Number FOUR!


It’s that time again… Time for the next issue of Yen Plus! This month it’s Soul Eater and Jack Frost, hailing in the autumn. Thanks again to all of you who send in your feedback. One of the highlights of my day is when JuYoun trots over to show me your fabulous artwork and comments! Don’t forget to send in your FAN ART RELEASE FORM when you send your pics in so we can share them with the public! There’s another special giveaway this issue as well, so be sure to look for that as you enjoy your favorite series!

As always, please leave your comments here. We read every single one of them and do our best to answer your questions and make the YEN PLUS world a better place.

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Hey, lovin the magazine, I’m subscribing either this or next month. Just wondering though, when’s issue no. 5 due out?




Hi! Love the mag.. But I still have yet to recieve my issue! My mother subscribed to it for me back in September, before the third issue came out.. Should I be buying issue four or just keep waiting?


Yes!! Another issue!! I gotta say…I’m impressed with the cover of Yen+!! It’s a real eye catcher…shonen jump and shojo beat were next to yen, and i grabbed the yen!

Soul Eater….it’s da best!>///< kid is so cool!
That new talent search contest or aspiring artists that ya say is coming in month- I so wanna try it!!!


Hey , omg soul eater’s amazing<33
loved shrimp art too^^
and uh B.Ichi
Okubo’s Incredible…uh yeah ..

Avian Luna

I am a bit disappointed since I didn’t came to Barnes and Noble earlier than I should to get #4 in time (since #5’s now out obviously). >_< Is there any way for me to still get #4? I much prefer my Yen Plus set to be complete. ^^;


Dear YenPress,

This is my first time reading yen plus magazine and I think you guys are doing an awesome job. I like Soul Eater, Nabari No Ou, Jack Frost, and Higurashi. I can’t wait until I get the next issue!


I’m really enjoying Yen Plus so far, so keep up the great work! It’s definitely filled my magazine needs after Newtype died.

I also think that you should start releasing the manga Kuroshitsuji! It would do really well and I hope it makes it over to North America.
I’m also really happy that you picked up Soul Eater as well!


hellllllllllooo fellow yen readers!!
i just read the first volume.(still not finish reading!!)
i love the soul eater, pig bride, and sarasah rulez!!!!


also this is one of the greatest manga books

My favorites
Jack frost
soul eater
higurachi when they cry
pig bride
maximum ride


Those of you looking for issue 4, you can get it on I just found out and ordered the issues I missed


Hullo! I have a question about submitting your own original mangas; this could apply to many people here as well.

What kind of paper would it need to be submitted on? And should they be already non-repro printed or will they fix it up as they put it in the magazine?

I would appreciate some sort of responce or redirection if I am not asking in the right section. Thank you!

Amazing, revolutionary magazine, I must say. Keep up the great work!

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