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At last it’s here! The first chapter of Pandora Hearts!!! And who better to grace the cover than Oz Vessalius himself, ready to tackle the terrors of Abyss! We’re so proud to be bringing it to you in the pages of YEN PLUS! (Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all those Alice in Wonderland references in Pandora! ^_^ ) As we welcome this newcomer, we bid a fond farewell to Sarasah, which is making its final appearance in YEN PLUS. Ji-Hae and Ja-Yun will be missed, but don’t worry, Volume 1 of Sarasah will be in stores in July: click here to see the release schedule! As an added bonus, we have a special interview with Darren Shan discussing the manga adaptation of his bestselling series, Cirque du Freak, coming this month from Yen Press! And thank you for reading!

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I thought Pandora Hearts was going to be taking Bamboo Blade’s place 🙁 I understand that Yen Plus Magazine only started last fall and that you are still trying to find the series that will work best in the magazine but a few months notice before you drop a series would be nice. I would also love it if you could give a small explanation of why you are dropping the series and if it will be replaced by something else.

I personally love the verity of you magazine and enjoy being able to read new titles that I have never heard of before. When I read one of the mangas or manhwas that I like in your magazine I can’t wait for next month’s issue! The problem is that most of the people who get your magazine are kids and for many of us buying the collected books is just too expensive, so when you drop a title form the magazine and the library or a friend doesn’t have the book we never get to find out what happens.

I don’t mean to sound whinny but will Yen Plus be solidifying their line up soon or will the series continue to rotate forever?

Thank you for such a wonderful magazine, please keep printing it but please please please don’t let it turn into a sampler magazine!


Ya! Pandora Hearts. Can’t wait for the issue to show up in the mail ;333


No Sarasah either…these cuts are starting to make me sad to be honest.


Can’t wait to find out what the new manga/manhwa is going to be!(Seriously tell me now!)(just kidding)


So, this IS going to be just another sampler magazine? Can’t you come right out and say it instead of leaving us all in the dark?



ughhhh, this has been on store shelves for a while now, but I have a subscription, so I have to wait! I think its even on eBay already.. =o

And another series gets the boot? This is a monthly manga magazine right? Not a monthly teaser magazine, right..? Are there going to be long runs of series, or is there just gonna be swap outs for when the first book of a series hits stores..



Okay, this is having me seriously worried. Is Yen+ just a SAMPLER magazine? Because that would have been great to know before I subscribed… I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love all the series and it’s great to get introduced to new ones, but taking so many out, so soon? You could have at least let them run a little longer. Or given more of a head’s up? Maybe make a schedual for when stories are going to be pulled or something? Because this sudden “Oh yeah! We’re taking this series out now!” is kind of an unwanted surprise. =/

I love yen+… but I’m getting worried. I really enjoyed Sarasah. I can’t get to a bookstore often, so having a chapter a month delivered to my door was bliss. 🙁


I love Yen+!
Thank you SO much…Pandora Hearts is one of my favourite manga and I am very excited that it will be serializing in Yen Plus. I’m sad to see Sarasah go,but I am looking forward to picking up the Cirque du Freak manga(it’s one of my fave novel series ^^).
Anyways,I am glad to see Yen Plus is doing so well, and I look forward to many more issues.


Why is Sarasah leaving? All these books coming and going is starting to worry me. What happens if you suddenly take off Maximum Ride or Nightschool? I heard the reason why Bamboo Blade left was because it was so long, so maybe Sarasah is a long story, too. Still, all these stories coming and going. . .


YAY! I cant wait to get this issue xD

Considering the delay last month though, I will probably have to wait at least 2 more weeks until this shows up in my bookstores… *sigh* Ohhhhh the suspense! :O


I seriously don’t think maximum ride or nightschool will get taken out because there original to the magazine. Juyoun lee (the editor) works with svetlana and naree to make the stories like the japanese do and presumably the koreans or atleast I think,I’m basing this off one the letters from the editor. So I think you have nothing to worry about in regards to maximum ride and nightschool. As for sarasah being taken out ehh I never liked it. The main character was incredably stupid on par with the stupidity of romeo and juliet. Also in all honesty I may be the only one who really doesn’t care if the others are taken out I only get the magazine because of the originals and the hope of more. So I guess I am one of those people who buy the magazine for only two series.


I forgot to mention somthing I live in centrel alberta and haven’t been able to find a may issue anywhere. On another note, Oh snap damn spelling mistakes.


I’m disappointed that Sarasah is leaving the magazine. Partly because I enjoy it. Partly because this will be the first title removed from the magazine that I will genuinely miss. But mostly I’m disappointed because Sarasah has become yet another title in the magazine that failed to run to completion in the magazine. As the number of magazine titles that fail to run to completion increases, my desire to renew my subscription decreases. What’s the point in buying the magazine if I end up having to ultimately buy the volumes in order to finish a series? This rapid shifting out of titles is hurting your magazine sales. I realize that Yen Press sees the magazine as a publicity tool. But I believe long term magazine sales would be better served if Yen Press saw the magazine as an alternative delivery system much the way the Japanese view their magazine anthologies.


I understand ya’lls explanation about removing longer stories because of the tankobon thing, but do you guys plan on making a set line up any time soon? the rotating was okay at first, but to be honest I’d like to read more than five chapters of something before you yank it. I’d enjoy something more consistent over samples of different things every month.


Hey, at least you guys are getting your subscription. I signed up at least 3 months ago and have yet to receive a single issue!!!


I am having the same problem as Sadie! I have not received a single issue yet, despite having subscribed about 3 months ago.


yay for pandora hearts! but it would’ve been better if it was “Bezarius” instead of “Vessalius” :\

Erica M.

I have a question for anyone at Yen’s amazing staff who knows about subscription notices.

The last Yen+ issue I received was this May’s (which I absolutely loved, but then that’s beside the point). I’m not sure if my subscription is now expired since I haven’t gotten the June addition yet, and I was hoping someone could tell me.

If that IS the case, if I renew my subscription now would I still be able to get this issue or would I need to buy it in a bookstore instead? (I truly don’t wanna miss an issue. I love this magazine so much!)


I too am very concerned about all the series leaving the magazine. I subscribed because I thought I would get to read 10-12 series all the way through in the convenience of a magazine for a great price. It seems like that was too good to be true–I don’t want to sample series, I want to read the whole things. If I have to go out and buy the graphic novels to finish the series, I may have to drop my subscription so I can afford the books. That makes me very sad, because I truly love your magazine! I was hoping for something akin to the Japanese anthologies, where series run until they’re finished, even if it takes 10 years. Are you planning to move in that direction?


To Liinae: They serioulsy changed “Bezarius” to “Vessalius”!? O__o How did that happen? Or, is that purely a translation mistake? Because, they have “Bezarius” on this site. (I hope they can fix it when English PH goes into tankoubon form. That is an actual huge mistake if left like that. Not a minor one like the ones Del Rey has done in Tsubasa:RC.)


Oh wait. Nevermind!! Nevermind! I see. Yen Press is going by the “official” romanization of that name. So, “Vessalius” is ok then. It’s just not a name that everyone got use to. =_= But, we’re going to have to get use to it.


Something I forgot to mention in my earlier post, I can see that Higurashi and bamboo blade might seem long, especially if you’re only printing one or two chapters a month. But the other manga magazine I read ,Shonen Jump, (Please don’t get mad at me for mentioning that) runs series such as Naruto and Bleach that are currently 25 and 44 books long! So for a new magazine Higurashi might seem really long but for dedicated manga fans its the perfect length.


It looks really cool and all, but I haven’t gotten mine yet, even though I have a subscription. The waiting is driving me nuts, but it should come soon, I hope.


I got this at like the begining of the month why is it just released on the site


I hate sounding like a broken record, but I’m honestly sad to hear that yet another series is being pulled. I wasn’t a big fan of Sarasah, but it wasn’t a terrible series either, and right when (I felt) it was picking up, you give it the boot.

Forgive me for mentioning it, but this was the exactly reason I did not renew my subscription to Shojo Beat. I was so excited at last year’s San Diego Comicon to see the line up for your magazine and I was really hoping that this magazine would have a more solid roster and not turn into a sampler. I know that, generally speaking, people respond better to more positive criticism, but if this keeps up, I’m seriously going to have to consider whether or not it’s worth to renew my subscription. Let’s keep things stable, huh?

Erica M.

To: Robert:

You said you’ve already gotten your June addition? Jeez laweez. Now I’m getting worried. A lotta other people here have said the same thing as me–no sign of their new issues either! 🙁

Please, please, PLEASE! Can anyone from Yen Press’s staff tell us why we’ve yet to receive this issue? From what I’ve read all those who commented similar concerns also have up-to-date subscriptions.


A number of you are still posting subscription questions here. Since shipping times are variable, your best bet is to call 1-800-876-7598 and request information about your particular subscription. If you click on the FAQ button to your right, you’ll (hopefully) find answers to some of your other questions too. Thanks for being patient!


Hm, I am starting to get quite worried as well about this month’s issue. For the fact that I have had my subscription for quite a few months now, and I have yet to receive June’s issue. Generally, the issues come at latest by the end of the second week of the month. By now, it’s been about a week and a day since normal arrival time. I think I might try the number abby has posted.
Elsewhere, I am very pleased with Yen+ thus far. I, as well, would definitely rather see series stay, not this near constant cutting. If I really want to sample manga, I can go into the book store and read the first chapter. I do not actually have to pay for that.
That said, I still love the series published in the magazine. Soul Eater, Nabari no Ou, Pandora Hearts (awesome series, hope to receive June issue soon so I can read again), and Pig Bride I hope will at least stay on most permanently. Yen Press will probably have me as a supporter for life, however, I do not want to be reading the Yen+ wishing it could be better.


I know subscription questions are supposed to be called in, but I just have a small inquirry… Like Erica said, most people have said that they haven’t recieved their issue yet (myself included), so I figured it was just a late shipment for subscriptions (since I already saw the magazine in stores), but a few people have said that they’ve already recieved it. Was there certain shipment delays? Or a few packages missing or something? It’s already the 23rd so I’m getting worried… =/

Fred D.

Haven’t received the June issue either. Called 1-800-876-7598 and they said it had gone out, so I should’ve received it about 1 1/2 weeks ago, but they were out of stock now. They were nice enough to extend my subscription a month for the inconvenience, but since a lot of people seem to be missing the June issue, someone might want to investigate what’s going on. Just a little frustrated since I’ve been enjoying Yen+ and it seems I’ll be missing this issue (local bookstores are apparently sold out).


@tg: Actually, according to the official guidebook recently released, ‘Vessalius’ is the correct spelling, per Mochizuki anyway. My problem is with ‘Shalon.’ Just no.

This is my first time purchasing Yen+ (just because I’m a total Pandora freak), but overall I was impressed. Some of the wording was a little wonky sometimes, but stellar quality otherwise.


I’m getting worried about whether or not Yen Plus is shipping to the UK at all anymore. We can’t get the subscription over here, but I’ve not really had any trouble picking up volumes at my local manga shops. However, recently I’ve been having troubles – one hasn’t had any new volumes since December 2008, and my other local shop doesn’t have the May issue in. I might have just missed that one though. It’s still something I’m worried about though.

I’m really reading Yen Plus for three series; Pig Bride, Soul Eater, and Nightschool. I picked up the Pig Bride and Nightschool bound volumes today, and given that Nightschool is an original series, and Pig Bride is only about five volumes long, I’m hoping the series will stay in the magazine. The constant chopping and changing of the lists is a little sad, as I get rather into certain series, but I know I won’t read them once they leave the magazine. Sarasah was one of these series. I have little hope for Soul Eater lasting all the way through, as it is a pretty long series…

On the bright side, I’m really happy you’re picking up Pandora Hearts. REALLY happy. It’s one of my favourite series, and I’m looking forward to reading it in bound volumes, or the magazine itself, presuming I can still get it over here. I always thought Oz’s surname was Bezarius, but someone’s mentioned that the romanisation is Vessalius? I guess it’s something I’ll have to get used to.


Hi all,

We’ve investigated the issue people are having with not having yet received their subscriptions to the latest issue of YEN PLUS. Apparently there was a postal issue with the subscriptions this month resulting in the copies shipping out late.

However, I have been assured that the subscriptions did in fact go out, so they should be arriving in the mail although later than usual. (The holiday weekend also surely impacted their delivery time.)

Our sincerest apologies for the delay.


To Shirachi: I mentioned it already in my second post, if you didn’t see that one. I’m ok with that change, but you’re saying they also changed Sharon’s name into the pronouciation form!? Ahhhhhhh!! It should be “Sharon”. Not “Shalon”.


@ Becci

I live in the Houma, Louisiana area and I’ve had problems finding issues since March. The only place in town that sold Yen Plus was Books-A-Million and they still have one copy of the March 2009 issue and haven’t even had the April, May, and June issues.

What’s sad is that there are two Wal-Marts in the city and neither of them have carried Yen Plus at all except for when Books-A-Million was closed for repairs for about six to eight weeks following Hurricane Gustav.

Subscribing appears to be the only option for me.


@Shirachi, tg: Just wanted to point out that we’re using “Shalon” because it is the official spelling of her name. Check out the Pandora Hearts 8.5 Official Guide for all other official spellings!


So I checked my local store and the issue is still not there. This sucks it seems I can’t get yen plus without a sub. Which sucks even more because I’ll be like 4 issues behind. So have you guys stop shipping to my area or are you going out of bisness?


To tania: I see. ._. Thank you.

I should go check out that guide, one day, just to see how many Japanese spelled pronounciation names are in it then.


@tania: I’m all for the official spellings and familiar with the guidebook, but I’ve many times encountered that the ‘r’ and ‘l’ are either interchangeable in Japanese or pronounced the same. Something like that anyway, can’t be sure since my knowledge is basic of basic.

But thank you for clearing up what name translations you’ll be using and I look forward to your release!


Hey, I have a question. You know that part of the magazine about having young aspiring artists do a 30 page one-shot? On the bottom, it says to watch out for a contest for the coming months… When exactly are the exact details about the ‘contest’ going to come out coz I’m really interested!


Thank you very much for committing your time to translating Pandora Hearts!

I just have a little complaint, like Shirachi… The other romanizations sit fine with me, but Shalon sounds very… strange. It may have been in the guidebook, but Sharon sounds more western and fits the setting better. “L” and “R” are interchangeable, after all. And if you’re going by the guidebook, shouldn’t the “Messenger of the Abyss” be the “Intention of the Abyss”? Since it’s not really the messenger, but more like the Abyss itself… Ack, I better stop before I start blurting spoilers out.

Well, that’s just my two cents. You don’t really have to listen to me, but please at least take what I said into consideration. Thank you again~!

Sarah C

I finally got my YenPlus today I was beginning to worry that the Mail Monster had eaten I would be left to wonder but thankfully it arrived safe and sound I’m so happy! I’ve enjoyed every page and I looking forward to the next issue eagerly.


Ok, so you’ve announced that you’re a sampler magazine now-still not sure how I feel about that-but you also said that some of your storylines will be completed in the magazine. Can we get a list? I’d like to know what I’ll get to finish reading in the magazine and what’s just there as a sampler. I mean, we all know that Maximum Ride and Nightschool are here to stay, but are any of the others?

Meanwhile, can we PLEASE get some information about the amatuer contest!? Please?

Good issue as always! Keep up the hard work!


Quote: I seriously don’t think maximum ride or nightschool will get taken out because there original to the magazine. Juyoun lee (the editor) works with svetlana and naree to make the stories like the japanese do and presumably the koreans or atleast I think,
Me: Oh great…the two of my least favorites stick around (the crappy art of one ..and the good art but no story of the other). I’m living in japan now…and I had a subscription which I left to my wife read back in the states….basically I got it so I could continue to read the gangan and square enix comics that were coming out when I return. Unlike here in Japan where manga flow out everyone’s ass and things run in the same magazine for YEARS…back home it seems that everything is a preview magazine. Isn’t this why that shojo beat got shut down? (or at least according to my wife) They took out every thing that was good until they only had a few things worth reading then they lost sales all together. Unfortunately I can see this happening to YEN. I mean friggen hell if you take bamboo blade out….I only like the FMA artist’s manga, soul eater and nabari no o. (and jack frost but I dont see that lasting long either.) I would ask for a refund but I dont want to hurt the american manga businesss anymore than its hurting itself.


Yay! Got my issue today! Super happy and can’t wait to read it! 🙂


Hi, the translator is here.

To Kagamine: “Messenger of Abyss” is what it says in the original here (“Abyss no Shisha”). That’s apparently how the legend version goes.

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