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NEW YORK, DECEMBER 2, 2009 – Yen Press has announced that it will publish a manga adaptation of Cecily von Ziegesar’s New York Times bestselling series, GOSSIP GIRL, about the lives of girls at an elite New York City private high school. GOSSIP GIRL: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY will be serialized monthly in the YEN PLUS manga anthology, starting with the January 2010 issue.
Unlike other manga adaptations that Yen Press has undertaken in the past, GOSSIP GIRL: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY will be an original re-imagination of the girls’ senior year focusing on the lives of Blair and Vanessa, written and illustrated by HyeKyung Baek.
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers’ Poppy imprint, the series, called “deliciously catty and immediately engrossing” by Kirkus, launched in 2002 and has sold over 5.3 million net copies. There are 13 original Gossip Girl books in addition to 4 books devoted to “The Carlyles” as well as a hit television series airing on the CW. The New Yorker noted that author Cecily von Ziegesar “pulls off the tour de force of wickedly satirizing the young while amusing them” and The New York Times notes that “these novels are fantasies and projections of imaginary world where…lost boys and girls struggle on their own with good and evil, or in this case, Bergdorf Goodman and evil.”
Kurt Hassler, Publishing Director of Yen Press says: “There are few series in the publishing world that have been as impactful or successful as Cecily von Ziegesar’s GOSSIP GIRL. The novels have captured the imaginations of young women around the world, and we look forward to demonstrating with GOSSIP GIRL: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY that graphic novels as a medium can be just as welcoming to girls as it is to boys.”
Cecily von Ziegesar is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Gossip Girl series. She grew up in Manhattan and attended a small private girls’ school on the Upper East Side. She began writing poems and short stories as soon as she could hold a pen. Gossip Girl was her first novel. She has always lived in New York City. You can read Gossip Girl’s juicy secrets at
HyeKyung Baek, a renowned manga artist in South Korea who made her professional debut with HAPPY SPIDER has since established herself with her beautifully detailed art, fresh characters, and a unique sense of humor that maximizes the effect of the medium. Her best known titles, Bring It On! and Chiro specialize in capturing the hearts of teenage girls, and as a huge fan of von Ziegesar’s GOSSIP GIRL, Baek is the perfect artist to bring these characters to life, in manga.



I agree with Albright. I don’t think it is fair to criticize something you haven’t read. I use that arguement all the time about manga and anime. I plan to read it even though I am a male and usually don’t read this kind of series.


I was surprised when I got my copy of Yen+ today. I’ll admit I know basically nothing about Gossip Girl, so I’ll give it a chance, but it still seems like kind of an odd title to make into a manhwa…


I crawled out of my exam studying stupor to more anti-something-or-other…at least some people held onto their brains during this.

As for the Nightschool interview, it might be possible that what they are referring to is a contract.


Maximum Ride is back!!! And NaRae Lee rested up!!!

I love NaRae Lee’s work. As a former tech writer at Adobe & Intel who has been too sick to work for close to a decade (or even read much or go online until last year), I know now that taking care of yourself is the most important thing. I went on a business trip with bronchitis & went to college at night when I came back and had caught something else as well, and since fall 2000 I’ve regretted it. My immune system totally crashed. So, you did the right thing, NaRae Lee!

But I just HAVE to say–it’s soooo cute that the picture she drew for Washington DC is obviously Seattle, Washington State! I live in Seattle on the hill opposite to the one that has the view that she drew, and she did an AMAZING job on the residential area of Queen Anne Hill, the Lower Queen Anne buildings that rise as tall as they can get without overpowering the Space Needle, the Needle itself, and I can even recognize some of the downtown buildings! She drew Mt. Rainer too pointy, but beyond that it was **perfect**–and perfectly the wrong place!

But we love her, so it’s ok. I laughed with love and understanding of what being sick can do to you. And momentary confusion at the juxtaposition of the text and the picture.

ps. Thanks for treating her well, Yen Press! If only Intel were like you, I might have my private long-term disability that I paid for, so I have an appreciation for people who take care of their people. Good job!!! And you can fix that in the collected work, anyway.

pps. OH! Looking more closely, I can even recognize the building I used to work in before getting sick! Impressive.


…having not read the series yet, I just realized it could be the text that was wrong.

Whichever. NaRae Lee still did a great job of picking out and drawing both representative parts of the skyline and a representative view, without over-cluttering it with every single building. And captured one of the aspects of Seattle that I love–the flow from quiet residential streets to fun neighborhoods of low-rise apartments and quirky businesses to downtown and out to nature. It really felt like my home.

— geekdiva/Cheryl in Seattle


I thought the same thing when I saw the announcement. Really? WTF? But it actually may be a good idea. Those of us who are more critical of ANY manga or manhwa will remain so, whether it is Gossip Girl or any other Manhwa/Manga.

This endeavor may actually try a new market who has never read manga. I admit that I hated the writing of Twilight, and the actors in it were awful, but I know a hell of alot of people who love it, which is the case for Gossip Girl, and they will buy it because THEY like the show and books.

I agree with everyone who says skip over it if you hate it, but at least let Yen Press, or ANY publishing company find ways to pick up new fans, so that they can continue publishing. Plus I think widening the variety is never a bad thing. I don’t read the newspaper because ALL of it is good… But having the choice to read different things, good or bad is nice. Plus who is the expert on what manga is good or bad? It’s all about what you enjoy to read~


geekdiva, yes, it looks like poor NaRae was working from the wrong reference photo for “Washington.” But I suppose it’s a mistake that any non-American could make. Kinda wonder why nobody Stateside caught it in the editorial process, though.

Okay, having received my issue and just finished reading Gossip Girl – let me say that again; I have actually read the first part of the Gossip Girl comic – I’ll say that it’s both what I was expecting and NOT what I was expecting. Mild spoilers: It’s pretty… mature. It contains one implied sex scene, briefly mentions one character suffers from bulimia, and pretty much features teenage drinking of various levels of binge-ness throughout. Good gravy! Here I was thinking this was going to be targeted more to tweens, but if I caught my little sister reading this, I’d slap it out of her hand – and she’s a high school senior. (Maybe I’m overprotective?)

But all that aside, story-wise, I think it’s very manga-ish. Stronger spoilers: Two former best friends have had a spat. Friend A tries to make up with Friend B, but Friend B rejects her. When Friend B sees Friend A hanging out with her boyfriend, happy and in love, Friend B vindictively decides to spite Friend A even more by breaking them up somehow. Take away the words “Gossip Girl” from the cover and tell me that couldn’t be the storyline to any random shoujo manga you could find on the shelf!


Jeez, people it’s no big deal just think of all the other books out there that are worse than Gossip Girl



Pffffffft. Are you kidding me? Yen Press is bearly doing well. Almost NONE of Yen Press’s titles, besides Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuustu, Soul Eater, and Maxium Ride, made it on the New York Times bestseller list. So far, I think their only cashcow is Soul Eater.

Either way, I am not buying the next volume of Soul Eater until Yen Press gets rid of this series.


Not sure if people know this, but the New York Times bestseller list is…biased.

If you know the story of Robert Munsch, writer, he didn’t know he was a bestseller…because a certain “popularity” list hadn’t been updated for x-number of years.

And I refuse to believe that every new volume of Naruto makes the list. (Well, I might, but…@[email protected])


“Almost NONE of Yen Press’s titles, besides Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuustu, Soul Eater, and Maxium Ride, made it on the New York Times bestseller list.”

I think you might be trolling at this point, but in case you’re not, consider that a book doesn’t have to make some arbitrary best-seller list in order to be profitable. It merely needs to bring in more money than it cost to produce. Seeing as how Yen Press’s library expands well beyond those three titles, they must be making a profit with at least some of their lesser-known titles as well. (And you realize you impressed nobody by using Haruhi’s Japanese title, right?)

“Either way, I am not buying the next volume of Soul Eater until Yen Press gets rid of this series.”

I used to love Fig Newtons until Nabisco came out with Nutter Butter cookies! I’ve never had a Nutter Butter cookie, but I’m absolutely repulsed by the idea. I will never, ever buy another pack of Fig Newtons, or any other Nabisco cookie, until they stop making those dumbass Nutter Butters.


“Almost NONE of Yen Press’s titles, besides Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuustu, Soul Eater, and Maximum Ride, made it on the New York Times bestseller list.”

Higurashi it made onto the list for about one or two weeks, if I remember correctly.

“Either way, I am not buying the next volume of Soul Eater until Yen Press gets rid of this series.”

Can I swear? Because I really want to swear. Probably not. So I’ll say this, you disgust me.


Really…. you cannot be serious. Why? This choice seems desperate or just plain stupid really…. Cannot believe I just renewed my subscription too….
Whose brilliant plan was it to disgrace manwha and manga with such a vile existence as Gossip Girl? And here we were all just thinking after sticking with Yen+ since the beginning, “Yen+ has been adding great series into their magazine!” jinxed?
You have ticked off and disguested quite a few people, Yenpress, but I will wish you much luck here, you will need it.


This has nothing really to do with your news post, but thank you YP for finally releasing Volume 7, of Moon Boy! We hope you guys do publish the final two books. Actually, I have to order Vol 7, myself, just to check the final page and hope to see a “TBC”.


why are all the people whom are being negative basing their ideas off the gossip girl tv show. As stated, its going to be based off the books so at least read that chapter in yen plus first before you pass judgement. I for one have read the first chapter and its really nice art inside as well as a pretty good storyline so far. Give it a chance before you start acting like little 5 year olds.


This “Gossip Girl” doesn’t seem like something I’d like but I’m willing to read with an open mind and if it gets Yen Plus more readers, that would be nice. I desperately want Yen Plus to survive (I miss Shojo Beat so much!) and I love reading Time and Again along with Hero Tales. I like the multicultural tone of Yen Plus too.
Just as long as things stay fresh and original! Can’t wait for my subscription to start (been waiting two months plus).


i finally got mine…yaaay!!
gossip girl eh?? i guess it’s….ok!! it’s not really my thing, but it’s ok!!!


“Shounen kind?”

Mr Hassler answered a question about comic-izing novels here:

In it, he makes the point that comic publishers in Japan are making comics out of hit young adult novels all the time – which is true and I feel kinda silly for not making the connection before. So there’s something else for your indignant otaku to consider – is it a bad thing that a comic publisher in the US is behaving more like comic publishers in Japan? Because everything in Japan is better, right?

The Mad Manga Massacre

Recently received the latest issue of Yen Plus in the mail. Upon reading the first chapter of Gossip girl: For Your Eyes Only, the story translated well into a shoujo comic. A smut scene to please that sector of the shoujo manga reading audience, some teenage soap-opera scenes, and really beautiful art(contrary to what the cover may lead you to believe). While not my favourite series in the magazine (I am more interested in historical series such as black butler and Tim and Again), I look forward to reading more chapters in the future issues!


Gossip Girl manga…? I myself am not a big fan of Gossip Girl, but some of my family is. This might be a good way to finaly get the rest of the relatives into manga!!! I actualy read some of it and I must say, I like it.


Gossip Girl stinks.
I’m sorry & I really think you should stop dropping comics so much.
It’s making me sad!
You need to go a little farther & more juicy parts of the comic series.
Then dropping it, like SUMOMOMO MOMOMO!
I want to buy some more of that series && SARASAH.
But please don’t drop any more for a while. . .
Only like two & that’s it! Hahaha


When I first saw the Gossip Girl cover, I was surprised, to say the least. I have nothing against the series, although I never got around to reading the novels. The first chapter was nothing like I expected. The artwork inside was pretty, with nice detailing, although a bit over the top sparkly. The artist’s style is perfect for the series, though. The fact that there was more than just one or two color pages was impressive. The color pages had plain awesome artwork. Anyway, I am glad Yen Plus decided to serialize GG. It was refreshing to see some “western” references (like when a character has bulimia. You don’t really see that in traditional manga) without sacrificing a more “manga” or manhua style artwork, as is sadly the case with many OELs, although Nightschool and Max Ride are great exceptions. I really hope GG fans will try to give this a go, even if most of them are probably not manga fans.

On another note, I am really anticipating the vol. 1 release of Black Butler! It’s been a favorite series of mine all along, so thank you Yen Press. The way that this manga anthology has titles that are not just Japanese, but instead varied is why I’m a fan of Yen Plus. I mean, Shonen Jump’s all right, but it only serializes the really mainstream series, like Naruto and Bleach. Other lesser-known titles don’t really get that much coverage…unlike Yen Plus!



o.o Gossip Girl…manhwa? o.0;; I got this issue already and the art is nice but 0.0;; WTH?

Kathleen A.

Here’s an excerpt from my previous post: “I guess I’ll have to report back when I’ve managed to pick up a copy of the January issue. I’ll try to remain calm and keep an open mind until then… but only ‘cause I love you guys and you’ve always tried to fix oopses in the past, ‘kay? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.”

Yep . So I read this with an open mind, as promised. Sadly, I have to report my disappointment. The artwork was lovely. The story and characters however left me downright cold. I didn’t find a single character sympathetic in any way. Not a single one. I tried! Oh, I tried! I wanted to feel bad for somebody or hate somebody else, but I just can’t seem to care about their (largely self-created) “problems.” Worse than earning my hate, this manhwa has earned that far deadlier response: my indifference.

Sigh. At least everything else in the issue was good. I loved me One Fine Day, Hero Tales, Jack Frost, and Night School!


i wonder if they’re basing this off the show or book.
if it was up to me they should base it off the book. the show is amazing but the book is thousands of times better.

Andy G.

I’m shocked that nobody is exited for this.
And I’m shocked that you’re shocked of the plot! Guys backstabbing, friendships,betrayal, love and fashion is what this AWESOME manga and TV show is ALL about! If you never heard of Gossip Girl, or have never read the critically acclaimed books, or the hit series DO NOT judge a book by it’s cover!


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