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NEW YORK, DECEMBER 2, 2009 – Yen Press has announced that it will publish a manga adaptation of Cecily von Ziegesar’s New York Times bestselling series, GOSSIP GIRL, about the lives of girls at an elite New York City private high school. GOSSIP GIRL: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY will be serialized monthly in the YEN PLUS manga anthology, starting with the January 2010 issue.
Unlike other manga adaptations that Yen Press has undertaken in the past, GOSSIP GIRL: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY will be an original re-imagination of the girls’ senior year focusing on the lives of Blair and Vanessa, written and illustrated by HyeKyung Baek.
Published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers’ Poppy imprint, the series, called “deliciously catty and immediately engrossing” by Kirkus, launched in 2002 and has sold over 5.3 million net copies. There are 13 original Gossip Girl books in addition to 4 books devoted to “The Carlyles” as well as a hit television series airing on the CW. The New Yorker noted that author Cecily von Ziegesar “pulls off the tour de force of wickedly satirizing the young while amusing them” and The New York Times notes that “these novels are fantasies and projections of imaginary world where…lost boys and girls struggle on their own with good and evil, or in this case, Bergdorf Goodman and evil.”
Kurt Hassler, Publishing Director of Yen Press says: “There are few series in the publishing world that have been as impactful or successful as Cecily von Ziegesar’s GOSSIP GIRL. The novels have captured the imaginations of young women around the world, and we look forward to demonstrating with GOSSIP GIRL: FOR YOUR EYES ONLY that graphic novels as a medium can be just as welcoming to girls as it is to boys.”
Cecily von Ziegesar is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Gossip Girl series. She grew up in Manhattan and attended a small private girls’ school on the Upper East Side. She began writing poems and short stories as soon as she could hold a pen. Gossip Girl was her first novel. She has always lived in New York City. You can read Gossip Girl’s juicy secrets at
HyeKyung Baek, a renowned manga artist in South Korea who made her professional debut with HAPPY SPIDER has since established herself with her beautifully detailed art, fresh characters, and a unique sense of humor that maximizes the effect of the medium. Her best known titles, Bring It On! and Chiro specialize in capturing the hearts of teenage girls, and as a huge fan of von Ziegesar’s GOSSIP GIRL, Baek is the perfect artist to bring these characters to life, in manga.



I’ll admit it…I watched gossip girl on TV and I LIKED IT, but I don’t know anything about the books. So the girl on the cover of this issue…is how should I say….BARBIE???


bansheeblue — Nothing is coming out of the magazine. Gossip Girl is simply being introduced as a new monthly feature.


Wow, this is sure out of left field. xD

Actually, I’m very excited for this. My sister is a huge fan of the show, so she’ll probably like the manga too. Here’s hoping it’s actually good. You’re going to be getting a lot of first-timers reading this graphic novel. Better give them the best!

…and what do you mean, making manga “just as welcoming to girls as it is to boys”? I thought girls already read lots of manga? My shojo-packed collection disagrees with you. ^_^


WOW…that was a quick response…I’m impressed…I probably should have read in the article closer that it was a monthly feature, but I appreciate the quick response.


Meh, never read the books or watched the TV show. Just not my cup of tea. I hope this succeeds, though, simply for the fact that YP deserves the sales, and the art at least looks nice (I’m confused as why a manhwa artist is being called a manga artist, though…Manhwa needs more recognition, and labeling it as manga just seems like taking away its cultural identity). I do hope YP will pick up some original stories, though…The OEL and other European graphic novels seem to be mostly composed of female-aimed romance stories or adaptations of books. Same thing with a nice chunk of manhwa; on that note, I’d love if the manhwa The Breaker or something like it was licensed, that’s definitely male-oriented but appeals to females as well. We have titles such as Jack Frost, but they are overshadowed by the several romance titles it seems.


and in a fashionista vector style too.
not into CW or Fox shows but glad this is added because this will bring in even more new eyes to manga


Just because Maximum Ride is getting NEW YORK TIMES Bestseller(for manga) and that Nightschool is actually cool dosen’t mean that I, as an indiviual, will like every OEL Manga.


I have a sinking feeling that this is not going to go well.
Yen Press, you really haven’t been making wise decisions lately ever since your Spice and Wolf episode.
But I’ll give it a chance in the next issue.


That’s, um, interesting? Never thought I’d hear Gossip Girl being turned into a manga.

Even though I’m not a Gossip Girl fan myself, I hope the venture helps boost sales, so that Yen Press can license more series. *cough*You guys should totally license the manhua 1/2 Prince*cough*


Arc, Yen Press has been pretty consistent at calling their novel comicizations “manga,” even though all of them announced so far have had/will have Korean artists. Yen Press seems not to assign a geographic connotation to the word “manga.” I’ve posted my thoughts on that issue (as well as a relevant quote from Mr Hassler about the relative dearth of OEL in Yen Press’s offerings) here:


Er…I’m not sure about this. Gossip Girl fans are usually the ones that laugh at anime/manga/manhua fans.(I’m not saying that all of them do…)Plus, IMO the cover art could have been better and not so Barbie-ish.

Good luck Yen Press…


Cool another series! ^^ I just saw someone with a Gossip Girl book yesterday. Love how you are using manhwa artist to do your OELs!


Gossip Girl is ok. I’m glad it’s going to be manhwa style art because manhwa style looks more sophisticated in my opinion. Manhwas I usually read have more maturity in them too than the mangas I read.

Kaoru Shieru

I must confess my first reaction to this post was WTH!!! damn owo i saw the cover art and felt like i was sinking in a barbie world ._. NO KIDDING! “im not saying its bad OK ” but since i was a little girl i hate barbies so you can imagine it LOL… I never like gossip girl well..i didn’t give the series a chance but my friends really like it so i will give it a try in this issue:3


Gossip Girl? Seriously?!?! Manga and Gosip girl are practically polar opposites. I read YenPlus because its NOT a barbie girly magazine! You keep cutting all the best mangas out, so far I’ve liked mostly what you’ve replaced them with but this? I will seriously have to consider weather its worth renewing my subscription this year.

On a different note, I loved Nightschool, cant wait for next month, please never drop it!

Kathleen A.


[long uncomfortable silence]

I am so entirely uninterested in this and pissed that it will be taking up space in the anthology.

If I thought “Meh, it’s just not for me, but I can see how others will like it,” I’d just keep my mouth shut. I have an intermediate understanding of the publishing market (part of my job) and I see (what I assume to be) the reasoning behind this decision. Still,the fan part of me shares the sinking feeling others have mentioned.

I guess I’ll have to report back when I’ve managed to pick up a copy of the January issue. I’ll try to remain calm and keep an open mind until then… but only ‘cause I love you guys and you’ve always tried to fix oopses in the past, ‘kay? I’ll keep my fingers crossed.


Sarah, are you saying you’re actually more inclined to not renew your subscription than you were before this announcement, when Yen Plus had all the same stuff except Gossip Girl? You can skip over it, you know (just as I find Yen Plus to be a better magazine when I skip over Jack Frost and the Otaku Pimp column). You should decide to renew because it has comics you like, not decide to not renew because it has comics you don’t.

Mochi Blog | ‘Gossip Girl’ Returns to Print in the Form of Manga

[…] According to their press release, the manga will be “an original re-imagination of the girls’ senior year focusing on the lives of Blair and Vanessa.” Wait, what? Vanessa? We’re pretty sure they meant Serena, considering she’s featured on its cover art and all with her signature low-cut cleavage. We’re skeptical that the worlds of manga and “Gossip Girl” will go well together, considering how different their demographics are, but we’re still curious to see how it will turn out. Or maybe the genius of it is that our favorite mass-text sender will now reach an entirely new audience, furthering her goal for complete global domination. You know you love her. [via Yen Press] […]


I wonder if anyone ever bothered to send letters to Shonen Jump in Japan to tell them to stop running Naruto because it’s taking too long, and the plot died a long time ago…whiny, whiny, whiny. But that’s just my view: I like that Yen+ has the function of letting people comment on their releases.

Let it be. Not everything in the mag will appeal to everyone!

***scurries off with Nightschool volume 2***



…Well, I think I might be a bit embarrassed to buy next months issue with that cover ^^;;;

I didnt really think that Gossip Girl was the type of thing that Yen+ would pick up, I dont know, it just feels weird xD; I understand about trying to draw others into the manga industry, but I think the type of girls who like Gossip Girl are generally the ones who make fun of us comic-lovers ^^

Well, I personally dont think I approve/will enjoy this series, but I still love that you have almost all of my favorite series~ (Kuroshitsuji, Pandora Hearts, Pahanzip, Nabari no Ou~ :D!)

Also, I hope your talent search will be happening very soon~


Haha, oh no. Seems that Photoshop Hero got ahold of the Sparkle Brush.

In my opinion, Gossip Girl sounds like an ideal shojo series, but the impression that I get is that you are trying to go general-audience with it. Good luck, I hope it works out. 🙂

Andrea K.

I honestly don’t think this will appeal to the general audience. Sure Gossip Girl is a hit teen novel and TV series, but think about it: what type of people are Gossip Girl fans anyway? I don’t mean to stereotype, but I when I think Gossip Girl fan, I picture a teen girl with a good fashion sense, an overt and obsessive interest in looking good, and has no taste in something depicted as “nerdy,” since as you all are well aware, nerdy things destroy any chance you have at becoming homecoming queen (sarcasm).

And normally, those who go to the manga section at the local Borders are definitely not “first-timers” to manga. I would assume that they are companies’ like Y+ prime market audience, and getting girls who normally scoff at anything anime related to buy manga sounds like a real hard thing to accomplish. Seriously Y+ who is more likely to buy manga? Manga fans or someone who’s never read manga in their life?

Of course I’m open to accept that I might be dreadfully wrong. Maybe it will sell well, who knows. I’m probably not going to buy it though. Reading about annoying, self-conscience teenage girls who trash talk about other annoying, self-conscience teenage girls is definitely not what I’m into. But good luck anyway….

And as a plug, you HAVE to license Karneval by Touya Mikanagi! Please, I beg you! xD It would go great with the releases of Kuroshitsuji and Pandora Hearts…


Why is everyone being so hard on this series, just because it probably won’t appeal to “normal” manga fans? Yen is trying to reach NEW audiences. They’re not going after existing manga fans, they’re going after Gossip Girl fans who might read this just because it’s got the name– regardless of whether it’s “nerdy” or not.


@MichaelJ: THANK YOU!! Finally, someone with common sense! AND NIGHTSCHOOL <<<<<<<<<333333333333


I agree with Andrea K. I really don’t think that a manga of gossip girl really fits in with any crowd.
Most manga lovers aren’t or don’t like gossip girl, and most people who watch gossip girl aren’t going to want to associate nor read something as ‘nerdy’ or out of place as manga.

But hey, while we’re suggesting things, may I suggest Rust Blaster?
It’s a short, one-shot and one volume vampire themed manga by the creator of Kuroshitsuji, Yana Toboso. I would abseloutely kill for an english copy of it, it’s only around 12 chapters (one volume) and it makes for a surpisingly good story. I think it’d be ideal for Yen Press to pick up and publish. ^^


I don’t know how anyone can say that readers of Gossip Girl and readers of mangoes are mutually exclusive. Would you say the same about readers of Max Ride? Or Twilight? Even if you say that GG fans won’t pick up the GG comic because it is a comic, does that necessarily mean that comic fans won’t pick up the GG comic because it is GG?

Don’t you think Hachette (the parent company of both Yen Press and GG’s publisher) has better data as to the demographics of its customers than you do?

I invite you all to read this lengthy interview with Kurt Hassler here: . It discusses his past as a comics buyer for Borders – if you’ve ever wandered into a big bookstore and spent a few enjoyable moments browsing the manga section, you likely have Mr Hassler to thank. After reading this, I dare any of you to come back and say you don’t believe he knows what he’s doing – that he doesn’t know how to sell a comic book. If he thinks that a GG manga will sell, it would be mighty presumptuous of me – or you – to second-guess him.


Chill people, just ignore it if you don’t like it, nothing is getting replaced and it’ll bring in some new readers.
I do agree though that the people who like Gossip Girl aren’t exactly in on the manga scene. So…I hope the Gossip Girl fans will even know this exists. :\

On a completely different note, I’m thiiis close to being offended by the comment about graphic novels being “just as welcoming to girls as it is to boys.” First of all, lots of girls read graphic novels aimed at boys. Second, I’m 102% sure that readers of graphic novels are no longer predominantly male.



If you reread my comment, I think you’ll find that I never for a moment suggested that girls don’t read comics or that there aren’t very good comics for girls out there. However, as many very good comics for girls as there are out there and as many girls who are out there who read comics that may not specifically target them demographically, the fact remains that the perception of the general public remains that comics are very much a boy’s club. (I’m sure you’d have no trouble whatsoever finding many an article out there with the shocking headline, ‘Wow! Girls are reading comics!’)

With Gossip Girl, we have an opportunity to take a very high profile property — something that is very much in the mainstream — and render it in the comics medium without any ambiguity whatsoever as to who the target audience is. We see that as a very good thing for expanding the readership of comics in general.

I also think that you’ll find that even in the postings here that there is a very strong sentiment that comics and manga are only for certain “types” of girls, and that, too, is a perception we would like to change. Comics are a medium that can and should offer something for everyone, and it is very much our goal to bring new readers into the fold.


This actually does seems like a good idea. I googled gossip girl manga and on the first page there was and mtv article, and a perez hilton article. So that means the people that most likely haven’t heard of yen plus will know that it’s out there and ready to be read. Yen plus could become more well known which for a magazine is probably good. On the perez hilton article (a site which I honestly thought wouldn’t say anything that I would care to read) there were several people saying that yes they will read it. Well there were like 2 and some random swearing and perez hilton bashing about something… yeah…

Kay then time to switch the subject. Mr. Hassler is there some sort of definitive end date for nightschool? I read the publisher’s weekly interview where it was said “The press has also extended Svetlana Chamakova’s original manga series, Night School, to an additional volume bringing the series in at four volumes.” It didn’t say much about it ending at four volumes. So could it go on? Or is unknown and based on what Svetlans wants to do with her story. And sales of course.


Um. Well, hope it helps boost sales, but I won’t be reading this. :/ I’ll just skip it, just like I do with Jack Frost every month…

Andrea K.


I didn’t mean to talk about Gossip Girl fans and manga fans in “absolutes.” Though, now that I re-read my comment, it does sound like that, huh? (and I definitely wasn’t trying to say that I know the exact statistics either heheh) I bet there are manga fans who are also GG fans, but my intention of my comment was supposed to be on the negative side. I was looking at the downs instead of the ups for this move. Like I said, I could be totally wrong, but I think “self-image” plays a big role in these types of things. Oh, and thanks for the article. It was a very interesting read.

Now looking at Hassler’s and Paul’s comments, I think I might change my mind a little. (I’m kinda easy to persuade when it comes to somebody who knows what they’re talking about ^^;) I was thinking too much about “mainstream = death.” That happens to be another bad habit of mine. (shows my maturity level, huh?) Makes me feel like those Negative Nancys who ragequitted when they heard Zac Efron loves Death Note and Full Metal Panic and wants to do a Death Note movie.

Anyway, maybe going to the mainstream will help bring about a broader audience and more revenue to license more manga *COUGH*Karneval*COUGH*. And if I learned anything from my Business course, keeping your business exclusive might just bring about failure….sorry for changing my opinion so drastically–it’s just who I am ^^;


Nothing to do with the Gossip Girl issue (although I applaud your effort to reach new audiences; hopefully it’ll reach the same level of success as Maximum Ride), but I want to praise you on your release of Pandora Hearts. I’m extremely happy that you opted to change Shalon to Sharon, especially since we were such bitches about it.

Thank you! That was my only gripe with the Yen+ issue. ?


umm…how can you expect gossip girl fans to actually pay attention to the manga world? they’re the ones who call this stuff weird (and other names).

plus, a lot of manga fans are ALREADY girls, so this won’t make much sense.

Plus i’m really hoping there won’t be any mediocre, biased comment about New Jersey and other eastern states that are always bombarded by new yorkers’ comments. if so, Im not reading it.


Hahaha, oh wow. This’ll SURE to boost sales huh? Not.

No offence, but this will NOT boost sales at all. I mean, the cover looks like freaking Barbie drawing. Nor do many people even like Gossip Girl.

I’m really offended that one of my favourite series, Soul Eater, will be running along side this garbage. I’d rather Del Ray to pick up Soul Eater now then you guys. And Del Ray doesn’t do this kind of dumbass thing.


Omigawd GOSSIP GIRL? Seriously? I’ve only read the first book, and I’ve never seen the tv series. It’s fun to read catty girly books, though most of what I like is fanatsy. I have got to see what my girly, boy-crazy best friend says about this…


Andrea, congratulations and thank you for realizing that you have nothing to fear by “manga” going “mainstream” (whatever those two words may really mean) and that it actually helps publishers like Yen Press and the industry as a whole to have popular products and sell lots of books to lots of people.

It’s an immature rut the fanboy/fangirl mind gets stuck in to imagine their fandom as some sort of exclusive club that will all fall apart if other people start finding out about it. It’s bizarre to me that this attitude is so pervasive particularly in the aminu/mango fan community. I guess that’s what’s coming to play in many of the comments here.

Ash_Ka_Chan, I have to call yours out as particularly odious. You think the GG comic is a “dumbass thing?” Way to pass judgment on something you haven’t read yet. But if you don’t want to read it, then… don’t. Just skip it. That goes for everyone here. JUST SKIP OVER IT. (Though I would hope you’d have the respect to Yen Press to at least read the first chapter or two if you’re going to get Yen Plus anyway… I plan to, even though I’m a male with my high school years well behind me.)

Why is Yen Press thriving in this crap economy? How were they able to start up and grow even as TokyoPop and Viz went through severe cutbacks and ADV crashed and burned completely? Maybe they DO know what they’re doing, DO know how to turn a profit in the post-anime/manga-bubble marketplace. (I think that’s significant to note; Yen Press is really the first new post-bubble company in this market, or at least the most successful.) And maybe that includes publishing some products you’re not interested in, like a Gossip Girl comic. But now that they are, their other products like Soul Eater have somehow become worse by proxy? Care to explain to me how that works?

But maybe you’re right; maybe Del Rey should pick up the Soul Eater license so that they could start serializing it in their own telephone-book-sized monthly anthology. Oh wait.

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