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We’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding subscriptions lately and would love to be able to respond to all of your comments. Unfortunately, the editorial staff at Yen (who man the website here and busily put together the magazine for you each month) don’t deal with the subscriptions directly and could only speculate about your individual concerns. Happily, though, there is help to be had via the YEN PLUS customer service number. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your subscription, please call:


The staff manning the customer service line will do everything in their
power to assist you.

As always, thanks for your support of YEN PLUS!

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Diana Dang

I’ve been trying to email the media inquiries, asking about review copies but apparently I fail to each time. Is the contact info correct?


I dont have a phone currently to call but what do we do then? i had sent in the payment for the subscription in oct and i know you guys got it due to it being cashed….i was mainly wondering when we will actually start to get them…i just want to make sure i get the whole years worth that i payed for,,,, but thanks though…

Allie O.

I know this is a repeated question, but I just can’t seem to get a straight answer –

If I subscribed (YES, FINALLY!), November 8th, will I recieve issue five or issue six? I just want to know if I should run and buy five when it’s out, or if it will come in the mail.

Thanks for taking the time! 😀

Kristofer B.

so i just moved and i dont see where i can go 2
change my mailing address and i would call but i kinda left my charger there -.- so can anyone help me out here


My phone is also unavailable. Its really a pain, especially in this sort of situation. 🙁

I ordered my subscription when I got the very first issue, but the first issue I received by mail was the fourth. I’ve been wondering if there is a way that the second and third issue can be sent to me (since stores here don’t carry any issues of yen plus anymore)?

I am going to try and call soon when i can get ahold of someones cell phone, but it really is a hastle.

Thanks for reading 🙂


I subscribed around volume 3, got volume 4 in the mail, but I have yet to get volume 5.


I got the sixth issue today but before I wasn’t sure if I would be getting the fifth or not and so I held off buying it in the stores. I finally was going to buy it a week ago and they only had the sixth issue!! I NEED a way to backorder, PLEASE REPLY.


I have the same problem as Kitty, above – I subscribed after buying the first issue in stores and didn’t get any in the mail until issue 4. Even if my subscription starts with November, I’m ok with that, but is there any way I can buy issues 2 and 3 through the website??? They aren’t in stores anymore, and I thought I’d get them in the mail, so I didn’t buy them! If you could tell me how I could buy these issues, that would be great!

Sean M.

Okay, earlier this month, I contacted the above phone number about my subscription, and a possible issue leak (lol, B&N had issue 5 out way back earlier this month, and I missed issue 4 because of it.).

Anyway, I didn’t get Issue 4, but according to the person I spoke with, I placed a back order for that issue, and paid for it. Then, a couple days ago, I get a letter in the mail saying that it is impossible to back order…

So, does this mean I get some sort of credit, or am I going to get a refund of some sort?

Oh yeah, to answer Allie O.: Yeah, the volumes are released in stores earlier than they are sent out in subscriptions. lol I learned that the hard way (read above stuff).


hello.. i just recently got the first issue vol 1 of yen press. Actually it was a bargain and i was absolutely amazed of what inside coz its more than wat ive expected. After the two days of imagining ad substancial imagination i was fulfilled but then too bad i will be torented becoz…… there’s no yen plus outside US… Help!!! I’m hir in Asia and im after the jackfrost manga and soul eater… love em’ … so how the subscription work for a manga fan like me lovin yen already,,,,… chiao!


Hello, i subscribed for yen Plus on October 23rd, and i have yet to recieve the magazine. i made sure my mailing information was correct. is the mailing supposed to be this long?
Thank you


So. I’ve been compiling an FAQ in response to some of these questions and more, so hopefully that will help. For now, here’s what the woman at subscription services told me:
*From the time you subscribe, it takes 4-6 weeks to process your order. So the first issue you would get if you order today is the March 2009 issue. In general, assume your sub will kick in not next issue, but the issue after. If you want to make sure, call the help line at 1-800-876-7598. They can even process a subscription for you right then, which may speed things up? (And they seem really friendly!)
*They send your magazine to you the first week of the prior month. So subscribers should already have their January issues. If not, it may be the busyness of the holiday season is to blame, but again, if you call the help line, they can tell you whether or not your magazine was sent out.

Hope that helps. Will have FAQs soon, but you will still need to direct subscription queries to the subscription hotline for the most part, as we are just humble editorial folks! Thanks for subscribing!

Allie O.

Question – are we supposed to get an e-mail conformation for a subscription?


I subscribed and got issue number 5 in November with no problem, but an entire month has went by and I have yet to receive issue number 6, and so I ended up going out and buying it in the store before they sold out, which is completely ridiculous since I have a subscription, or I should have, anyway. And from the other comments, it seems other people are having problems with receiving their magazines too…I’m just getting a little worried because I did write a 50 dollar check for you guys.


I have no problems with my magazine. I work at B&N, and I know for a fact that B&N gets the issue before I get it in the mail.

I have the 6th issue (January). I got it in the mail probably some time in december. We still have said issue at B&N. Probably got it some time in november. XD

All I can say is, patience is a virtue. If you got a magazine in the mail… JUST WAIT! >_>;
Don’t be an impatient bugger. =P

Gray R.

Hello! I was wondering if the price for the subcription stated was for the issues AND shipping and handling or if it was just for the issues. If it’s the last, how much is shipping and handling? I’m just trying to make sure I’m pricing just right before I put in too little of money for a subscription and my phone is a little on the fritz (i see i’m not alone in that department)

Thanks for such great reads!


@Gray R.
Subscription cost for the magazine does include postage! When you do subscribe, remember that it takes a couple months to kick in, so be sure to ask the customer service rep when you can expect your first issue! Thanks for your readership!

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