To tweet, or not to tweet…

We’re itching to give out some free stuff again, so it’s time for another Yen Press giveaway via Twitter! And in the spirit of democracy, once again we’ve decided to let you pick the prize from our fabulous choices below:

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Check out Yen Press’s Twitter page by clicking the link to your right. Remember, you do have to FOLLOW yenpress if you want to be eligible. Otherwise, we can’t contact you when you’ve won a prize! Check back here tomorrow to see what prize has won, and stay tuned to Twitter for details on how to enter!



I voted for Yotsuba because I’ve already purchased Laon, but if Laon wins I’ll still be happy–we need more manhwa readers, and Laon is a fun way to start out.


Am I the only one who keeps getting the eternal loading screen of doom?


Hard choice, was either higurashi or soul eater… So i went with soul eater!!

Kathleen A.

Yep. I’m getting the eternal loading screen of doom! I don’t think my vote registered. 🙁


Spice and Wolf jacks should have been released together with every volume of the novels, not only on special stores.


Yen Press, i would recomend you this manga :

“Doubt” its from the same artist as one of the arcs of “higurahsi no naku koro ni” and it run in the same magazine as FullMetal Alchemist and Soul Eater, its already complete and its 4 volumes long.

I would really enjoy to buy this manga


@Jason – Wow…I was actually just thinking about this title. It’s published by SE, too, and has a new sequel being serialized. I’ll admit that it was a bit predictable (at least for those interested in mystery series), but I loved the atmosphere and characters, as well as the concept.


@Arc and Jason – I two have been thinking of this! X3 I perfectly copies the tension that Higurashi had. It is a great book. :3

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