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So last week Zac over at ANN invited me to participate in their latest ANNCast.  It was a lot of fun and covered a wide range of topics, from scanlation to SPICE & WOLF.  My sincerest thanks to Zac and Justin for having me on the show, and if you’re curious to give it a listen and find out some of the latest happenings at Yen Press, you can check it out here:

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I really enjoyed listening to this interview. I’m a huge fan of the ANNcast and of YP, so having a chance to combine the two is a stellar experience.

I can’t wait for the next batch of license announcements, as always. <3 I love you guys and can't convey in words alone how much it means to me how you all care for the series you put out.


I can’t stand listening to ANNCast. Zac is so rude and blunt. Did you hear how he gave short little yeahs before moving on to the next subject? He sounded so bored after Kurt gave an answer and it infuriated me every time he did it. You know it’s bad when the guest is more interactive than the host. =/

Kurt totally made the show for me. I don’t plan on tuning in to ANNCast anymore after this.


I absolutely love Yen Plus. Will you have any more Maximum Ride goodies?? I missed the issue where they had the poster of Fang and Max! >_<


@Liz i agree with you…it did feel like he was doing that =_= but still i continue to listen to them. (mostly because they give a lot of info about animne/manga related stuff, like when nis america was a guest. (the info in that was EXTREMELY nice to hear.)

it was a nice listen!

tho im so depressed pandora hearts wasnt mentioned at all… 😛 lol and could it be that one(some) of those new books kurt mention is BACCANO?! DURARARA?! (sorry, i just REALLY wanna read those series (and durarara is becoming very popular as of now, so it “sorta” makes sense…ya’ kno? ;D)


I’m glad to hear that the light novels are selling well! I hope this allows for more light novels to licensed in the future. (Maybe Durarara!!? *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink* 😉 )

Richard J.

I loved the interview! It was great hearing about how well light novels are doing for Yen Press and that you’re already working on Spice and Wolf’s third novel. Also, it was fun to learn your favorite manga (it is awesome) and to hear about how Yen Press is doing in general. Especially since you were so positive. Lately everyone seems so doom and gloom.

I do wish you could have said more positive things about the idea of “license rescues” for light novels though. Yen Press seems to be the only company that is making them work. There are a number of great series that are just lying fallow.

Hope you get invited back to ANNCast, I’d love to hear another interview!


Please, please license Baccano! and Durarara!!
It would please the people if you didn’t mess with the cover.


I also would love to see Durarara!! And of course, please release all volumes of Spice and Wolf (I believe there is 11 of them now?) 🙂

Personally I can’t listen to the ANNcast because Zac is probably the most insufferable human I’ve ever had the displeasure of hearing or reading (the man should not have anything to do with the anime industry in any capacity), but I’m glad your out there getting more exposure regardless.


By the way, congratulations on the Twilight Graphic Novel! I went to my bookstore and they had TWENTY COPIES (!!!!!) in stock! I was amazed, since I live in a small town and the previous record amount of copies of one volume of manga was like five volumes of Naruto or something like that.

I didn’t pick it up yet since seeing it there so early was quite a surprise, and I’m not much of a Twilight fan anyway, but I’m definitely going to bite my tongue and check it out.

I also saw that Yen’s profits increased something like 200% over the past year, which is amazing. Of course, your profits should go through the roof with the Twilight cash cow helping you. :3

Not to mention Black Butler, fangirl favorite, both Haruhi Suzumiya manga series AND the novels, Soul Eater, K-ON!, and Kotsuba&! Yen’s definitely going to start this new decade off with a bang. I’m predicting that it’ll eventually overtake Tokyopop and Del Rey and become the #2 publisher!!


Enough with the ‘cover messing’ thing. They’ve done this for a reason. And if changing the cover will allow them to sell more copies of a said book, then I’ll be more than happy to buy said book with whatever cover they decide on.

You should listen to the interview. It explains in detail why they decided to change the Spice & Wolf cover. And I completely agree with them.


@ Sou-chan

I completely understand the reason why they did it, but I when I read something that I enjoy, I’d like to see the original art that it belongs with.
Heck. I would have considered buying it if the cover wasn’t so bad.


Please! Pretty please! Rescue Boogiepop, Vamp! and Gun princess from Seven Seas!

Richard J.

@ Jellorific: You should check with to see if they still have the slip covers with the original cover art for Spice and Wolf. They were providing them free and uncreased with purchase of the novel. Don’t let a good light novel pass you by when there are options!


The first ANNCast I listened to from beginning to end! Pity I didn’t know beforehand that Kurt was going to be the guest, I wanted to ask if Yen Press would release art books and character books for their manga series T_T The scans that I’ve seen of the Spiral art book look beautiful and I would definitely buy any character/art books for Black Butler and Pandora Hearts! Oh, and any plans to license the prequel Spiral: Alive?

I would also definitely buy Durarara and Baccano if Yen Press were to bring them over ^__^


It seems that the first Haruhi novel is out of print? Are you going to reprint it?


@The people who are concerned about the Bugaku Shoujo novel cover or the Spice and Wolf cover, if you go to Hachette’s website and view their catalog you’ll see a cover that they might possibly be using. It features a brown cover with loads of books on it WITH the original cover put on. As for the Spice and Wolf cover, you can see it in the May-June catalog and it uses the original Japanese cover. Maybe we’ll be getting original covers, IDK.


Just purchased the spice and wolf novel(picked it up last tuesday)and it came with the extra cover. They should just include an extra original cover with each new release, that way both partys can be happy(getting the extra cover feels like a bonus).



and I must say, the cover of bungaku shoujo is all right! Thank you yen ^^

As for the May-june catalog…its so exciting!!!! I mean you got:
Black butler (<33333)
Pandora Hearts ( yesss yes yes yes yessssss!!!~)
one fine day (ADORABLE!!!)
Darker than black (I love the anime but i didnt like this manga… hei was just…not hei. Maybe youll licensed the new DTB manga?!? Which i find much better! x3)
Spice and Wolf (R u really going 2 use the original cover?! If so…THANK YOU!)
And kobato (oh man do i love clamp and their series!)

All series im really in 2!!! (so ill be definitely buying them x3)

Again, thank you yen press. I swear you always licensed my favorite series. I look forward to what comes next (Na-na-na-na-narita Ryohgo series <3333) hahaha


Hi! I was just wondering if you will continue making new covers for Spice and Wolf or keep the original covers? And if you continue making new covers will you continue making dust jackets for those who want them?


That was an awsome interview and I second the Zack rudeness thing!
Keep on keep’in on. (Oh yeah, I’m also seconding,thirding, whatever the translation of Durarara and Baccano.)


You people at yen press should create a poll with a list of popular titles and have your costumers vote as to what you should publish. That way, the fans and your company would be happy.

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