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Kurt did some digging and found a site where you can order back issues of Yen Plus online! Just click the banner above to fill in your Yen Plus collection! However, they do have limited quantities of each issue, so you’ll have to move now before they’re all gone! If you’ve been successful in finding other online retailers for previous volumes of the magazine, be sure to let us know here. And remember, you can always ask at your local comic shop!

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It’s great that you guys are posting this link. is a great site and its the first place I went when I was looking for issue 2. has been really great at backordering if you ask them.


This site doesn’t really help, I only want to get #2 issue of yen plus but the site requires me order at a minimum order amount of $10.


Hm interesting indeed. This could be useful, as I am one of those who don’t subscribe, and could possibly “miss” something.


I started ordering Yen plus and I sent my payment in, in october and then I only got that month’s issue. So if I want the previous issues that were not sent to me (even though they should have been) do I have to pay it again and how can I start getting it again? I paid for a year.


Sara, if you are having any issues or concerns with your subscription, you should call the customer service number at 1-800-876-7598.


I actually just ordered issues 4 and 5 from them. The service was great.


fyi: I ordered issue #4(Nov) from AnimeCastle in December. No price minimum etc.. But did get hit with shipping. Was acceptable as my main concern was filling my one gap.

My experience with Anime Castle has had pretty quick delivery as they have a site in Iowa and I live in Chicagoland but Yen+ was being stored at their NY site and it took a good 2-3 weeks. Holiday shipping may also have slowed delivery so I don’t think it had anything to do really with AC.


Great site. It did need a minimum order of $10, but I had no trouble filling that up with a cute pokemon pencil board, the cheapest item on the site. And it all arrived in a week, and in nice condition. Would def. order issues from there again, though I hope I won’t have to. P:


It is a great site. I didn’t mind the minimum order of $10 since i need to order more than one of the back issues.

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