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At last it’s here! The first chapter of Pandora Hearts!!! And who better to grace the cover than Oz Vessalius himself, ready to tackle the terrors of Abyss! We’re so proud to be bringing it to you in the pages of YEN PLUS! (Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all those Alice in Wonderland references in Pandora! ^_^ ) As we welcome this newcomer, we bid a fond farewell to Sarasah, which is making its final appearance in YEN PLUS. Ji-Hae and Ja-Yun will be missed, but don’t worry, Volume 1 of Sarasah will be in stores in July: click here to see the release schedule! As an added bonus, we have a special interview with Darren Shan discussing the manga adaptation of his bestselling series, Cirque du Freak, coming this month from Yen Press! And thank you for reading!



This is getting harder and harder to find over here in the UK.

Also tried to email Yen a few times, yet I never get a reply.


Has circulation been reduced in Canada? I haven’t been able to find this issue or the previous in either major retailers or specialty shops. I have all the previous ones (Which I got from Wal-Mart, ahaha.)

That said, I miss two months, and suddenly Sarasah gets cut! Now my two favourites have left (the other being Higurashi)!! After Shojo Beat’s departure, please make smart decisions guys!


Wait, I just read that this magazine is a sample magazine. WHAT! I have only one sentence to say:

I’m pulling out my subscription.

Honestly, just when I was starting to read some quality stories, this “We’re a sample magazine” bomb drops! I barely have any money, and I can’t save any because I have to use them daily for food, water, clothes, etc. Please, PLEASE tell me that what I read about this magazine being a sampler is wrong.

Kathleen A.

Um, Yen Plus? I’m not finding you in places I used to find you.

You’re not going all Shojo Beat on us are you? Calm my rising anxiety over your fate… Please say something… anything…

Lash Lightning

Well, I’ve got the June issue but the May issue still hasn’t appeared. What happened? I’ll have to drop this magazine if I can’t get the May issue.


Alright, I went looking for this magazine around Mid May and only found the May issue. And yesterday when I went looking at my local B&N I found the July issue! What’s going on?!? Seriously, either my B&N is super speedy or you guys need to update the website more often.
Also, why are you cutting some stories but not others? I understand if you want to put them out faster than the magazine allows, and in that case Soul Eater should be the first to go since it already has at leas 14 volumes! And why the long wait between when a book finishes in the magazine and when it comes out? You guys have probably already serialized 2 or even 3 volumes of Soul Eater, yet the first book doesn’t come out until the Fall! And Pandora Hearts, I know that on has only four chapters so what’s with the extra wait? You guys are losing customers!

mushroom cow

Congratulations YP, I have officially given up on this magazine. I wish you luck for surviving in this economy. and i do hope that your product offering becomes better in the future.


I am not sure where to ask but I have subscribed to your magazine toward the middle of last month but so far have not gotten a issue in the mail… who do I contact about this issue?

I love your magazine and subscribed as such. It is my hope you last a nice long time and that the economy does not harm you.


As many others have already said, I’m extremely disappointed that you have revealed Yen Plus to be nothing more than glorified advertisement for your graphic novels. I actually feel stupid for subscribing to it several months ago. I can’t believe you’re foolish enough to think your (frankly insulting) answer in the June editorial would satisfy anyone. All you did was confirm all our fears. I have already decided not to renew my subscription when it comes due (unless you change your policy on rotating series), but I’m not going to cancel my current subscription until you remove another series I’m particularly fond of (which, sadly, will probably be soon). I had very high hopes for Yen Plus, and was practically in love with it until I realized it was a sampler. I wish you had more respect for your readers than to dupe them into paying for lengthy advertisements. Shame on you. SHAME.


I actually like what Yen Plus is doing with the magazine, true it is basically a sampler, true it has some series run then end leading people to have to buy the books to finish the series, and true some of our favorites might be dropped at times in favor of other series.

All of that aside, I think Yen Press is not that much different in those cases then other similar magazines out there, and Yen Press in general is taking on series I am loving to see come over and taking on series so few other companies are left to even consider taking on… as such I for one will support Yen Plus and Yen Press to every extent possible ensuring at least my part is done so that we fans of these series do not lose yet another company to the ravages of the economy and whatever else lead to the loss of companies that need not be named but most of us saw expend rapidly and go recently.

Yen Press you have at least this one person’s full support for the forseeable future. Thank you for being here for us all.


i know a lot of people are upset about yen plus being a sampler magazine. i personally hate it and love it at the same time. i hate it bc i know i more than likely will not continue to read some of the stories i’ve grown to love. but i love it because it introduces me to a ton of stories i may have not picked up otherwise. oh yen plus, you marvelous magazine you, how you make my heart so conflicted!! 🙁


Is this issue still available? I really love Pandora Hearts and I’m not sure if it is at my local bookstore 🙁


Is this real now? You guys really doing Pandora Hearts? Not dropping it right? ~_O


Just wondering when the contest for aspiring mangka’s will take place. It’s said that it will be announced “in the coming months”, but it’s been well over a year already! Can someone from the staff reading this please let us know that this is still in the works, or no longer going to happen. Just tell us that you haven’t forgotten about it PLEASE!!!!!

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