Spice and Wolf — The Solution!!

Well, Spice and Wolf has definitely been the hot button issue on the site ever since we unveiled the new cover a couple of months back. Reaction among fans was immediate and opinionated, and I promised at the time that we would look into a possible solution for those fans who felt that they simply couldn’t do without the original cover art.

It’s taken some time, but I wanted to thank everyone who bore with us while we worked through the approvals and notifications necessary to put our plan into action. I’m very happy to report that the behind-the-scenes machinations have been resolved, and we can now fill you in on what we’ve come up with!

In order to provide fans with an option to obtain the Spice and Wolf novels with the original light novel cover art, we have decided to do a special limited print run dust jacket (already under way) that we will offer for free to our online retailers. Those online retailers who choose to participate in this offer will be shipped the flat (uncreased) jackets to make them available at no additional charge to anyone ordering copies of the novel through their sites. This is strictly a voluntary offer being communicated now to our online retail partners, so be sure to verify participation with your retailer of choice when placing your orders if you are interested in receiving the jacket, the design for which you can see here:


As we’ve said in the past, our customers are truly important to us. We do listen to your feedback and make every possible effort to insure that you are happy with our offerings. While I am quite certain that not everyone will be satisfied with this solution for one reason or another, we are pleased to have been able to make these additional efforts on behalf of our Spice and Wolf fans, and we do not doubt for an instant that you will enjoy the book.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Update: Right Stuf has confirmed that they will be participating in this offer. We will update this entry to list additional participating retailers as we receive that information.

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Thanks, but no thanks.

Fact of the matter is that the abomination of a cover that you’ve tacked onto the novel is still there. It should be the other way around with the “dust sleeve” being the cover and the badly photoshopped render being the “dust sleeve” so that people who actually have their heads in the right place can burn it.


A dust cover is a terribly lame way of giving us the proper cover. This is essentially giving fans who would be guaranteed buyers the middle finger.


Sorry, but a dust jacket (an unfolded one at that) is not a cover. Period.
I can only hope that the Twilight fans that Yen is trying to appeal to will buy it. Then there will be some money for some sort of limited edition release with the original cover.

Of course, even a respectable cover would be better than the bizarre one they came up with. A basket of apples and some wheat stalks on a wooden table would have been perfectly suitable.


@Neutral Eyes
Oh, great idea, there. They’ve already made the bad decision and then went and printed 644847676278494955 copies of the book w/ the fail cover. So, you’re now suggesting that they just trash them all? Are you gonna reimburse them their cost? Sure, they should’ve never done that particular cover in the first place, but yeah, we can shoulda/coulda/woulda all day long and it’s not gonna change jack shit. At least they’re /trying/ to do something. Although I wish, if they get enough sales to do a second edition, that they change the cover, but nobody knows if there will be enough sales to /get/ a second edition. They also need to make the cover available for printing if somebody’s unable to get a copy or, better yet, be able to write Yen Press and say that they’re unable to get a copy and have Yen just mail them a copy. They seem to be listening to ‘intelligent’ ideas, so who knows… Unfortunately, you can’t have every solution available to you RIGHT NOW with NO AMBIGUITY and EXACTLY THE WAY YOU WANT IT.

Grow up.
Learn patience.


aa, No one cares if you wont be buying. Its not out problem your mommy wont let you buy stuff online.

Anyway nice of Yen Press to cave in to a bunch of whiners oh I mean fans… ha ha ha


Any chance of a hardcover version with the original manga-esque art?

You can put those up as “online retailers (eg Amazon) only” if that is an issue with brick and mortar retailers.


“I was hoping for some cosmetic surgery and here I’m being offered a band-aid. I would say that I hope this strategy works out for you guys, but I’d be lying a bit. I’d hate to see this kind of mutilation catch on with other light novel series.”

Nicely worded. The analog fits so much.

I do hope and pray that, ultimately, this fails.


Well, I won’t buy this book now anyway, but maybe the next book appeals to my taste. (Proper japanese Cover, proper usage of Horo.)

Yes, it was written Holo in the anime, but that was just some stupid mistake they made. After all the story is set in a german-speaking country and in germany it is utterly impossible to write a L for something you speak with R. They just have to admit their mistake and their fanbase will be pleased. I want to buy this book, I really want. But the way things are, I just can’t.


This is all I ever asked for. Thank you Yen Press, for listening to your fans ánd to the fans of SaW. I hope I not only speak for myself when I say I really appreciate this. As a last thing, I hope there also will be a shipping option for non-US citizens, because don’t forget about us, please?


Thanks, this is a lot more than most publishers would have bothered doing. All the people who are complaining that Yen Press isn’t changing the cover itself – you realize all the books are probably printed at this point, right? YP would have had to make changes that could possibly amount to an enormous loss. I’m happy with this solution.

I still think Hassler and co. are missing the point, though. Most people here probably wouldn’t mind an alternate cover as long as it’s a good one. At least it’s not too much to hope you guys might make the volume 2 cover a little less horrible?


One of my main issues was the attitude of the original post.

“Hey guys look at our awesome new cover, we’re totally going to sell a million copies with it. But don’t worry fans we’ve got you covered! All you have to do is drop $10 on a magazine you probably don’t want and you can feel like you matter too! See how nice we are?”

I found that to be about as off-putting as the new cover itself.

Now? Well, it’s still a consolation prize but at least you’re not charging for it anymore. Depending on which retailers are participating I might end up buying the book after all.

Light novel fan

Pre-ordering as soon as that list is up. Thanks guys.
I really hope this series and all of your other light novels do well.
I just got a new bookcase and I’m hoping that some of the light novels on its shelves will continue past the second or third volume.
Crossing my fingers for you guys.


I can only talk for me and not the rest of the bunch who didn’t like the cover Yen are going to use.

First for me, “originality” is something important. When I say “originality” I mean that it looks like how the original is. Yes you need to change something but that doesn’t mean that you should change more than what you need to change.

It’s like…let’s see….pokemon (…someone kill me)…and having the main char called Ash, the girl misty, the weird stone guy brock and jenny etcetc. WHY? There’s no need to do that, let your kids find out what kind of names they got in their country instead of brainwashing them with only your stupidity.
Taking away honourfics is also another stupid thing to do. Just cuz you don’t respect the people you talk to doesn’t mean that the rest of the world doesn’t do it. Well it’s kinda hard to explain if you never knew how it was from the start…if you were danish I could have explained it right…anyway you can always at the start tell what honourfics are and what they mean….like delrey.

hmmm….it’s like taking away all the old english from shakesphere and then make to the normal english even while talking to royalty and having a nakid girl in a pose around a pole.

A little bit extreme but you got the message I hope.

Now if I can’t get the same cover or the same kinda culture-language (not gangsta! but honourfics and the charm that makes the stuff hit in it’s country) then I would prefer to something closer to the original.

Second, a cover that slutty is in no way how I see Horo or the novel I want to buy. Like several people said before in the old post (me too) if you atleast used another cover instead of a nakid girl we wouldn’t have mind it that much. Do america really get turned on to buy nakid loli girls? I know I should say this but…..you’ve seen the novel covers for Twilight, right? Sex in the novels (I think haven’t read them….sis said something about the chick getting pregnant) but totally simple covers that actually makes it look real nice.

To hassler: About “As we’ve said in the past, our customers are truly important to us. We do listen to your feedback and make every possible effort to insure that you are happy with our offerings.” BS!!!
You didn’t change anything at all. Yen Press didn’t change anything at all. Just as neutral says: It’s a band-aid. Instead of taking away the slutty girl from the cover we get the chance of getting a kopi of the original cover in colours (which failed in the magazine)….yepyep I can see the goodwill cuz these days printers can’t do that…they can only print out money. Thanks a bunch for this superb solution (btw this is sarcasm).

I’m probably not gonna buy this novel…the next vol may have a nakid man with a hard-on on it and then the third novel may have the man and the lil girl doing funny things on the cover….soooo I’ll just pray and do a little better at japanese and buy the original ones which probably will be cheaper and better in language.

oh btw I finished Kieli novel…it was okay. Nothing huge compared to Zaregoto, 12 Kingdoms, Crest of the Stars…but still okay to read. The cover is different from the original one but still better than having Kieli being nakid on it.


I have to say, I was very disappointed by you guys. 🙁

I bought Yen+ and found you had completely ruined the cover by putting the crease through the middle of the front and back covers. I mean…really…that was intentional? Do you think I enjoyed feeling as though I got ripped off?

I suggest you please make a public apology post saying your sorry for what I can only guess was a “glitch” in the printing…or an oversight. But please… apologize to all the fans who felt you stole $10 from them for a damaged cover. >_>

As for this new cover announcement, thanks for working something out! ^_^

Also, I like the translation preview given in the magazine. Except…could you perhaps explain why you chose to translate the prologue in 3RD PERSON…instead of how most translators have translated it as FIRST PERSON? Thanks.

Looking forward to buying the book and all the rest you bring out. Keep up the good work.


I think it’s great that they’re taking opinion into consideration. Although my [creased] jacket will have to be enough for now… Hopefully as the series gets more popular, cover art more suited to the story will be used.


Ah…..gotta love those comments and articles from Sankaku Complex, they really know how to tell it how it is. Anyway, so this is the best Yen Press can do after all of the flaming and trolling that ensued since the epically failtastic cover unveiling back in September? I was expecting something some kinda of miracle where you’ll please your little fans and those who wanted the book with it’s original cover (not some ghetto dust jacket) but I guess that didn’t happen.

Oh well, although I’ll support you guys as long as you don’t screw up Haruhi & Higurashi, ain’t no way I’ll support you guys on this one. Till then, I guess I’ll hope off this massive fail train with some of the other people and continue with my scanlations.

Boy…..glad TokyoPop & Del Ray don’t have these kinds of problems < .<


Still upsetting that Yen press would not cater to the fans who been following the series for quite a long time. This marketing ploy doesn’t help, but rather destroys the image of Spice and Wolf. Just knowing that there is a “imitation” image of Horo irks me and a dust cover won’t simply help cover up that. Yen press your efforts are simply not enough. Next time when your company decides to take such action similar to this, go make a limited edition print of the novel with the original art.


Originally posted on loli.animeblogger.net

If this is true I will never support Yen Press again:

“We will continue to produce ALTERNATE covers for FUTURE Spice & Wolf novels. We CAN’T EXPECT RETAIL SUPPORT for them otherwise. Whether or not those alternate covers are jackets with the original covers underneath or we continue to offer jackets like this will be dictated by the success of this jacket. It will give us a great opportunity to gauge the success of each version. So this your chance, Spice & Wolf fans! An actual opportunity to vote with your dollars! Not buying tells us nothing. What you buy speaks volumes!“

Now let me just say I capitalized a few of those words from the original quote to make a point.

1) BS. Retail stores will take a book no matter what cover it has on it. Have you looked in the manga section YenPress? You can use the original covers and get away with it just fine. Now if you mean retail support as in people actually buying the book with the original cover on it that is a different story. But from how that quote sounds you are just lying out of your rear.

2) You want to produce ALTERNATE covers? Fine. Keep the ORIGINAL ones on the book and let people throw more money at you for cheezy alternate covers if that is their thing. I for one prefer to have my light novels and manga untouched.

3) While its understandable and definitely possible that you had already sent out the finalization for the terrible photoshop cover to go to the stores, I truly hope in the future you realize how much better and smoother things will go with the original covers on the front. I don’t know about you but if I was in a bookstore and I saw these 2 exact books with the different covers side by side it would be a no brainer for me to pick the one that looks: playful, cheerful, artistic, and eye-pleasing. And that would be the originals. Not these 10 minute photoshop jobs you guys call quality cover material.

Think about it.


So…Was everyone expecting them to totally forget the already printed (or at least in the first stages) books and make a new book? First, Haruhi novels are not printed solely from Yen Press. Little, Brown works with it–so, therefore, budgets are higher and there are more resources. They tried to give fans another choice with the magazine, and this time tried again. It’s a bit late in the game to do anything, and I doubt anything but support will allow this novel to come out with an original cover. If it fails, then it means there is too much a risk to try again…Especially with a cover that won’t be appealing to non-anime/manga fans.

Chen-03–If you read other comments on the original page about the cover, it was stated that the correct name is Holo, as given by the original Japanese licensor. It isn’t incorrect, and the whole problems stems from the the lack of “lo” in the Japanese language. It doesn’t matter if it’s set in Germany or France or Mexico–the “lo” will sound close to or exactly like “ro” unless the actor is able to make the correct sound. “Cloud” isn’t “Kuraudo” just because it sounds like in the Japanese version.


That’s really great of you guys but…. Is there any other way to get this? Like directly through you (maybe provided for free, if we pay shipping costs?)? I pre-ordered the book through Diamond at my local comic store, and I can’t cancel that to order it online. I don’t particularly want to buy an entire magazine simply for a cover, either. Not for $10 when I’m already spending that on the book itself.

Neutral Eyes

@Anonymous (yeah that helps):

I never said I had all the answers, or any for that matter. Quite obviously they cannot cater to the wishes of every S&W fan out there. But just try to find me one that has read at least the first novel (even watching the anime would work) and truly believes that a nude torso gives a proper indication of what to expect from the story.

That is where my disappointment lies. And you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a bit hesitant to believe someone that claims to have fans’ interests at heart, when it seems rather clear that they don’t even care about the story they’re publishing. If they had any faith in S&W fans or the story itself, they wouldn’t have deemed it necessary to rely on this gimmick in the first place.

Hindsight is 20/20, and “faith” doesn’t convince the bean counters, who were probably quite leery about trusting their profits to fans of medieval economic practices… and furries, or something. This does not mean, however, that all is forgiven and I’ll be shelling out the $10.99 just because they gave it a good ole college try.

They took a risk, now we wait and see whether it profits or not. Feels like a chapter right out of Spice & Wolf already…


Sorry for the wall of text. I put nice little paragraph breaks to make it easier to read.

I figured the whiners wouldn’t be happy, er I mean the whiny cun-, I mean people who shouldn’t have kids, I mean the FANS! Yes I mean the “fans” (idiots) the people who suffer from massive otaku entitlement syndrome. The (idiots) people who are hoping for the failure of a book they like, saying they’ll stick with the (ILLEGAL) fan translations.

I mean you can see that you’re reasonable people, so why wouldn’t yen press listen to you (idiots)? I mean it’s not like any other light novel has failed and been canceled, that never happened. Of course it’s the only the cover that matters. Of course if they changed the cover they’ll change the insides to, of course jumping to conclusions doesn’t make you an idiot (yes it does).

Of course fan translations are the true source of the “proper” romanization. Not the Japanese publishers. You (idiots) are the people who scanned, translated, and posted their property on the internet without their permission. The (idiots) people who support not supporting actual light novel releases. Of course one letter so distracting, that you (idiots) can’t read the book. Of course Horo is the “right” (I mean really? Right? Who ever wrote that I hope you get you head out of your ass some day and feel ashamed. Because you really should) way to put her name into romanji.

My gods no wonder “normal” people hate geeks and otaku. You (idiots) people totally deserve it. I know what you true “fans” (idiots) are thinking, I’m an otaku too but I don’t have a horrible, HORRIBLE, sense of entitlement. Does that make me better than you (idiots)? Yes, yes it does.

I found it funny that one of the “fans” (idiots) said they don’t like the way dust jackets feel despite the fact that Japanese light novels come with a dust jacket.

As for my own reaction. I honestly though yen was run by dumbasses. I mean how the hell do you think the reaction to the bent dust jacket would be? As someone else put it how can yen fail so hard? But this is a good alternative. I don’t actually hate the new cover it’s alright. Funnily enough I showed it to a friend who is an avid fantasy reader and his reaction was “that sucks they didn’t even show her boobs”. I don’t know if he was for real or not.

I know I probably won’t get a reply or that this comment will even get posted but I’ll try anyway. What’s the paper quality of the dust jacket?

NOTE: I don’t care that I’m straw manning you idiots. If I offended you (idiots), I’m not sorry.

ANOTHER NOTE: You (no not the idiots) may be wondering (hell if I saw this post I would think that I’m an idiot) why I would post something so childish and purposely rude. Well all that I can say is that if the “fans” (idiots) can post their idiocy; I figured I could post my own.

THE OTHER NOTE: Does anyone know if Japanese people and otakus hate American otakus (idiots)? I hope they do. I really hope they do.

DEATH NOTE: Can yen or little brown get baka tsuki shut down? They still have the Haruhi translations up, and they have spice and wolf translations. I’m curious. In a perfect world yen would and fine the fan translators several thousand dollars, but I think that cause the fan-tards to become even angrier. So sadly it would only be counter productive, but totally awesome.



Are you seriously trying to get TEXT FILES taken down? Those stories, all combined are less than a megabyte. You’d have better luck finding Elvis alive.


Yen Press, I love you. I really do. I thought that changing the cover to appeal to more people was a good business decision even though it didn’t go over too well with most fans. I’m not a fan of Spice and Wolf (haven’t touched the series yet) but I understand why people would be upset about the cover change. Still, you listened to the fans and brought back the original cover which is a lot more than can be said for any other publishing company that may have made the choice to change it. Does anyone else listen to their fans to the extent that you do? NO WAY they just ignore you and you LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT. Everyone here should be thankful that they’re able to have this book in their hands and translated into english for them. Of course the fans are welcome to give their input on your work and tell you what they’d like to see but INSULTING YOU OUTRIGHT and saying that they wont support you for a few things they don’t like makes me ashamed to call myself an otaku. I say keep up the good work, keep listening to your fans and I will always buy from you. I hope you pick up many more great series in the future.

Annonymous 2

To answer Dach and Ralph.

First off…Ralph, I’m guessing you don’t know that much about light novels and how they are printed in Japan. lol In Japan, ALL light novels come with slip covers, and almost all of them are paperback. So its not all that weird that a light novel here would be the same. Also, the original covers don’t sell easily, so Yen Press is trying to attract NORMAL buyers, which are the people that can make this book a bestseller here just like it was in Japan.

While YOU may look at an anime cover and think it good looking, others look at it and think its a children’s picture novel. Understand? Yen Press is a COMPANY, they have to SELL books and MAKE MONEY. So they have to try and do what’s necessary to bring in an audience for a book that can at least buy enough to help cover the costs of even printing the novels. And sadly, there isn’t enough anime fans who read light novels that could support Yen Press enough to justify keeping the original cover. Also, on an added note. A normal buyer might see both covers, and keep looking at other books. lol They wouldn’t necessarily care to pick either up.

Now as for Dach…

Fans aren’t true fans if they won’t financially support the english books especially considering the difficult situation they face in todays western market.

As for changing the inside um…technically you could argue they did slightly. The prologue preview is in third person, while most readers and translators believed it soundly to be first person. So perhaps a change? Not much of one though and I can understand why and if they chose to change it. lol

lol, um, actually…most western fans never scanlated the books. Usually you can find copies on asian sites, so they download them from there, or, they own the book, and directly translate.

First off, the Horo controversy is mainly based off the fact that it sounds slightly better to some western tuned ears. lol Second, there is an argument that its based off the Ainu word for Wolf. However, if the author did consent to Holo, then simply put, its a matter of belief by a fan that the r would have been a better decision on the part of the author. And it CAN be jarring to see a changed name, especially if your in-depth in the anime and used to it. But still, that shouldn’t stop you from getting the book. lol

As for your last note about Baka-Tsuki. All I can do is laugh. Guess what, Yen Press, nor Del Rey, nor TokyoPop or SevenSeas or any other light novel publisher in America who has even a bit of common sense would EVER try to shut that site down. lol

Why? Because they realize that Baka-Tsuki is currently the only thing mostly holding the light novel fanbase TOGETHER for the english speaking fans. Without them, there would be very few fans. For intance…

Why are there even fans of the Spice and Wolf novels that Yen Press can even reach out to? Not because of the anime, all that did was make anime fans (and the anime was fansubbed, so without fan translations of that, there’d be even fewer support for the anime or novels). No, it was because of Baka Tsuki launching a translation project for it that has gathered interest and made new fans of the book, many of which who have said they will buy this official version.

Light Novel translations do not harm the industry. For one, it already fails without them. haha, But point is, they help them. Without B-T, there wouldn’t as big as a niche fanbase for light novel as there is.

Also, in case you didn’t care to read the site notice. Yen Press is free to take off Spice and Wolf or Haruhi anytime they wish. All they have to do is ASK NICELY, and they’ll take down the books per request. It’s written on the site and ALWAYS HAS BEEN FOR YEARS. lol Although, I don’t think they will. And its probably the same reason they haven’t yet. Its because they know that Baka-Tsuki isn’t hurting their sales any and its only exposing more people to Spice and Wolf and Haruhi. So there’s no reasonable reason on their part yet to take them down.

Point is, is that those fan translations that some hate, are the very things that have made people fans of light novels.

Baka Tsuki is a help to the light novel industry in that it keeps fans reading and connected.

Besides, not all of us want to wait years and years before reading book 6. lol That doesn’t mean we won’t buy every book Yen Press releases, nor get some extras as gifts for family, but it means we want to read it faster than its getting released.

Yen Press has big things to deal with. After all, it has two HUGE bestselling titles on its hand. And I for one pray Spice and Wolf becomes a bestselling novel here in the US as well.

Although your not perfect Yen Press, my hopes and prayers are with your company. Do your best and don’t listen to the whiners too much that it depresses you. Just keep going forward and try to learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes of the past attempts by others to publish Light Novels.


This solution of yours isn’t really good enough. You shouldn’t have changed the cover in the first place. This also seems to leave anyone that doesn’t use online outlets out of luck. If the author had wanted a trashy fantasy cover, they would have put one on there themselves. Your job is to translate the damned books, not make make changes. I had thought by now that publishers realized this. Apparently not.

If you’re this willing to corrupt a work just so it can sell more copies, how am I to know that your translations are even accurate in the first place? This is a breech of trust, both with your customers, and with the author. I know if I found out that some foreign company had took it upon themselves to alter my book, I would be pissed, and would never work with them again.

Heck, I’m not even sure what you’re thinking in the first place. The book is likely to be put in the manga section because of the art inside anyway, in which case your little cover is going to do nothing but hurt your sales.

Lets not even get into how poorly done the cover is in the first place. It lacks any character whatsoever, and is utterly forgettable even by fantasy novel standards. And that is saying something.

For the time being, I’ll be boycotting this until you chose to do a second run with the original cover, and perhaps acknowledge that you’re not going to pull stupid crap like this again. I sincerely hope others do the same. Publishers need to realize that this isn’t okay.


There’s a lot that could be said, and a lot that has been said, but I don’t feel too much like repeating other people.

I sincerely doubt that switching the cover to “try to attract fantasy readers” will, in the end, have gotten a single extra customer who was not already a manga fan.


Because Spice and Wolf is going to end up in the same section of the bookstore as all the other light novels have: the manga section. Unless that hypothetical “fantasy reader” is already a manga fan, he or she simply wouldn’t be browsing that section in the first place!

So, ultimately, because of a cover that no one would want to be seen reading, Yen Press has lost customers who would have bought it and they will have gotten minuscule, if any, non-anime-fan customers.


@ Hassler

I guess this was as best of a compromise that you could’ve done given the situation, and I am dismayed that you’ve decided to not adopt another series to make hard covers of, but, I suppose this is the best we could hope for at this time.

One quick question comes to mind though, will this cover deal be available for Amazon.co.uk, or perhaps Right-Stuf? If I can’t get this deal on Amazon.co.uk or Right-Stuf, I’ll just import the novels from Japan and continue learning Japanese, as any lack of option in this matter just kills the sale for me unfortunately.

I look forward to your reply, and best of luck, you guys are REALLY gonna need it this time round >_>


Are we going to hear anything from Hassler anytime soon?
Srsly. It’s great that you guys are working to fix this but I have to know if this new hopefully unbent cover is only going to be available online or if you’re going to give a couple hundred copies to bookstores across the country.


I want to read the book, so I’ll buy it regardless of what cover it has.
I don’t like the ‘new’ cover, but I can see what they were aiming for, and frankly the content inside is what is important to me.

That said, I would like to obtain the slip cover, because I prefer it. I second Danton’s question.
Do you know if Amazon.co.uk will have the slip covers available to send out with the books?

I have, of course, shot off a mail to them as well asking the same question, but though I’ve bought tons of books from them I don’t know what they’re like for actually answering questions.


Oh so you are alive. What I want to know is what actions can be taken to have this never happen again? Do I need to just not buy this completely?Should I make sure to buy online with the dust jacket to show preference for the original cover? I do want to support the US light novel industry however if buying this online with a dust jacket conveys that I think your poor excuse of a substitute is ok then I may as well stick with my Japanese version. My personal suggestion is if you want a US cover make that the dust jacket or release hardcovers with the actual art.


@Anonymous 2:

I understand where you are coming from but let us be honest. Put both of those books side by side together and ask your customers which is more “aesthetically” pleasing to the eye even if the inside contents are the same? I can honestly say a good 7/10 customers would grab the original one first. Regardless of whether or not they THINK it could be a childrens book, they would still grab the original one first. Do I know this for a fact? No, of course not. But based on fan reaction as well as (internet) debate so far you can see that most people found the original cover more appealing. Does this mean some people still want the changed cover? Sure, and if so, more power to them. But I still stand by my point that a good portion of this mess wouldn’t have started if they had just kept the original in the first place and used the changed version as a slipcover.


Hey thanks for posting the Rightstuf link as a option for the slip-jacket participant. However we would like to know of others as well that will be doing it. We could really use that list soon if you do not mind as the release date is coming ever so closer.


Hello Hassler, there is online retailers other than rightstuf.com that will receive the cover?


“Yes, it was written Holo in the anime, but that was just some stupid mistake they made. After all the story is set in a german-speaking country and in germany it is utterly impossible to write a L for something you speak with R. They just have to admit their mistake and their fanbase will be pleased. I want to buy this book, I really want. But the way things are, I just can’t.”

I’m sorry, but you obviously do not know what you are talking about. I’m tired of explaining the same thing over and over again to people who believe they know japanese (and now german also? oO) but clearly don’t and therefore do not understand the explanations given to them either ><

All that matters in the end is: the Japanese publisher clearly told Yen Press that her name is Holo and not Horo. It's a conscious decision on their part, not a mistake.

I just hope anybody not buying the US version of Spice and Wolf will at least buy the japanese original (it's even very cheap), else you do not deserve to call yourself a fan.


please ship some of the covers to amazon.co.jp as well 🙂 They are selling the book for sure, so it’d be awesome to get the cover from there.


Robson, we only just began communicating this offer to retailers last Friday when we posted our announcement of the jacket. Please rest assured that we will update the list of retailers participating as we receive that information.


Ralph, we will be updating a list of participating retailers as that information is confirmed. Thanks for your patience.


Anon, if you are truly interested in supporting the light novel market and making your voice heard, then I would suggest that the best way for you to do so would be to take advantage of the opportunity to buy the light novel with the slip jacket. We will be able gauge sales of the book through those retailers offering the jacket versus sales of the unjacketed books, and that information will influence our approach to future books.


I hate you guys.
Though you get so much of my money since I’m so addicted to manga and stuff. ;___;
Then the cover is only available with pre-orders?
Or can I still get it after it’s released?


Hassler thank you for updating the status of the list
i hope once the list is up most people will be happy


Jello, I believe Right Stuf will continue to make the jackets available as long as they still have stock. The gist, I think, is that pre-orders will be given priority.



Would there be a really big problem or would it really be that cost-prohibitive to do like Broccoli Press used to do with their manga and make it so that, if we wish to have a dust cover, we can just write to you guys or fill out an online form and request that a cover be sent to us? I’m venturing a guess that people wouldn’t even mind paying a small shipping charge to get it.

Also, could you make a comment on the editorial decision not to make the prologue in the first person? That being said, I didn’t /mind/ it in the third person as I realise that understandability is more important than direct, literal translation, providing that the meaning is left intact. However, I, as well as others, I’m sure, would like to know the reasoning behind the change as ? (Watashi, or “I” first person) is quite easilly distinguishable from something written in the third person.

By the way, I already got the dust cover in my Yen+ subscription, and, since I’m really not /that/ picky, I’ll just use the dust cover in there because the crease down the middle doesn’t bother me that much, but I can see how it would bother other people.


I wonder if there’s a way to get retailers to display light novels away from the manga sections in bookstores? That would help ten times more than anything else to get these books selling. EVERY major retailer I have gone to have these novels just smooshed in between manga and ramain inconspicuous. If it weren’t for me knowing of Kino No Tabi I might not have even found out about light novels and in turn a whole new set of stories.
I think getting it into retailers mantra that Light Novels are meant for light reading and aren’t manga is the best solution. this cover, while wierd to fans eyes, is probably a better bet. I don’t mind that I have to buy a slip cover, I’d rather a book like this get out of the sandwich retailers put them under and to be displayed in the Teen readers place or something. For example, some of the Twelve Kingdoms has done that in one retailer at one point. Yet so many other books from other publishers don’t get the same treatment.
This book could be a sleeper hit in a way I guess if it does get the twelve kingdoms luck. Still instances like this are rare. In other stores even the Twelve Kingdoms is still delegated to manga for the most part.


Ichigo69, with respect to your question about distributing the jackets ourselves, we simply aren’t set up with a direct-to-consumer infrastructure. The task of collecting requests and shipping them out would fall on our editorial staff, and I’m afraid it’s simply too much for me to ask of them given their not inconsiderable responsibilities already.

As for the decision not to make the prologue of the book first person, the original Japanese can be interpreted either way as there are no personal pronouns in the original text. Given certain word choices in the original, though, the feeling was that this was the preferable translation.


Thanks Hassler, I’m pleased to know that you’ve set up this deal with Right Stuf. Rest assured I have already placed a pre-order on the novel with the slip cover and I eagerly look forward to reading it.

I will also recommend to several friends who enjoyed the anime that Right Stuf are selling the novel with the slip jacket just in case a deal with Amazon.co.uk cannot be made. Once again, best of luck.

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