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Well, San Diego Comic Con’s been over for a few weeks, and I think the Yen Press crew has just about recovered…and finally gotten their online act together. I now present the panel announcements from SDCC 2009! At last!

Of course, YEN PLUS readers already know about BLACK BUTLER by Yana Toboso, which was unveiled in the August issue of the magazine. Young Ciel Phantomhive has been left to manage his family’s massive corporation and estate alone. Well, not quite alone; his faithful butler Sebastian is ever at his side. But Sebastian’s skills far exceed that of any butler you’ve ever seen. He’s almost too good to be true…

DARKER THAN BLACK is the a manga adaptation of the original animated series produced by BONES and Tensai Okamura, with art by Nokiya. Suddenly, the night sky over Tokyo was blotted out, replaced by stars which correlate to Contractors, people with supernatural abilities and no emotion, making them well-suited for the task of assassination…

ROMEOxJULIET is a new take on the Shakespeare classic, based on the animation by GONZO x SPWT and illustrated by COM. In Neo-Verona, the Montague family has all but wiped out the Capulet family in their quest for power. But when the daughter of Lord Capulet and the son of Lord Montague meet…You see where this is going, right?

OMAMORI HIMARI by MIlan Matra features samurai catgirls, demon spirits, and one very, very surprised high school boy upon finding the former at war in his living room…

SASAMEKE artist Ryuji Gotsuba’s super-cool art scores big in this sports comedy. A former high school soccer champ has sworn off the sport for good, but he may not be able to stay off the field for long…

MY GIRLFRIEND’S A GEEK, the novel and manga, are based on the blog by PENTABU, a hapless young man who finds himself dating a hardcore fujoshi!

OTOME by Yuuki Fujinari is a sweet story about a girl with a big sweet tooth. But 220 pounds later, it’s going to take some serious coaching from the school’s hottest guys to get her back into shape!

We’ve got spirit yes we do! We’ve got spirit! How ’bout you? The cheer team of Toru Fujieda’s DRAGON GIRL has recently gone coed, and the boys aren’t to thrilled at their new recruits. But Rinna’s out to prove that she deserves her place on the squad! Go team!

BUNNY DROP by Yumi Unita is for you Yotsuba lovers out there. When his grandfather’s illegitimate child is rejected by the rest of the family, thirty-something bachelor Daikichi takes the little girl in. But is he really prepared to be a father?

Yumeka Sumomo’s NATSUKASHI MACHI NO ROZIONE is a single-volume collection of beautifully-illustrated stories, beginning with the tale of Rozione, a little boy who suddenly appears at high schooler Himeyuka’s apartment. But who is this little boy exactly? And why does he seem to know so much about her?

And finally, last but certainly not least, Yen Press is please to announce the release of KOBATO. in celebration of CLAMP’s 20th anniversary! Hanato Kobato is on a mission to mend the hearts of everyone she meets on her journey. If she can relieve enough suffering to fill up her magical bottle, her own wish will be granted. It won’t be any easy task. For one thing, she must constantly bear the bullying of Ioryogi-san, a cute blue dog with a less than cuddly personality. For another, how exactly does one mend a broken heart? Kobato’s going to have to learn fast if she wants her dream to come true!

Whew! It’s going to be a busy year for us here at Yen, eh? We hope you will enjoy all of these great new series alongside your old favorites. Thank you to everyone who came to support us at the SDCC panel, and thank you for reading! We hope to see you again next year!

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Hm hm nice stuff. In particular…
Darker Than Black
My Girlfriend’s a Geek
Bunny Drop

I look forward to the 2010 year, and hope you guys prosper, seeing how active you guys have been :].


Cant wait for:
Black butler
My girlfriend’s a geek (Why “geek”? Why not fujoshi?)


I’m totally buying Black Butler and Bunny Drop, and maybe Darker Than Black; I’ll have to check out the other titles as well, though. Thanks for bringing these great titles over:)


Oh god.
Darker than BLACK
Pandora hearts
Bunny Drop
My Girlfriends a Geek?


Bunny Drop?? I never thought I’d see that series in English. You guys rock. 😀


BLACK BUTLER sucks eggs!! It’s just like the comic series, Cain Earl. Look it up and also Pandora hearts stinks!! I honestly love Yenpress cause it different with it’s American and Korean side. I think they should rely more on that then the japanese side. It’s just because I can go buy a shojo beat or shojo jump. . No offence, I love Soul Eater, Hero tails, Sumomomo Momomo and Nabari no Ou! Keep up with the good work!!


Really looking forward to Sasameke (more sports is always good in my book) and Black Butler.



I’m betting you only hate Black Butler and Pandora Hearts because they’re too deep and thought-provoking for people like you to understand.

It’s also really ignorant of you to assume that all manga are the same. That’s like saying that you don’t want to read Lord of the Rings because you’ve already read Twilight. It doesn’t make any sense at all.


Great. If the shoujo Darker than Black doesn’t sell well (…and let me put it nicely, the 26th episode of the anime makes fun of it) then let me guess, the GOOD manga which is currently being published won’t get picked up. Excellent. ARGH.


Yay, new releases~ Kobato especially. I was reading that in Newtype USA, but when the magazine ended I hadn’t thought I’d see it again.

Now you guys just have to license “Double Arts” and my life will be complete. 😉


I’m so excited that Kobato is being released by YenPress! I can’t wait for the first volume to come out! I’m also looking forward to Romeo x Juliet.


bunny drop!!!! I Love Bunny Drop. also My Girlfriend’s a Geek!!!! can’t wait until release.


i love your manga yen press and i cant wait for 2010, love pandora hearts, kuroshitsuji, nabari no ou, and kabato


Bonita- I don’t think it’ll be like that. YenPress has already published one of Iwahara Yuji’s other works, so hopefully the new Darker than Black will be picked too (regardless of how not-good the first manga was. xD)


That’s so cool! I’m especially excited about RxJ, Bunny Drop, and DtB! But hopefully they’ll ALL be amazing!!

Ooooh. I hope you guys keep licensing such stellar hidden gems like these! Maybe “Clear Qualia”? Please, please, pleeeease! It’s a work by Minari Endou.

I already love her first(?) series, Dazzle, and I’m waiting to read vol. 1 of Maria Holic when it comes out.


aren’t you going to translate “Natsukashi Machi no Rozione”? The Japanese title tells a foreign reader virtually nothing and it might sound really beautiful in english imho.


Shoujo is prevalent for next year apparently. Will be looking forward to Omari Himari and Bunny Drop.


Ooh, I can’t wait for those! And uh… I’d really like to see Amatsuki by Shinobu Takayama in English. Then I could die happy ^^ Keep up the great work! ^.^


yotsuba is out!!! Finally, thank you SO much for picking it up. I grabbed vol. 6, can’t wait for more–one question, are the reissues you have released (vol’s 1-5) the same translations, or have you retranslated them?

thanks again!


You guys should license Elfen Lied
its one of my favorite animes and he maga i know will do every well over in the States


nice,now may problem is the money to buy these great books next year!woe!I hope can collect them all.


I agree with An, Elfen Lied is an awesome manga , and i have been waiting ages for someone to license it, it was like my number 1 anime to watch and still is….. plz plz plz license it ^.^


I look forward to Black Butler! although I’m disappointed with the speed of the release.. I know I know its in the magazine but there are already 6 volumes in Japan.. (impatient fan :3)Will the anime be subbed too? (please… I know you are a manga publisher.. but you could do DVD too right?)

and My Girlfriends a Geek.. but honestly I hope they change the title…back to Fujoshi Kanojo or at least my GF is a Fujoshi.. My Girlfriend’s a Geek.. just sounds dumb and misleading.. I think it would be better to learn what the “fujoshi” in the title means as you read it. I’ve read some of it and its hilarious, I hope the title doesn’t turn people off of it.


Those are some awesome titles, looking forward to them(: Hope that Yen Press also considers licensing,”Uragiri wa boku no namae wo shitteiru”then I’d love you guys more then I already do^_^


Omamori Himari – will definitely be in my stream og collection of favorite manga’s. Comedy, Romance fits in my bill. can’t wait =)


oh yea, you might consider if Nagaserete Airantou is worth picking up, it has 16 volumes now with 1 guide book and 1 (26 episode tv series already out). Its Harem, Romantic and comedy, hope you will consider it!




Thankyou so much for bringing us Kobato., Yen Press. 🙂 Looking forward to the first two volumes slated for release next month. <3

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