Spice and Wolf — The Solution!!

Well, Spice and Wolf has definitely been the hot button issue on the site ever since we unveiled the new cover a couple of months back. Reaction among fans was immediate and opinionated, and I promised at the time that we would look into a possible solution for those fans who felt that they simply couldn’t do without the original cover art.

It’s taken some time, but I wanted to thank everyone who bore with us while we worked through the approvals and notifications necessary to put our plan into action. I’m very happy to report that the behind-the-scenes machinations have been resolved, and we can now fill you in on what we’ve come up with!

In order to provide fans with an option to obtain the Spice and Wolf novels with the original light novel cover art, we have decided to do a special limited print run dust jacket (already under way) that we will offer for free to our online retailers. Those online retailers who choose to participate in this offer will be shipped the flat (uncreased) jackets to make them available at no additional charge to anyone ordering copies of the novel through their sites. This is strictly a voluntary offer being communicated now to our online retail partners, so be sure to verify participation with your retailer of choice when placing your orders if you are interested in receiving the jacket, the design for which you can see here:


As we’ve said in the past, our customers are truly important to us. We do listen to your feedback and make every possible effort to insure that you are happy with our offerings. While I am quite certain that not everyone will be satisfied with this solution for one reason or another, we are pleased to have been able to make these additional efforts on behalf of our Spice and Wolf fans, and we do not doubt for an instant that you will enjoy the book.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Update: Right Stuf has confirmed that they will be participating in this offer. We will update this entry to list additional participating retailers as we receive that information.



Yeah my copy arrived from Rightstuf. Seems they already put the slipjacket on for you. Definitely looks a lot better then the Yen Plus one thats for sure. The color quality is different and it does not have that gigantic crease down the middle.

Well one novel down. See everyone in 4 months to complain about the release of novel 2 being screwed up I am sure. Take care until then.


I can’t wait for my copy to come, bought from RightStuf as well. In response to how I feel about their solution, I think they did their best in terms of the short term solution and I’m happy with this, but they better print the original or at least pick a better cover for the next volume…


I bought my copy through Right Stuf. I hope my copy comes with the cover. I’m just glad that YP offered something to help keep the ugly away. Thanks YP for doing something. Let’s hope that you give future volumes the opportunity to have the original cover as well.


Received my copy from RightStuff today as well. Really happy with the quality of the slipcover, and the fact that Rightstuff went to the trouble of putting it on for me, but I am still peeved that the whole situation had to come to this.

Let’s hope Yen Press listens to their fan base and either leaves the cover alone for the next release, or releases a second run of books (hardcover or whatever) with the original covers.


hey, i just received my copy from my local bookstore (kinokuniya)(Australia), but it’s not included with slip cover,

is there any way for me to get the slip cover without ordering again at rightstuf?


I really hope you guys have learned your lesson with this. Keep the original cover art. Honestly, what reason do you have to change it other than to piss people off? I don’t know. If you pull this again with the next volume, I’m giving up. I already don’t approve of your practices with Yen Plus (the shuffling really pisses me off and I stopped buying in order to save money — and did not buy the volumes like you are obviously encouraging), and this is putting me over the edge a bit more.

Rethink your practices. Other anime fans may think you’re a godsend, but to me, you’re just the opposite and have a lot to prove and make up for.


I just went to the local bookstore. They had three copies of the book. Showing only the spine. And I shrugged and said, “Nice cover”. Then I stared at the floor for a second, and then chuckled. “Why did they change the cover again”, I thought to myself. So it could be placed, spine out on a poorly organized rack two hundred yards from the front door of the store. I thought you guys at Yen Press had worked up some sort of release promotion. At least a cardboard cutout end-cap display. But it seems the only thought process on the whole release was to change the cover art, and put it in a section of books it doesn’t belong in. Good job fellas. Who is supplying book covers for store bought books?


Also received my (now 2nd copy of the novel) from Right Stuf. Very pleased with how they put the slip cover on for everyone. I’m sure that took them a lot of time and hard work. Wish I could express to them how awesome this was.

Looking forward to volume 2 of the light novel. Just hope it can be surrounded by less controversy and let the product itself speak for it’s quality. No more cover drama, please!


BN never participated, and I’ve failed to find Yen Plus in any of the Wal-Marts or Chapters book stores in the 2 nearest cities nor in my own town(not paying shipping for an online order, and not subscribing -.-) So I guess I’ll have to go without the cover, unless you guys plan to offer a printable version online(my school’s got a machine that would make it real nice)

Appreciate the effort, though.


I just received a mail from Archonia that they received the slip covers and will be sending the books starting tomorrow ^-^


I just bought my copy yesterday at B&N!! Personally I’m quite content with the cover. It doesn’t look that repulsive but then again, everyone is entitled to their own opiniions! XD Anyways I am quite thrilled to finally read S&W and the translations were done exceptionally well. In whole the book itself was done very nicely. Now I have to wait till June to get volume 2!!!! It’s so long…but thank you Yen Press for translating this epic novel!!!

Adamantium Rage

Okay, seriously? Why did you think this was a good idea in the first place?

First: the light novel wasn’t going to be shelved among other fantasy novels, it would have been shelved with all the manga, so the “general audience” that you’re reaching for isn’t go to see it, because they won’t be looking around where it’s shelved.

Second: the people who have been waiting a long time for this aer pissed because you changed the cover art to something that doesn’t fit the series at all. Playful nature? WHAT playful nature?

Third: Sure, online retailers and last month’s magazine have the original cover, but where does that leave people who bought the novel in stores? Or those who are going to buy it within the next few months? They don’t have any ability to get the dust jacket at all.

Too little too late.


So I would just have to order it from Archonia.com and pay 5,51 euro in shipping. I think I’ll have to pass on this one unfortunately (or does anyone know any retailer in Sweden who have the dust jackets?).


Today I received my copy from the novel from Archonia. The cover was already folded around the novel so I don’t have to look at that hideous cover.


Arghh… Living in Malaysia just couldn’t get my hand on this cover T.T the original cover sucks….. Where can I get a copy of Yen Plus December issue T.T


I sure hope they fix all this with the next volume. It should be released with the original cover, not that abomination.

And I still hope they release the first volume again with the original cover, not that crappy slip jacket.


@Anon, i agree but if they can’t use the original cover then i hope they pick a better one next time.
what YP should do is make a vote so we can pick the cover


Well, the dust jacket provides a short term solution, but I’m inclined to purchase the Japanese light novels. I’m curious though if Yen Press wouldn’t mind releasing the new volumes with the original artwork? The idea of a limited edition version, which I believe was mentioned several times above, would be an good idea to make up for the first volume’s change. In any case, hoping for original artwork in the new volumes. ( I personally find the use of photoshop stuff like that on any novel to be kind of a turn off to buying. Artwork just looks better, but again…just my opinion here haha)


I buy all of my books with Amazon because they have the best prices and I have Amazon prime, which means I don’t have to pay extra for shipping. Unfortunately I still don’t have this book because I know Amazon doesn’t have the slipcovers. The biggest book retailer on the internet not having them is a mega fail if you ask me.

When this book is available with the dust jacket at a retailer that offers free shipping and a competitive price, let me know. I want the book with the original cover, and at this point, I may very well just buy the Japanese version and read a fan’s translation. :/


Spice and wolf was magnificent! I’d very much like to read more Light novels! Keep it up! Hopefully one day you guys will bring my favorites overseas (Baccano, Durarara!!, Allison and Lillia , Bungaku Shoujo, and ToraDora)….(Especially Baccano and Durarara!!…Narita Ryohgo is so amazing xD)


Just received my copy of the novel today. The quality of the translation is excellent, much better than the fan translated version. The extra cover with the original art is quite nice. Definitely will buy the future releases, keep up the good work.


Received my copy from RightStuf today with the dust jacket on. Good thing – if it had come without it, I would have sent it right back.

Nathan Treichel

I bought my copy at a story but I still want a cover is there ANY WAY to order that cover from you, for a price.


Im still pissed about the cover change. You should fire whomever made the call on this one. I bought mine retail so no dust cover and every time I look at the book it leaves me pissed off. I only buy it cause i want to support it and i enjoy spice and wolf. But i feel i should have just sent money to the author directly then be pissed off are bone headed decisions.

You going to release the azumanga daihou redux? only change all the characters names next.


Ill add this dust cover thing felt like back peddling and since i got my retail makes it even more frustrating. Not all of us have accesses or want to use online stores. Only reason i but things from you is because you are the only ones putting them out. THE ONLY REASON.


And all the fansites that were translating the S&W novel received a C&D letter (Cease and Desist) so we cant find anymore the fan translations of books 2,3,4…12 when still Yenpress is YEARS behind their work. Seriously do you think that those fan-translations would hurt your sales? when actually you have received such a good welcome from the public with the sales, actually i have read the translations those dont stoped me from buying the Vol.1 and have in pre-order Vol.2, they where the reason of WHY im buying this… you guys seriously know how to ruin your own business.


I just finish reading S&W bought from Archonia.com in last month. In my opinion Yen Press translation is much better than fansub version, not mention good quality of printing. I only hope Yen Press will publish all volumes, and not drop series like Seven Seas Entertainment do with Ballad of Shinigami and others novels.


This is probably a reply to an outdated post, but I wanted to let you know I received my copy of S&W today, after ordering it from Archonia.com (within two days!) And yes, it came with the limited slipcover. I’m writing this comment because 1) I want to thank Yen Press again for offering this option and 2) to all of you who haven’t bought the novel yet because they felt ‘betrayed’; please DO order it now when the slipcover is still available(either via RightStuf or Archonia) and you won’t be disappointed! (It’s nicer than I expected, glossy and all!) (The picture pages are nicely colored as well.) If you’re a fan of this series, or simply want to support Yen Press and a possible bright market for light novels, just get off your high horse and buy it!


Forgot to add this, but perhaps you could update the main post to note that Archonia is also participating in the offer? Even though many of the frequent visitors of YenPress.us already know, for newcomers it may always be a nice little extra fact.


Got add once again when I look at the cover, (had to get mine retail) It really upsets me at how terrible it is. I could have stomached a cover change but the cover they went with looks badly photo-shopped by a 13 year old. And makes it look like a trashy romance novel. Makes one wonder if the creator of the crap cover even read the book. Horos playfulness is in her Intelligence. Not looking like a streaker, which yes she was naked when they first met but that was a very short part of the series, she is in clothing the entire rest of the story.

Sorry to be a broken record but this still pisses me off.

Andrew A. Sailer

I FINALLY I got to read your content, there is definately a problem with your XHtml. Have you tried verifying it through W3? It could just be A theme problem though… Just thought I would warn you from one webmaster to another because I would hate to lose my traffic if I had an issue and didn’t notice.


Well looking to the future, I hope you’ll announce a similar cover option for volume 2, or maybe just add an extra (original) color page inside the book. It makes a huge difference for certain fans; just to illustrate, the main reason I never bought Viz’s Shakugan no Shana light novel series, (and I came close several times), was because I knew they had not only changed the cover, but had actually heavily censored the risque inside art too… (I now have the original Japanese version nicely decorating my shelf, but it seems I can’t actually read it. Though it’s great to look at…)

…For your information my local Borders still filed the book alphabetically in the manga section…..

karchesky :: Blog :: Harvest Goddess Daughter

[…] Spice and Wolf (or Wolf and Spice, as you wish) is a series of light novels, manga and anime about… huh, market economics, trade and coin exchange in a vaguely middle-ages-like world. Yeah… I wouldn’t have gone for it either. As it turns out, it’s a really good read, and it achieves this [mainly]by virtue of the witty, amusing, endearing and constant banter between Horo and main character Lawrence (a travelling salesman). I specially like that the characters are as far away from common clichés as possible. Definitely recommended (for once, that doesn’t link to Amazon, since they don’t sell it with the slipcover). […]


For all you people thanking Yen Press for “listening to your customers”, I think you’re confused about something.

Please recall this GEM of a statement from a previous post:

“The unfortunate reality we face, though, is that these designs that we adore, while they work brilliantly in markets where manga is ubiquitous, tend not to be impactful with more general audiences here — and we want everybody to enjoy these books! So the challenge we have to undertake is to come up with new cover designs for these fantastic books in hopes of garnering for them the readership they deserve…What we hope, though, is that those fans understand our reasons for making these changes and will turn out to support this property that they know and love and in turn support the success of light novels in general in this market so that one day — hopefully! — we’ll be in a very different place where we can confidently and successfully utilize the original cover art for these books. What I’d really like to see come to pass is the day where light novels are actually bringing new readers into the manga community!” (http://yenpress.hbgusa.com/?p=1696)

So, basically, the plan was to try to draw in people who are not fans of Japanese light novels by placing generic fantasy genre art on the cover, then turn said fans into fans of light novels……..and then return to using the original Japanese covers?

Rather than thanking the people at Yen Press for a lazy quick-fix (the slipcover…which still has the ugly and generic fantasy genre typography), you should be questioning their business philosophy and/or logic.

Do they really have YOUR (the FANS’) interests in mind?

(Hint: They don’t; what they have in mind is garnering new readership (fans that aren’t YOU) by spitting on another person’s (Ayakura Juu’s (the illustrator for the Spice and Wolf light novels in Japan)) creative work.)

Should they REALLY be thanked for allowing the abomination that is the cover of Spice and Wolf volume 1 to ever grace the shelves of bookstores?

I’m not going to answer these questions for the Yen Press fanbase (or the Spice and Wolf light novel fanbase for that matter), but the next time you consider purchasing a Yen Press publication, please remember this scandalous affair.


So… is there any place i can get the original cover art the stuff they have now is shit and i would really like the original stuff but there is probably no where to buy it now:(


@Zettabyte The reprinted editions of the first Spice & Wolf novel were changed to match the rest of the series (the Japanese art printed on the cover, the photographic art as a jacket).

Mel M

Is it still possible to get a copy of the Japanese artwork dust cover?


@Mel M
Unfortunately, the dust jacket was only offered through certain retailers while supplies lasted.
Reprints of the first Spice and Wolf novel have been treated as subsequent volumes, with the Japanese cover art printed directly on the cover.

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