Served up on a Silver Platter!


The word is out! Yen Press is simply delighted to present to you Black Butler, which will be running monthly in Yen Plus magazine with the first volume release scheduled for January 2010. For those of you not familiar with the story, it’s the tale of Ciel Phantomhive, who, despite his youth, has taken charge of the family business and manor in his father’s stead. Most would find the sudden responsibility crushing, but his loyal butler Sebastian is able to handle any and every situation with poise and grace, whether it be a dinner party or a confrontation with the foulest criminals of London’s underbelly. In fact, he’s almost too good to be true…

Hello, Tania here! I just wanted to drop in and say that, of all the titles I’ve wanted Yen to pick up since I started here (and believe me, there are a TON), Sebastian and company have always been at the top of my list. From its first GFantasy installment, Black Butler has kept me hooked with its mix of period charm, dark undertones, and gorgeous art. I’m especially fond of how this series has one foot firmly planted in English history! And as an Anglophile, working on this series has sent me running for my BBC period dramas, P.G. Wodehouse books, pastry cookbooks, Debrett’s Peerage, and everything in between to make sure our edition of Black Butler is as authentic as possible, right down to the Queen’s English! I hope you’ll enjoy all our efforts on this series as much as we’re all enjoying working on it!

Yay! Butlers! Butlers who make dessert! Handsome butlers who make dessert! And with that, I hope you love Sebby, Ciel, and the rest of the Phantomhive household as they make their shining debut in Yen Plus!



THANK YOU SO MUCH! I emailed a few months ago (from my old email, [email protected]) and suggested this, and I couldn’t believe that you;d get it so soon! Thank you sooooo much guys, I really love you :3


I’ve been wanting to read this series so I am strangely glad. I look forward to seeing it :p


AhhH! Kuro in english right in the palm of my hand- I can see it now!! Makes me want to subscribe to the magazine.

Oodles of respect to you for taking on this responsibility, Yen press! Kuroshitsuji is fantastic!







Color Black all around the sides and spine, on side B, on the August issue…that would make me feel happy that I got it? Right after the pink and green mix(july) now Black, and blue, lol.


Woo! Maybe now Black Butler will finally be bumped from my Wishlist to my Reading list. 😀


I, for one, am rather disappointed that the name has been changed to Black Butler!!

As a totaly Kuroshitsuji fan, I found even the sound of the name to be sexy.

To me, it’ll forever be Kuroshitsuji and I think that true fans of it will be turned off by this publication. :c


OMG OMG first Pandora Hearts and now Kuroshitsuji omg thank you so much. All my favorites from GFantasy. Thank you Yen. Can’t wait for my copy to come in the mail! ;333


@MichaelJ Svet’s taking a break this month in between volumes of Nightschool, but she’ll be back in September and has done a full-color page in celebration of our anniversary! Look for it on page 6A!


black butler and pandora heart , jack frost and maximum. That cool and funny. I like it. DO YOUR BEST.

Garrett Albright

Kuro, “Black Butler” is a literal translation of “Kuroshitsuji.” And it’s Yen Press’s job to translate things, including titles, if need be. And do I need to mention that they also probably want to avoid getting a bunch of culturally unaware parents upset that their kids are buying comic books which have a particular four-letter word “hidden” in the title?

Just be glad they didn’t rename it “Luminously-Challenged Domestic Servant” or something.


Yayyyy!!!!!!!!!! Yen Press is awesome ^.^
First Soul Eater and Nabari, the Pandora hearts and now Kuroshitsuji. All in one magazine. I can not even begin to express my happiness. ^.^

And here I was thiunking that I was going to have to wait the usual two years or so before I got to read the actual transation or these ^.^

Really I am a fan of Kuroshitsuji, but I dont find the change in the title a turn off at all. Yen could have changed the title to “The Demon Butler Who Makes Cheese” and I trully wouldn’t have cared as long as they have a picture of Sebastian right next to that title ^.^. i think fans don’t care about the little details as long as long as we are getting Kurohitsuji, point.

Besides in all fairnewss all yen did was translate the title to english. Kuro Shitsuji= Black Butler. eaither ways its the same deal. ^.^

Now I’ll go and patiently wait for my subscription to come in the mail, and fight the urge to y it in the newstand ^.^


Not to spread hate or anything – I’m really excited you picked up kuroshitsuji – but people who aren’t familiar with anime/manga or even Japanese might be a little shocked by the name. “Black Butler” isn’t very… sociable sounding in english. I realize it’s a direct translation, but some people may not understand that it’s related to a color not a race, and may be offended/turned off. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quite sure what other name would work, perhaps “Dark Butler” or something, but yeah.

I suppose you can’t please everyone all of the time? =/


A great issue and a great year! Congratulations.
Oh, and happy birthday Abby and congratulations to Kirk 🙂


I love Kuroshitsuji and I’m very happy that I’ll be able to buy this manga in english (even though I’m from Poland, but I get used to buying mangas via english imports :3). I don’t mind title “Black Butler”, but I prefer “Kuroshitsuji” just out of habit.
I love you <3


The MaxRide insert poster is amazing. I nearly died when I saw Fang with the bow; it was absolutely adorable!

But to be honest, I’m scared for the next issue of YenPlus. You guys have been adding so many new good things, it seems inevitable that you’ll be removing more of my favourite series to publish more samplers. I’m not too excited to find out what you’ll be pulling next. XP

Also, is it true that you guys will be publishing a manhwa version of Twilight? And if so, is there any chance it will make it in to YenPlus?


I was in a store when they told me about this and I nearly passed out on their floor! I love you all so much, screw making my day, you guys have just made my Life! I can’t fully express the raging fangirl love that is happening right but to except squeal to my hearts content like a school girl!


woah~ Hurray!!!! Kuroshitsuji will be published in english!!! woah.. thanks a lot.. I have been waiting for this like forever.. I am a fan of Black Butler.. 😀 😀 Ciel is so cute~~


First Nabari no Ou,then Pandora Hearts and now Kuroshitsuji…you guys have my favourite manga. <3
I’m curious to see what you’ll license next ^.^


I love you yen plus
thank you so much for publishing Kuroshitsuji

i kind of agree with Kuro that the title change
but hey its now going to be published in english <3

and i kind of got use to the name changes done by English translators like how Detective Conan was changed to Case Closed and not to mention most of the names of the main characters were changed *pissed* but hey its not like i can change it, so now when i read it ,in a split second i change the name to the original version so i don’t get pissed haha so as long as i dont take the title to heart I’m in love <3

Kuroshitsuji is the best i love it form the bottom of my heart that’s why i thank you again yen plus thank you for taking on Kuroshitsuji


*Massive fangirl squee*

EEEEKKKK!!!!! Black Butler!!!! (I prefer the English title since I have difficulty pronouncing Kuroshitsuji ^^; ) YAAY!!!!

Yay, Max Ride’s back on the cover with an INSERT POSTER? And someone says Fang has a bow on??? (Assuming the bow is for his ponytail.)

Must. Get. It. NOW. <3


I don’t know why people are upset that “Kuroshitsuji” has been titled “Black Butler” because I personally think its great. I usually have difficulties pronoucing crazy Japanese names/titles.


I am really happy that Yen+ published a sample chapter of a light novel last issue. But seriously, I along with many others would truly appreciate it if Yen+ would add a light novel or two to be serialized in the magazine. I mean, that would just make this magazine for me and others, the best manga magazine to have ever been published state side. ^_^

Like….maybe you could publish a chapter each month from Kieli vol. 2? That would be awesome, or some new series.


KYAAH~ KUROSHITSUJI!! SEBASTIAN-SAMAAA~! 😀 Ive been wanting to see this liscenced ever since I read the first scanlated chapter so many months ago~ I greatly approve!

*now I can send in pretty Sebastian fanarts KUFUFUFU*

And, about disliking the new title, its not that bad ^^;; Its the literal translation, after all.. >w< I shall always refer to it as ‘Kuroshitsuji’ in my mind, though <3

(I am worried about whatll be dropped from the magazine soon, though D: I know its inevitable.. I just hope it isnt Sumomomo or Pig Bride ^^)


“Luminously-Challenged Domestic Servant”
*Practically dies laughing and gets lots of strange looks form the other people in the room*

Anyway, is there any possibility that you could put a poll in the magazine or on the website so that the readers could pick which titles to keep permanently and which to just have samples? Or maybe you guys could just tell us which ones you plan to keep? But either way could we have a popularity poll?

I love both the covers this time around (I always do but the giant “?” had me worried) Nudge and Gazzy look super cute!

I am suffering from Night School withdrawal so please please please someone invent a time machine so I can go get September’s issue. Oooooooh, and then when I’m done reading it I will sell advance copies on eBay and make a million dollars so I can go buy more manga!!!! *insert evil laugh of your choice*


hi there! Realy love the,magazine. Though I have a small problem, how come the june july issues of Yen plus hasn’t shown up here in Canada?


Oh my…

and when I decided to check on you…


Awww…it tempts me to spend some money *o*


@Sarah It’s not a poll, per se, but a lot of our decisions on what to keep in the magazine and what to pull out are based on the feedback forms we receive from fans like you. So if you want your voice to be heard, send it in! The editorial staff looks at every bit of mail we get, and sending the form in or posting a comment here is the best way to tell us what you want!


Where do we send questions about subscribtions?

(By the way I still haven’t recieved this issue…Which is weird because I usually get it as soon as it’s announced on the site.)


O= this just made my day. I was hoping Kuroshitsuji would come to North America and it has! now.. if only i could find Yen Plus… <.<


i’m am so HAPPY that you guys are bring Kuroshtisuji out thank you so much ^_^


@Lottie-chan We did announce this month’s issue a little early since we’ll be handing them out at Comic Con, but if you have questions about your subscription, refer to the FAQs to your right.


@abby Is Yen+ CONSIDERING following the route that some manga magazine’s in Japan have, and serialize a light novel series or two along with the managa? I would really love that, it would make Yen+ perfect for me. 🙂

Cause for me, light novels are the one thing lacking from this magazine that I think are really needed.


I love Yen + Magazine, but I haven’t got my issue this month, are they being shipped out really late? Or is just my area? I looked at the FAQ, but that didn’t really help me.
Well congrats on a full year and I hope that I’ll see more Nabari in the future!


@Matt Perhaps you saw the three-issue preview of the Kieli novels starting with the July issue? Running a full novel series in the magazine is certainly something we’re keeping in mind for the future, but we have no definite plans at present…

@KCT If you call the phone number in the FAQ section, they will be able to assist you with questions specific to your subscription.


@abby You just made my day. I love you guys! lol XD ^_^

Light Novels ftw! haha


I’m really excited about the direction Yen+ is going in. Rather than focusing on main stream, already pretty popular in the US series, you’re looking more at stuff that could become popular with the right exposure. In other serializations in the US, I have usually already heard of at least 90% of the series, and have tried them out. Yen+ is pleasant surprise after pleasant surprise. Thank you for the awesome issues so far. I’m looking forward to more.

PS: Since you said you pay attention to what users say in these comments, I’ll throw in my request for a light novel taking a regular spot! It would really complete the magazine for me.


zomg! >.< I was having the crappiest day until i came here. I had noticed someone mentioned it elsewhere and I see that pic in so many places that I didn’t pay much attention until I read that news post. I think I died a little just trying to hold back the squeals of joy (I’m in library).
I love this magazine so much. So well worth the subscription price.


CEIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YenPress I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
I cant wait for the manga volume to come out, I think I will buy 3 !!!!!!!!!

You’ve brought joy to this girl’s eyes.


You guys have NO idea how excited I was to see Sebby on the back cover of Yen this month! I love kuroshitsuji!! I was bouncing around the whole entire day yesterday – and I still am smiling like an idiot as I type this!
You guys ROCK – keep up the good work!


While we’re at it, I will also say that a permenant light novel spot would be lovely.

And also, you’re not allowed to take these series out of the magazine: Pig Bride, Soul eater, Maximum Ride, Night School, and Pandora Hearts.

If you do, I’ll most likely be depressed for awhile. Thanks!


I agree with Kuro. I wish that the title had been kept as “Kuroshitsuji” and not “Black Butler”. Oh, well. I’m just glad it’ll be out in North America.

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