Happy Halloween!


Carve a sweet Soul Eater pumpkin that’s sure to impress all your friends and neighbors! If you’re new to the whole pumpkin-carving thing, opt for the first pattern, but if you pride yourself on your championship gourd-sculpting skills, you may want to take the extra step and add that trademark soul outline to your Halloween masterpiece! Be sure to send us photos of your completed pumpkins at [email protected] so that we may marvel! Have a fun (and safe) Halloween!

Soul Eater Pattern 1 (Face Only)
Soul Eater Pattern 2 (Full Outline)

Look for Soul Eater Volume 1 in stores now!


Rachel and Haley

I already sent in my friend Haley’s for her! (aking her permission first, of course). I hope to send in another original design before halloween!


great halloween iniciative! thank you!

by the way, when are you guys really starting the the “new talents” contest?? you are saying you will start it in the coming months for a year now -_-
It would be really great to see Yen Press publishing an original OEL manga, because the japanese and korean chapters are really late compared with japan…it kinda makes mel ost intrest in buying yen press…
camon! original english manga with new talented artists! thats what we wanna see! there are great no japanese/korean manga artists all around the world! jsut give them a chance!

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