Spice & Wolf Take Two!

It has been brought to my attention that some people weren’t thrilled with the cover of the first volume of the Spice & Wolf light novel. (Shocking, I know!) Seriously, though, we do very much take feedback from the fans to heart. It was based on that feedback that we ended up offering jackets featuring the original Japanese artwork to interested online retailers, and it was also based on that feedback that we opted to change our approach to the Spice & Wolf light novels going forward.

Therefore, for the second novel, each copy will come jacketed featuring a photographic cover to satisfy the requests of our retail partners who have asked that the books be made more appealing to a wider purchasing public. However, the printed covers beneath the jackets will feature the original illustrations that appeared on the Japanese editions of the book.

We want to thank everyone who has supported the Spice & Wolf light novels so far (and the first volume of the manga which just released and has been selling phenomenally!), and we hope that this change will only help to bolster your enthusiasm for the series!

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Oh please do speed it up.. This is a great story, and I can’t wait to support it all the way to Volume 17. Will you guys keep it up until then? I heard some people saying you might drop it at 6? I’m worried. 🙁


Quote:// Why do you put the Parental Advisory label on the front cover of the manga instead of on the back?

I always thought that was for advertising. (A little false, but oh well.)

While we’re on the subject of childish demands, is there any chance there will be getting updated to e-books? Considering that no stores that I know of actually stock these (in Canada, at least.) I think the Kindle/Nook/Kobo sales would be surprisingly strong. (OTOH, I suppose the dilution might reduce the paper form demand below threshold for printing. hmm, ah well, at least you won’t be getting lots of returns.)



It’s still long 6 month wait.
Don’t you guys want our money?

Total:17 volumes
completed: 5 volumes
remaining: 11 volumes
release: every 6 months
finish reading a book: 3 days
Total wait: 5 years



so as the above said 5 to 4 and a half more years of waiting :*( wish it could go a bit faster even 3 a year would be so good


I agree that the books should be translated faster. The ideal speed would be one ever 4 months or one ever 3 months NOT one ever 6 months. I might even lose interest if it takes that long! 🙁


As announced at Sakura-Con, beginning with volume 7, the Spice and Wolf novels will be released ever four months rather than every six!


Anyone know where to buy reprint of vol 1. I’ve seen a YouTube vid where someone had one but I can’t find it anywhere T_T


@Jon The first volume was reprinted some time ago, so probably a number of retailers have the new stock. Unfortunately we can’t tell specifically which ones…


Any chance of these books seeing an ebook release? I’d be willing to double dip if it meant I could easily carry these books around with me.


I know that this is an old post, but all releases need to be in ebook format. I hardly buy anything other than manga in print these days.


So is there a plan of re-releasing those books in hardcover version w/ original Japanese art on it, or should i drop waiting, as it’s unlikely, and just buy them as they are now 😕


@CaeleS – We don’t have plans for a hardcover release at this time, so buy them now! The reprints of the jacketed volumes no longer have the jackets, just the original art.


Please tell me they plan to translate the entire series and not leave us hanging on like book 12! I don’t really care how long it takes (the faster the better) and I already got several other people to pick up the series as well.


i love the animated cover more it was better to me because its what started the love of the anime and manga for me

Anthony P

Awesome idea! I really like both of the covers so having them both is a plus!

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