April showers bring YEN PLUS!

The skies have cleared at last in the Northeast, and we are enjoying some long-anticipated sunshine! And you are enjoying your long-anticipated issue of YEN PLUS! Svetlana’s back with an all-new Nightschool cover and color pages~! And while we welcome Alex and her fellow night beasties back into the fold, we bid a fond farewell to Hero Tales. This month’s chapter is the final chapter of Volume 4, but as soon as Volume 5 hits stores in Japan, we’ll be bringing you the rest of Taitou vs. Keirou! The cliffhanger is terrible. Terrible!!! But please be patient! More is on the way!

We are ever grateful for your support! Please continue sending in your feedback, fan art, etc. etc.

If you have any specific questions about your subscription to YEN PLUS, please direct them to subscription services at 1-800-876-7598.



Will you have a replacement series for Hero Tales? I hope so, otherwise the ratio will be 4:7 (which is already unbalanced as it is).


This new issue was the best one yet!
Um…will you be putting other manga in Yen Press with Hero Tales gone? Like, Kobato.?
I’m a tad OCD, so I do hope you will put more stories in the manga side of the magazine! Maybe having seven stories on each side!

But thanks for a lovely magazine, Yen Press!!

<3 Allice


Also, also, could you maybe put more posters in your magazines in the future? Maybe Pandora Hearts or Black Butler? That would make my day! And my walls have been looking very bleak without any new posters~~
Much abliged!!

<3 Allice


I read in the opening letter that Yen Plus is printed in Indiana! Oooh, which one and where? I live in Indiana and I’m looking for a new printing job. It would be an honor to work at the company that makes Yen Plus!


I hope more series are added to the manga side. While technically we have 3 American-produced graphic novels, 4 manhwa, and 4 manga series, it feels unbalanced when 7 of them are on one side. I’d totally put in a vote for Karneval (Ichijinsha). Though, I assume at least one series has already been chosen for the next issue. Wonder what it is.


…that Nightscool cover is making me itchy. And I know that itch isn’t going away until I get volume 4, or I give in and get the magazine anyway. 😛


By the way, that was a pretty heart-wrenching chapter of Pandora Hearts. And Vincent… wow. =/ The guy is clearly evil. Even Break thinks so, though Break isn’t the most innocent-looking person, either… Are we getting flashbacks next? Looks like it.

WTH at Black Butler???? @__@


I hope we get manga to replace Hero Tales! I’m sad to see it go though! Any chance of Yen picking up Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup! in the dub) The artwork isn’t that great, but I adore that manga! Besides, adding a sports manga would be great! It has some very shonen-ai moments for yaoi-fangirls, too! Not that it’s yaoi, but still! I’ve heard it’s popular in Japan, as well!


Ahhhh I just went to the bookstore too! I missed it xD At least I have an excuse to go again this week.. ^^

Curious to see what the new series is~ Personally, Im looking forward to more original one shots! Hopefully there will be more of those soon~ But Im also hoping for more Square titles like Durarara!! <3~


Folks, don’t think of Yen Plus as having some fraction of manga to non-manga, or manga to manhua to “American-produced” comics (I don’t think any of the A-side comics could entirely qualify as that, including Nightschool; Chmakova’s Russian-Canadian). Instead, think of it as a whole, an entity, and don’t worry so much about the nationality of the creators of its constituent parts. I too hope that Yen Press will give us something to fill the slot vacated by Hero Tales, but I really don’t care where it comes from, so long as it’s good.


Still lookin’ out for that amatuer contest, you guys! And I hope you pick a ggod replacement for HT!


@Albright – I’m not thinking of nationality; the type is determined by where it’s produced. Nightschool and Maximum Ride and whatever else are produced in the States for an American audience, thus, they are American-produced. I do enjoy all forms of comics, but honestly, I’m just not into the graphic novel adaptations of book series I don’t read and Nightschool isn’t my thing. There are just several manga series I’d love picked up, and it’d make sense to replace a manga series with another manga series. That’s why I’m hoping for more manga; because I want to own some of my favorite series. Also, manhua are Chinese comics, while manhwa are Korean 🙂

I’d second Big Windup!, but it’s published by Kodansha in Japan. Del Rey and Kodansha have contracts already, so it’s difficult to get to a lot of their manga. Also, Kodansha set up a USA branch and the Japanese company withdrew the licenses to Kodansha series published by Tokyopop. On top of that, sports manga don’t sell well, even if people get a BL vibe from it. It’s not even BL, though, so there’s probably not enough to attract attention; just male camaraderie with weird facial expressions (I mean, really weird) and this blushing thing that never really goes away. Truth be told, scenes where Mihashi is staring at someone can look really freaky if you look at his face too longxD


It seems that the series will just be put on hold till the next book comes out in Japan, so I’m actually hoping that during the time when Hero Tales will not be in the magazine, there will be more fanart pages, color posters, maybe some mini-comics or extras rather then starting a new manga.


I’d like Saki the player to be licensed by Yen Press.

Kathleen A.

Wait. Hero Tales is coming back, right? What’s all this “replace” talk?


@Kathleen- Hero Tales will probably come back once there’s more chapters/volumes released in Japan.


“Nightschool and Maximum Ride and whatever else are produced in the States for an American audience, thus, they are American-produced.”

Again, neither Nightschool’s nor Max Ride’s attributed artists are Americans, nor GG’s, for that matter, but I suppose we can meet in the middle by saying all three of these titles are created primarily for a Western audience and published by an American company, and therefore are “American-produced.” But again, I wish everyone would not categorize and classify these comics by where they were produced (or whether they are adaptations from a novel, for that matter) and just judge them on their own merits.

Kathleen A.: What SilverFire said – I don’t want Hero Tales to be replaced for good, but it would be cool if Yen Press could give us something new to fill its slot during its hiatus instead of just printing one fewer comic each month – even if that “something new” is just previews of other Yen Press or Hachette comics or novels.

Anyway, if everyone’s begging for licenses, I’ll add mine: how about Pretty Combat Communist Rika-Chan? Or Fat Girls’ Club for the fanservice fans out there? Ultimate Mop Daisuke DX would be another good one, but I think it might already be licensed.


@Albright – That’s what I’m saying. Nationality shouldn’t count, though; if two Americans have a child and afterward move to Japan, and that child creates a comic and publishes it Japan, it isn’t an American comic. And, by definition, American produced means produced in America; regardless of nationality of the authors, that’s where the series are produced. Ignoring the categorizing of anything with a “manga style” as manga that some fans are insistent on, the names are typically applied to the country of origin; “comics from the US”, “comics from Japan”, “comics from Korea”. I understand what you are saying–that the creators aren’t American so that changes the name–but I prefer to use technicalities and precise definition rather than paying attention to certain artistic elements or nationality.

And I do judge works by their own merits. I enjoy the artwork of the graphic novel adaptations, but I’m not keen on any of their stories, particularly Gossip Girl. Maximum Ride seems somewhat interesting, but nothing I have been drawn into by what I’ve read. I judge Gossip Girl on the original novel series; the plot of the novels doesn’t attract me, so there is no way that a graphic novel will suddenly change that. Part of the fun (for me) of reading an adaptation is seeing things in a new light; I haven’t really heard great things about Maximum Ride (the series as a whole) and I other books I’m interested in. I love comics from every country, but I rather have a new story (not an adaptation) or a series from Japan/Korea that I’m dying to own. It’s more likely going to be from Japan, though, because Hero Tales is from that side.


“American produced means produced in America; regardless of nationality of the authors, that’s where the series are produced.”

I guess our main point of disagreement is the definition of “to produce.” Or, perhaps, on what is being produced; the individual comics versus the actual Yen Plus magazine issue.

I personally find that I’m only able to enjoy GG on the trainwreck level; it’s about horrible people (high school brats, no less) doing horrible things to themselves and each other. I’m not really sure how anyone could experience a sensation of “fun” by reading it, but whatever; at least it’s better than Jack Frost, which is not enjoyable on *any* level (again, my opinion). I do really like Max Ride, though, even if the kids are a little too perfect, and have considered checking out the novel series at some point.


Hey Yen Press! Sorry to bother you, but I have a series that you should definetly pick up! (and I don’t know where to tell you or submit suggestions, so I guess I’ll do it here?)
It’s called Matantei Loki Ragnarok, or Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok. It was published by another compant (I think ADV Manga) but was dropped some years ago. So since YP is famous for adopting abandoned manga, I thought this series would be a nice addition!
It’s about a God named Loki, who is banished to the human world in the form of a child, were he works as a detective to solve mysteries and such. It has a lot of Norse Mythology, and I think some readers will enjoy a bit of fantasy/mythology mix! I myself love all kinds of mythologies, and Norse is no exception!
So please consider checking out Loki if you don’t mind, Yen Press!

<3 Allice


Mmm, I’m hoping that K-ON will replace Hero Tales while we wait for it’s return.



Yep, im betting Kobato will b the series to replace hero tales.


Yeah, but it might be a slim chance. Volume 1 and 2 of Kobato are out soon, and it already ran in Newtype in english.

Brenna Jara

I do not read yen press magazine but, I love some of the mangas and manhwas yen press makes. So thanks for keep making mangas and manhwas!!


hey yen…. u guys license kadokawa published manga right?
maybe u might be able to get one of their titles maybe like oh i don’t know
Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru!!!!! XD
it would be awesome if you guys could could!!
and now theres an anime so maybe more publicity will make it popular!!


Just recieved May issue.
No new additions on the manga side. At all. No filler, no sneak preview, no nothing.
Instead, you guys add a short story to the other side? Instead of the manga and try to at least balance it out? The sidebars look so….off, with just three series in it.

And what about the Maximum Ride cover on the other side? I know you guys change the covers sometimes, but…why?

The only thing I liked was the free poster.
But thanks for the issue, Yen Press

<3 Allice


Is there any chance you guys could get the license for Ryohgo Narita’s Baccano novels? I promise, no matter how tight my budget, I’d snatch up every vol. as soon as they came out! <3

Anyway, pleading aside: I really loved this month's ONe Fine Day, Maximum Ride, Pandora Hearts and Nightschool. Nabari No Ou and Soul Eater are worming their ways into my heart as well. XD

Absolutely love you folks, and hope other companies can follow your example and bring more love to the light novel fans here in the states!


I second Baccano! Ive bought the novels in Japanese but I would love them in english as well ;w;~

And I cant wait for the new issue, hopefully it will be in stores soon ^^


Bring me Spice & Wolf light novels, and you got yourself a customer.


Black Butler or Pandora Hearts posters!!!!! They are needed!!!!!! Best series ever, those two are. Best things I ever read! =D

I don’t mind that Hero Tales is leaving, not my cup o’ tea. Curios, though — with what will you replace it?

Black Butler/Pandora Hearts poster would be… HEAVEN!!!! Pure heaven. =D


I really hope you guys do publish the Baccano! Novels is english, and maybe the manga too? PLEASE? I swear that if you publish them I will buy EVERY ONE no matter what!

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