Spice & Wolf Take Two!

It has been brought to my attention that some people weren’t thrilled with the cover of the first volume of the Spice & Wolf light novel. (Shocking, I know!) Seriously, though, we do very much take feedback from the fans to heart. It was based on that feedback that we ended up offering jackets featuring the original Japanese artwork to interested online retailers, and it was also based on that feedback that we opted to change our approach to the Spice & Wolf light novels going forward.

Therefore, for the second novel, each copy will come jacketed featuring a photographic cover to satisfy the requests of our retail partners who have asked that the books be made more appealing to a wider purchasing public. However, the printed covers beneath the jackets will feature the original illustrations that appeared on the Japanese editions of the book.

We want to thank everyone who has supported the Spice & Wolf light novels so far (and the first volume of the manga which just released and has been selling phenomenally!), and we hope that this change will only help to bolster your enthusiasm for the series!

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Firstly, that photographic cover is a thousand times better than the first volume’s. Secondly, this is seriously a fantastic idea. You please everyone~ πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for really looking out for the fans!


this one (left) is far better than the first, but I prefer the original one πŸ˜€


The new picture for the dust jacket is head and shoulders above the first volume’s new picture. I’m glad you responsded to the complaints about the style of the first volume’s new picture as well as the issue of the original Japanese cover versus the dust jacket. Thank you for trying so hard to find a happy middle ground between the fans and your bookstore customers. Dare I say that you’ve succeeded this time? I’m looking forward to having book 2 in hand. I loved book 1.

Richard J.

Here is proof of Yen Press’ superiority to the other companies. Not only did you achieve a mutually beneficial compromise between having the “mainstream” cover and the original Japanese art cover but you ALSO worked to make this photo cover much better than the first! I sincerely hope the trend of trying to make the photo cover match-up with the original cover will continue!

Spice and Wolf will absolutely be keeping my support and I look forward to more light novels and manga to come! Keep up the great work!


So it’s been switched for the second volume and onwards? This time, the jacket has the new cover and the one on the book itself is the original?


EXCELLENT news, the new cover is MUCH better than the first one, and now everyone gets a choice of which cover they want. If this had happened with the first book it probably would have got no where near the stick it did.
I still say the americanised cover could probably reflect the nature of the books (romance, economy and business etc) a bit better, but its obviously getting there.

Either way good news, and even better because it shows how close the 2nd novel is (the internet phrase ‘DO WANT!’ comes to mind).


this is a much better idea then the first
but this time the US cover doesn’t look that bad


Thanks. Best decision you have ever made. My rage has temporarily subsided. It doesn’t excuse the problems with the manga, but at least, I won’t feel bad about buying another book I really want. Now reprint the first one the same way.


I think this is a good compromise that you have come up with that will hopefully please everyone. I can’t wait until the second novel is released!


My my my, yen press you just blow my mind! I freaking love you!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!~ Now…


(wheee!! Dont have to worry about baccano’s beautiful art changing now ^^ *big BIG fan of Enami Katsumi*…..that is….if you do licensed baccano ;D …okay im sorry yen, i shouldnt assume you are bringing it over, i just, i love baccano to bits. xD)

oh and yes, US cover doesnt look to bad πŸ™‚


@einhorn303 Now that’s what I would call a hard-core otaku!XD


Good news everyone! This is great to hear! As others have said this is the perfect compromise.

Looking forward to getting this volume as well as all the rest (hopefully beyond 6 as well!)


Hey, cool. Now just reprint volume 1 like this and I’ll start buying the series.

Neko Musume

Will you be reprinting volume 1 with the original cover?


Ha! Awesome! Another reason why Yen Press is so great–they actually listen to fan feedback and make changes based on it. Good luck with the sales ^^ (I also agree; the second new cover is much better than the first).


You see, now that’s how you do a new cover!
It didn’t necessarily have to mirror the original, but well done Yen Press, well done indeed.


I dont mind the realistic cover, but i really dont like the amateurish feeling that covers you are picking give me. The just dont look very appealing at all.

Though i think the dust cover solution is what you should have done in the first place.

Im still mad that my original copy is so ugly. And you cant get the covers for them anymore.


Nice compromise this time. =D

Your original cover art looks much better this time around too, so I don’t see how this could upset anyone like with the first cover. I hope you stick with this plan for future volumes; it seems like a good idea from a business and aesthetic point of view.

Now if only you could license the Baccano! and Durarara!! light novels and do the same for them… (I can dream, right?)


Fantastic decision, I’ll surely be picking up a copy.

As has been said already, will you be reprinting vol. 1 with the original cover? If so, I’ll grab a copy of that as well!


could you give bonus slip cover (dust jacket) for volume 1 in this volume 2 for free?,
’cause not everyone got the dust jacket for volume 1 (including me ><)


Awesome, could you re release volume 1 like this so I can buy it? Thanks!


For all those asking for a reprint of volume 1, would you all actually re-buy it if that were the case (assuming you bought the first edition)? Does it really mean that much to you?


Thank you for listening to everyone the last time.

I’ll ask the same question a lot of others are already asking – are you going to be re-printing the first one to be the same way? I still can’t justify picking up the first volume if you aren’t, it’ll look weird and I’m definitely more of a ‘collector’ than I usually like to believe myself to be. >.>


Thank you for listening. Will get a copy for sure. Actually, release faster! πŸ˜€


This is fantastic news.

But really, you should re-release the first volume with the original cover.


Seems to me like someone in marketing got their act together. While I have to commend you for this recent move, I still would LOVE to see the data for how many people you actually think that new style cover is going to appeal too. I do not know about you but a realistic looking human figure with 2 wolf ears and a bushy tail doesnt scream out to me. While it looks much better then volume 1’s cover, I still feel it does not portray who Yen Press is trying to sell too.

However, it isn’t my decision. I appreciate you using the original artwork this time for the cover as well including the dust-jacket new-newstyle cover for the rest of us so that we may proceed to burn it in fashion.

Ooooo maybe Yen Press should have a contest. “Show us your most creative hate for the new art covers and win a prize.”


Thanks so much!! Now please change the Book Girl cover, i want the original one.

“you should re-release the first volume with the original cover.”
Second that.


@Albright: Yes, I’d buy it. As a fan of Spice and Wolf I want the original cover.

I have bought the previous edition, but I wouldn’t think twice about buying a reprint. Also, having volume 1 with that cover and all the other volumes with other kind of covers looks really weird. But maybe that’s just me.


This sounds like a good compromise. It’s nice to see that Yen really is as responsive its customers as it claims to be. However, I can’t help but find your solution a little humorous this time around. The reason behind the photographic cover is to “bring new readers into the manga community!” i.e. appeal to non weeaboos who would see a manga-style cover and immediately discard it. I can just imagine such a person’s surprise as they, after having purchased the book, remove the photographic cover to reveal the original nerdy weeaboo cover beneath it.

Although, they probably would have figured out that it’s Japanese from the illustrations by then, but it still strikes me as funny.


Awsome. Good job and the new cover. It’s much better than the previous. Also your choice to use tha original art on the printed cover and the Americanized one on the dust jacket is the right choice. Way to go Yen.


@Albright – I’d buy a reprint of volume 1, since I didn’t buy the first printing. And as for:

“For all those asking for a reprint of volume 1, would you all actually re-buy it if that were the case?”

Surely that’s a non-issue – a reprint is a reprint. They don’t have to recall the current printing, just print the next one with dual covers.


@Sammy – after the first book, you didn’t preorder months ago? πŸ˜€


I wouldn’t re-buy the first edition just over a cover. That’s just stupid. Didn’t anyone hear of the cliche “don’t judge a book by the cover?”

I’ll keep the dust jacket on my original and keep the rest of the dust jackets in a box somewhere. Not that big of a deal.


The US cover for this one is acceptable. I’ll still be getting the jacket, but I can deal with covers such as this. I said before that I understood the reasoning behind changing the cover, and didn’t mind at all (I’m glad that we can still get the original covers somehow).

Before it wasn’t so much the cover change everyone was making a deal about, it was what the cover was actually changed to. I haven’t read the comments here yet, but I’m sure a majority of them are much more positive and supportive than last time around.

Some replies were rather childish, but I’m sure people only threw such a childish fit before just out of anger in the moment. It wasn’t the cover change, more what the cover was changed to. This cover for the second one works fine, and is something you could bring out in public without drawing attention to yourself.

I hope your efforts of marketing don’t go to waste, and that the novel project actually does stay alive. While I’ve read the books in Japanese, it’s always nice to have a copy in my native language to re-read for more enjoyment.


I’d also like to add that the US cover being used as a jacket instead seems more fitting anyway. After all, it seems pretty unnatural to have a cover styled as it was, but then the first page you open up to has an illustration that is nowhere near what was shown on the cover. The gradual transition seems much more natural.


I definitely agree that when you find it financially feasible, that you should re-print the first volume with the original art work. πŸ˜‰

As for the new book “Book Girl and the Suicidal Mime”, being an owner of the original Japanese edition, I SINCERELY hope that you do the same for it. It’s original art cover is perfect and I’d hate to see it get ruined.

Also, as a quick suggestion, let me briefly say what other’s have above stated, “Please license Baccano!” lol

(I’d also love it if you’d license the manga version of the GOSICK novels which are going to be made into an Anime later this year.)

As for the people who STILL don’t understand why Yen Press keeps using a realistic cover, well, they already have told you. It’s because book stores will not stock the books anywhere but the Manga section UNLESS the cover is photo-realistic or non-animeish. It’s just a sad fact for right now.

However, unlike most I liked the first cover more than this. At least the first version looked serious. This one just looks a bit silly. It looks sort of like a poster ad for “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” haha

Anyways, great decision Yen Press. I love the compromise. ^_^

Also, this will make you the first American light novel publisher to print their books with slip covers, just like the Japanese. haha

Although for a different reason than they do it.



Do a small reprint, but yes, I would absolutely buy the book (for the 3rd time actually).


Good stuff, in fact its a pretty decent design this time compared to volume one.

I already have a volume one and if I can gaurantee I’ll get a 2nd printing copy with the original art on the cover i’ll place an order. Guess i’ll just have to wait and see if v1 get a re-printing.


Does this mean that the first volume will soon get the same treatment, or will it forever be with the new cover?

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