally abandoning a print serial. Thank God. And since you’re moving online, were all the illegitimate manga browsing happens, we can all expect Yen Press to leak subscribers like a punctured newspaper.

I’m looking forward to a future where you guys release tankoubons QUICKLY instead of using your magazine to wring money out of the fans.

Seriously, THREE SOUL EATER VOLUMES IN A YEAR? Unacceptable.


This is the stupidest idea ever now its going to be online i hate that idea, the computer is taking over everything books are the best you can sit and relax while reading them and on the stupid computer your eyes start to hurt after awhile and you get tired of being online. Yen Plus was my favorite magazine and i just recently subscribed too.


I have to admit I am disappointed. Yen Plus has only been out for what? 2, maybe 3 years? And then the sudden quits?
Oh well, all good things must come to an end, I suppose.

Good luck on your future plans, YP. I will still purchase titles from you, but won’t waste my money on an online solution.

<3 Allice


Are you serious?!?! I just got done tracking down all the back issues….ALL!!!!….I mean from Vol 1 #1 to Now!!! I just received the final one I was missing like a week ago! Then I subscribe like a week ago! And, now THIS!?!?! OMG!! Thanks for the heads up Yen!!! YOU GUYS SUCK!!!! THANKS A LOT FOR NOTHING!!! Well, at least I know I’ll have the full set. And, Is this online mag gonna be free? Because ya’ll are crazy if you think people will pay for an online mag. If I have to read it on the computer, I’ll just go read it off of a scanlation site!!!!! You guys are trying to “combat” the scanlation sites? All this is gonna do is drive more people to those sites, worst decision ever!!! FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GAH!!! I just spent like $200 getting all the back issues!! YOU SUCK!!!


Sorry, you guys don’t really suck, I’m just pissed! But, this really is pure fail. And, no I won’t really read it off of scanlation sites, I hate scanlation sites. They are ruining manga/comics in America. But, reading manga on the computer sucks!! I really wish you would change your mind. 🙁


I know why you’re doing this, but if this online anthology isn’t free then I’m most likely not going to support it. Sorry but I could read most of YenPress’s titles online for free anyway (like most people), the only reason I buy in print is to support the authors and to have a PHYSICAL copy.

I’ll continue buying manga/light novels from YenPress, but only because I like the titles. Honestly the decisions this company makes always seems to make me angry. 🙁


Agree with Jennifer. My wife and I have every issue of Yen Plus, and we’re not particularly fond of reading manga online. “Changing with the times” doesn’t seem to be a particularly compelling rationale for this type of change, and I suspect there are other rationales.

Don’t get me wrong; we occasionally purchase electronic media (and we have Maximum Ride on the Kindle); but so far electronic formats have been inferior to print, including use of the iPad (the Marvel app is nice; still not print). It is less likely that I will be exposed to some of the things I was exposed to from Yen; I probably wouldn’t have looked twice at Pig Bride, for example, were it not for the magazine.

For this type of change to be the least bit palatable, I’d expect to be able to own copies of the manga I purchase, without being encumbered by DRM (which was one of Maximum Ride’s failings, the rest of which were mainly Kindle-inflicted). Ownership of materials = good. Licensing & temporary access to materials = not so good. Even then, it’s a bit of a hard sell. I’ll be happy to change my mind if you provide a compelling substitute.


I hope this will lead to bigger embrace of digital content from Yen. I would love to have your light novels avaible as ebooks for example


I may not have a subscription but I do take pleasure in buying the magazine every month and seeing them on my shelf. That being said I’m displeased by the fact that you will be moving to online only.

Where will that leave those without internet that read it too, or those who only have internet access through their phone (like me)? Besides I bought and read it so I don’t have to hurt my eyes and read manga online.

This is one move I won’t be following, I’ll just be on the look out for the released volumes.

Jamie D

The main value prop. for Yen+ just went out the door. Absent wanting to fund the mangaka, and maybe a want for a really accurate translation, there’s no good reason NOT to use scanlations…which aren’t going away any time soon, as sad as that may be. People wanted something to hold, something to take anywhere and read on paper. Anthologies are novel in America but they’re cool as a reader and keepsake, but now that logic no longer applies for many of us.

+Official translation
-Subscription w/ pay-wall and registration process
-Questionable access to back-chapters
-You can’t keep it or read it without a device
-Dated compared to alternatives

-You don’t support the mangaka
-Somewhat questionable translations
+Current/Fast (within a week of Japan issue) <<–This is the biggie
+Easy access

Absent some radical (and I mean REALLY radical) moves from Yen Press…this is a bad move…unless this makes + cost nothing to run, and it'll just kinda be there…I doubt there'll be too many readers though.

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I’m very sad to hear this, though I can’t say I’m surprised; I’ve been expecting this since Shojo Beat ceased publication last summer. It’s good that there will be an online edition, but as an older person with very poor eyesight, that is not a viable option for me. I will continue to purchase the print manga you publish that I follow, and I wish you the best in these tumultuous economic times.


Honestly, I’m very saddened. It’s shojo beat all over again. When I found this magazine with the cover art created by Svetlana Chamakova, I was excited reading some really great manga/ manhwa. Like many others have posted here, it won’t feel the same without holding a thick magazine.

Beth Silver

Just this weekend past I was extoling Yen Plus’ virtues to a friend. I jumped off the couch and pulled a couple issues off the shelf. He was impressed by the quality of the printing, thickness of the volumes and overall tactile beauty of the magazine. I love being able to read the magazine in bed, while I’m eating, riding the train or outside on my porch. I like the smell, the huge size of the pages and the feel of it in my hand. I never read scanslations, because I spend 8 hours on the computer at work and the last thing I want to do is look at a computer screen when I get home.
I can only see the switch to digital as the death of the magazine. I truly mourn this as it was the best anthology on the market, a joy to recieve in the mail each month and introduced me to series like Gossip Girls or Soul Eater that I would never have read on my own.
Please reconsider your decision. This is a great way to loose your reader base, not expand it. Having an online copy for those who don’t want the physical magazine is one thing, but to do away with the pulp one entirely is crazy.


Awesome…Not. I have dialup at home and as such I’m not going to waste my time trying to load something like this. I also donate my old copies to my college’s anime club and I don’t know how I’m going to do so with a digital copy.


I for one look forward to this. Yes, print has some advantages over reading online, but as certain unsavory websites have shown, there are a lot of people who don’t mind reading manga on a computer.

I’ll admit I hadn’t subscribed to Yen+ before, but depending on the price and number of titles available, I might look into an online subscription.

Even more than that, though, would it be possible to have some free previews, even of just the first chapter?

My local comic shop, wonderful as it is, doesn’t stock that many Yen titles, and regular bookstores are even more hit-and-miss. I’d like to know what I’m getting myself into before buying a volume online, but aside from a handful of “Look Inside”s on Amazon (and the aforementioned unsavory sites,) there isn’t any way for me to do so.


Can’t any manga mag making it anymore?? T_T Why does Japan get to have hundreds of awesome manga coming out in phone-book size WEEKLY and our bigger country and market can’t even support two monthly magazines? I freaking hate Shonen Jump and it’s the last one there is now.


Ugh, I understand why you’re doing this, and I’ll continue to buy the volumes of the series I really enjoy, but don’t expect me to pay to read your mag online. Not going to happen. Reading on the computer gives me migraines. x_x

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Your Yen Plus had a horrible business model. I bought it for the first 8 or so months before I realized that I was being sucked in, only to have the manga change so you could force me to buy volumes. Deceptive and annoying. You should have just followed Shonen Jump’s lead in that respect.

I still buy a couple of your titles, but really, your business practices, along with your blatant, unprofessional preference of B&N (publishers should *NOT* play favorites), make you guys my least favorite of the manga companies. Hopefully you shape up soon.

Seth Timothy

I must admit I’m not pleased with this decision. What made this comic anthology so awesome was how it could be shared offline with interested parties. That said, I wish Yen Press nothing but the best of luck and success with their new print model.

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