Number FOUR!


It’s that time again… Time for the next issue of Yen Plus! This month it’s Soul Eater and Jack Frost, hailing in the autumn. Thanks again to all of you who send in your feedback. One of the highlights of my day is when JuYoun trots over to show me your fabulous artwork and comments! Don’t forget to send in your FAN ART RELEASE FORM when you send your pics in so we can share them with the public! There’s another special giveaway this issue as well, so be sure to look for that as you enjoy your favorite series!

As always, please leave your comments here. We read every single one of them and do our best to answer your questions and make the YEN PLUS world a better place.

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I was happy to get my first subscription issue. It came in plastic and unharmed.

Just a few comments so far…

-I love the previews. I’ve been looking around for some b.ichi to sample, and I was really happy to find it in vol 4. I also have purchased Moon Boy based on the preview in (I think) vol 2.
-how come soul eater gets another cover? Don’t get me wrong, I love soul eater and very happy to have another cover, but spread the cover love around 😉
-what happened to the color pages of the chapters??? Are we ever going to get them back?

Other than that, it’s still going strong.


Alright Issue 4!!! I cant wait to get to go pick up my copy. As always I am looking forward to this wonder magazine! My only question and its not a problem or anything but why another Soul Eater cover? Is it because of Halloween? I have been looking forward to the Sumomomo and Higurashi covers and I was kind of expecting one of those to be next. No biggie though, keep up the great work!


Yayyyy SE’s story FINALLY starts! I got my issue yesterday in the mail! I’m SUPER excited to mail in my entry form since I was going to buy the lager sized poster of the ones your giving out.


YES!!! finally! i can’t wait to get it! i’m excited to see wat happens in Max Ride and Soul Eater

Allie O.

Yay! I’m so going to borders this weekend to pick it up! I have get a subbie soon… ah well. I’m getting there.

Anyway, one question. Say I got a subscription when issue 5 is out, would I get issue 5, or would I get issue 6? Basically, do I get the issue that is currently out, or the next one due to be released?


On the submissions, does it have to be 30 pages or could it be a few shy of 30?


Imagine my surprise when I was hanging out in my local small town wal-mart, And I glanced at the magazines shelf, AND YEN PLUS WAS JUST SITTING THERE!
I could barely contain my exitement. You guys have hit the mainstream! I was a bit afraid that the mag might umm… die before it could get popular.(dodges knives, daggers, and a cutlass.)
Soul Eater is getting great!(I’m watching episode 4 as I type) I’m loving all of the series so far, I stayed up till 11:30 last night…
I need caffeine…


The new cover looks nice, I don’t mind the extra Soul Eater cover as long as you don’t pull a Shonen Jump and just keep featuring the same few series over and over… ;D

I subscribed and haven’t gotten mine yet, but hopefully it’ll come in the mail soon.

holly plyler

hey, I sent some fan art and my mimic entry but I made a “little” mistake.

I packaged the entire thing together in a folder and took it to the post office… but the fan art slipped out! I looked in the passenger seat and there was my fan art… so I had to go back and send the fan art in a separate package (It should arrive today or tomorrow as I spent more on the shipping for the fan art…. >.<)

the release form will have something about “this only applies to the fanart/characatures I sent you not the comic I’ve enclosed…”

don’t panic! the “comic I’ve enclosed” should arrive next week…..

art should have something to do with thanksgiving… ^^;


Hi, I missed the 3rd issue since I couldn’t get out any this past month and was wondering if you were ever going to make it possible to purchase previous issues? Thanks!

Allie O.

By the way – I think this cover display is truly spectacular. The combo works well. (The colors are great!)
Like other people, I wondered why Soul Eater got another cover (not that I don’t absolutly love it!) before the other titles. But as long as all the titles get their share it doesn’t matter much. :3

Keep up the awesome job.

Jess D

I first saw Yen+ at my college Anime club- they had volumes one and two in the library- and I was amazed at the mixture of both traditional-styled and English formats, the size of the volumes, the diversity of the stories, and almost NO ads! I regularly subscribe to Shonen Jump and hate wading through all their ads and cardboard-like pull-out cards.

I didn’t get to subscribe until just today, but would really like to get my own copies of volumes one and two, and especially three and four (since my club didn’t get those). I hope there will be a way to order back issues soon enough- it’d be hard to share my manga with my friends when they can’t read the first issue, and hard for me to fill in the gap between two and five. Keep us all posted!


I bought my UK subscription earlier this month, so I hope I’ll get this volume 🙂 I’m looking forward to it!

I’d also love to have the opportunity to buy the earlier volumes like Chelsea!

Mike F.

I just found out about your mag and i’m going to subscribe soon, loved ish 4. is there anyway to get back issues to catch up on the story i missed?


Can you guys make it possible to subscribe from APO addresses? There’s a lot of us Manga Fans in the US Military, and postage etc is the same as if we were in the United States, it just requires ability to process our unique addresses. Please consider this, I promise to subscribe if you make it available!!

Pv2 Burke, John p.

Hey with this issue being the first I ever read Ive read it two of three times! and Ive only had it for two days!! Its Totally BA so I cant wait until next months is up so I can go to the book store and buy another!!


Ya another Soul Eater cover. ^^ I hope I get my subscription this month, when will I be able to get back issues? I missed out getting the second issue, it got sold out before I had a chance to get it. :'(


I really love that crazy crazy moon (=’.’=)

Finally subscribing today. I can’t wait to see what madness is going on in Higurashi this month.


My first issue arrived today. I was so happy o see it in my mail box!

I was wondering if there would be a way to order the past issues? Because I I can’t really start any of the series since they are up to their 3rd or 4th chapters.

Allie O.

Sorry for posting AGAIN, but I had another question.

For the Soul Eater sweepstakes, (which by the way, is freaking SWEET!), do we have to fill out another feedback form if we already have in the past? Just generally – Do we have to fill out the feedback form to be entered in the drawing? If so, do we have to fill out both a feedback form and the entry form on page 16A?

Also – will you except a photocopy of the entry form on page 16A? I know it’s just an add on the back, but I’d really love just to keep the magazine in tact, since I love it so much. :]

Thanks a lot – I’m just clarifying!


The November issue just came in the mail yesterday. It was wrapped in plastic and undamaged.

Emma Anderson

Yaaay, I sprinted into the book store the other day and got my november issue of Yen + >.< As I am most definitely staying with Yen + I have bragging rights to say “I’ve been getting this since it came out!” Bwahaha. So far Nabari no Ou and One Fine Day are my favorites 😀 and I do have the same question as another person here, If I subscribed now, would I get #5 next month, or would it be like Shonen Jump, and I’d get #6?


Whaaat~ Its been a week since the top poster got his magazine and now they are already in store? Wheres meh subscription! T~T I subscribed about a week after issue no. 3 was out, so am I getting no.4, or no..? Also, where can I go to check how my subscription is, like how many issues left, how and when i paid, stuff like that. And also also, which e-mail do I use to contact you guys about subscriptions? One of your “inquiry” links 404ed on me.



Hey there,

Just wanted to say that I’m loving Yen Plus so far. I’m a big reader of American comics as well as Manga and this is my first foray into OEL and Korean comics. Its great stuff. This magazine has topped Shonen Jump and Shojo Beat, imo. Please don’t ever start using red and blue ink!!

My favorite title is Pig Bride and I could probably do without One Fine Day and Jack Frost.

Anyway, keep up the good work!!!


I was so exceedingly happy when I pulled out my mail and found my first issue of Yen Plus delivered via my subscription!

I’ve already fallen in love with Nightschool and Higurashi, and One Fine Day was an unexpected but now deeply enjoyed surprise!

I’m very excited to be able to look forward to YP’s new installments every month, and even more so for the releases of the tankoban!

Sadly I must admit I haven’t yet submitted any suggestions or fanart, though I’m working on some concepts this week. I was wondering– as long as you submit the approval form and mail it to the correct place, can you have your fanart be on just regular paper instead of the page in the magazine?

I absolutely love you folks! (If for nothing ELSE) Being Spiral to the States, and for being so respectful of the titles you acquire. I know you guys’ll be doing big things in the following years, but I hope you never lose that “little guy” spirit and always, always listen to and consider your readers when handling your titles.


I picked up a copy of Yen Plus today and loved it! If licensing suggestions are welcome, I think KUROSHITSUJI (also known as BLACK BUTLER) by Yana Toboso would make an excellent addition to your lineup. It’s a suspenseful tale set in Victorian England about a young earl and the demon he employs as butler. It’s currently running in Square Enix’s G-Fantasy magazine and has also been adapted into anime. It already has Livejournal communities dedicated to it with 2000+ members, so I think it’d do really well. ^_^


First of all, let me say that I have read the first 3 issues and I simply love it. I was wondering how long it’s going to take to get my issue in the mail if I subscribed when the online link was first put up.

On a side note, your link [For all other inquiries, please visit our contact page on the Hachette Book Group site] goes to an error page.


As I mentioned in my earlier post, I got Yen Plus issue 4 in the mail last Tuesday. Today, another Yen Plus issue 4 showed up in the mail. I called customer service and they told me they had two subscriptions for me. So they combined them for me. Now I have an extra issue. Maybe I’ll sell it on ebay.


Hey i just got the new issue and ..i’m totaly into soul eater..nabari no ou…jack frost and maximum ride..keep them coming ..


Hey, guys! I was excited to pick up issue 4 on the way out… I love your Shrimp Art Abby! I’d love a 2 page spread of your witticisms about manga/life at Yen Press in the near future *hinthint JuYoun ;)* Keep up the great work ^.=.^




Nice volume 4 is finally out. I see you’ve already fixed some of the things I had on my wishlist for the mag. The intro’s and character introductions are a VERY welcome addition finally. I may post some more suggestions after I get done reading.

Btw. I like Demon Scythe’s musical taste(from his posters). Was that originally there or did yall do that?


I’ve loved every issue so far! Still reading the Fourth Issue and am very impressed with all of the chapters so far. But the only thing I was: I was unable to purchase the first issue, and it’s killing me because I wish I was able to purchase it. If there would be any way to purchase the first issue still, that would be great! Keep up the great work guys!


When does the subscription online kick in because I ordered online on like oct.20th and i still haven’t gotten it yet.


Picked up the 4th mag Thursday. Can’t really think of a title that I don’t like in Yen. I’m just glad that Bobobobobobobobobobobobobobboooooooooooobooooooooo isn’t serialized by you guys. I read it every month in Shonen even though it makes me want to explore my skull with a fork!


whoo! number 4!!! love the preview of B. ICHI!! sounds very interesting that i must buy it. ^__^
you guys bring the best manga/manhwa!


I happy to buy another Yenpress! It has better manga than others! And has mangas that aren’t from Japan and it makes others comfortable. I’m also happy about fanart submission and upcoming contest that you guys are going to have (in the future).



wow, i can’t wait to see the fan arts in the future! I also love all the comics you guys publish, they are so fun to read. I am certainly glad that i bought the first issue of Yen plus in korea; I might have regretted it! <333


I haven’t sent in a subscription just yet but I’m going to…as soon as I save up about 50 dollars >.<
Every month I can’t wait for the next issue, so far I have all 4 since it came out in the US
I love so far everything about this mag! I love the soul eater manga so I was happy to see it get the cover again 😀
Keep doing what your doing, and if you ever need another intern that you pay just enought money she she can subscrib to your mag, you can alway call me! lol


Hi. I’m just wondering if it’s weird to not recieve the 4th issue yet…when I did an online subscription on Oct. 8…
I really afraid of missing an issue! :O


Hi Trish,

Subscriptions generally take a few weeks to process and kick in, so if you placed your order on October 8th, then you will likely receive issue #5 as your first issue, not issue #4. Run out and pick it up while you can still find it on the newsstand shelves!


Hi. I placed my subscription order in the beginning of sept was billed on the 16th and still have not recieved my subscription. And the contact link goes to an error page. Will I be getting the 4th issue or the 5th like Trish?


I heard about yen press on Anime News Network and was completely surprised when I saw it at Wal-mart. (Of course I bought it). Let me say that it was definitely amazing to see Korean and Japanese manga in the same book. It was definitely worth the price! I think I will subscribe but I might just look around for issue 5 when it comes out instead…or at least until I find the right time to send in $50!
I love everything about Yen Press so far. I think it’s doing an amazing job, since it’s just started. I hope it becomes as widely known as shonen jump some day soon.

PS- I like Miharu! And Pig Bride! And One Fine Day (that one’s just adorable)
PSS- Will Cirque Du Freak be featured in Yen Press sometime in the future?


Ah, I’m another one asking if it’s odd that I haven’t recieved this month’s issue yet. I sent in my subscription on September 27th, so I’m sure I was in time…

Other than that, I’ve been totally hyped over your magazine since the get-go. Higurashi and Bamboo Blade are two of my favorite series, so I was thrilled when I heard they were licensed.


I subscribed online back in August, just a few days after online subscriptions went up and I still have not received this issue in the mail either. I haven’t received any issues although as I understand it this was to be the first one I received.

Amber Phillips

I’m determined to be absolutely devouted to each issue. I’m only missing issue one, but… but I’ll have the rest!! Right now, I’m really excited to see more on “Pig Bride” which was the one that really interested me. And “Night School”, too, just because that author is AMAZING!! But my favourite currently has to be “Higurashi’, especially after my friend youtube-ed (totally a verb) a “laugh collection” of the adorably insane girls – gotta love them. Another that stands out in my mind is “One Fine Day” for being way too cute. Everything else is fabulous of course, I just should stop ranting ~sweatdrop~ looking forward to the next!!


I enjoy your magazine a great deal. I ESPECIALLY loved the preview of Black God in the last issue! I will be buying that manga for certain now. However I must admit, can you guys phase out One Fine Day? That is the only story I just simnply cannot read.


I love the Yen Plus trust me I do. I am Jewish and when I go to Synagogue I sometimes read a page or two during prayer. I know I know bad thing to do. Yet I have to see what comes next. Another thing, since plastic is required for this book because maybe some of the content. I feel awkward going to the clerk with my “pervy looking book” so says my local book store clerk. *”shame” But I have to buy this book every month along with 20+ Manga despite my Rent, bills and food. Which sadly leads me to the local Library Internet…… Anyways cant wait till the next issue.

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