Black Butler giveaway!


Looks nice, yes? Today’s Twitter giveaway is not only a copy of Black Butler Volume 1, but also a limited edition book cover from our friends at Square Enix. Our edition doesn’t quite fit the Japanese cover, but with some trimming, the leather look does suit it nicely. For those of you who haven’t been minding your Twitter page today, tweet @yenpress with the tag #BlackButler to win today’s drawing! We’ll be randomly picking five winners at five, so there’s still plenty of time to enter! Good luck!

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Christine Pacheco

I am extremely excited that Yen Press has picked up Black Butler. <3 I've been keeping up with the manga by reading each issue of Yen Plus. And cannot wait until the official release of the manga in Jan.


That cover is beautiful!

I have a question… do you guys check your “@ replies” when picking your winners? There many Twitter users that are daily left out of the Twitter “Real Time Results” search, which is how I assume the winners are chosen. My tweets never show up on this stream, and many other users have the same problem. Twitter is trying to fix this problem, but has not fixed all the accounts. The tweets in question will show up, however, on users’ “@ replies” page.

Just wanted to let you know that there could be potentially more participants in your contests that could be overlooked due to this Twitter bug.


I hope I win! @_@

Not only do you get Volume 1 early, but also that beautiful book cover. I NEEDS IT!!!!!!!!!


I agree with ObscuredByCloud; my “@ replies” to YenPress in the #BlackButler real time stream aren’t showing up either. 🙁


Man, I’ve been waiting for ages for Kuroshitsuji to be published in English, and it’s finally happening. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON A COPY ;; And that book cover is gorgeous! Will it be for sale if we don’t win? Oh gosh, I really hope I win ;________;

Elite Prince

That book cover is extremely classy! What I wouldn’t give for it! Yen Press…I do believe you’re officially the best.


As much as I would love this I bet they don’t deliver to the UK! Damn you!


I hope they have more Kuroshitsuji contests later
Plus something for Pandora Hearts, too!


Wow, I didn’t know about this (and I have a twitter too). Oh well but good luck to the members who participate in it.


TToTT I missed it AND I DON’T HAVE TWITTER. *headbangs into wall* S-SO PRETTY =3= *screams for 20 minutes for missing it*


Just got mine in the mail!!! I love it! It’s a little sad that the cover indeed doesn’t fit, but it’s gorgeous just the same. :]

Kuroshitsuji baka

Awww… I missed it. There should be more of these events going around. :/


I hardly ever get online but I’ll try my best I love yen magazines! black butler and pandora hearts r my favs!

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