Spice and Wolf — The Solution!!

Well, Spice and Wolf has definitely been the hot button issue on the site ever since we unveiled the new cover a couple of months back. Reaction among fans was immediate and opinionated, and I promised at the time that we would look into a possible solution for those fans who felt that they simply couldn’t do without the original cover art.

It’s taken some time, but I wanted to thank everyone who bore with us while we worked through the approvals and notifications necessary to put our plan into action. I’m very happy to report that the behind-the-scenes machinations have been resolved, and we can now fill you in on what we’ve come up with!

In order to provide fans with an option to obtain the Spice and Wolf novels with the original light novel cover art, we have decided to do a special limited print run dust jacket (already under way) that we will offer for free to our online retailers. Those online retailers who choose to participate in this offer will be shipped the flat (uncreased) jackets to make them available at no additional charge to anyone ordering copies of the novel through their sites. This is strictly a voluntary offer being communicated now to our online retail partners, so be sure to verify participation with your retailer of choice when placing your orders if you are interested in receiving the jacket, the design for which you can see here:


As we’ve said in the past, our customers are truly important to us. We do listen to your feedback and make every possible effort to insure that you are happy with our offerings. While I am quite certain that not everyone will be satisfied with this solution for one reason or another, we are pleased to have been able to make these additional efforts on behalf of our Spice and Wolf fans, and we do not doubt for an instant that you will enjoy the book.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Update: Right Stuf has confirmed that they will be participating in this offer. We will update this entry to list additional participating retailers as we receive that information.



Thanks for the reply Hassler, I will then go ahead with ordering the jacketed version in the hopes that future versions will utilize the original artwork or that the original art is at least provided as an actual cover rather than a jacket.


So what will be done with the subsequent volumes?
The same thing? I hope not.


Thanks Hassler for replying. Keep up the good work at Yen Press. I can’t wait to buy Spice and Wolf. 😉

But since you replied to Ichigo regarding the translation change. Perhaps you might indulge me as well?

Why was “Merchant Meats Spicy Wolf” removed? Obviously you did it, and there’s no way to change that. It’s fine, I understand. But I would like to understand what the reasoning was for removing it from the fan slip cover considering it had the original art and was meant for fans? I’m just curious as to the reasoning you guys had when you did it. That’s all.

I would love to finally just have an answer for that. lol (I own the original novel in Japanese by the way). Thanks for your time. ^_^


Well, it is the best solution, at this point. At least, those who have no possibility to find the magazine (like me and almost all the international buyers) can have the jacket.
Now, I just hope that the retailers will have plenty of stock… It would be really REALLY bad, if I pre-ordered the book and wouldn’t find the jacket into the package…
Anyway, I hope you’ll publish the complete list of retailers soon.


I just got a mail back from Archonia.com and they will be supplying the cover. So let’s hope that there will be enough shipped to Europe so that I can get my cover!


So the problem is still there but we can choose to jump through different hoops to get the cover?

Especialy if people here happen to not all be americans and the only site confirmed is, so we will have to pay more or wait longer for shipping.

This isn’t a solution, this is doing the same damn thing that we complained about in the first place, just in a different way.

When the word limited was mentioned I would have thought it would have been a proper solution, not just printing off a few extra dustcovers and sending them to a few retailers.


For the EU people, Archonia.com said they’d get some but in limited quantities so only first come first serve.


Can you guys please release a high printable resolution image for each of the dust covers? So we can just print our own? Like with what Capcom did for the Okami Wii cover they butchered.


Well, actually I prefer that version… I think it’s much more similar to the original… But in any case, it’s so sudden! Can someone explain, please?


Oh, wait! Is that the graphic novel? The manga? But I thought it would be released on April 2010… And the cover should be completely different.


I’ve tried contacting Amazon about the slip cover but they keep referring back to Yen Press.

Is there any information with regards to Amazon offering the slip cover?



=[, i’m dissapointed that you couldn’t just keep the original cover.
What you should of done…if anything…is kept the original and thrown a dust sleeve on top of it with your new art to appeal to your wider audience >.>, then atleast we could throw it out and have the original and you could could still trick people into buying light novels…..SIGH!
I was dissapointed enough when i ordered the haruhi novel at my local bookstore, just to get some crappy soft cover without the original art -.-, luckily i returned it and ordered the hard cover online….You guys are my favorite publishers, i expect better from you .-.


AllenWalker87: That’s the MANGA cover – in fact Archonia states GN (Graphic Novel). The novel is categorized under Spice and Wolf Novel 1.


Will this be available to those who have already preordered the book?(that is, assuming the site desides to participate)
My order has been processed and scheduled already so “only limited changes can be made.” Will I still be able to request the slipcover?

Also, since it’s being distributed for free now, could you post a printable version for download for those who miss out?


I could have written a lot more but I’ll spare you, for now.

I thought about how it was polite that while I might not agree, that I should still thank Yen Plus for providing a solution and listening to the fans. However, after sitting here a moment longer I realized that Yen Plus actually did neither of these things. Did I actually expect Yen Plus to magically change the cover of all the books? Of course not it, it was painfully obvious way before I ever joined the debate that this would not happen. In fact I never suggested they would and knew that whatever solution they had wouldn’t change the horrific cover and it’s effects on the community and demographic. Personally I just arguing how bad of a business choice it was to do this and how insulting it was to make your customers pay more for something it should have come with.

I’m almost surprised people can ignore the fact that only those that order online will get this cover, that there’s no guarantee it will actually be without a scratch, that you don’t even know which retailers will have it, that the people that did shell out the money get nothing, and that it still doesn’t change the horrible cover. Now the last part can be ignored, it’s obviously not changing and Yen Press will reap what it sows. It’s just mind boggling how people can sit there and thank Yen Press for doing nothing and while they ‘listened’ they only listened to one small thing that really didn’t actually fix the original problem at all nor addressed it. Yeah that totally shows that they pay attention to their fans.

For the people claiming that anyone that didn’t agree with Yen Press’s decision to use the Westernized cover was a whiner and an idiot, you guys are a hoot and a half. Apparently it doesn’t matter if you’re post was full of tYpE lYkE tEEs or was a well thought out post full of things that backed up just why you felt what you did. God forbid the fact that our opinions are just as valid as yours. Your logic suggests that anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a whiner and an idiot so by that very same logic you are in fact the exact same as those you complain about. Touche guys, your intelligence is really shining through, you sure showed us.


I also find it funny now that RightStuf.com has delayed their orders of the Spice and Wolf novels due to “overwhelming demand.” Unless of course YenPress is having troubles getting the book out to suppliers. The date has apparently been changed now from December 14th to December 31st.

This should be interesting to watch. $10 bucks says that 1/2 the people that ordered the book from RightStuf.com to get their ORIGINAL cover that should have been their in the first place don’t get the slip jacket.

I am calling it right now.


I’m wondering if there’s any news on other retailers that are also providing the slipcover? So far it’s only Right Stuf? Since the novel is supposed to go on sale on Dec 15, and there’s just a limited supply of these covers, I don’t want to miss out.

Right Stuf (Yes)
Amazon (?)
Archonia (?)


If we place an order will we be told if the slip covers run out before they just send us one without one?

I want to make sure my money gets counted for one WITH the slip cover not without.


just so everyone knows, rightstuf.com has confirmed all orders of the novel have been delayed and will not be released until december 31st. Lovely news for those of us who were trying to get it for someone as a xmas gift. According to rightstuf.com this is not their fault but rather YenPress’ due to us wanting the limited edition slip jacket. Ah I love the holidays.


For Canadians who don’t want to spend excess money on pricey shipping and customs fees and other things, would it be possible to contact Canadian sites such as chapters.indigo.ca and see if they can participate in this as well?

This question could probably also extend to European countries as well.


Lau: Archonia just said they’d get a limited quantity without specifying.


Still waiting to see if Amazon.com participates in this order before I pull the trigger…

Is YenPress still going to update things or are we just stuck with RightStuf?


I can confirm that Amazon is not participating. I received my copy of the book from them on Saturday and it was not included.


Also, something weird I noticed on Amazon. the book appears to be delisted from their search.

Typing in “Spice and Wolf, Vol. 1 (Paperback)” (the exact title they have for the product) or “Spice and Wolf” or “Isuna Hasekura” brings back no listing of this product.

I wonder what could have happened? I hope Yen looks into this, as having the book not return on any search results is certainly not going to help sales. If people can’t find the book then they won’t be able to buy it.


I can also confirm that Amazon’s orders as of right now aren’t coming with the jacket, mine arrived this week as well. I was so disappointed. There’s no way I’m taking the book as is like, out in public, since people do indeed judge books by covers. I was kinda hoping to be able to read it at work too. Seriously, if it was put so you could even just flat out ORDER the jacket from the website directly I’d be willing to pay for it at this point.


Bravo Yen Press for coming up with an adequate solution just in time. Ordering one right now.


I actually expected Yen Press to have the retailer list updated by now, so I’m kind of disappointed right now. I truly feel sorry for those who ordered their copies at Amazon, and didn’t receive the cover with it. Didn’t Amazon already state they would supply them? I’m utterly confused.

For me, I guess I’ll have to go for rightstuf, but on the other hand, Archonia may be cheaper, but there’s a chance I won’t get a cover with them.

It’s a pity it turned out to be such a mess, but maybe this was everything we should have expected from the start?


Just to let you know, Rightstuff isn’t expecting to receive their shipment of books until the end of the month.

I received a notification by email that the book was delayed until the 31st of December, and when I called to get some clarification they said that because of the limited edition cover they weren’t expecting their shipment until later.

Not really a problem, as I wasn’t in any big rush for it, but just a heads up to those who also ordered from Rightstuff. I’d rather have the delay and get the slipcover art than get it earlier with the standard (re: travesty) cover.


Received my copy of S&W from Amazon.com today. No slip cover, pretty disappointed in that regard. Otherwise I find the quality of the book pretty decent, and somewhat larger than I expected it to be as well at 234 pages.

Seeing the cover in my hand though, I kind of hate it even more… I’m gonna have to find a printer to print out a slip cover of my own.



i want the slip cover but it said that you have to ask right stuf that u want the slip cover but how do i ask them for it


Well, You’ve probably saved some sales (including mine), In the future I hope you don’t make such horrible “westernized” covers or continue to do this in the future.


@Jeremy: Send them an email stating that you want the slip cover. Shouldn’t be that hard.


Just ordered form rightstuf. I just hope Yen Press send enough covers to them, since they seem to be the only online retailer to be participating at this moment, and cause rightstuf keep saying they cant guarantee we will receive the cover cause they dont know how limited the covers will be =/


I don’t really care for the cover and this dust jacket thing is a real hassle as their seems to be problems with the magazine one and there are very little known(one) online retailers offering the dust jacket. Perhaps you should try what they did with Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series where they made two editions one that was paperback with a western cover that can be found in stores and a hardcover version with the orginal cover that they sell online at Barnes and Noble. I especially liked this since I am still able to get the orginal cover even though it is more expensive 14.99 compared to 8.99 for the western covered one. I think most people that want the orginal cover would pay for this expense.


Well, I got my pre-order in from chapters, and I have had my cover from the magazine. By now its flat and fits perfectly. The complaints that come up here seem to outnumber the thanks only because people that are happy with your solutions don’t have anything to say, really. Anyway, thank you so much! Holo is so adorable in the original art, and I think moving from the ‘cute’ style to the more serious one that was chosen may have been a part of the complaints. None-the-less, I have finished the book, and the inside (which is more important) is epic. For making the original cover art available to me, thank you, and please for the next volume make it available in the magazine again. That was indeed a satisfactory solution for many, and it would be a shame not to be able have the entirety of the series (if you release it all) uniform.


yeah I bought both the paperbacks and hardcovers for Haruhi. I knew i’d be throwing the book in my bag so i dont have to worry about it getting all torn up since the hardcover sits at home.

As for Spice and Wolf… I just got a tracking number from rightstuf already. I hope i get a dust thingy.


well i just got mine from barnes and noble today
im still a bit unhappy with the cover but i have the dust one from yen plus so its ok i guess im happy that i bought it even if i dont like the cover


I just got my shipment from RightStuf. It seems they’ve taken the time to put the slip cover on for people. I’m pleased with it. Of course I would have preferred if it had the original art to begin with, but that has been discussed to death already.


Archonia isn’t sending the books to anyone until they get the jackets. The whole situation is just a gigantic mess (and I disagree with Yen’s choices from a “philosophical” point of view).

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