Gimme FIVE!


YEN PLUS number five will be hitting the shelves over the next few days, so make sure you check it out! In addition to the lovely and somewhat terrifying feature of Higurashi’s Rena on the cover, this month also has an extensive interview with the creator of the Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY universe, Ryukishi07, as well as the “Abducted by Demons Arc” artist, Karin Suzuragi! Also, next month we will be showcasing your FAN ART, so make sure to send in your release forms when you send us your pictures. As always, your feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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i want to buy Pig Bride and Sarasah!!!! please published it sooner PLEASE


I LOVE Higurashi.I got into about 6 months ago ad fell in love as soon as I saw the first episode of the anime.I was waiting for them to get the manga published in America.Now I own the first volume and love it to death.The color pages are amazing and it was nicely put together.I now bought this issue of the magazine in a book store a while ago and never read it till now(forgot about it somehow and it got lost somewhere) and I have to say I love this magazine tons.

daniel richardson

I got pissed when I didn’t get this one when I mailed in for the yen. Also missed the next 2. I was so mad and now i have to pay almost 30$ to get them. I wish they would give you the next issue after the issue on the mail in form. Good stuff, but it isn’t any good when your lost…. Well it is good manga. Good luck getting what you want.


My first issue…*sigh* So amazing! You guys put all this work out, and it’s just incredible! I hope y’all won’t go out of business, like Anime Insider or Newtype USA did. That was pretty depressing…but I’m counting on you guys to make it through! Kampai!! :3

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