Give thanks for YEN PLUS!


Though Thanksgiving is still a month away, it is never to early to pause and ponder that for which we are grateful. How about that totally awesome Soul Eater cover on side “B” of this month’s YEN PLUS? Or that heart-warming One Fine Day cover on side “A”? How about a special short story from creator George Alexopoulos? A sneak peek of the upcoming release, Raiders? And new chapters of all your favorites? Indeed, there is so much to be thankful for. And we here at Yen Press are so very grateful for your readership. We hope you enjoy this month’s issue!

If you have any specific questions about your subscription to YEN PLUS, please direct them to subscription services at 1-800-876-7598.

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Yayy!!! xD
You finally posted this!!!
-got my two weeks ago-
I pretty much adored the cover art -next one has Pandora Hearts! x3-
And I really liked the chapter preview of Raiders, plus short story, Prom Night, it really touch my heart and my other friends~
I can’t wait what you’ll be popping out next month Yen+!
-and hope your ‘little’ mix-up with Spice&Wolf is better now!-


I loved the short story Prom Night! It was so cute and funny, it really made me smile. I for one would love to see more from this creator!


Wow! i can’t wait to get it. haha!
yaaaaaaaaay!! i love SOUL EATER!!


Received mine today. Prom Night was cute, and it was nice to see a girl who really fit the role of the awkward misfit. Can’t say I was a complete fan of the art, but I do wonder Alexopoulos could do if he were to write a longer story/series. This issue was also my encounter with Pandora Hearts, and I was sold halfway through the chapter. I now await the release of the first volume.

Can’t wait for next month. Will there be another series added, or more previews and extra stories? I’d love to see something like Karneval added, or, for a seinen series, Until Death Do Us Part seems to have picked up quite a following and is a Square Enix title.

Kathleen A.

I too seriously loved Prom Night. Subtle, telling details in the visuals combined with excellent characterization and concise storytelling left me feeling deeply for these “people” I had just “met.” I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t picked up the November issue yet. (No, I’m not related to George Alexopoulos. I just really liked it!) It managed to be super heart-tugging with nary a flowery background or frilly dress in sight (not that I don’t love my saccharine sweet shojo stuff).

Speaking of saccharine sweetness – the cover art from One Fine Day almost gave me cavities and I don’t care! SO CUTE! I feel like sometimes OFD is taken for granted, but I want you guys at Yen Plus to know how much I love it. It’s a refreshing little oasis of calm and gentleness in the sandstorm of Yen Plus action and drama. Does anyone make OFD merchandise?

It was also nice to see the two storylines of Nightschool finally coming together in this issue. I’m excited to see what is coming up. As for Hero Tales… D@#N YOU Arakawa-sensei! Just when I had begun to forgive you for the Maes Hughes incident, you rip my heart out again. Don’t ever change.

Raiders on the other hand? I fear I cannot extend my glowing feelings that far. I had some difficulty following what was going on toward the end of the preview. Perhaps the snippet of story was just too short, so I will suspend judgment until the next installment of the preview.
Thanks, guys.


I loved this isuue! It was fantastic!
Just one MAJOR issue. You got Sebastian’s catchphrase wrong…. And it really ticks me off.
In japanese, being ‘watashi wa akumade shitsuji desu ka’, it translates into two things, ‘I’m a demon and a butler’ (for when he gets serious) and ‘I’m one hell of a butler’ (for when he talks about his butler abilities without giving away his demonic lineage). But instead you put in ‘I’m a demon of a butler’.
I really hope you fix this, it’s important as to the chapters later on (translation wise), and it would also make a LOT more sense.

Other than that, I think the quality of the translation has been excellent, and I can’t wait to get more ^^


I like the Fine Day cover, but I won’t read this until I manage to order my October issue. Darn me for missing one.


Hatchuu–I’m guessing it was changed because it was a very close English equivalent. Black Butler takes place in England, so it’s only natural that the line would change so that the same meaning was conveyed. “I am a devil of a butler” could mean the figurative, regular sense of being just an awesome, great butler, but digging deeper it means I’m both something of darkness/evil and a butler. It is very close to the original pun, and conveys the same meaning. In adaptation, lines are always being changed to flow well; it doesn’t change the meaning, just the way it’s said.


I’ve had my issue for a few days, and I love it! Especially “Prom Night.” It was like a breath of fresh air. I do have a question. Are there going to be other titles you will add to the magazine? And will there be any titles you might drop in the near future?
Me personaly, I feel that Jack Frost should be dropped. I just…can’t understand the story or the characters at all! Am I the only one who feels like this?? I love the artwork, but I’m not too fond of No-Ah’s…personality? Moodiness? I can’t place it.


@Arc – I suppose so. I’m really nitpicky and a stickler for authenticity (eg. I watch my anime with subs, not dubs) so I guess you’re right. It would appeal more to a larger audience too.


Um, I have a suggestion if the Short Stories became popular enough can probably compile a book of them possibly called “Stories From Yen Plus” or something like that?


i just bought mine tday from barnes and noble and i love it
i can’t wait for my first issue to come next month


Still haven’t gotten my copy of this issue. For some reason, that’s make me a bit antsy.


um…I was wondering when I will be getting my magazines…I ordered a 6 month deal last week…I hope the transaction went all right…T.T


@Esther, you will have to wait 3 to 5 more weeks before your first issue comes it takes 1 to 1 and a hlaf month for the first issue to come but after that it sould come every month around the middle of the month
i ordered mine at the end of september


NIGHTSCHOOL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait for more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah…um….i was also wondering when mine is coming as well…>_<


Imagine my surpise when I found the December issue in my mail today! Magnificant as always!
(And it really helped too, since I was having a bad day in class)
Thanks so much Yen Press! 🙂


i’m still waiting for mine to come as well. i ordered mine a month ago and it still hasn’t come yet…more like a month and a half ago.


Got the first issue of my subscription today! Loved it and looking forward to the next one!


To all you people asking when your issue will arrive, if you haven’t already you should try calling that subscription service number. I did and the lady was really helpful (totally forgot her name). Which shocked me because I thought I wouldn’t get an answer.



Argh, this is why I hate the Chapters chain…I walk in with a comics craving, get told that they have it but either
a) they can’t find it
b) they think it’s all out
…no one is sure.

I’ll keep looking, though!! I’m sure it’s an awesome issue. XD


Question – My subscribtion expires in March, but I haven’t gotten a warning or anything. How can I renue my subscription? Because I really wouldn’t want to miss an issue.


One Fine Day gets to be on the cover again? YAY! I love their story best!! I really looked forward to each installment, when I was able to buy it. No subscription for me since it is too expensive… but I do see that you will put One Fine Day in graphic novel form soon!! I hope there will be color pages~ Something that cute deserves the color pages, you know? <33

I really hope I'm able to find it in my bookstore soon! Most of the ones around me have stopped distributing it…


@Allie When in doubt, call the subscription services number. They’ll be able to quickly renew your subscription, plus you’ll have some peace of mind in knowing you’re giving your info to a human being with your account pulled up right in front of them.

To anyone else having questions about when issues will arrive, as some others have mentioned, it takes anywhere from one to two months for your subscription to begin, but if you call the service number, they’ll be able to give you a more specific delivery date.


What? I went to the store yesterday (Barnes and Noble). What did I find? None other that the December issue! …. uh, excuse me?
My first thought way “Oh, this magazine must be bimonthly. That’s why…”

And yet, here it is, the November issue. what’s the problem?


@Ginger- this topic post was posted in Oct 26th
and the magaize comes out aroun 12th to 20th of each month
so this is a “so called” old post, and I bet later on they’ll give out another post about the Dec issue…

– I’m still looking for a December issue around me but no luck yet ;-; –


This is a little off topic but I have found the listings for Higurashi:When They Cry Time Killing Arc at amazon and books-a-million and they said it will cost $11.99? The price isn’t going up is it? 🙁

Sarah C

HI I was wondering if there is a place where I can Purchase this Issue of Yen Plus? I’ve already tried on Rightstuf but it seems that there are some difficulties getting it, so I would apperciate it greatly if someone could direct me to another place where I might purchase it?

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