Gimme FIVE!


YEN PLUS number five will be hitting the shelves over the next few days, so make sure you check it out! In addition to the lovely and somewhat terrifying feature of Higurashi’s Rena on the cover, this month also has an extensive interview with the creator of the Higurashi WHEN THEY CRY universe, Ryukishi07, as well as the “Abducted by Demons Arc” artist, Karin Suzuragi! Also, next month we will be showcasing your FAN ART, so make sure to send in your release forms when you send us your pictures. As always, your feedback is appreciated! Thanks for reading!

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wait, wat

you guys are fairly quick with getting the magazines out, shouldn’t you guys slow down a little? Like, maybe 10 days “a little”? XD And a simple question about some of the contests/forms… Can we photo copy forms and send those in instead of ripping them out of the magazine? Even if the back has no significant content, I still don’t like the idea of taking it out of such a good magazine. Love the covers, ad free and very beautiful, can’t wait to to look in my mail box~


Allie O.

If I subscribed around November 8th, will I recieve issue five or issue six? I just want to know if I should run and buy five when itโ€™s out, or if it will come in the mail.


Is possible for the big bride to get published sooner.
How many volume is there exactly?


I know this might be a bit early to ask but since you guys already have Higurashi hitting shelves will you guys be adding any other manga to the list? [which is btw an amazing lineup you already have going but I’m greedy for more good manga. =D]


This new cover looks awesome I hope to get the magazine this saturday or sunday. Also is it a little early?


I’m intrested in this Yen Plus but i’m kind of picky when it comes to subscribing to things..I like to start from the very fist volume. Is there any way i’d be able to get the first 4 volumes somewhere >..<!


New manga for YEN PLUS? You betcha! We announced it at the New York Anime Festival, but in case you missed it, look for HERO TALES (JUUSHIN ENBU) from the creator of FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST to appear in the pages of YEN PLUS early next year. And we may have more up our sleeves…!


Higurashi Cover *dies*

I just bought the first volume of the manga, I loved the colored pages and omake that were not in YEN PLUS. I love this series and have been waiting for this cover since the magazine started. I absolutly can not wait to go pick this up. And the interviews with Ryukishi07 and Karin Suzuragi are just extra goodness!. Also maybe you guys can hook us up with some Higurashi posters soon ๐Ÿ˜‰ And good job with the cover, which I love, if I have not already said that.


I can’t wait to pick it up! I hope that I can find it in Wal-mart again this month…

Chloe K

Sweet When they cry cover!
I love this magazine I actually have all the ones that have come out and I am so excited to see the next one. Volume Five looks to be an another epic one!
I can’t wait to read the interview inside, It shall be very good!


Holy crap.

You guys are REALLY good at getting these out fast!! And a new manga by Arakawa!?!?!? I’m excited. ๐Ÿ˜€

Are you guys gonna replace a manga everytime the volumes hit the shelves? cause, honestly, I’d be sad to see Maximum Ride, Pig Bride, and expecially Nightschool to go.

Also, what happened to the colored pages at the beginning? I loed ’em. ๐Ÿ™‚


does anyone know where l can buy the magazines? l’ve looked in Kinokuniya and barnes and noble and they don’t have it.

Kiedis Hensley

YAY!!! I’ve been waiting for the next issue of Yen Plus+ to come out since I got the fourth volume of the magazine.=) The only problem for me is that I couldn’t get the second volume of the magazine and I think that the third volume never came to the store that I am buying them from.=(I hope that your company has great success… But I heard that you’re merging with another company… is it true?


I jumped in around #3 and I was wondering how I can get the first two. I plan to subscribe soon, but I would love to have the first 2 so I have them all from the beginning.


im in love with yen plus ^^
its like i wait and wait and wait, then i get it
then i read and read and read, then i start waiting again >.<
argh, i cant wait…


I can’t wait for the next Nabari chapter…to finally see Yoite in print. (Rubs hands together)


MHM, just got mine today! I’m so happy ^w^
(I only started buying them since volume 4…)
I can’t wait until the next volume for more Jack Frost!
And I also can’t wait for the ameteaur manga contest thingy!



Who do I talk to about magazine subscriptions? I ordered one, it was charged and everything, but I have yet to get the newest issue. I got number 4 in the mail and I’d love to get number 5.


I did not have time to buy number 4. Can I buy that one though you all? I need it for part of my gift to someone.


Got mine a little while ago and love it. I’ve picked up the first 4 in stores and this was my first in the subscription. I was a little worried because the ones in stores got them earlier… I was SAD!! Do you know how it feels when that magazine is mocking you through its plastic WRAP?!?!

Oh well! Love the new plot twists in Higurashi, the intensity of Jack Frost and creativeness of Soul eater. MUST HAVE MORE! (Plus I can’t wait for them to be in volume book format. >XD … higurashi is the only one I’m saving. I need to exploit christmas shoppin some how xD )

Lastly, loved the interview. Always do when yen plus gets that sort of “yen plus only” feel… where it’s like… YOU are actually doing more than just translating ^_^ But I wish so badly that you start to add free stuff in there >__<. )


Dear YenPress,

I got my second Yen Plus magazine (Vol.5) and it is still as awesome as it gets. I’m now getting into the other stories in the magazine and they’re pretty good, but not as good as Higurashi. I’ve seen some episodes on the computer and they’re as good as the manga. I’ve also drawn some fanart for you and you should get them soon, I’ll also try to fill out the fanart submissions so others can see my awesomeness!


Just got my issue yesterday. Agh, this magazine is awesome! I’m actually starting to like Soul Eater now, and Nabari no Ou is getting better as well. Can’t wait for the next issue!


Hey guys! Just wondering, will you ever sell any past/archived issues on your website? For the life of me, I can’t seem to find the 4th issue of Yen Plus in any of my bookstores…


hey i sent 2 fanart pics…..if i sent 1 releasal form with the 2nd one …would i have to send one again with the one im getting ready to draw


I want more jack frost. Anyway this cover looks great i just hate Nightschools art, its terrible, it looks like a bad american manga


hey your putting fan art that people drew in the January issue right????? cuz i drew a pic of black star and sent it last month with a releasal form


Great job on getting to number 5! Thanks for all the effort you’re putting into this, and as no one else seems to have mentioned it, I love “One Fine Day; It rankes up with “Pig Bride” and “Soul Eater” as one of my main reasons for reading (and re-reading) Yen+


Can you tell me plz, that why are there two covers for each magazine?(Im live in the centre of Europe so I cant know this ^^”””)
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni forever!!! I love it, thx for publishing my fav. manga in english language! :3


woot, forgot to say i got my mangazine in the mail box last tuesday, and it was awesome, except my mailman folded the magazine in half! The Rena cover was so good too! T~T Also, I noticed that the mangazines were hitting shelves everywhere before people were getting them from the subscriptions.. Would it be ok for subscribers to get their subscription before the newsstands get theirs?



Hi! I subscribed to YenPlus in September, and first got the November issue in the mail. I don’t mind that I started getting them so late, because I understand the volume of subscriptions you were dealing with, but will there ever be a way to buy the issues I missed through the site? I bought the August issue in Newsstands, then expected to get September in the mail, so I was disappointed when I missed two issues – and obviously the stories make no sense if you skip from August to November! If you could tell me where I could buy the back issues, that would be great!


I just bought the 5th volume while browsing in the magazine section of a nearby grocery store, and I’ve got to admit, I love it! But I’m really wondering if there is a way I can possibly get volumes 1-4. I plan to subscribe, but I want to have the whole thing from the beginning.


You’re acquired Jushin Enbu?! Yen Press is seriously my favourite publisher right now! ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks so much for that as well as Soul Eater!
Also, putting in a preview of Black God was a really good idea. I read it and I’m hooked-I’ve ordered in all the existing volumes.


I guess I’m just going to sound repetitive after all these other comments, but I would love to buy the first four issues if possible. I found volume 5 when I was shopping a few weeks ago and really liked some of the stories. I would subscribe…but I feel like I have no idea what is going on in most of the stories.

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚



Allie O.

I ended up buying number 5, since it doesn’t look like I’m going to be getting it in the mail. And gah, I’m so addicted! When they Cry is so… creepy. But in a really good way…?! I love all the stories! Though, Jack Frost is my least favorite, because it kind of bores me. But I kind of like it too? I dunno, I just love the entire magazine!

And the next issue is supposed to have fanart? I hope so! I’m really looking forward to it. ๐Ÿ˜€


I have this one and the previous one. Please offer back issues somewhere, somehow! I need the first 3 issues SO BAD!!


I L-O-V-E Higurashi! I just ran across the site and I am so excited about your magazine that I am running out to get it today! One other question though- I’ve been reading Sumomo Momomo in Japanese and heard your magazine also runs it. When are you going to do a Momomo cover!?


Great magazine. I like the selection of manga so far. There’s so many series. If you don’t mind me saying, but you guys should have a section with comments or questions from the readers. The magazine is fantastic. :]


Hi! I just bought the fifth issue from borders today. I think there must have been a printing error or something, because right after a page of Sarasah (which doesn’t have the to be continued in the next issue square thing so I don’t think it’s the last episode), is part of Pig Bride, except that it’s upside down and in the middle of the chapter. It looks as if part of the chapter was printed upside down and backwards (as in, the later pages come first), but then it goes back to normal. However, Sarasah doesn’t ever end, or at least I haven’t found the rest of the chapter in the magazine so far. I’m just wondering if there is a way to get another copy or something. After all, I really love your magazine and want to be able to read the full chapters of all of the manga! Thanks so much for publishing a great magazine.


Hachiko, Two covers cuz you can start from either end… it’s like two books in one! Can’t wait for V2I1 XD


@ Katelyn

I’m so sorry about the printing issue with your magazine! I’m not seeing it in any of the copies we have here at the office, so could you give me a page number and I’ll look into it? Thanks!


Sure, Abby. The last page in the right order is page 48-A. Then it is upside down on page 80-A, and goes backwards from there until the last pages of Sarasah, (which are pages 49 and 50-A), and then goes back to normal. It looks like a big section was flipped upside down in the middle of the magazine. Strange, huh?


Hey guys, just wanted to share with the Yen Plus fans that live in or close to Aventura, FL that if you go to Barnes and Noble in Loehmann’s Plaza you will be able to get issue 5 in case you missed it last month. There are about 7-10 left so run like you never ran before lol. They also have a good stack of this months issue ^_^.


If you missed out on Issue 5 last month, I found out that carries most back issues (execept issues 1 & 3).

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