Never fear, YEN PLUS is here!


Well, the drug stores are starting to put out their Halloween displays already, so I guess it’s about time for the October issue of YEN PLUS! And who better for the cover than Ho-Yeon, half of Time and Again‘s ghost- tracking duo? And on the other side, doing his part to keep the baddies at bay, is Taitou of Hero Tales. It’s like this issue was specifically made for Abby… This month’s issue is a FAT one, packed with twelve of your regularly-scheduled favorites, plus a novel preview of Gail Carriger’s Soulless from our friends over at Orbit Books. This witty tale of vampires and werewolves set in Victorian times comes highly recommended from Tania herself, so if you’ve been loving Black Butler, you’ll wanna check it out! But as you excitedly tear off that plastic wrapping and dive in, do not forget to pause for a moment of silence, as Sumomomo makes its final appearance in the pages of YEN PLUS. Now that she’s got some competition, Momoko’s kickin’ up the heat in her pursuit of Koushi, and unfortunately it’s a little too hot for the magazine. This month features the last chapter of Volume 2, which will be available in stores this month, and the story will continue in Volume 3, coming March of next year! Yes, the bookstore is definitely the place to be this month, with Soul Eater 1, Hero Tales 1, Maximum Ride 2, Nightschool 2, Nabari No Ou 2, and Sumomomo, Momomo 2 hitting shelves in addition to your other Yen Press faves. Check out those sweet covers here! As always, thanks very much for reading YEN PLUS! Let us know what you think!

If you have any specific questions about your subscription to YEN PLUS, please direct them to subscription services at 1-800-876-7598.



I saw the new issue in some bookstores yesterday and can’t wait till my copy arrives in the mail. ^_^

I’m sure y’all get this question a lot, but is there any news as to when/if there will be a comic talent contest?


I haven’t gotten my issue yet, but I can’t wait for it! I was so worried that Soul Eater or Nabari were going to taken out, I knew something would have to go soon. I’m glad it wasn’t any of the ones I liked, I never was a fan of Sumomomo. But now I’ll have to worry about all the rest though, because I like everything that’s left on the manga side! Well, I wouldnt miss Hero Tales that much, but I love all the rest!!


Now that Sumomomo, Momomo’s gone, I’m a fan of EVERY manga series in Yen Plus. That’s amazing! I hope you don’t replace any more manga series after this. I would be devastated if any of my top 3 (Nabari, Kuro, Pandora) were removed.


Hm, so does this mean that Sumomomo, Momomo will be replaced by another series? If so, is it another one of those secrets? In any case, I wasn’t all that interested in reading the series, and my first issue should be arriving next month. I am thinking about reading Nabari no Ou, however, and if Soulless was recommended Tania, I’m willing to check into it.


I saw the magazine at the bookstore’s newstand this past weekend. Now comes the wait for my subscription to arrive in my mailbox. Sad to hear Sumomomo’s leaving. It took me a while to warm up to that series, but I will miss it now. I assume it’s going to be replaced by something. Will start the speculation game as to what its replacement will be. I appreciated the Kieli novel excerpts in previous issues and ended up buying the novel. Maybe the preview of Soulless will cause me to the same with that one.


Can’t wait to get it! I’m gonna cross my fingers and pray for some ametuer contest info.!


Well its about time =O I was getting worried I would miss another Issue T_T. You should make a service to get old issues =(, I missed one =(


Wow, those covers are amazing. I can’t wait to pick up my copy at my comic book shop.


Oh no! Somomomo’s leaving? I was just starting to really like it… T.T But the covers look awesome! I’m gonna go buy it tomorrow. ^^ And I think it would be nice if you gave us a warning maybe an issue ahead of time about when a series will leave….


I really love Sumomomo Momomo, so I hope its “graduation” from the magazine will mean speedier book releases.


Oooh! Can’t wait for my issue to arrive in the mail! XD

I’ve gotten hopelessly addicted to almost all of the series YP has put out, so I’m exceedingly eager to know what’ll be taking Sumomomomomo’s slot in the pages of Yen+! (Hm? Hm? Maybe just a little hint?)

Also, I don’t know if there’s anywhere in particular I oughtta post this, but I EARNESTLY hope you guys can license the Baccano! light novels and manga. The anime has stolen my heart and I deeply want to grab up every piece of the franchise. Plus, it’s a completely crazy, against-the-grain, blow-your-mind captivating series that I say is right up you guys’ alley!!


Heck yeah for Soul Eater 1 and Nightschool 2, I have been waiting for those! Of course since they come out on the 31st of October it’s gonna be mid-November before I have a chance to pick up either, any reason for releasing all the mangas on the last day of the month? Both Tokyopop and Del Ray seem to spread out their releases over the course of a month and make fine profits doing so.

Kathleen A.

Yes… I suppose I might not *hate* a light novel being added if it were Baccano…


Congrats for Yotsuba and Higurashi making it into the top ten manga list in the New York Times this month! 🙂


I hope I get my issue for this month I didn’t even get my september issue 🙁


D’aaaaaaw, SM was good, but since you’re taking it out, you do have a reason, right?
I’m glad PH isn’t gonna be taken out, because it is my favorite! I also like KSS, so I hope you don’t take that out either. You guys have great taste in manga, and I’ll always buy KSS and PH when they come out! ^^


Has any subscriber actually gotten their October issue in the mail yet? I hate that it’s so close to the end of the month and still no magazine delivery.


When should I get my magazine? My subscription was supposed to start with this issue, but if for some reason I’m wrong, and I’m almost positive I’m not, I’d like to know so that I can go buy it. Has anyone gotten theirs yet? I saw a copy of it on Ebay, so I guess someone has. I’d prefer to not have to call about my subscription too, last time I did that the woman who spoke with me was rather rude and didn’t seem to know anything about the magazine. She thought the six month subscription was limited time thing and argued with me about it. I ended up just getting the 12 month one to save myself the trouble of having to talk anymore.


i haven`t gotten my magazine yet and it`s very late for a release even.
i hate that this magazine isn`t very organized and they`ve “forgotten” to send me issues before.


I still haven’t got my oct issue on my mail T.T…i hope it arrives soon ;u; to bad sumomomo is leaving us the last chapter was hilarious xD but well i still got my fav there <3 keep up the great job


Doh, I’ll miss Sumomo. 🙁 Judging from the anime I’d say you guys are removing it because of how raunchy it gets, but I’d like to know is this going to become a trend of removing series? I don’t mind Yen+ being a sampler magazine, but I would like to know ahead of time how long a series is staying in the magazine.


I have also not recieved my October issue.

Are you people taking your job seriously?
To me, it seems that your attitudes say you are more interested in the manga and anime you read than the actual outcome of your magazine. Your company has already made at least four errors having to do with you magazine in less than a year. Shouldn’t that tell you something? Especially with all the complaints you’re recieving from your fans.


I just got my October issue in the mail today.

When writing the Editor’s Letter, maybe you want to consider the timing of the letter’s publication? You mentioned “our secret addition last month” in the October issue, but I couldn’t remember any such addition in the September issue. It was driving me crazy until I realized you meant Kuroshitsuji in the August issue, or Pandora Hearts before that >_<

I'll also be a voice of dissent here and say that I would not enjoy a light novel appearing in Yen Plus on a regular basis. I found Kieli to be pretty intolerable; I read two pages of the first part, and have skipped over it since. The only light novels I have ever enjoyed are the Full Metal Panic! novels–so if you can grab them from Tokyopop (who appears to have abandoned them), then maybe I could get behind a novel in Yen Plus. But otherwise, I would love to see more manga.

Speaking of manga–thank you for explaining why you are yanking a series instead of just doing it. I'm serious. Even though I have come to enjoy the series, once you explained that the Sumomomo Momomo manga simply gets inappropriate for the magazine, I had no complaints. I'm not crazy about spending my money on a sampler magazine, but as long as you are honest about the reasons for series turnover, I can handle it. Although, the magazine is starting to become populated with series I don't enjoy as much as some of the originals. I would much rather read Bamboo Blade than Hero Tales, for instance.

That brings me to my final point (I was going to copy the form and send it in, but this is 44 cents cheaper 🙂 ), which is variety. I loved the variety in the beginning of the magazine, but now we have predominantly action series, particularly on the Japanese side. Now, I'm not knocking most of them (in fact, if Nightschool or Soul Eater were to be removed, I would probably cancel my subscription, as I adore those series), but there is very little romance or "shoujo" (I'm sorry, I don't know the word for the Korean equivalent) remaining in the series. Would it be possible to throw a straight-up shoujo romance series in there somewhere? I'm old school in that my favorite manga is Magic Knight Rayearth, but any kind of shoujo, magical girl or otherwise, would be awesome.

Otherwise . . . I still love the magazine, so keep it coming 🙂 Thanks!!


I just got my October issue in the mail today.

When writing the Editor’s Letter, maybe you want to consider the timing of the letter’s publication? You mentioned “our secret addition last month” in the October issue, but I couldn’t remember any such addition in the September issue. It was driving me crazy until I realized you meant Kuroshitsuji in the August issue, or Pandora Hearts before that >_<

I'll also be a voice of dissent here and say that I would not enjoy a light novel appearing in Yen Plus on a regular basis. I found Kieli to be pretty intolerable; I read two pages of the first part, and have skipped over it since. The only light novels I have ever enjoyed are the Full Metal Panic! novels–so if you can grab them from Tokyopop (who appears to have abandoned them), then maybe I could get behind a novel in Yen Plus. But otherwise, I would love to see more manga.

(I think my comment was too long, so I've broken it into parts)


I also have not received my October issue. Seeing as how you posted the announcement later than usual, I’m assuming that the magazine will also be late.


I just recieved my issue today.

Guys, honestly, calm down. I know all of these errors are annoying, but it’s only been their first year. There’s going to be bumps.

Although I’d also like to know if Yen+ was a sampler magazine… this doesn’t really seem like a hard question to asnwer; so why hasn’t it been?


they announced a few months ago that it would be a sampler magazine.
i’m a little bummed at how long it takes me to get my issue every month but once its here the sadness goes away! hopefully i’ll get this months tomorrow *crosses fingers*


In the letter from the editor at the front of this months magazine they say that “To put your mind at ease, we have been listening to your concerns, so the rest of the titles will stay with us for quite a while.”

So I don’t think we have to worry about any more series being removed for quite some time.


I don’t know when or if I’m going to this month’s issue (the subscription form said uninterrupted service til October 2010 I don’t know what that means)but if I’m not could you tell me so I can go buy it in the store. No pressure, love the magazine just wondering.


I’m getting SICK of how you guys keep taking the best series out of the magazine. Other than soul eater, Yen plus no longer publishes any of my twenty favorite manga/manhwa. Please stop shuffling titles. You’re becoming Shonen Jump.


I started my subscription this month (I thought) but I still haven’t gotten the issue. Should I be worried? And also I wanted to say thank you for taking out Momomo, that was the only manga in the whole magazine that I skipped over. Do not change anything else esspecially Pandora Hearts I love that one. Other wise good job. I will give the magazine till Friday to come, if not I’m cracking skulls jkjk, but I will be sad.


I must say, I agree with KF about the shojo thing. I’m a shojo artist and fanatic and while I like pretty much all of the titles in the magazine, I’m basically surviving off of Pig Bride for my shojo intake from this magazine. (Seriously, I wish you had replaced Sarasah with another shojo series…or just not taken it out at all.) On a fun side note, according to the back of Bride of the Water God, “sunjeong” is the Korean equivalent of shojo.

My only other complaint is that you still haven’t given us any information on the amatuer contest and this is starting to become very vexing for me. It’s nearing a year since you first told us to look out for one and none has appeared. I think it would be great if you’d give us non-professional artists a chance to put ourselves out there and maybe get some feedback, but it seems you’re not taking any steps towards making that happen. Every month the first thing I do is flip to the middle and see if you’ve announced anything and I’m starting to get sick of seeing the “fear not amatuers” thing written at the bottom of the call for professionals.

Now, for the happy news! I really liked this issue and I found the preview for Soulless to be highly entertaining! I’ll definatelly buy it, I just hope I can find it. (None of my local bookstores have the Kieli novel. -Sad-) I’m glad we’re getting back to Alex in Nightschool and Pig Bride left me dieing for more. Pandora Hearts seems to be heating up as well, I just hope that Black Butler starts to get more of a plotline as right it seems to be on the fast track to repetative and predictable.

Sorry for the wall of text.


PLEASE SEND ME AN EMAIL!!! I just want to know. If I do go buy it and it comes the next day I’ll be very angry. Tell me no, tell me yes, just tell me something!!! PLEASE HURRY I WANT TO READ THE NEW ISSUE!!!!


Lottie, I totally agree. I’d like to see more shojo in there even though I am pretty happy with the selection already in the magazine.
I’m not a fan of SumomoMomomo so I’m not really worried about the loss.
I’ve particularly enjoyed reading Maximum Ride and Black Butler (even though I’ve already read up to chapter 37 online) so I can tell everyone Black Butler is a very good manga and it gets a plot very soon.


If you’re looking into manwha “shoujo” then please consider “The One” by Nicky Lee. I read everything in your mag and don’t see a problem with things being taken out since that’s how I find out if I like something. I would hate to buy a manga and then discover that I did not like it at all and am now stuck with a thick book that I don’t want. Plus there are so many stories that I would not have considered buying from their covers but by reading a little of the beginning I get hooked. At least with this mag even if I’m not crazy about a story then there are others that I enjoy. I even discovered Zombie Loan which was just in the ads section. Keep up the good work I appreciate it since 2 of my other manga/anime mags went out of business you keep me looking forward to my monthly issue.


I like Sumomomo Momomo, it’s sad that it’s leaving now. I just hope it gets replaced by something non-shojo, or GFantasy-like. Shonen or Seinen plz.


Just go and get the latest issue at the news-stand like I did. It’s worth the extra cost.
My subscription has not provided me with a single issue since I started it in August and customer support hasn’t given me a reason why (Just invoices telling me to sign up for more issues, I am this close to canceling it). I love this magazine and Yen Press in general for their attitude toward Manga and the titles they have presented thus far, but if other people are having the kind of trouble I am with their subscription, I sincerely fear for the magazine’s future.


I agree with the posters who requested more shoujo. The mag is full of shounen right now and some variety would be nice. Removing Sarasah left a huge, gaping hole. :/

Also, thank you very much for promising to keep the current titles for “quite a while”, and for explaining why you removed Sumomomo. That really put me at ease, because everyone appreciates having things like this explained.


I agree w/JB I went to buy it in the bookstore but they no longer have it I am anger and know I have to pay for to be mailed in!!!


My issue finally came last week. I’m guessing now that since the previous issue was late, they all will be? Well, not that it matters since it’s finally here, so I do apologize for my prevous comments.

I’ve been reading previous post of adding more variety (mostly shoujo) to the magazine, and I’ve been thinking of that as well. There are a lot of manga out there that would be a great addition to your magazines.
One is called Crimson Shell, by the same artists as Pandora Hearts. There are a lot of characters who greatly resemble each other from Pandora Hearts in it.
Also to consider is Sola (a work that was dropped by Broccoli Books)


KR, while CRIMSON SHELL won’t be appearing in the magazine, you’re in luck as Yen happens to be publishing that title next month! We just got the finished copies in the office, and it looks BEAUTIFUL. You should definitely make a point of picking it up!

The Mad Manga Massacre

Um… Will anything be replacing Sumomomo Momomo in Yen Plus? Because on the NEXT ISSUE part of this month’sedition of the magazine it does not show a new series as listed. There is also nothing about Maximum Ride on those pages. I don’t want Yen Plus to be any smaller than it was before Sumomomo Momomo was removed. And does this mean Maximum Ride is on another hiatus? For how long? I have collected every issue of Yen Plus so far, and I am a really big fan! Best of luck!


That’s great! I can’t wait until it comes out! I’ll definetly make sure to pick up my copy. 🙂

Thomas Argent

Pleeease put Kobato in Yen Plus! There are only three volumes (at most) out right now so the wait between volumes after the first three have been released will be excess eight months and I’ll need something to hold me over between volumes. Also, could you consider putting Bunny Drop in Yen Plus too since a new volumes will becoming out only twice a year? I apologize if this comes across as whiny. I’ve just grown to love Kobato and would hate to wait eons between volumes.

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